The Best Ski Bindings You Must Check Before Your Trip

Anyone who has skied before knows how cool this sport is. If you are an experienced skier, that’s fine; you can skip this and jump straight to the main point of this article.

Top 5 Best Ski Bindings

The best 15 best ski bindings of 2020

Salomon Warden 11 Ski Bindings

Salomon Warden 11 Ski BindingsIf you have skied before, then you must have heard of Salomon. For years, the brand has proved itself as one of the leaders on the market, continuously providing the best gear for skiers.

It can help you handle every trick from freestyle to black run. This lightweight binding comes with features that provide stability and versatility for all mountains.

A larger platform enhances the maximum connection between your boot and your ski, making it suitable for any terrains.

Besides, the U Power Toe assists your movement and delivers precise steering. It is compatible for any ski levels from professional to recreational players.

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Marker Jester 16 ID Ski Binding

Marker Jester 16 ID Ski BindingThis next biding should come up next in the list, and we are talking about Marker Jester 16. When you are sliding down the slopes, you will need to have the right equipment that suitable for your weight, height, and skill level.

But more importantly, you need equipment that can have an impact when you perform a jump off the mountain. That’s when the Market Jester ID binding comes in handy.

The gear is equipped with Marker’s Sole ID technology to enhance the versatility and make it easy to go with standard alpine boots and AT boot with lugged sole.

One of the strengths of this binding is toughness. It has strong magnesium parts which can deal with some severe landing impacts.

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Marker Griffon 13 ID Binding

Marker Griffon 13 ID BindingThe Marker Griffon 13 is almost identical to the Marker Jester 16. You can hardly tell the difference these two.

This ski binding is the lightweight version of the Marker Griffon, and of course, it inherits most the features from its brother.

Step on into this Marker Griffon, and you are all set for your adventures. If you are a spin and twist guy, then this binding is ideal for you. Besides, some of the reasons to go for this model is because not many binding has the versatility of adjusting the side plate to fit your boots.

Although its design is for every type of skiers, it doesn’t mean that beginners can use these bindings. if you are going for the first time, they are not quite the right one for you.

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Salomon L10 Ski Bindings

Salomon L10 Ski BindingsHere it comes another candidate from Salomon. We want to introduce to you the Salomon L10 Ski Bindings. This binding is not new to the game, and it has been around for a few years.
So, what is the fuss about this gear?

Salomon L10 is a set of bindings designed for women and teenagers. They are not for heavy people, so if you weigh above 180 lbs, consider not to use these bindings because they won’t be able to support the pressure.

They feature an automatic toe wing adjustment, making it go well with your boot. Bear in mind that this model accommodates adult boot soles, so it’s not for kids.

The Salomon L10 is a perfect combo for you to start with.

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Tyrolia RX 12 Ski Bindings

Tyrolia RX 12 Ski BindingsTyrolia RX 12 is a great choice to start with if you are looking for affordable and good quality gear. This one has been around on the market as the best budget gear so far. But don’t judge it by its price.

Many ski shops usually have this binding for rental because of its versatility and toughness. The Tyrolia RX 12 is suitable for beginners and weighs from 85 to 260 lbs.

The DIN range of this binding is 3.5 – 12, which provides plenty of room for beginners to improve their skills and aim for higher DIN. The Tyrolia RX 12 bindings are for all-mountain skiing.

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Look Pivot 12 GW Ski Bindings

Look Pivot 14 AW Ski Bindings
Look Pivot 12 GW Ski Bindings are one of the most trusted bindings used by both beginners and advanced skiers. They weigh only 2230 gram per pair and are compatible with Alpine soles and Gripwalk soles.

These bindings provide 28 mm of elastic travel by their turn-able heel. They have a total of 7 points of contact with your boots to increase connection firmly. The Look Pivot 12 GW Ski Bindings features a Full Action Toe which enlarges 14% longer toe-wing and 10% wider for efficient transmission and control.

It has the DIN range from 5-14 and can handle any situations from downhill competitions to double backflip and so on.

