Top 12 Best Snowboard Helmet Actually Worth Buying

Let’s be honest! Helmets have never been popular in the fashion industry. Do you remember, not long ago, those brainboxes? How bulky, heavy they are? I sorely do.

Fortunately, all the manufacturers, through time, have kept trying to find new ways to make helmets lighter, more comfortable and even look stylish. And, admittedly, without a legit snowboard helmet, there is little chance that you won’t get to enjoy any of the action on the slopes!

I know it is excited to start snowboarding. You get to choose the best jacket, pants, gloves, etc. But every so often, after coming out of the shopping haze, you are suddenly aware that you wholeheartedly forget about helmets. Sometimes, it’s too late, or you conveniently grab one from the next store you’re in.

Okay, it can be “good enough,” though it’s your brain that we’re talking about here. Do you want a piece of mediocre equipment protecting your most important treasure? I hope not!

Shopping can certainly be joyful, however, picking out your next snowboard helmet won’t be a breeze. It deserves your full attention. And I am here to help you through this swift process.

Top 5 Best Snowboard Helmet

How To Choose A Snowboard Helmet?


SizeThis factor is why you can’t just grab any helmets that come along. Even if you can wear that “good enough” helmet, it doesn’t mean it fits you.

Snowboard helmets are innately stiff, and your noggin is inherently sensitive to pressure, cold, and wind. A fit one can affect tactile comfort, as well as vulnerability to the elements.

Don’t forget if you’re a beanie-wearer; you should check out something bigger!

Warmth and Venting

Warmth and VentingYou’re probably be blown away by how advanced modern helmets are now if it has been some time since the last time you went out shopping for a snowboard helmet. They have come a long way to improve their warmth and vents so well all at once.

Ventilation is pivotal. Flexible vents in the shell which can be opened or closed with an easy-to-use switch can help you regulate temperature (or let those heat out) further. That, along with removable earpieces, makes for the coolest, best-vented helmets on the market.


AdjustabilityWhy is adjustability so necessary?

Let’s picture a box on your head, each time you turn, you have to lift it up your head. How painfully annoying is it? And when you’re sliding down the slopes, do you still have time to do all that?

So, yeah! Adjustability is important. Luckily, almost all modern snowboarding helmets are fully adjustable. Some exceptions would be the ones on the other budget end of the spectrum.

No helmet can ever fit your dome perfectly right out the gate. That’s where adjustability comes in.

Impact Protection

Impact ProtectionAfter all, you buy a helmet for the impact protection. You want to protect yourself, precisely your head. This one factor matters quite a lot.

Sadly, nowadays’ helmets just are meant to be dispensable. They’re often made from lightweight materials that sustain to only one substantial impact, and you have to find its replacement.

Still, those materials keep your helmets light, airy, yet protecting you against a nasty fall if you ever have one.

Goggles compatibility

Goggles compatibilityIn case you’re using goggles (which you should), watch out for the compatibility is the difference between a nice snug interface and a big gap on an excruciating cold day. And please please please, imagine that pain in your face, in your skin, so you can begin to look at the straps or clips.

Now, after all the talk, are you ready for some of the best snowboard helmets out there? Let’s dig into our list customizing just for you!

Top 12 Snowboard Helmets Of 2018-2019

Giro Seam

Giro SeamI don’t think you can ever go wrong with Giro when choosing a snowboard gear. It has been years since Giro became the one for the snowboarding community to rely on, especially with helmets.

Giro Seam offers you almost all the color you could ever dream of to fit your other skiing equipment. Other than color, you have a choice between 4 standard sizes. The helmet provides x-static anti-bacterial padding to ensure you won’t get any dangerous incidents for as long as you will be using the product.

Besides, the helmet has 12 small vents! 12 SMALL VENTS! You won’t be sweating anytime soon while wearing it and you won’t be freezing your head off either. It’s easy to adjust as well, make it a bonus whenever you need to tweak the size during your skiing or training sessions.

GIro knows snowboarding, so they know to consider goggles compatibility too. It fits well with goggles and still manages to be lightweight and shows off a very appealing look!

