Top 7 Best Skateboards for Beginners Reviewed in 2022

If you are starting out skating yourself or getting your kids their first skateboard, the best skateboard for beginners is what you need right now.
We understand that it is challenging for new skaters to pick a skateboard. You don’t want to spend too much but still want to get decent gear at first.

This article will mention the 7 top-rated skateboards for beginners of all ages and genders, from kids, teenagers, to adults. Along with the top list, we also include some critical information to help you pick up a perfect board for your first skating lessons.

Top 7 Best-Rated Skateboards for Beginners Review

WhiteFang Skateboards for Adults

WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners,

WhiteFang is the best skateboard for beginners learning tricks, from adults to kids from 6 years old. With various design options, this board is suitable on flat or rough surfaces.

This WhiteFang deck consists of 7-ply Canadian maple wood, which is sturdy and stable.

Moreover, it is not either too big or too small. It can hold up a maximum load of 330 pounds with a 31.75 x 7.88 inches dimension, providing an outstanding balance between weight and toughness. This size is appropriate for beginners to learn and practice tricks.

Another great point of this best skateboard for adults is that it comes with 52mm, 95A PU wheels, and ABEC-9 bearings for a smooth and quiet experience. Though the ABEC-9 bearings of WhiteFang aren’t the best on the market, they are enough to use for starters.

What should you notice about this skateboard? The trucks are loose, so you should tighten them before riding to not get wheel bites.


  • Suitable for beginners and pros.
  • Sturdy maple wood construction.
  • Standard size for balance.
  • Various cool designs.


  • Loose trucks
WhiteFang Skateboards, Complete Skateboard 31 x 7.88, 7 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Concave...
  • Solid&Durable : 7 layers Canadian maple deck,31.75"*7.88", offers perfect balance between toughness and weight. Maximum load weight up to 220 pounds, equipped with 5 inch magnesium alloy trucks. Reliable for beginner and skilled
  • Smooth&Speedy : Super smooth (52mm,95A)High rebound PU wheels with ABEC-9 precision bearings and 95A High rebound PU bushing; Our wheel can give you quick response from the ground,suitable for commuting, skate parks, ramps, pools and other smooth surfaces or even rough ground
  • Master New Tricks : ️Design for beginners and skilled, double kick dissymmetric concave combines with customized emery sand paper give your feet enough locked feeling ,help you learn new tricks quickly
  • Graphic Design: Minimalist Black&White graphic design , printed with thermal transfer printing process allows greater print durability. The pattern lasts much longer
  • No Assembly Required: Come with completed 31.75"* 7.88“ profession skateboard which helps save your time and hassle of assembling. Ready to play out of the box!

Meketec Mini Skateboards Complete

Meketec Mini Skateboards Complete

Are you looking for an ideal gift for a girl kid or girl teenager from 3 to 12 years old? Meketec Mini Skateboard is a great choice to go at a reasonable price.

The board comes with various retro designs, from solid, minimal versions to fancy with colorful patterns. Your kids will have great playtime with this Meketec board.

But the main reason that makes this best skateboard for teenagers popular is that it weighs only 3.8 pounds and measures 22 x 6 inches, which is easy to carry around and control.

The polypropylene deck with a compact body is travel-friendly yet powerful since it can hold up a maximum weight of 220 pounds. You can take it anywhere for commuting and skateboarding or start your first lesson with ease.

Although the manufacturer said that this deck could be used for kids and adults, we think that it is too small for adults.


  • Lightweight, easy to control
  • Can hold up to 220 pounds
  • Sturdy and compact construction
  • Appealing designs


  • Too small for adults
Skateboards Kids Mini 22 inch Cruiser Beginner Skateboard Boys Board for Girl Youth Children Toddler...
  • Meketec Unique Technology - The strong 3.25 inch trucks with different color with others skateboarder,let you skateboarding slide more distinctive.
  • Performance - High speed abec 7 meketec Bearings; 60mm Urethane wheels; 22.5 inch long x 6 inch wide deck, max load weight 200 lb.
  • High Value - Meketec Unusual skateboard appearance outperforms many of the leading brands and high cost performance price.
  • Advantage - Take this board on the park, school and road with ease, It’s the best holiday gift for Kids and Adults.
  • Easy to Use- With CE certification, this well-built skateboard is safe to ride and suitable for any level of riders, no matter whether you’re a beginner or experienced rider.

