Best Snowboard Boots For Any Snowboarding Lover

All lovers of this mountain sport know how difficult it can be to find the best snowboard boots. If they are too tight or loose, if they cause an uncomfortable feeling or if they are not durable or of low quality, your feet are practically frozen.

In this article, we are trying to give you the most basic information about this exciting sport, how to choose the most suitable boots for yourself, and most importantly, snowboard boots on the top rankings today.

Top 5 Best Snowboard Boots For Any Snowboarding Lover

A Brief Introduction Of Snowboarding

What is Snowboarding?

What is snowboardingInevitably when you talk about snowboarding, it comes to mind that it is snowy and bitterly cold, but seriously, it is a fun winter sport. It was created by an engineer called Sherman Poppen in America in the 1960s; then it positioned itself in 1998 as an official winter Olympic sport.

It is a combination of skateboarding, surfing, sledding, and skiing since it consists of descending from the top of a slope that is covered with snow. This is done while standing on a board using a particular boot placed on a mounted tie.

Types of Snowboarding

Types of snowboarding

  • Free driving: It’s about descending freely through extreme places and off the track. Like the freestyle, it uses natural elements such as rocks, cliffs, edges and much more.
  • Freestyle: You can practice it in parks, off-piste or in urban environments. A free modality is its characteristic; therefore, you can use a vast amount of tricks and cartwheels, where imagination and creativity are the real protagonists.
  • Urban: It is practiced in urban areas and landscapes made or modified by the hand of man. The drivers pass over handrails, ledges, climb into parking structures and challenge gravity by jumping walls.
  • Half Tube: The clue is in its name. This type is implemented in a kind of halfpipe, high vertical walls of U-shaped snow. In this structure, every skill is done at high speed.
  • Boardercross / Race: This mode is an adaptation of BMX and carried out by four drivers at the same time. The runners descend through a circuit full of jumps, banked curves, and varied obstacles.

What Are The Best Snowboard Boots?

What Are The Best Snowboard BootsWhen we talk about the comfort, many people might think that their feet feel warm and padded, but beyond that, a good model of snowboard boots should also provide other “comforts” such as it is not too tight or loose.

A lousy model differs from a good one because they tend to get out of place easily in any of its closing systems, so you must pay attention to this. I recommend looking for a model that is easy to adjust in the bindings of the board and crampons.

Choosing a model that fits your personality and need is essential. While most people prefer sober colors that are easy to combine, others are interested in a little more striking and unique designs.

What Factors To Consider When Choosing Snowboard Boots?

Apparently, to have the most unforgettable snowboarding experiences, you need to use the most fitted boots. If your shoes are oversized or undersized, it will be difficult to control every move, and even you can fell several times.

Before you decide to purchase boots, there are a plethora of factors you ought to take into consideration.


The snowboarding boots should be appropriately tight, as it is not ordinary or day-to-day boots. In fact, the new boots will feel very close during the first days and then gradually loosen up.

Ideally, the boots will stay somewhat adjusted within several weeks after you bought it. Your toes touch the tip lightly but without crushing or hurting you. When bending the knees, the heel should be kept attached to the back of the boots without sliding, and the fingers will slip a little backward.

Lacing System

Lacing systemTraditional

This type is the most versatile and adjustable since you can quickly change the tension as you like to have the boots perfectly.

However, it is not comfortable to have to be doing and undoing the laces in the middle of the snowboarding sessions, especially if your fingers are cold or, worse, frozen.

Quick- Pull

It’s effortless to use. You just have to pull a cord to adjust the tension, and you can do it even with gloves.

On the contrary, as a disadvantage, if you do not like to wear your boots too tight, you will find it difficult to tighten the zipper fully.


This system of lacing picks up a steel cable with a wheel to adjust the boots. You will see that it is an easy and fast adjustment. Simply push a motor, and you can customize your shoes, and to untie the lacing, just touch once.

However, Boa also has a few downsides. Because it is a homogeneous system, it is not going to mold entirely to your foot; therefore, it can cause you discomfort. Besides, the price is usually higher than the others.


Most of the boots are made of synthetic materials with thermal fibers that keep your feet protected from the cold. Besides, you will also find leather which lasts much longer and looks much more stylish but is more expensive.

The soles are always rubber and thin, which serves for amateurs or in less harsh journeys while the thick ones are for professionals or in the more adventurous and challenging routes.


