Top 9 Best Skatecycles For Every User

Are you the kind of person who loves discovering new things? And also like joining some fun adventure? If this is you, you cannot ignore this topic.

I am going to focus on the skatecycle, which is quite new for many people. But if you know this sports gear, you will, with no doubt, become attractive to this amazing item. You can play it alone or invite your friends to have a competition.

However, if you still do not know how to choose the best skatecycles, let me help you. This post is going to give you a top list of the current market. Moreover, I am going to answer some matters related to this product very clearly. Let’s dig into this article instantly!
What Is a Skatecycle?
Some people might not know about a skatecycle. But do not worry since I am going to give you a great illustration right now.

A skatecycle is described as a hubless skateboard. It is designed with two hubless wheels, which are connected by a torsion bar in the middle. What makes you impressed is that this bar excels at twisting. On top of that, the wheels are able to swing up to 90 degrees to the left or the right.

Top 5 Best Skatecycles For Every User

What Are the Benefits to Make You Buy the Skatecycle?

Interesting and Unique

Interesting and UniqueWhen you first see these hubless wheels, you will definitely find them interesting and special. I am really a big fan of this sports gear since it looks extremely cool when you ride it outside. Try it right now and become one of the coolest people on the street!

Easy to Use

Just spend some time learning this skatecycle and you will know how to use it in a short time. When compared to the other skate designs, I have to admit that the skatecycle is easier to maneuver. Moreover, you do not have to scoot anymore.

Portable and Comfortable

Portable and ComfortableThe skatecycle is created with the purpose of easy carrying. As a consequence, you will simply hang it on your shoulder or carry on your hand. That is why this is an ideal sports gear to carry anywhere you want.

Furthermore, it adds more comfort to the user thanks to the convenient torsion bar. The bar construction allows your leg to split very comfortably into two sides. And of course, you can maneuver your skating better.

What Should You Consider When Choosing The Best Skatecycle?

Portable and Lightweight

Portable and LightweightPortability is one of the most important factors to consider when talking about sports gears. By emphasizing on this aspect, you can easily move your item around without much trouble.

As a result, I highly recommend that you should select a foldable skatecycle. This feature will offer you the easy carrying even if you want to have your skatecycle in your travel. Moreover, lightweight is another critical factor that you should think about when it comes to buying a skatecycle.

The age Limit

You cannot forget the age limit of the user once making the purchase decision. You should know that each skatecycle is specifically designed for a particular age. However, any user under 13 should not be recommended to use this sports gear. Well, if you are above this age range, feel free to buy one for yourself!

The Wheel Size

The Wheel SizeThe size of the wheel plays an important role in offering better control and navigation. Too large or too small wheels do not actually help you. Thus, you should select the size that suits you the best.

Otherwise, your movement becomes more and more tedious. However, be reminded that the larger wheels enable you to roll over the obstacles on the street easier than the smaller ones. The large wheels also offer a smoother movement if you move on the rough surfaces.

I used to buy the wheel size that is too small for me and I found it very difficult to navigate and control the direction. Hence, be careful with this element!

The Protective Gears

Lastly, this is not a must for everyone, but this reminder will give you more protection. You, in particular, should equip yourself with the additional accessories.

By this way, you can avoid severe injuries in case there is any sudden accident. As a result, I always spend a little more money on purchasing these protective gears after having a skatecycle.

How to Ride the Skatecycle

There are some essential notes that you should know when learning how to ride the skatecycle. You may get unfamiliar with this item at first. However, once you get the feeling, it turns out to be easier than your expectation.

First of all, when stepping on the skatecycle, you should place your feet in the middle of the torsion bar. By noticing this point, you can control the balance better.

Besides, you should know that there are front and rear skates. In case you are a beginner, just focus on the front. Then, the rear skates are going to follow passively. And well, if you want to have the detailed instructions, please watch the video below for the whole tutorial.

Our Top 9 Best Skatecycle

Anvl Boards Skatecycle-White

Anvl Boards Skatecycle-WhiteWhen it comes to self-propelled skatecycle, Anvl Boards seems to be one of the most outstanding brands. And of course, this product is extremely suitable for anyone from 14 and above.

To have the smoothest ride, I highly recommend that you should ride this skatecycle on the flat surfaces. By doing this, you will be impressed by its amazing gliding. It is similar to how you use the skateboard if you really know how to use this gear.

Moreover, this item is portable and lightweight. Therefore, you can carry it with you anywhere, even during your travel. When you do not use it, you can fold it in half for better storage or transportation.

Furthermore, the 9-inch wheel is designed with a durable feature. Therefore, you can roll over the objects on the ground very easily. To get started, you only need to put your feet in the platforms inside the wheels. After that, you should twist your body to start propelling. Always remember not to let your feet touch the ground!