PlayWheels Wood Cruiser Skateboard

PlayWheels Wood Cruiser Skateboard

PlayWheels Cruiser Skateboard is the best skateboard for four, five, six, seven, eight years old with the maximum weight support of 100 pounds. It is similar to the Teenage Mutant skateboard but designed for the future skaters in your family.

The coolest thing about this deck is definitely the design. Featuring Disney Frozen graphics for girls or Spider-Man for boys with bright, vivid colors, it is a great gift idea for toddlers and small kids who are looking for a themed skateboard for personal use.

Besides the look, this deck provides more support for young starters than many of its counterparts. Its single kicktail design makes it easy to control but secured thanks to the special grip surface.

Besides, the PVC-injected wheels with the dimension of 50 x 27 mm, ensure smooth riding on many kinds of surfaces.


  • Various designs
  • 9-ply maple wood
  • Lightweight but sturdy; hold up to 100 pounds


  • Not durable
PlayWheels Frozen 21" Wood Cruiser Skateboard, Sister Love
  • 21” x 6” 9-ply maple deck in a new shape
  • Single kicktail design provides greater control and an easy way to brake
  • PVC-injected 50mm x 27mm wheels and nylon bearings deliver a very smooth ride
  • Composite trucks and steel axle supports higher weight and faster speed
  • Recommended for ages 5-10 years, supports weight up to 100 lbs.

Merkapa Complete Skateboard with LED Wheels

Merkapa Complete Skateboard

The fourth-place option on this countdown is the Markapa 22-inch Complete Skateboard. This one features a colorful LED system using energy generated from the wheel rotation. This is a great feature for kids to stand out in the crowd.

This Merkapa skateboard offers 11 attractive, bright color choices ranging from black and white, galaxy, multi-color, and more. We believe that every kid will find their favorite version here. This skateboard is suitable for children to teenagers between 11 and 14 years old who weigh less than 180 pounds.

In terms of durability, this skateboard received many positive feedbacks on its safety and hardiness. It consists of high-quality PP, with a 3.25-inch heavy-duty aluminum V-truck. In addition, it has been certified by CE – a well-known quality certification for products sold within the European Union.


  • Bright, alluring color choices
  • Ideal for kids under 13 years old
  • Colorful LED light with no electricity needed
  • CE certified


  • Expensive
Merkapa 22" Complete Skateboard with Colorful LED Light up Wheels for Beginners Girls Kids Cruiser...
  • 💖【FUN GLOW】 'Light Up colorful wheel' brings joy to kids. Amplify the fun of skateboarding in the dark for toddlers, kids, teens, beginners and other levels of skaters.
  • 💖【HOLD UP ABUSE】 Thickened PP plastic infusion + hard deck structure, 220 pounds of adults in the ride can still remain stable, while the board is not easily damaged in a collision.
  • 💖【RIDES SMOOTH】 ABEC-7 bearings in the wheels, rolling stable and silky smooth, can easily drive the skateboard, do not have to worry about sudden deceleration or sudden stop of the wheels in the skating.
  • 💖【EASY TURNING】 Sturdy aluminum trucks with PU high rebound bushings provide more flexible steering without squeaking, control every turn in the ride at will.
  • 💖【BEGINNER FRIENDLY】 The included sskateboard tools will help you understand every components of the board, and can easily maneuver mini cruiser skateboard in about two weeks of training.

Scientoy Double Kick Beginner Skateboards

Scientoy Double Kick Beginner Skateboards

Scientoy Double Kick is a high-quality first gear for all skaters of all levels, starting from 6 years old with a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds.

Scientoy skateboard is an all-in-one package containing everything you need to start exploring this sport. The deck is ready to use with no installation required. The repair kit includes a multifunctional wrench, 2 screws of wheels, and 2 screws of trucks.

This deck is perfect for speed racing or riding on rough surfaces thanks to the durometer of 95A and shock absorption feature. However, since it provides less grip, it might be challenging for newbies who haven’t learned to stay balanced on the deck.