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Atomic Shift MNC 13 Alpine Touring Binding

Atomic Shift MNC 13 Alpine Touring BindingBackcountry skiers often consider either they could go with tech binding for a lighter weight on the track, or they could get a frame alpine touring binding with reliable release-rating for downhill races.

While teach bindings don’t have those release ratings, frame bindings are heavier, and the Atomic Shift MNC 13 Alpine Touring Binding bring the best of both.

This binding provides you the lightweight efficiency for the upward movement and reliable release-ratings for a safe downslope.

Atomic Shift MNC 13 also features a heel riser to assist you with the skin track’s steeper sections. It is worth considering if you are looking for something more advanced.

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Dynafit Radical ST 2.0 Ski Bindings Mens

Dynafit Radical ST 2 Ski Bindings MensThe Dynalift TLT Radical ST 2 Bindings are an alternative to frame touring bindings. It is a super high quality touring binding designed to combine the lightweight performance of tech bindings with the reliable release-rating of alpine bindings for downhill performance.

It is quite simple to operate, and it features the rotating toe piece. This technology provides an elastic travel feature and allows you to reduce pre-releases on sudden impacts when you are descending.

The heel piece is made with super high quality and offers a firm feel and confidence for turning and flotation.

Besides, what I like about this binding are its sweet look and versatility.

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Tyrolia Attack2 13 GW Ski Bindings 2018

Tyrolia Attack2 13 GW Ski Bindings 2018This Tyrolia Attack 213 GW ski binding is my downhill binding gear. I find it’s more straightforward to step into than other bindings and like the comfortability it offers.

This binding is suitable for open slopes and untracked powder. The Attack2 13 has the Race Heel designed to reduce friction and secure release values — this binding help you to deal with hard landing from the jumps and allow for more freestyle performances.

The Tyrolia Attack2 13 accommodates alpine boots. It gives you more flexibility and controls for your turns, and its DIN range is 4 -13. If you weigh from 100 – 240 lbs, this gear is perfect for you.

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Salomon Warden MNC 13 Ski Binding

Salomon Warden MNC 13 Ski BindingHere is another model from Salomon. Let’s meet the Salomon Warden MNC 13. This one is a whole new generation of bindings that will almost go well with any boot soles you have from standard alpine to hybrid.

Salomon Warden developed it from the demand of backcountry skiers who don’t want to change their boots often while enjoying the game.

This binding features an oversized platform and U Power Toe that give you more strength and confidence when skiing all over the mountain. Besides, with the Progressive Transfer Pads, you will get a smoother ride through the snow and level up your skiing skills in no time.

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Marker Squire 11 ID Ski Bindings 2020

Marker Squire 11 ID Ski Bindings 2020You will love this gear set from the look. The Market Squire ID is a versatile and powerful binding designed for skiers. Thanks to its triple pivot heel toe, this binding will help you conquer all kinds of mountains.

The Marker Squire 11 ID now features the Marker’s ID Sole technology which makes it compatible with any boots with both alpine sole and touring sole. The binding also gives you a better edge to edge power and allows for shaper turn.

You can go well with this binding if you are an intermediate skier. The recommended weight is 30 – 110 kg.

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Marker Baron 13 EPF Ski Bindings 2020

Marker Baron 13 EPF Ski Bindings 2020The Marker Baron 13 EPF binding has earned its place and been favored by many backcountry skiers. The Extend Power Frame (EPF) gives extra connections to your ski and enhances control for a more accurate and sharp turn.

This binding is great for downhill competition and can tackle any snow condition, even inside or outside the resort. It also accommodates both Alpine and Touring boot soles.

The small pair comes with 2750 gram, while the large pair weighs only 30 gram more. If your weight is more than 80 lbs, you are good to go with this binding.

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Atomic Unisex N Z 12

Atomic Unisex N Z 12The Atomic Unisex N Z 12 is a binding designed to tear up the whole mountain. If you are a guy who likes stumps, jumps, hardpack or whatever you name it, grab this gear now and head for the adventure.