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Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage Snowboard Helmet

Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage Snow SportsBecause it’s still in the top 5, so it’s understandable, you can check out all the powerhouse brand here. Let’s take a look at Smith Vantage. They have been a roaring success around the world over the last several years for a few reasons.

The Vantage Helmet has a protective exterior shell covering an isolated suspension which can conform to fit your head wholly. Even though, to get the most experience out of it, it would be the ultimate helmet for snowboarders with round shaped heads
It can connect with Skullcandy Bluetooth speakers which fit perfectly right into the removable earpieces of the helmet. Whether you want to appreciate the scenes with music, the helmet has a way to serve you!

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Anon Greta Women’s Snowboard Helmet 2018-2019

Anon Greta Women Snowboard HelmetLooking for a no-nonsense helmet, Anon’s Greta for women is the one that will not disappoint you. Anon presents the helmet with long-lasting protection and certified multi-season use. And that’s not the most appealing thing; it comes with a very handsome price.

Packed with an injection-molded ABS shell, along with passive ventilation, the Greta unquestionably will keep your head cool when you’re working out on those slopes. And you’ll be warm no matter what you’ll do, thanks to the fleece liner and removable ear pads.

The ear pads are one of the features that Anon does themselves proud. It’s compatible with headphones from an audio system (sold separately) and, as I mentioned above, can be removed if you want to rock those beanies and goggles underneath the helmet.

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Giro Ledge MIPS

Giro Ledge MIPSOnce again, Giro brings out all the big guns in its arsenal. Impressive quality and affordable price? That’s just too big a gun.

First, if you’re looking for the MIPS technology, clearly, you know what you’re doing choosing helmets. Plus, you’re siding with protection here. Besides MIPS, Giro put in removable and modifiable Auto-Loc 2 Fit System keeps it snugly in place. With removable ear pads and liner, you can be flexible with how the helmet sits on your head to your most comfort.

Second, the Ledge also proves itself to be one of the more breathable helmets tested out there. Its design makes integrating with Giro-branded goggles seem effortless, yet we found it pairs well with other brands, as well.

Lastly, for what it’s worth, at this price, bonus with all of these features, under Giro’s long-standing reputation, you’ll never find a better deal.

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Smith Quantum MIPS

Smith Quantum MIPSThese powerhouses, they never stop. They have to keep putting out all the new, hip, incredible products. They even have such boss-names. The Quantum, well, this helmet does have a large quantum of features.

To begin, the Quantum is an extremely high-class helmet with all the bells and whistles Smith can slap on one. It provides an ample amount of vents with open-cell Koroyd construction which allows cool air in and let hot air away from your head.

I haven’t even mentioned the Wayfinder strap system with Fidlock buckle that allows you to handle it single-handedly. Anyways, much like its siblings, the Vantage, the Quantum doesn’t come cheap. But, we think a helmet with a combination of these features, without a doubt, justify the price tag.

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Giro Range MIPS Snowboard Helmet

Giro Range MIPSGiro tends to focus their helmets on adjustability. The whole Range helmet can adjust to conform to your head which makes it legitimately comfortable. Giro puts the MIPS technology in this helmet as well, again, support the Range to move freely of suspension.

They install the vents on the top center of the helmet. I find it rather easy to use whenever I want. A row of raised ridges can move back and forward to open or close the ventilation. Most of Giro helmets are compatible with Giro audio systems, but not to worry, you will find that it can fit just about any standard helmet audio system without troubles.

Other details which show Giro pays attention to their customers is how light this helmet is. While sliding down those slopes, it’s possible to feel warm still and all, and not notice there’s something protecting your head.

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Oakley MOD 3 MIPS Helmet

Oakley MOD 3 MIPS HelmetOakley is obviously not a newbie in the snowboarding playground, although they will have to play catch up a bit. Presenting this helmet is a step up for the company, as they build the helmet using MIPS technology. And as you’re reading, MIPS is somewhat a big deal now in the snowboard helmet society.