Besides, riders can have powerful control over their movements with a U-shaped transverse profile. The Scientoy skateboard kicks on the nose and tail, so you can perform advanced tricks like sharp turns, pivots, slides and street skateboarding.


  • Hard durometer; suitable for riding on rough surfaces
  • Repair kit included
  • Clear and realistic patterns


  • Less grip

Beleev Skateboards 31 Inch

Beleev Skateboards for Beginners

Since beginners need to practice a lot to improve their skills, the Beleev Skateboard is born to make their learning less challenging. This skateboard is a killer combo of safety and performance, which is also advisable for professionals.

This skateboard consists of a heavy-duty deck made of 7-ply Canadian maple wood and a 5-inch aluminum truck. Thus, you can slide and brake without damaging the board. Since it supports the maximum weight of 220 pounds, it won’t bend easily.

Similar to the above Scientoy model, the Beleeve for beginners has anti-slippery wheels with a hardness rating of 95A. This high durometer makes it ideal for speed riding on rough terrains but less grip than those from 78A to 87A.

The bearings in this skateboard model are strong enough to provide high speed without any annoyance. They are pre-lubed, so you don’t have to worry about its noise or creaking or making adjustments. Just unpack the board and start riding instantly!


  • Can support up to 220 pounds
  • Heavy-duty deck for a safe and comfortable experience
  • Anti-slippery wheels


  • Annoying stickers over the graphic

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METROLLER Double Kick Concave Skateboard

METROLLER Double Kick Concave Skateboard

This Metroller skateboard is highly recommended for beginners and experienced skaters of 5 years old and above. Along with the pre-assembled skateboard, you will get a carry bag and a professional toolkit.

With stable construction, it can carry the maximum load of 220 pounds. Although this board uses wheels with a durometer of 95A, it still provides a strong grip and stability with the sandpaper and double kick concave design.

Mastering new tricks becomes easier compared to hard-wheel boards without grip support.


  • Gorgeous and durable graphic patterns
  • Hard wheels for speed riding with strong grip support
  • No assembly needed
  • Free carry bag


  • Light graphic options scratch up quickly
  • Missing washer
METROLLER Skateboards for Beginners,31 x 8 Complete Standard Skate Boards for Girls Boys, 7 Layer...
  • Sturdy & Solid: 31 in x 8 in complete skateboard, 7 layers Canadian maple wood deck match with 5 inch reinforced aluminum alloy trucks provide you solid and reliable support. Maximum carrying weight of the skateboard is up to 220 pounds.
  • Smooth Ride: Equipped anti-shock 54mm 95A High Rebound PU car line wheels and carbon steel high-speed mute ABEC-9 bearings matching with PU bushings, smooth and wear-resistant, provide stable & powerful grip during skating. Suitable for all smooth surface even some rough ground. Just enjoy a wonderful skate experience.
  • Better Control: Equipped waterproof and high quality sandpaper which provided high friction and strong anti-slip, the emery sand paper matching with classic double kick concave design provide you safety experience and better control, also help you learn more tricks easily.
  • Cool Patterns Design: Spends lots of time selecting a variety of gorgeous and colorful patterns printed on skates boards, personalized pattern design to meet people different aesthetic needs. Attractive graphics style including punk, new wave, vintage, classic etc .Patterns printed on skateboards with heat transfer process can maintain longer service life.
  • No assembly required. This complete skateboards is fully assembled, comes with a repair tool.This skateboard is an ideal gift for teen boys and girls.

5 Tips To Avoid Failure When Buying the Best Skateboard for Beginners

Choosing your first skateboard is not that challenging. Consider the following information to determine the factors of a board that is perfectly suited for your demands.

#1 The wheels

The wheels

When choosing wheels for your first skateboard, you should notice the two most important criteria of it – its size and durometer.

The wheel size (or wheel diameter) depends on where you want to perform. For street purposes, the wheel’s diameter should be from 49 to 52 millimeters. For around parks, you should choose a deck with larger wheels of 54 to 60 millimeters.

