Discover the Top 5 Best Skimboard Pads for 2023

It’s time to show you the best skimboard pads in the market for your upcoming summer. With these pads, you surely will have a great experience with surfing.

First, you need to choose for yourself a good skimboard. And then, you will be able to find good pads that suit it. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Then let’s dig into the details!

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Is It Important To Use A Skimboard Traction Pad?

Use A Skimboard Traction Pad
Catching waves is not such a difficult task. Especially, for those professional at surfing, performing crazy cutbacks and gnarly bottom turns seems to be simple. Of course, to do that, their feet seem to stick to the board as glue. And that is thanks to skimmer pads. As you can see, those pads really play an important role.

Skimboard traction pads have many benefits for skimmers. Let’s find out what they are!

  • You can keep balance better
    These traction pads always grip your feet, support you to keep balance on waves better.
  • You are able to avoid strong waves
    With these traction pads, you can press on the front of the board harder, while still keeping adequate leverage on the back of the board. By doing this technique, you can be more active in moving to avoid any strong waves.
  • You can hold consistently
    If you don’t use enough surf wax on the board, your feet can not grip tightly. And you will get trouble to control your movement. But if you use skimboard pads, you even may not need much surf wax anymore. Because the pads allow you to hold consistently while surfing.

Top 5 Best Skimboard Pads: Comprehensive Reviews

PUNT SURF Traction Non-Slip Grip

PUNT SURF Traction Non-Slip Grip
The most important role that a skimboard pad plays is to prevent you from slipping and sliding. Therefore, this 13 x 6″ product is made from the best non-slip materials, providing an excellent grip.

This traction mat is suitable for mostly all skimboards types. In fact, you will have no problem while trying to peel and stick it on the boards. In case that the boards are small, you can even cut and modify the pad to suit them.

While you can stick this pad on your skimboard at ease, it will be hard for you to take it out. Designing the traction pad with the premium 3M stick adhesive, the manufacturer wants it to grip tightly on your board, ensuring lifetime enjoyment. So if you often change your traction mat, this product may not be a good idea.

Do you worry that the mildew would grow on this mat? Rest assured because this pad is washable. You can either brush it with a mild detergent or rinse it underwater. And if it is clean, surely you will find no disgusting mildew.


  • The product has a perfect grip
  • It is really soft
  • It creates cushion effects when you step on
  • The price is reasonable


  • The pad is quite small that you have to buy many pads to fit a big board
  • It is difficult to get rid off when you stick it on the board


If you need a traction mat with high-quality adhesive, then this product is a good option.

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PUNT SURF Ripper Traction Pad

PUNT SURF Ripper Traction Pad
This traction mat will give your skimboard a lightweight grip that can make you confident while surfing. Moreover, this item is made of EVA foam that can bring to you the softest feel on the feet.

Normally, you must stick many small pads to fit a big skimboard. But with this product, you will not have to do that anymore. This pad has three separate pieces that you can stick to all of the surface of your board, thus saving money.

If the skimboard is under the water for a long time, the pad may lose its grip ability, But that’s not the case with this product. Designed with the stickiest 3M adhesive, this traction mat will stick on your board like glue, even under the hardest conditions.

Mostly, this traction mat can support all types of board, except the type with a textured surface. More specifically, if you stick the mat on this board type, it may lift off the board instead of sticking tight.


  • The product is durable
  • The pad pieces are light
  • You get no difficulty in tearing, peeling and sticking it


  • It does not support the boards that have textured surfaces
  • It is easy to be creased


If you have a wide skimboard, buying this product will help you to save money.

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Punt Surf Skimboard Traction Pad & Arch

Punt Surf Skimboard Traction Pad
No matter what kind of materials is used to make your skimboard, this traction pad can stick to your board with ease. Due to the super sticky 3M adhesive, this product can grip tightly even on a wooden board.

Unlike other normal traction mats, this product does not melt off under the sunlight. It has this ability because the rubber which is used as its material is super thick. Of course, although you can leave it under the sun, don’t leave it for too long. You also play a role in keeping it to last long, right?

There are 5 pieces of this pad. As a sequence, you can cut, customize, modify and stick them to fit a wide board. So if you buy this product instead of many small pads, you only need to spend a small amount of money.

If you have a skimboard that has foam or air pockets, then this product is not suitable. Because this traction pad can only support skimboards that have clean, dry, sand-free surfaces, so make sure that you check your board before buying.


  • This product is sturdy
  • The price is reasonable


  • Some sand may get under the pad
  • You still have to use surf wax on this pad


If you need a traction pad with thick rubber, this product will not be a bad option.

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Ho Stevie! Premium Surfboard Traction Pad

Premium Surfboard Traction Pad
The super sticky 3M adhesive allows this traction pad to grip tightly to your skimboard. As a result, you will not have to worry that the mat falls off after a time of use.