This binding will automatically adjust to your boot width and height when you step in, and it’s suitable for intermediates to advanced skiers.

With the low stand height, the binding allows for effective power transmission and gives you a better feel of the terrain. It also provides perfect shock absorption when you have a big landing. For me, this binding works like a champ.

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Marker 2017 F10 Tour at Bindings

Marker 2017 F10 Tour at BindingsFor those who love to explore but don’t want to be limited to backcountry sides only, Market 2017 F10 Tour is an excellent option. This binding is a combination of a lightweight alpine toe, a heel piece and a touring base plate which gives a solid downhill performance.

Besides, the Marker’s Triple Pivot Light Toe is designed to get the most power transmission and provide more safety. The Marker Tour F10 is a lightweight touring for anyone who wants maximum versatility.

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Look SPX 12 Dual WTR Ski Bindings

Look SPX 12 Dual WTR Ski BindingsIf there is one binding that can go well with anyone, it’s the Look SPX 12 Dual Ski Bindings. Skiers love this binding for its versatility and durability, making it an excellent choice for any skier.

There are seven points of contact to enhance the connection between your boot and the binding to make sure you stay in the game while conquering the mountains.

The 27 mm and 45 mm of Elastic Travel are delivered by the heel piece and the toe respectively.

This Dual Ski Binding is also compatible with Alpine and WTR (Walk to Ride) boot soles and provide more strong retention for a sharper and more accurate turn through the snow.

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Why We Need Ski Bindings?

Why we need ski bindingsSki bindings play a critical role while you are skiing. For starters, it is merely a piece of gear that connects your boot to the ski and make sure it comes off in when you crash so that you won’t twist your leg badly.

In this article, we will focus only on ski bindings, one of the most important gears that can make a significant difference to your game.

Now! We will help you to up your game by reviewing the best ski bindings for your incoming ski trips.

How to Choose the Best Ski Binding

Ski bindings have changed a lot in the past few years as a result of new technologies and the need for skier’s safety. Besides, bindings need to be wider to fit the size when the skis become bigger.

With this wider platforms, bindings have much more flexibility and power which give skiers the ability to control them easily.

Brake Width

Brake WidthBrakes are an essential part of your ski binding. They have various size and are replaceable. When buying a ski binding, make sure its brake width is the same as the ski you use, usually not more 20mm wider than the waist of your ski.

Best Use

Best UseEvery ski binding serves different purposes. Understanding the types can help you choose a suitable one for yourself.

Downhill bindings have a fixed toe and heel. They provide safety and performance for you while skiing down the slopes.

Alpine Touring bindings are for skiers who want to hike up the mountain and ski down. For these bindings, the heel is released off your ski while the toe remains fixed, allowing you to walk up easily.

Race bindings have a narrow platform than others because race skis are small at the waist. They are more durable and have higher DIN ranges for higher speed on the track.

DIN Range

DIN RangeThe DIN Range indicates the ability and weight range of your binding. This basic specification allows you to single out your options by height, age, weight, and your boot size.

It is easy to remember that skiers who are more experienced, heavy and taller will require a higher DIN setting. Here are the DIN setting ranges you should know.

  • 0.75 – 4.5 for skiers under 109 lbs
  • 0.2 – 7.5 for teen or beginner adult skiers under 140lbs
  • 2 – 10 for intermediate adult skiers under 150 lbs
  • 4 – 12 for intermediate to advanced skiers under 200 lbs
  • 6 – 14 for racers or advanced/expert skiers between 150 – 210 lbs
  • 9 – 16 for advanced skiers to expert over 190lbs


We know it’s a frustration to look for the perfect binding. It can be a time consuming when the options are too many out there.

But choosing the right ski binding not only helps to protect you from injuries but also ensures you will enjoy your adventure fully.

If you think this article is useful and can help you save time when shopping, we are sure it sure does to your friends too. So let’s share around for those who need it, who knows it could be useful for someone right?

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