GenderAs you well know, boots come by gender as well since the anatomy differs a little between men and women in the legs and feet. Women’s boots, for example, have narrower heels, while men’s boots have a little more support for wider shapes.

Of course, there are also many differences between the colors intended for each sex.

Riding Style

If you are a snowboarder in remote areas or on the challenging slopes, you will want rigid boots that give you the strength, precision, and speed you need. For freestylers, it is best to go for the flex type boots, which respond very well to changes in angle and have excellent maneuverability.



  • Rigid boots: they respond very well to rigid terrains, and that is why they are used a lot for the most adventurous and remote routes.
  • Medium flexibility: they are the intermediate point, giving you the flexibility to go through the park softly while maintaining a certain rigidity for more difficult journeys.
  • Soft boots: for freestyle and those who love to do tricks, these boots are perfect for their high response and maneuverability.


The comfort is essential, so make sure the boot is comfortable on the inside. And always choose half a size less than what you usually use since over time they are going to become larger, and you will feel better.


SizeIt’s not just about choosing a right size, but you also need to make the different zones of the boots comfortable. If you are a man, woman or child, it is crucial that you know how to choose this well.

Length and width

You must take into account the length and breadth of the fingers and the length of the foot when buying a boot.

Heel Support

Heel supportHeels should not be too high. In fact, the feet can only be raised 1cm maximum.


Remember that boots are not only sports equipment, but they also show a lot about your personality and style. Therefore, look for a pair that is not only comfortable and functional, but you really like how it looks.

Cushioned Insole and Strong Soles

Cushioned insole and strong solesThe template of your boots has to be cushioned and with materials that absorb vibration to give you more comfort and protect you from impacts.

Besides, you can choose softer and thinner soles or thicker and harder ones depending on your style, but for the same purpose, they have to absorb the impacts and keep you safe.

Top 21 Highly Recommended Snowboard Boots

As mentioned, good boots in the gear of a snowboarder are as important as the board itself. Therefore, we have compiled a ranking of the best male and female models of recent seasons, so that you can make your choice and find your ideal snowboard shoes. Just don’t forget to try on the shoes you like before buying and walk around the store for a bit.

Now here we go.

For men

SALOMON Titan 2019 – soft and comfortable boots for beginners.

SALOMON Titan 2019An excellent pair of shoes does not require a fortune. They have a low stiffness class (3/10). Despite this, the shoes turn out sharp and durable, so that over a couple of seasons, until you gain much experience, it still can serve without problems. The model is not completely new on the market, has undergone minor changes, but still pleases “their boss” with a high level of comfort.


  • Quick lacing which can be tightened without removing gloves
  • Inner foam material with the possibility of thermoforming
  • Independent liner lacing
  • A shock-absorbing insole, plus soft inserts in the most “sensitive” positions
  • Excellent thermoregulation – not too hot or too cold
  • High level of moisture protection

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BURTON Tourist – the warmest boots for experienced riders

BURTON TouristBoots with a stiffness of 5/10 will suit those who are already not the “freshman”. They have a convenient SpeedZone lacing, which has repeatedly proved its reliability. However, the loops here are designed so that anyone can use the “classics”. However, the main advantage of this top model is the Vibram sole, known for its durability, flexibility and excellent grip.


  • An angle of the top for comfortable walking and climbing the mountain
  • The ability to separately adjust the tightness of the “fast” lacing in the upper and lower part of the boot
  • Good heat holding capacity, plus plenty of additional reflective inserts – all contribute to the most fabulous experience
  • Antibacterial impregnation, eliminating the appearance of an unpleasant odor
  • Durable and comfortable insoles made of EVA-foam
  • The surface area of ​​the sole is reduced – for those who cannot choose a snowboard to fit
  • Powerful shock absorption in the heel.
  • Lifetime warranty on lacing

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HEAD Five Boa – boots for real pros

HEAD Five BoaThese shoes have an incline of the tops of 9 °, and the stiffness is above average, which means that they are addressed to advanced athletes who “need wind in their faces” and full control over the board. The footwear has a non-slip, well-cushioned sole, a waterproof top, super-reliable steel BOA lacing and extra straps at the top of the boot.