This product is suitable for all board sizes. The 12” x 12′ pad will be divided into 3 separate pieces, helping you to spread the mat to all surfaces of your board.

Moreover, this traction mat is designed with a middle arch that helps your feet fit perfectly. Besides, if you are a beginner in skimboarding, this product can support you to keep balance with its kicktail.

There is one thing you need to remember while using this pad. Make sure that you put surf wax on it before using. Or else it will be hard for you to make movements on board.


  • The price is quite good
  • It sticks tightly to the board


  • The pad requires surf wax before using


If you just start learning skimboarding, this product will be a great partner.

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Abahub 3 Piece Surfboard Traction Pads for Skimboards

Abahub 3 Piece Surfboard Traction Pads
If you are looking for a skimboard pad that offers high performance, then this item will do. The A – level lightweight EVA foam and the super sticky 3M adhesive allow the board mat to grip the board, supporting turns and cutbacks effectively.

Besides, this pad can fit all skimboards and surfboards. After purchasing the product, you will receive 3 pieces of surf traction arch pad. Thanks to these pieces, you can spread it out to all surfaces of the board.

If you are a professional who often performs surfing skills, you can see this product as a great option. It has a 25 mm thick tail kicker that supports you to maneuver better while surfing. Besides, using this pad, you can show your wonderful technique effortlessly

Despite the good sides, this pad still has a downside. When it is too wet, it may fall out of the board. So make sure that you dry it after surfing


  • It is really cheap
  • It provides great traction


  • It may fall out after a time of using


If you often performs skills while surfing, you may see this product as a good sidekick.

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How to Choose a High-quality Skimboard Pad?


When you use a steeper kick, a good skimboard pad will help you put your foot in the right position to conquer the waves better. For example, if your kick falls between 45 and 50 degrees, look for a soft or flat tail pad. This may be a good choice for you.


An arch uses an expansive structure of a pad tail. Normally, a good skimboard arch should fit your foot size in order to help you surf. But in case that you grow up and your body develops also, you can choose a bigger arch to fit your foot all the time.

What you are seeking for a bigger foot is a higher and longer arch that runs the total length of your foot.

For smaller feet, a minimum arch would be your best choice.


Currently, most tail pads are made compatible with the modern and trendy boards. They usually have between 1 and 5 pieces.

The board which has only one piece is not popular nowadays. However, they are often more durable, simpler in the assembly process than the multi-piece type. On the other hand, the adhesion of one-piece pads is often flaky because it only sticks on curved surfaces.

The two-piece pad is rarely or never used because it does not form an arc.

On the other hand, three-piece are the most popular today. It is not only the easiest to install but also provides good adhesion. Besides, this is the most flexible buffer because it can be used for any types of board.

The board has 5 pieces is as good as the 3-piece board, but it has 2 more tabs located above the main pad to help adding extra grip.


The texture of the tail pad on your skimboard plays an important role in surfing. Currently, the diamond pattern is the most favorable. For a durable and long-lasting skimmer pad, you should buy a premium quality night, with multi-layered grooves.

Single grooved tractions are beginning to become more famous among many producers, in spite of the fact that these will, in general, be on the less expensive end.

In addition, the deeper grooves and stiffer construction give you maximum resistance against slip and outstanding traction.


1. How do you put a traction pad on a skimboard?

Traction pad is necessary for a skimboard. You can put it by yourself or ask a salesperson to do it for you.

If you do by yourselves, read carefully the following steps before starting. If not, you not only lose money but also damage the skimboard pads.

First, wipe the skimboard clean. This is an important step. When your skimboard is clean, free of dust, the traction pad can stick tightly, which reduces the danger when you surf.

Next, locate the skimboard stickers very carefully. Then, peel off the patches, squeeze tightly and hold for a while for the traction pad to adhere to the skimboard. This will help you avoid risks when surfing because if the pad is loose, water can cause the adhesive to lose its effectiveness.

2. How long does it take for a traction pad to dry?

You can dry the pads quickly in a few minutes. However, you need time to keep the traction pad fixed in one position. It will take you the time of about 22 hours to 1 day before surfing. So, prepare and stick them before the day you use them.

3. In which place can you find and buy skimboard traction pads?

There are many places that provide skimboard traction pads. You can find them at surf stores or stores that sell skim board supplies. Usually, stores will have skimboard pads like a sticker. However, you can also find other types which are cheaper, and it must use with glue.


Hopefully, with this article, you can have an overview at the best skimmer board pads available today and how to choose the best skimmer board traction pads. Besides, we have listed the commonly asked questions to help you avoid losing more time.

In short, wish you stay safe and have fun surfing!

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