  • The design of the hubless skatecycle helps your feet avoid the ground dashing.
  • Excellent at gliding on the flat surfaces
  • Be able to be folded in half
  • Lightweight with only 7.5 pounds
  • Black and white make the design appealing


  • Not recommended for the surfaces with too many objects

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Freerider Skatecycle (Black)

Freerider Skatecycle BlackThe second option belongs to Freerider Skatecycle. This is an ideal skatecycle that is worth your spending. It can work very well on every flat surface without any difficulties.

The black stylish wheels are doing their excellent job at offering the smooth ride for any user. This item is a great combination of the elastic PU wheels and the body plate. They are made of aluminum alloy, which is very durable and secure. This kind of construction is so powerful that allows you to perform every skatecycle tricks that you want.

Do you know what is the most important tip when learning how to use the skatecycle? I have to say that is the balance of your body. And luckily, this product might support you. The non-slip matte-pedal, in particular, are going to add more safety to your journey. In addition, I love the safe folding lock, which helps you carry it around easily.

Nevertheless, I suggest that you should not play this skatecycle on the busy streets. The reason is that you may be involved in unexpected accidents.

Also, do not feel frustrated if you cannot have a smooth ride in the beginning. Just practice more and you will become a master soon!


  • Stylish design for young people
  • Durable and secure with many safety features
  • Feel free to glide in any flat surfaces
  • Anti-slip pedals for better balance


  • Not ideal to ride in the busy roads

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X95 Professional Deluxe Skatecycle

X95 Professional Deluxe SkatecycleX95 Professional Deluxe Skatecycle is considered as the noteworthy product out there. It is based on the idea of many other models including the snowboard, as well as the skateboard. It is the simplicity and elegance that make this item more and more appealing among the users.

When looking at this item for the first time, you can think about freedom. Therefore, it enables users to maneuver and propel themselves better. Besides, doing as many tricks as you want is possible.

I have to say that you will no longer deal with the buckles that you used to face with the other models. Also, it is portable and convenient for any case. It means that this skatecycle is foldable, and you can bring it with you anytime.

Thanks to the large wheels, you will experience a smooth ride regardless of any surfaces. On top of that, if you are a professional in this aspect, the learning curve will be an addition to your satisfaction.


  • Help you maneuver and perform your tricks more effectively
  • Portable
  • Foldable design, which is easy to store at home
  • Durable and secure with the double jointed axle


  • Require some time to assemble this product after opening the box

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FREERIDER SKATECYCLE Skatecycle White (Japan Import)

FREERIDER SKATECYCLE Skatecycle White Japan ImportAnother incredible model on the list of best skatecycle is FREERIDER SKATECYCLE from Brooklyn Workshop Japan. This is an excellent model which illustrates the transformation from a skateboard to a skatecycle.

It is suitable for both the amateurs and the professionals due to the user-friendliness. You only need to put your feet on the matte-pedal and begin your play. No matter you are boys or girls, this model can suit you very well since the design is made for unisex.

The wheels are designed under the handcuff shape and made of polyurethane. Moreover, the size is around 22 centimeters, which assists you with a smooth running. Even if you want to have some speed curve, just feel free to try them anytime!

You can also see the aluminum in the body frame of this skatecycle. As a result, it is very lightweight for girls to carry around. For those people who used to have some experience in surfing or snowboarding, getting on this skatecycle will no longer a problem for you.


  • Suitable for both genders
  • Lightweight and portable with aluminum in the frame
  • Large wheels allow you to perform smooth running
  • The wheel is easy and fast for curving


  • Should use this skatecycle on the flat surfaces for the best play

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Whatabeautifullife Freerider Skatecycle (White)

Whatabeautifullife Freerider Skatecycle WhiteGoing to the next one, you will also be immersed in the elegant design of Whatabeautifullife Freerider Skatecycle. The hubless wheels in the sides are able to run independently. Therefore, do not hesitate to show off your skills! Despite independence, they can work very properly with each other. Thanks to this incredible feature, you can ride this skatecycle comfortably.

To begin your riding, this item offers you a unique twisting motion. However, you do not have to propel yourself by pushing it on your own.

Especially, this item is very convenient for those people who usually travel. That said, you can fold this product into a compact shape and hang it on your shoulder.


  • Foldable to help you carry this item anywhere
  • Offer very smooth gliding on the flat surfaces
  • The wheels are independent but can work interconnectedly at the same time


  • Can only stand for 220 lbs and below

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Skatecycle Two Wheel Smart Street Self Balance Scooter

Skatecycle Two Wheel Smart Street Self Balance ScooterAt this stage, if you are still not satisfied with the previous choice, you may stop right here. In terms of the best skatecycle, the Skatecycle from the Fasion World is going to give you everything that you wish.

