Top 5 Best Skateboard Wheel Available on the Market You Need to Go over

The skateboard wheel – one of the vital parts decides the effectiveness and durability of the skateboard. That’s why the skateboarders should have equipped the high-quality wheels built-in from the hard composite material.

With the high-grade skateboard wheels, they provide good contact to the path. Allow you to move with the stable and high speed. What are you waiting for? Choose one of my best skateboard wheels right now!

Look Back on All That You Need to Know about Skateboard Wheels


Skateboard Wheel Guide

Skateboard Wheel Guide

The skateboard wheels have a variety of shapes, durometers, and sizes. So, to get the desired wheels, you must understand their mean.

  • Wheel height: You should know that the higher the wheels, the faster the speed will be. On the contrary, the smaller wheels will be quicker and lighter though they are not too smooth.
  • Wheel durometer: Allow you to know the urethane hardness of the wheels.
  • Lips: The wheels have the lip – a transition location between the wheel sidewall and contact patch. For the sharp wheels, they will provide more grip and the ability to catch more highly than the round lips.
  • Contact patch: This is the wheel surface contacted the pavement. The wider the contact patches, the more the ability to grip will be and inversely.

What Skateboard Wheel Size Should I Get?

What Skateboard Wheel Size Should I Get?
With the skateboarders, getting a right size of the skateboard wheel is extremely important because it directly affects the ride capacity. Correspondingly, to get an appropriate size, you need to consider the durometer and diameter.

Diameter (mm)

According to the proportion, the smaller wheels will have the small diameter and vice versa.

  • 50 – 53 mm: The wheels will be slower, but they are stable when skating on the street or parks.
  • 54 – 59 mm: This size is medium and suitable for the novice. Being the proper selection to skate street, bowls, ramps, and parks.
  • 60mm and more: It can say that this is the specialty size of the skateboard wheels. Being the optimal choice for the rough surfaces as well as the speed.


It is measured on the A scale (from 1 to 100) and the B scale (under 20). The wheels with the large durometer number will provide a better hardness and high accuracy.

  • 78a – 87a: Offer the great grip. It is perfect for longboards, cruising, and even rough surfaces.
  • 88a – 95a: These wheels still make sure the good grip whether they are faster and harder. Being a sufficient-good investment for the rough surfaces and street.
  • 96a – 99a: There are the good-balance wheels. Both the grip and speed are okay, so the beginners skating ramps or pools often prioritize to choose them.
  • 101a +: This is a selection of the professional skateboarders. The grip is low, and the hardness is high. Consequently, using them on the rough surfaces is not effective.

5 Top-rated Skateboard Wheel Reviews – Must-Read Before Purchasing

Product NamePriceDurometerDiameterRating
Orangatang In Heat Skateboard Wheels$$80a75 mm4.7
Ricta Clouds White 78a Skateboard Wheels$$78a52 mm5.0
Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Skateboard Wheels$$75a & 80a70 mm4.6
Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels$$99a48 mm4.5
Shark Wheel Sidewinder Skateboard Wheels$$78a70 mm4.4

With the being said above, what skateboard wheels are near me? Well, now, I and you will figure out the suitable skateboard wheel for your needs. By consulting my products below, you have chosen to invest…

Orangatang In Heat Skateboard Wheels – Best for Downhill

Orangatang In Heat Skateboard Wheels
Are you looking for the skateboard wheels for hard carving, downhill, pumping, or racing? Well, a good suggestion for you is the 75mm skateboard wheels from Orangatang. With the solid construction, these wheels promise to bring great experience.

General Features

  • Design a 75mm diameter that provides an efficient balance
  • The lips are sharp and square
  • Provide the optimal rebound, thanks to having the rippled-urethane pattern
  • Have the encapsulated core to promote the lips
  • Bring the luxurious look when looking at the urethane formula

Saying to the Orangatang In Heat skateboard wheels, immediately, I think to the flexible longboard wheels.

