The Best Skimboard Brands You Can Trust

The best skimboard brands are one of the factors that you cannot ignore if you want to own a high-quality board to start your exciting beach activities.

But where to start? There are too many brands available out there. Which brand is the most reliable?

To answer these questions, it would be best to read our following article. We assure you that you will always have one more option for yourself.

Let’s go!

10 Best Skimboard Brands Might Come up to Your Expectation

Fedmax Skimboard – Best for Warranty

Fedmax SkimboardWelcome to Fedmax’s skimboard world in which especially provides various surf products. Once you choose to use the Fedmax skimboards, it means that you will own a valuable and affordable model.

In particular, there is an array of types such as foam skimboard, wood skimboard, and fiberglass skimboard. Let’s pick one that suits your taste best.

All are made from the best material ever found on the market. Fedmax uses IXPE, a higher-quality foam in comparison with Eva. For the skimboard with the wood material, it prioritizes the lightweight and good resilient type of wood.

We strongly recommend this brand to any skateboarder, who regards the warranty as the first priority. You can try the foam and wood skimboards within 90 days and the fiberglass one for 30 days. If you do not like the board, bring it back to the manufacturer.

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Slapfish Skimboard – Best for Durability

Slapfish SkimboardAre you used to hearing of the Slapfish skimboard? Yes, this is a new brand, but the quality is impossible to disregard. In accordance with both adults and kids, Slapfish promises to bring great products.

The first is the perfect blending material for all skimboards – fiberglass and carbon, handcrafted with accuracy. The board is built up with fiberglass while the tail and nose are carbon-reinforced. Plus, using the Poly PVC foam instead of styrofoam makes users feel secure, with no fear of air escaping or delaminating.

Therefore, Slapfish’s skimboards are highly appreciated due to its lightweight, durability, and waterproof feature. According to the feedback of consumers, the Slapfish board has an effective floating feature in deep water.

Moreover, the rocker design provides the optimal performance for wave riding and sand sliding.

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Victoria Skimboard – Best Overall

Victoria SkimboardAs the name implies, Victoria skimboards bring victorious feeling when skimboarding. Whether you are beginners, intermediate riders, or professional surfers, Victoria is sure to provide a suitable skimboard for all levels.

With those novice riders wanting to learn how to flatland skimboarding, Victoria has Slider Skimboard that is easy to ride, durable, and fast. Additionally, you can also select the FOAMIE with a larger surface, but lighter weight and at affordable price.

You can even use the same skimboard with many legendary skimboarders as Johnny Salta, Max Bourne, or Teddy Vlasis. If you are a pro skimboarder, we strongly recommend the Victoria Poly Skimboard to you.

Furthermore, you can consider your personal need and preference to pick one because Victoria has a wide range of options

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Zap Skimboard – Best for Construction

Zap Lazer SkimboardThe next brand is Zap Skimboards, one of the recognizable names in the skimboard industry. Thousands of skimboarders all around the world have preferred it since 1983.

Do you expect the nice things that this brand brings?

Well, based on the highest standard, Zap utilizes excellent materials as well as the optimal construction techniques. The purpose is to cope with hard impact maneuvers and extreme conditions.

Typically, there is the Zap Fish Skimboard, a considerable board for wave riding, which features a wide nose and belly. Offering excellent balance while riding, you can consider the Zap HellCat V2 Skimboard that is equipped with a Fuller nose and a squash tail having surfboard style. This board allows riders to reach the waves easily.

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DB Skimboard – Best for Environment

DB SkimboardManufacturing a skimboard is harder than what you could think, especially with the best brand. They need to produce quality models to retain their credibility. And since the summer of 2003, everyone has started regarding DB as a dependable skimboard brand.

Not only do they utilize durable hardwoods to maintain the longer rocker and resist ding efficiently, but they also re-purpose 100% of the scrap produced. Therefore, their skimboards are solid and durable.

In the limited budget range, you can choose the Flex Porto series built up with maple core, coming with the various sizes – small, medium, and large. More expensive ones like 2019 Pro Composite Skimboards are higher-grade materials such as bamboo and high-density foam.

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Exile Skimboard – Best for Quality

Exile SkimboardEstablished one year sooner than DB Skimboard, Exile takes great pride in being the top skimboard manufacturer in the world. Their skimboards can entirely wake up the surfing passion of any rider.

Not kidding! You can look at the Custom Blairacuda Skimboard or the Custom Signature Pro Skimboard. Exile used the ultra-high-density PVC foam to make the core of the skimboard, S-glass to reinforce the bottom, and multi-layer fiberglass to enhance the durability.

In relation to this, Exile shared that the Custom Blairacuda Skimboard is a unique model, not likely to be copied by other brands. This board is well-balanced, strong, and stiff to offer optimum performance.

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Wave Zone Skimboard – Best Value for Money

Wave Zone DiamondJeff Shinham founded Wave Zone Custom Surf Skimboard Brand in 1990. Upon arrival at a Wave Zone shop, you are surrounded with various-levelled custom skimboards, from beginner to experienced level.