No matter you are requiring a skatecycle for deep carving or skate park riding, this model can do a very good job. You only need to guarantee that you have quite a smooth surface, then just perform your tricks with this product immediately.

I am really a big fan of the Skatecycle since it makes all of my hard tricks become possible. And it can do it for you, too. If you are tired of the old designs, this product is made exactly for you. The entire construction is created to move forward with more freedom. The user, particularly, easily navigates your directions with only a single wheel together with double wheels. Sounds amazing!

Moreover, the wheels are 9 inches long and the whole weight of this skatecycle is 8.8 lbs. Thus, it is not very heavy to carry on your shoulder. And well, if you want to store this item at home, you only need to fold it to save more space.


  • The size of the wheels are reasonable and long-lasting
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Offer a smooth riding
  • Lightweight and easy to navigate


  • Not recommended for children under 14

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KD New Mobile Professional Skateboard

KD New Mobile Professional SkateboardNext, we have an awesome skatecycle named KD New Mobile Professional. Regarding this model, you should remember that it suits the professional players more. Hence, if you are just a starter, this is not your right choice.

With the 2-circle pedals, this item will prevent the riders from the slipping accidents. Besides, the aluminum material is a huge plus to increase the anti-slip feature. And of course, I am interested in how the manufacturer designs the Griptape mat on the pedal. It is very functional as you will know where to put your feet accurately and reduce the risk of slipping.

However, the brilliant point about this product is the wheels. They are a combination of ultra aluminum alloy as well as durable PU. Also, you can lock this skatecycle whenever you do not use it. Hence, safety is not a big deal with this item, with no doubt.


  • Designed with aluminum materials
  • Durable PU wheels
  • Provide the users with the safety lock
  • 2-circle pedals with the non-slip assistance
  • Increase the safety with Griptape mat


  • More appropriate for the professional players

Tauren Balancing Scooter Hoverboard Two Wheel Skatecycle

Tauren Balancing Scooter Hoverboard Two Wheel SkatecycleAnother fascinating skatecycle that I want to introduce you is Tauren Balancing. It is going to capture your heart by not only its fashionable look but also its great features. I am keen on buying these types of models since they are minimal but very stylish. Do you agree?

In addition, two wheels are connected by a strong and long-lasting framework. As a consequence, you can glide it very comfortable on the flat surfaces and do as many tricks as you know. On the other hand, you can store it in your room when not in use. Moreover, this foldable form is not going to account for much space at all.

I have experienced this skatecycle before and totally love it until now. You can easily maneuver to every direction thanks to the single and double-wheel system.

If you are over 13 years old, this is one of the best skatecycle that you should consider. However, if you are under this age range, it is quite risky for you to try this. So, do not rush yourself and wait until you are allowed!


  • Can bear the weight of 200 kg
  • Foldable and portable
  • Let the drivers show their ultimate skills
  • Two-wheel system for better maneuver


  • Should not buy this product for anyone under 13

VecanPro X8 Skatecycle

VecanPro X8 SkatecycleLast but not least, we are going to discover some great points of VecanPro X8 Skatecycle. This product will end our list, but do not underestimate it since there are a number of attractive points that need your exploration.

You can buy this product and give your children on their birthday. It will be a huge surprise for them. And of course, they will appreciate your love a lot. However, do not forget that your kids should be over 14 to try this skatecycle.

With this model, you are capable of moving forward without any troubles. In spite of the stiff look of the framework, it is very flexible and easy to control. You can determine which direction to go next on your own. As a result, the dexterity will be on a significant increase.

My friend is currently a professional skatecycle player, and he totally maximizes his satisfaction with this product. He can do all kinds of tricks with simple movements. But for the beginner players, it might be a little bit hard to learn this skatecycle at first. Once you know the rule, you will become crazy about this sport.


  • Foldable roller in two parts
  • Durable wheels
  • Unique color for people who like the difference
  • Enhance your dexterity


  • The color is quite picky

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The Final Thoughts

In summary, I hope that all of the information in this article is going to help you gain more understanding of this topic. And right now, you are able to choose the best skatecycle for yourself.

If someone wants to ask for my choice, I have to admit that I am going to choose Anvl Boards Skatecycle as my favorite one. This model is simple but looks fashionable for both boys and girls. Moreover, it offers a variety of great features as a skatecycle such as dashing prevention or portability. On top of that, the weight is rather light for anyone. That is why I prefer this item over the other ones in this list.

What is your final choice after all?

In case you have any queries or confusion, please do not hesitate to keep in touch with me anytime. I am willing to help you solve your problems.

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