  • The high possibility of thermoforming inside the boots under the peculiarities of the legs. It takes no more than 5 minutes for the whole process.
  • Rigidly molded inserts on the heel, allowing the shoe to fit snugly to the snowboard bindings
  • Surprising flexibility for better snowboarding controls and explicit movements transferred to the board
  • Relatively reasonable price

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SALOMON Malamute – the toughest boots for speedy runs

SALOMON MalamuteCult snowboard shoes, which varies little from season to season, but always finds its fans. Most of the riders are captivated by high rigidity and at the same time precise fit on the leg. Shoes turn out very tough (9/10), and most importantly – responsive to management.


  • Convenient and reliable two-zone lacing, which does not cause problems in operation and quickly drags on
  • Hold the heel tightly, not only due to the stiff heel but also with the help of a rough inner coating
  • Thermoformed inner boot with soft inserts – where the legs need to ensure a comfortable fit
  • Multifunctional insoles that retain heat, remove excess moisture, and improve the shock-absorbing properties of shoes
  • Liners do not lose shape after washing, plus they have their lock, which does not allow lacing to loosen
  • Adjustable stiffness with complete inserts

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Salomon Faction Boa – Youthful and lasting

Salomon Faction BoaDid it take you too much time to tie your boots? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to switch to Faction Boa, one of the superb products of Salomon company.

What can Salomon Faction Boa do to benefit you?

  • Its Boa closure lacing system helps you tighten your boots at ease in the shortest time.
  • The Silver Fit Liner adapts to the size and shape of your foot automatically, which gives you the brilliant fit.
  • Thanks to medium flex, you can control every move in any terrain.
  • EVA Outsole is lightweight, giving the cushiest experience for a long time.
  • Faction Boa has two years of warranty, so if there is any problem, you can change to other products.
  • Most importantly, Salomon does not cost you an arm and a leg. You can find and buy it on Amazon.

Who is Faction Boa best for?

Lots of snowboarding beginners choose Faction Boa due to its exceptional comfort, perfect durability and reasonable cost. The flexy structure and high-quality liner will protect your feet, and then you can focus on your riding skills.

What’s more, you also may be interested in

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Mutiny DC Shoes snowboard boots

Mutiny DC Shoes snowboard bootsIn appearance, they are a perfect ten thanks to its modern and youthful style, but with an elegant touch at the same time. It is made of synthetic materials, has quick laces, shock absorbing insole and internal harness for the ankle. It has medium flexibility.

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Moto Burton snowboard boots

Moto Burton snowboard bootsThese boots not only have a lifetime guarantee but also look great and are super functional. They have integrated cords of fast adjustment, good response for many types of terrains and heat reflector. They come in black or military green.

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Snowboard Boots ThirtyTwo 86 FT 17

Snowboard Boots ThirtyTwo 86 FTIf you’re young and love modern style, then you absolutely love shoes. You might not take your eyes off the lively and vigorous appearance. The laces are quick to adjust, easy to put on and fix. It comes in various sizes.

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Burton Imperial snowboard boots 2019

Burton Imperial snowboard boots 2019Enjoy your quick lacing system without having to take off your gloves, as well as its comfortable internal construction and protection against snow. It also includes heat reflector and has medium flexibility.

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Lasso Ride 858 snowboard boots

Lasso Ride 858 snowboard bootsIf you like the Boa lacing system, this is the boot for you. As for rigidity, they are medium-level and recommended for freestyle. One more plus is soles of high durability.

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For women

DC Karma – comfortable and affordable boots for beginners

DC KarmaCute women’s shoes with classic lace have an average stiffness of 5/10; nevertheless, they are undoubtedly an excellent choice for beginners.

The footwear is made of imitation leather and has a fleece internal that keeps heat. The sole of the shoe is lightweight but protects it from shocks excellently.


  • Five colors for every taste and a large selection of sizes from 37 to 42
  • The ability to perfectly fit the lacing in the shape of the legs, and on the inside and on the shoe itself
  • Moisture-proof which makes sure non-cracking feet in the cold
  • Securely riveted hooks with strongly curved ends
  • The shock-absorbing insole and a sole from EVA-foam which effectively extinguish any vibrations
  • Super reasonable price

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ROME Memphis BOA – comfortable and “obedient” shoes for advanced athletes

ROME Memphis BOAThe boots of medium stiffness for experienced girls-riders are created taking into account all the features of the anatomy of the female feet. The inner here has inserts from dense and elastic polyurethane foam – they correctly fix the foot in the shoe.