For the speed, the manufacturer has been precise when built their wheels with a large diameter – 75 mm. This allows the skateboarders to balance and quickly move at high speed easily.

With the sharp square lips, these wheels provide the optimum grip and enable sliding smoothly as desired. Combining with the rippled urethane pattern, the rebound is amazing.

Furthermore, given a choice to utilize the Orangatang wheels, you still get the support from the strong core. Plus the urethane formula, look not only plush and grippy but also smoothly slide. Add it to your shopping list right away!


  • Look really cool
  • Ride awesome
  • Grip great
  • Produce a lot of speed
  • Easy to install. They are recommended for all types of boards
  • Made in California


  • The urethane formula is not too ideal
  • The edges quickly get ragged
  • Take a lot more energy to push around

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Ricta Clouds White 78a Skateboard Wheels – Best for Filming

Ricta Clouds White 78a Skateboard Wheels
Include 4 skateboard wheels. The Ricta Clouds White 78a with 52mm in diameter can be one of the reliable options for most skateboarders. It is noticed those who are finding a non-bulky option.

General Features

  • Look prominent with the white color
  • Provide a solid core
  • Have the state-of-the-art shape without heavy and bulky
  • Include 4 wheels in a set

If the Orangatang persuades skateboarders, owing to the outstanding quality, the Ricta is not also inferior. Typically, the 78a skateboard wheels from Ricta have a firm core, along with a rough surface. All contribute to making the perfect selection to cruise or film.

On the other hands, with the soft urethane, the Ricta Clouds is good for skating a rough path. Even, you can still ride smoothly.

Personally, I especially love this option because of not bulky and heavy. Look at the modern style and the attractive appearance, and it is difficult to deny.
After all, just need to invest once, but you can own 4. What a convenient it is! Getting to the Ricta Clouds, you can conquer any rugged spot. However, the model does not include bearings.


  • Feel nice and tight
  • Smooth and quiet
  • Stick like glue
  • Good for rough ground
  • Have many colors to select
  • Handle bumps with ease


  • It seems so soft, so you cannot do very much
  • A bit of difficult to slide

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Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Skate Wheels – Best for Freeriding

Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Skate Wheels
A good selection for freeriding, the Sector 9 Slide Butterballs, provides a good grip and an effective slide. A large number of skateboarders have tried and given the positive feedback. Would you like to try experiencing?

General Features

  • It is hardly sufficient to slide
  • Make sure the efficient grip
  • Have the cosmic core that supports the evenly-worn wheels
  • Supplement the contact patch
  • Easy to break the traction through a round lip
  • Allow sliding easily, thanks to the stone ground

Even from the name – the Sector 9 Slide Butterballs, being exactly the Sector brand has persuaded most consumers. Their success is due to the ability to grip when the skateboarder needs. But, it still ensures the drift capacity if desired upon. With that, don’t necessarily switch the wheel when moving the various terrains.

The 70mm height comes with 38mm in the contact patch. Plus an 80a durometer, these wheels are sufficient. They are not too soft, hard, tall, or wide.
Apart from that, each side has the hub equal distance. You can comfortably flip anytime and wear evenly. Then, to simplify kick-out, have a mellow bevel with the round lips as long as you push them into a slide.

Obviously, have owned many optimum features, but the Butterballs skateboard wheels do not include the rebound. This is a lack because they are not really perfect when moving on the straightaways. But, they will be a genius once getting twisty.


  • Great for cruising or sliding
  • Ideal wheels to learn to slide on
  • Perfect balance of grip and break
  • The affordable price
  • Smooth, fats, and good coasting ride


  • Not the fastest for downhill
  • The wheels quickly wear out due to sliding

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Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels – Best for Skating Street

Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels
One of the dependable brands, the Spitfire, always tries to meet the consumer’s need through their quality products. In there, have to mention the Spitfire Bighead skateboard wheels. So, what do they have the strong points?