For the novices, Wave Zone has the Diamond Skimboard. Its advantage is light, well-balanced, and self-correcting. It is noticeable that the price is very affordable.

Do you want something cheaper? Wave Zone is ready to satisfy your needs. They have the skimboards for sale under $150

With that being said, is this brand suitable for the medium riders? No! In addition to the affordable skimboards, you can still get the advanced and premium ones. It is all up to your budget!

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Grape Skimboard – Best for Professional

Grape SkimboardEstablished in the same year as DB Skimboard, Grape Skimboard managed by Paul Wade has been more and more successful until now. His skimboards frequently earn positive appreciations of consumers, thanks to its design, construction, and material.

However, is your budget big enough? Because the skimboards from Grape are not cheap. The models are produced to serve pro and experienced riders.

Ideally, it would be a big mistake not to mention the Grape Halibut, a great option for liners and siders. This board helps to simplify your spin-tricks. Even the nose on the Halibut built as the usual board is helpful for backward- riding. Let’s give it a try and enjoy a fantastic ride!

East Coast Skimboard – Best for Price

East Coast SkimboardPerhaps, East Coast Skimboard is different from the skimboard brands that we listed above. It does not supply the products produced by itself. Instead of that, East Coast mainly carry on business the skimboards from the most reliable brands, Exile, Zap, Victoria included.

Every product is taken its own photos. The purpose is to ensure that you will likely purchase an accurate skimboard like the pictures depicted.

The price of the skimboards sold at the East Coast shop is very affordable. You may own one under $100 with an amazing quality. What’s more, the shop offers a free delivery service for those who are living and working in the East Coast Region of the US.

Slostik Skimboard – Best for Various Options

Slostik SkimboardAre you searching for the nice, quality skimboard in the low price range? Yes, we have a good suggestion for you – Slotstik Skimboard. This age-old brand was established in 1987 and has gradually won over plenty of consumers’ sentiment.

Before anything else, the skimboards from Slotstik have an irresistible attraction because of their shiny look. It is water-resistant and easy to maintain.

Nonetheless, you need to pay attention to one thing – the easy-to-scratch surface. Take care!

Another outstanding point is the board’s diversified design, especially the tail – a vital part for controlling and balancing when surfing waves. Depending on your need, you can choose the Slotstik Skimboard with pointed nose and tail, broader tail, or bodyboard tail.


There are many readers sending questions regarding skimboards and skimboarding. Followings are some of them.

What is the best skimboard brand?

From our point of view, we strongly recommend the Victoria Skimboards to all riders as the best skimboard brand.

First of all, there are different styles, designs, and materials so that you can select, including the woody, glide, and foam skimboard.

Well, every board is catered to a certain need. For example, the woody boards are ideal for long-distance sliding while the lighter foam models are appropriate for beginners to learn how to navigate transitions.

Last but not least, Victoria skimboards have a reasonable price. A cheaper unit is optimal for novices, and more expensive ones will be spent for advanced or experienced riders.

How to select the best skimboard?

An excellent skimboard will provide you with a wonderful surfing-wave experience, so we advise you to pocket the following considerations before buying a skimboard:

  • Materials – There are major materials commonly used to make the skimboards such as wood, foam, or carbon. If you want something affordable, the wood skimboard is ideal. The characteristic is flat, thin, cheap, and quite heavy. The better options are the foam and carbon fiber skimboards that are bigger, thicker, and better for flotation on the waves.
  • Size – To get the right skimboard size, you need to consider your height and weight. For those small riders, they may pick a smaller board. On the contrary, are you heavier? So, it would be best to select a larger skimboard with the extra float.
  • Construction – Similar to the material, you can base on the criteria (durability, lifespan, weight, strength,…) to consider the construction. For instance, the multi-layer premium construction will be strong and lightweight while the epoxy construction is effective in terms of maintaining balance on the waves.
  • Accessories – A skimboard comes with accessories such as a bag or a pad. You will save a significant budget for investing in these things.

How long does a skimboard usually last?

Boards often have a long-lasting lifespan. For the skimboards, you can use them for over 10 years, no matter what the material is. We used to utilize the carbon skimboard for up to 12 years because of the regular maintenance. So, the best plan would be to maintain your board correctly to use it for longer periods.

How do you maintain your skimboard?

As previously stated, you need to maintain your skimboard properly to use it for an extended time.

First and foremost, you ought to keep your board from exposing directly to the sun. Once the surface of the board exposes to the sun too frequently, the resin, pads, and wax will quickly get damaged.

Next, you need to handle and repair immediately when seeing your board having problems such as dings or delaminations (appear as bubbles on the surface of your board).

Finally, you have to put the board in the bag or pad for long-distance travel.

In a Nutshell

All best skimboard brands above are reliable to use. Your task is to go through the reviews of each brand carefully and make the most accurate decision.

Let’s look back. What is your need? Do you like woody, foam, or carbon skimboard? And how much is your budget?

With a large budget and the advanced surfing demand, you can consider brands such as Victoria, Exile, or Slapfish. You can also feel secure to use the Fedmax or Wave Zone skimboards if your payment ability is limited.

Give it a try and have a nice surfing experience!!!

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