  • Good responsiveness to the force transferred from the board
  • Heat-formed internal with antibacterial impregnation
  • BOA-lacing with separately adjustable tightening at the top and bottom of the boot
  • Hard rubberized backs and toes, ensuring reliable contact with the snowboard fasteners
  • Excellent traction of the sole with any surface
  • The elasticity is individually selected for each loaded area

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NIDECKER Eva Speed ​​Lace – cheap professional boots

NIDECKER Eva Speed ​​LaceBoots with stiffness above average (7/10) will suit rider girls who not only stand confidently on the board but are also able to squeeze the maximum out of it.

Despite the peculiarities of the professional design, the shoes turned out to be quite comfortable and even allow you to make small pedestrian crossings.


  • All loaded elements of the top are reinforced with artificial leather
  • The two-zone fast lacing providing dense landing of a boot on a leg
  • Soft middle insert for better board control and comfortable walking movement
  • Warm inner boots
  • Excellent board feel due to low-profile rubber soles
  • Suitable for budgeted snowboarders.

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K2 Estate – Very much comfort

K2 EstateThe number #4 in this list is K2 Estate, a prime product of K2 company.

About the product

  • K2 Estate has a Boa lacing system. Only one touch can adjust your laces immediately.
  • Its flex is medium (around 6 out of 10), which ensures that you can have a perfect performance no matter where you’re riding.
  • Also, like many other snowboarding boots, K2 Estate is also designed distinctively to absorb any impacts from big jumps.

K2 Darko Snowboard Boot – Excellent choice

K2 Darko Snowboard BootK2 Darko is specifically designed for those who love riding in a beautiful park and enjoy the fresh air.


  • The great maneuverability comes from a soft lex, letting you show off all the tricks you’ve practiced.
  • Like DC Scendent Snowboard Boot, K2 Darko Snowboard Boot also uses the traditional lacing system. If your laces are out of work, then it won’t be a big problem.
  • Intuition Liner keeps your ankle safe and comfortable.
  • Advanced Harshmellow technology contributes to reducing shocks and landing softly.
  • And here please read on, and you might find your “darlings” below.

Snowboard boots Karma DC Shoes

Snowboard boots Karma DC ShoesWith fun and modern design, these boots are perfect for the most active athletes. They have intermediate flexibility, traditional laces and a sole with excellent traction. They are very durable and retain heat very well.

K2 Contour snowboard boots 2019

K2 Contour snowboard boots 2019Nothing is more comfortable than the Boa type laces to adjust the boot at any time and effortlessly. They also feature foam insoles, ankle harness, as well as high resistance Vibram soles and excellent traction.

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Snowboard boots Salomon Pearl 2019

Snowboard boots Salomon Pearl 2019Excellent boots with a soft and flexible construction are ideal for simple trips and for those who like freestyle. It uses Boa type laces. The interior is very comfortable with heat retention, and they are available in many sizes.

Snow Boots Sage de Ride 858

Snow Boots Sage de Ride 858Ride 858 uses the Boa lacing system. Thanks to its plush foam lining, these boots are super comfortable and soft. Also, they have an intermediate flex and are also suitable for virtually any style of snowboarding.

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Burton Mint Purps snowboard boots

Burton Mint Purps snowboard bootsIf you like the color purple, take a look at these excellent boots with fast lacing, heat reflector and a comfortable fit, neither so tight nor so loose. They are soft style, so you have greater maneuverability and even have a lifetime guarantee.

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DC Scendent Snowboard Boot

DC Scendent Snowboard BootFor those who are confident in their skills and craving for speed, then they should hunt DC Scent Snowboard Boot.

In my case, when I was only at the intermediate level, I still did not purchase these boots. After a couple of months, as I was relatively advanced, I decided to spend my budget. Until now, it still was a wise decision due to plenty of advantages.

  • Double Liner brings the perfect match with your foot.
  • With traditional closure system, it’s easy to main and replace laces whenever they’re broken.
  • Even bringing boots all day long, you won’t feel uncomfortable thanks to G sole.
  • Also, the boots always soak up vibrations well.
  • Lastly, the boots are not too cheap but also do not cost you a fortune.

Wrapping It Up!

To sum up, to choose the best snowboard boots, it’s not an easy task. Before spending your money, you need to understand comprehensively which factors you must take into consideration.

Also, don’t forget to answer basic questions as suggested. And lastly, to save time, you can check our above-handpicked list.

Lastly, what boots are you wearing? Feel free to share with us in the comment section.

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