General Features

  • Have two clear colors – white and yellow
  • A set involves 4 wheels
  • 100 percent of authentic
  • Provide 48mm in diameter

The Spitfire skateboard wheels are considered as a useful solution if you do not know how to lock the beast power-slides. By building in the 99a durometer, you will quickly solve the mentioned issue.

Yes, it is no coincidence that the skateboarders prioritize to choose these wheels. Why? Because they are manufactured in the United States. The manufacturer has almost guaranteed the high-quality characteristics to inspire the confidence to the consumers.

The next, this is the standard product when providing a classic-shaped one. Despite not being the outstanding wheels in all scenarios, it is suitable for the majority of situations. Especially, if you are a new skater, this Spitfire is good for starting.

Finally, as previously stated, the Spitfire wheels have the 99a durometer. So, you will get lots of grips compared to the harder wheels.


  • The wheels are fine
  • Perfect for the skatepark use
  • Good price
  • Great traction
  • Have a nice look
  • Ride like minibeasts


  • They seem smaller than expected
  • The Spitfire logo quickly comes off

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Shark Wheel Sidewinder – Best for the Rough Terrain

Shark Wheel Sidewinder
Another prestigious brand you can believe to use – Shark Wheel. And a typical representation from this brand is the 70mm longboard wheels – the effective selection for rough roads. There will be a large lack if you ignore this model.

General Features

  • Offer the 15% last-long lifespan in comparison with other top wheels
  • Provide an impressive slide control
  • Don’t require plenty of efforts
  • Provide a combo including 4 wheels
  • 70mm in diameter and 78a durometer

The first, these longboard wheels have the unique shape, instead, the round-shaped one like other wheels. Owing to the grooves, they allow the skateboarders to contact more effectively.

If the large wheel construction is ideal for cruising, the 78a durometer will be appropriate for sliding.

In addition to that, the urethane material contributes to increasing the sturdiness and stability of the wheels. In case you unluckily skate over the sharp objects, you do not have to worry about the wheel’s deflation.

Anything else? The size of the wheels which provides the absolute stability and the efficient balance is 70mm in diameter. Due to not stopping in turning, just need to rotate the wheels frequently, the wheels will run faster. How? Do you like it?


  • Work well in wet conditions
  • Great wheels for rough roads
  • Very smooth ride
  • Have a lot of grips
  • Durable and sturdy


  • There are a little bumpy
  • Too much hype for these wheels

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What to Consider When Buying Skateboard Wheels

View from different angles, the skateboard wheels decide the speed, control, and movements when skating. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a right option to get the best effectiveness. The first…


The composite material, polyurethane, is used to build-up a skateboard wheel. The appearance of this material has put an end to the metal longboard wheels. Aside from the benefits of the performance, the PU wheels are pretty cheap. It means that you only pay a sufficient budget for the quality model.


As mentioned above, the durometer of the skateboard wheels will decide the hardness and accuracy while you are using them. Frequently, this based on your need and capacity to give a right decision. Do you want a hard or soft wheel?


The wheel diameter refers to the size you need. If you are using the street boards, you ought to choose 50mm in diameter. For the longboards, you should consider the wheels with the 75mm diameter.

In case you want to get the wide coverage, let’s pick up the larger models. Generally, these wheels are heavier and faster. The smaller wheels are the lower grip. Of course, they are lighter.


I recommend that you should consider the well-known brands that provide the good customer service. For example, Bones, Spitfire, or Shark is the dependable brands.

Furthermore, the best wheels also need to have a reasonable cost. Look back your own budget to invest properly.

The Bottom Line

All in all, have you found the appropriate skateboard wheel to what you need?
I believe that you will find the desired answer after reading my article. Let’s consider carefully the size that you ought to get and then give the proper selection.

Personally, I am using the skateboard wheels from the Ricta Clouds. They almost meet all my demands. What about you???

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