Apart from the wheel size, its durometer (or the hardness) also plays a vital part in your experience. If you often ride on smooth asphalt, go for hard or super hard wheels for more resistance. On the other hand, wheels of lower durometers that are made of softer materials.

#2 The trucks


Trucks act as a T-shaped joint that connects the wheels and bearings to the deck. It directly affects how well you control the deck.
The axle width of the truck should fit the width of the deck. Generally speaking, the best skateboard for beginners should have a deck of 8 inches with a 149mm-wide truck.

#3 The bearings


You don’t have to purchase expensive bearings. Affordable bearings are enough for the starting stage.

When purchasing bearings, you should notice the spacers – small metal or plastic tubes protecting your bearings from dirt and friction. Besides, they also protect the bearings from screwing the nut tight, so you won’t crush them when installing your skateboard.

#5 The shape

The shape is the most confusing criteria of the best skateboard for beginners. As your skills gradually improve or you break down the old skateboard, you can try new deck shapes. To save your budget, you should choose conventional boards as your first gear to learn basic tricks and stay balance.When choosing a board’s shape, you should see the term ‘concave’ or the area between the two curved edges. Although some players said that a board with deep concave makes you flip the board easily, it’s not true for all cases. It mainly depends on your feeling and your skill level.

To find your favorite shape, you should try on a board from your friend or at a local skateboard store.

#6 The graphic

Some beginners are easily attracted by vivid, bright graphics on advanced skateboards. This is a big mistake! If your level doesn’t fit the board, you will find it hard to control your board and learn new tricks.Patterns will fade out over time, and you will have to replace them soon. But the board is expensive so you can’t replace them occasionally.The graphic is not that important unless you purchase skateboards for decoration purposes. In other words, you should underrate graphics when looking for the best skateboard for beginners.

You should invest your money on a board made of high-quality materials, fit your level and personal preferences.

What Type of Skateboard is Best for Beginners?

Consider your personal needs and preferences. We have 3 recommended types of skateboards, each with a few unique features:

  • Cruisers: Cruisers are by far the top of mind when choosing the skateboard for beginners. They are standard skateboards with big soft wheels, making them easier to control, stay balanced, and predict.
  • Longboards: They are the most comfortable skateboard type for beginners, often coming in pintail or twin tip designs. A longboard is spacious, comes with soft wheels so that you can ride a longboard for long hours without fatigue. Compared to other types of skateboards, a longboard is often longer in length, like 33 inches or more. It allows you to perform arched carves and turns.
  • Skateboards: Skateboards usually consist of 7 layers of maple wood. It can be used for almost all basic skills that you can imagine.

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Frequently Asked Question on Skateboard for Beginners

What is a good skateboard size for beginners?

The standard width of a full-sized skateboard deck is from 7.55 to 8 inches. This is also the best size skateboard for beginners. As your experience and skills are growing up, you can choose a wider board.

Is a longboard or skateboard better for beginners?

From our research, we believe that a longboard is ideal for beginners. It has a greater length and provides better stability while riding on the road. Its wheels are also softer. Thus, you can cruise easier on it with less effort.

What is the best cheap skateboard for beginners?

PlayWheels Wood Cruiser Skateboard is the cheapest skateboard for beginners. This deck provides a decent quality to help you get started with skateboarding at a reasonable price.

Is an 8.25 skateboard good for beginners?

While an 8-inch is average for all beginners, a skateboard of 8.25 inches provides more stability and more standing space for beginners. However, it is harder for flipping than a smaller one of 7.75 to 8 inches.

Is it easier to learn on a long or short skateboard?

A long skateboard is preferable and will help you learn basic skills easier and quicker than a short one since it is made for cruising with comfort and balance in mind.

How long does it take to learn to skateboard?

How long to completely master the skateboard mostly depends on your learning purpose. It takes at least 2 weeks to know how to rush and ride. If you want to master basic skills, you should practice skateboarding in 2 or 3 months.


Skateboarding has been popular since the end of the 1990s. Nowadays, it has become a common hobby for people of all ages and genders. However, due to its popularity, it is hard to choose the best skateboard for beginners since they have limited experience and skills in the field.

The WhiteFang Skateboard is the top choice for all starters. This board model comes with all essentials to help you learn the first tricks at a decent price.

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