Want To Choose The Best Ski Brands? Now You Can!

Are you looking for an effective way of both doing physical exercise and entertaining in winter days? If yes, let’s get ready to have fun with skiing.

When you are passionate about this sport and looking for the best ski gear, a number of brands out there may get you confused. Because in the world where new inspiration and technologies arise, brands are always adjusting their own items. Also, you want to feel more comfortable with lighter, faster, and more advanced skiing equipment, right?

But are you ready to do research to make sure you will get the best brand?

No need to worry- I’m here to help you out! I will go through a list of 14 best brands to make your choice easier.

Top 5 Best Ski Brands

How To Choose The Right One?

How To Choose The Right OneTo buy a suitable set of skiing equipment, the first thing that you will want to decide is the style of the ski and the price range.

The second thing you should consider is ski sizing. Finding the correct ski size initially depends on your weight. One thing the skis knows about you is how much you weigh, how much force and pressure you apply to the ski when you stand on it.

Other various factors you also need to consider are your skill level and your preferred terrain. Frontside terrain requires a shorter ski, while all-mountain and powder terrain requires a longer ski. Likewise, the stronger or more aggressive you are, the longer ski should be.

You should also choose a ski that is closest to your skill level or slightly above to give yourself a little bit room for improvement. Heavier skiers should go up a skill level; lighter skiers should consider going down a skill level, just to give yourself an appropriate amount of reflex out of your ski.

The next step is to refine your search through those more criteria:


MaterialsWhen you buy skis, you need to know how the ski’s behavior is affected by the materials in the core. The materials inside the ski determine one important factor in ski performance, which is the flex. It let you know how stiff or soft the skis feel on the slopes.

Waist Width

Waist WidthDo you find it difficult to get from edge to edge, to float in soft snow or carve a circle? If yes, an important element you need to focus on is the width of a ski.

  • Skis 85mm or narrower can handle light bumps and crud, and come in a wide range of skills level from the true beginner to expert skiers.
  • Skis 86mm-95mm underfoot can venture off trail and come in skill levels from intermediate to expert.
  • Skis 96mm-110mm underfoot is the best for you if you are seeking true all-mountain versatility.

Turn Radius

Turn RadiusDo you tend to make lots of turns or prefer to make a straight and fast ride when skiing?

Most skis list their turn radius, and it often adjusts slightly with ski length. 17 meters is a rough middle of the road. Anything over 20 is a missile. And 13 could probably carve a circle.


RockerRocker makes skiing easier. Every ski has tip rocker, an easy turn initiation. The longer the tip rocker, the easier it is to start a turn and the more a ski wants to float in fresh snow.

Tail rocker helps release a ski at the end of a turn. That’s particularly helpful for making steep terrain easier.

Now let’s take a closer look at the recommendation

Best Ski Brands (Updated 2020)


AtomicYou can consider Atomic as a technological pioneer in the ski industry. Its skis have been available with various Rocker technologies and recently developed a heat fitting technology that adapts the boots to the user’s foot.

One of the things I really appreciate about Atomic is its attempts to produce environmentally friendly products with the aim of reducing CO2 and not using fossil raw materials.

The Atomic Vantage series is a new most exciting series of skis in this 2020 season.

Atomic is leading the charge with Prolite Construction by reducing the weight of a ski, without neglecting stability. If you are looking for a ski that makes you feel like you have nothing on your feet, a 2020 Atomic Vantage will be a perfect choice for you.

The skis are strong and responsive with all the power, additives and reinforcements. And they also add the lightweight materials, so you are getting a lighter, more responsive ski that’s still loaded with the power.

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SalomonSalomon originally pushed the development of plastic boots, then made outstanding developments in innovative equipment for mountain sports.

Salomon has made a great impression with the QST series. Starting with a spaceframe core and adding a wood, flax and carbon sandwich, the twin rocker ski is not only light but also rigid. It is capable of dealing with hard-on-piece ice and deep off-piste powder.

The series consists of four skis, but the most outstanding is the QST 106.

The 2020 Salomon QST 106 will not let you down whether you are planning to have a long day tour or rip trails all day. It is a versatile powder ski. The shape, profile, and construction are conducive for not only soft snow performance but also all-mountain skiing.

Stop having doubt about which skis to use and just choose the Salomon QST 106 and run with it.

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K2K2 is a reputable brand that can be trusted because of its excellence. Not only is it appealing to your eyes but also satisfying your high performance on the mountain.
K2 is also known for pioneering fiberglass technology to create lightweight responsive skis.

Check out K2 skis if you are looking for fun-driven products.

The new 2020 range includes the K2 Marksman, a creative twin-tip design and all-mountain carving ski.

The 2020 K2 Marksman returns as one of the most playful skis on the market. The weirdest thing about this ski compared to others of similar widths and builds is the asymmetry.

You can notice that the inside edges are longer than the outside ones. But that feature enables you to ride the ski in the soft snow with a lot more ease and flexibility.

K2 has never been afraid of acting differently whether it works or not. The 2020 K2 Marksman skis may be great options for you because they are light, swift, and responsive. You can definitely use these all over the mountain, I’m sure that you will love the playful nature it creates.

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RossignolRossignol skis, which have been in business since 1907, is one of the most reliable and well-established brands.

There are lots of Rossignol ski options so it won’t be hard to find a pair that’s just right for you.

Rossignol Sol 7 HD is among the best choices.

Sol 7 HD is a tried and tested favorite, you’ll probably recognize it. There is a solid core underfoot, but the wood core blends into the lightweight air tip, which gives it floaty light feel and brings all the way back to your foot.

You can find out that it gets loads of rocker at the front. It will be easy for you to ski in the snow, also make incredible turns on the piste.

I would recommend the SOL 7 HD to anyone looking for a ski that will do freeride trips or just want to blast with peace with the family.

So let’s explore new terrain and new challenges while still enjoy skiing well and safely with Rossignol skis!

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VolklVolkl is always committed to providing unique values with progressive technologies and outstanding products.

If you are looking for one ski that you can take anywhere, the M5 Mantra is among the few ones.

Volkl has changed up the shape this year on this newest version of the mantra. It is a little bit skinnier in the waist 96 instead of 100 millimeters.

The Mantra is known for its high and versatile performance across the whole mountain.

It’s an awesome ski with Titanal Frame construction, camber underfoot, and carbon tips and tails.

Full metal under your foot which plays the role as a separate layer allows the middle of the ski to bend a little bit easier. Even when you only got sixty kilos to put into it, you can still twist this ski and make it work. Whether you ski it in soft snow or chopped up terrain, the Mantra performs at a very high level.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to ski fifty-fifty, takes a solid freeride ski but then skis on the piste.

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HeadHave you ever heard about the Head Standard? Well, it’s Head Ski Company that produced such a successful metal-wood composite downhill ski. The company has headquarter located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Head Kore 99 is part of Kore series that we came out with this year.

If you are advanced or expert level skiers, you will love the versatility of the 2020 Head Kore 99 skis. It is a true blend between the core 105 and the core 93.

It has different personalities and characteristics all at the same time. The ski is capable of carving the groomers, dancing through the bumps and trees, and floating through the bowls.

Do you really want to create a big Mountain freeride skis without sacrificing downhill performance for weight? It’s the core that matters. It’s interesting that when you dive into the technical aspects of the construction of the course skis, you will feel lightweight but stiff due to the groove of wood core.

Kore 99 is really ideal for anyone that wants to go out there and charge hard.

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FischerFischer is an Austrian sporting-goods company. It provides a wide range of products for both professional and amateur skiers.

The best Fischer ski is the RC4.

The RC4s are stiff race skis that will be only suitable for advanced skiers. However, when you are capable of skiing them, you will feel awesome! If you are transitioning from all-mountain to race skis, it’s an ideal choice because of the lightweight construction.

The RC4s have no tip. So the downward force from the air rushing through the hole, where the tip should be, creates more downward pressure and makes the ski travel faster. Also, Fischer offers many other products with exceptional quality for all levels of skiing.

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DynastarDynastar has been making skis for over 40 years and is known for innovations that improve the skiing experience. Whether you are seeking for experience from sport performance skis or recreational skis, Dynastar skis will help to connect you with the mountain.

Dynastar legend X is an awesome series of skis for every level of skiers.

Dynastar power drive construction uses a combination of wood ABS material and viscoelastic. It improves your energy transmission and dampens out vibrations to give you a smooth clean ride. It makes you feel easy to maneuver while it gives a hook-free feeling when you get into the bumps, the crud, or anywhere on the mountain.

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ArmadaArmada has made a name for itself as the leading freestyle ski company. It has designed and created top-of-the-range skis with the characteristics of being soft and forgiving, but still stable and energetic. The specialties of the company are park skis and Women’s series.

Armada ARV 106

This versatile all-mountain freestyle ski will bring you an ultra-playful and stable ride.

As a directional freestyle twin-tip ski, it is one of the wildest skis in the range.

It is a great option for soft and powder snow and a little bit of mountain skiing.

Plenty of camber underfoot keeps the ski stable and predictable through carves and uneven snow. Up in the tip and the tail of the ski, there’s some rocker and fairly soft flex. The pop light core blends lightweight and high-energy woods to make it stable.

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LineLine prides itself in making industry-leading, rider-driven skis with the next generation of skiers in mind. Why? Because they believe skiing is fun.

Line skis offer several freeride options, including powder skis, all-mountain skis and all-terrain skis made for the park, pipe, and powder. Their are also skis for kids available in several designs.

The Line Soulmate 92 has a beautiful design, so you may find a lot of fun to play around.

It is easy to ride, with the great float in the powder. You can rely on its versatility to get you through any terrain and in any condition. This ski is reactive, you can make a tighter turn radius and it’s just much more enjoyable in non-powder condition.

What’s awesome about the Soulmate is that there’s carbon in it. It’s light but you can charge on it and not feel like it’s losing its stability.

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BlizzardAnother one of the best ski brands is Blizzard, which is based in Austria.

The company was established in 1945 and is now owned by the Technica Group. They produce a wide range of skis and their products can be used by almost all the skiers.

Blizzard is really in the group top ski brands. They are represented on the World Cup Circuit by one skier, who placed 10th last year.

One of the best Blizzard skis is the Bonafide.

They will probably be the suitable ski for almost any situation, whether you are in knee-deep powder or sheet ice. Being an intermediate skier, you can drive the skis throughout the turn, float over crud and have a blast!

Blizzard Bonafides are a skiing revolution.

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ElanElan offers racing skis, twin-tip skis, all-terrain skis. Elan skis are known for their high quality, great attention, and the capability to maintain good performance.The integration of wood core and fiberglass keeps Elan skis light, without sacrificing durability.

You should take it into consideration whether you decide to ski on ice or float through powder.

If you are looking for quick turns and agility anywhere on the mountain, Elan Ripstick will be an excellent ski that meets your satisfaction.

It’s skinny enough to rip on the groomers. Elan is making a good job of making this ski light and using all the available technology they could to give it a good amount of dampness and keep it playful.

What’s interesting is that they use what’s called the Amphibio technology. Instead of fiberglass, along with the wood core, it has carpet, so it really stiffens up this ski.

The ski is really stable at speed, and there’s no chatter in the tip.

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Black Crows

Black CrowsThe first Black Crows skis called the Corvus was launched in 2006. Since then, the company has developed a range of skis for different skiers and styles.

Black Crows is known for its high-altitude skis. In 2012 Black Crows introduced the Freebird range for ski touring, range of ski poles in 2013, first women range, birdie in 2014 and in 2015, Black Crows presented its first outerwear range, Corpus.

This season has recently witnessed a big risk.

You will notice an updated version of the classic Corvus, with a completely different shape.

Are you an aggressive skier who prefers to use the rebound at the end of every turn? If so, then you will find this new version more neutral because of its combination between higher performance in harsh conditions and fast pivoting in soft snow.

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NordicaNordica’s product line is a little smaller than other ski brands. But it’s just more important to focus on quality rather than quantity, right?

Nordica skis are a good choice for both professionals and hobbyists. The hardcore skis are perfect for people who want to train on the Alps.

While Nordica skis are of high quality, you can afford them. They aren’t as expensive as some of the others, but believe me, they are not easy to break.

The Nordica NRGY 100 Skis are perfect for both beginners and intermediate skiers.

These skis are able to remain stable, even in rough snow conditions. The balance from the full wood core is superior and lightweight. They’re suitable for improved carving and turning, so it’s easy for you to avoid obstacles and find balance.

The edge hold and stability are features that make these skis come out on top. Nordica NRGY 100 is the best brand for those who do not want to spend a ton of money and want to find something easier to use.

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The list above includes reputable sources that you can use as reference when thinking about buying ski equipment.

There are many other brands out there but it takes time to discuss about all of the brands available.

I believe that choosing or finding out the brand you like most is a matter of trial and error. So, just go for the product that seems right for you. And remember that the best ski brands depend on how they perform, not just how they look.

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