Talk about the look! Oakley sure delivers with the clean and simple design. Plus the removable liner and no-pressure ear cups, you can quickly ditch them or put them right back in for extra warmth.

By the way, no one like foggy goggles, Oakley plants in the Modular Brim System which allow air to flow through for prompt cooling and deal with the fog. Also, the Fidlock magnetic buckle strap is a nice touch!

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Smith Optics Aspect Adult Ski Snowmobile Helmet, Acid Blockhead

Smith Optics Aspect Adult Ski Snowmobile HelmetThis Smith helmets line can beyond any doubt sweep you off your feet. Smith offers almost all the colors you could ask for in snowboard equipment. You won’t have to jump through any hoops to fit all your winter gear with Smith Optic’s helmet.

You’ll never know how many vents you need when you’re suffocating out there during your snowboard experiences. That’s why Smith makes it their mission to put in as many vents as possible. And all the vents are adjustable due to your need. In case you want any added warmth, there’s a comfortable and padded material on the inside.

Whether you’re a fan of in-ear music, this helmet is equipped with pockets and a goggle-lock that can be simply removed if need be. With this helmet, Smith once again prides itself with fantastic reviews and happy customers.

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Lucky Bums Multi-Sport Helmet

Lucky Bums Multi-Sport HelmetYes, your eyesight is totally okay. We did put Lucky Bums in this list even though you usually find most of their products aiming towards much younger clients. However, they’re bringing out the adult multi-sport helmet at a crazy budget end price.

Lucky Bums always makes sure there’s something for everyone, with an enormous collection of colors for you to choose. Despite no adjustability on the ventilation, Lucky Bums at least puts in wire mesh to keep sticks, debris, and snow out as much as possible.

It undeniably targets beginner snowboarders with this helmet. It doesn’t have as many amazeballs features as the rest on the list, but for all the beginners, budget snowboarders and those looking for a multi-sport helmet out there, it’s still a terrific deal!

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Anon Blitz Helmet

Anon Blitz HelmetFor this product, Anon put in its signature feature which is the endura-shell construction. Any bumps and scratches caused by collisions won’t be a problem for you. About the ventilation system, you can effortlessly control it whenever you feel too stuffy within your helmet.

Anon installs fleece lines and ear pads which preserve your heat and keep you warm while you’re rushing through the harsh cutting winds. The ear pads are removable to make it easier for your washing and caring for your gear.

And if you want to stand out, this helmet can undoubtedly meet your needs, as it’s available in bright colors, something unusual in helmets in general. It’s also audio-compatible, therefore enjoy your ski adventures with music!

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Sandbox Classic 2.0 Snow Helmet

Sandbox Classic 2.0 Snow HelmetThe new and improved second generation helmet of Sandbox sure can turn a few heads walking by. It packs this helmet with an EPS foam liner that undoubtedly meets winter sports certification. This model doesn’t carry the ease of BOA adjustment, but it can still deliver a snug fit with multiple pad sets and removable ear covers.

To step up another step, Sandbox polishes their Undercover Venting system to increase airflow and produce maximum breathability when things start to heat up. Whereas this helmet performs pretty well when it comes to protecting your head, it can be quite dense sometimes.

Still, the rad thing about this helmet is that the baseball cap style rocks and it can genuinely attract attention while being certified for snow sports.

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POC – Receptor Bug Helmet

POC Receptor Bug HelmetThe last item on our list (we made it!) is a helmet made by POC. The brand is proud of its priority which has consistently been “safety first.” Its helmets’ job is to reduce any consequences you could likely suffer while you’re snowboarding down steep slopes and trails.

This helmet is sturdy and durable, but also look stylish and fashionable. It carries out the brand’s mantra pretty well, to be honest. The entire helmet is built with durable materials that help you withstand any severe injuries when snowboarding. Besides, the ear pads and neck roll are removable.

POC, for sure, doesn’t cheap out with the ventilation system. The helmet is packed with double-shell anti-penetration design preparing for anyone who’s looking to gliding down more aggressive paths without any lacks of fresh air.

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We know that choosing the right helmet for your ski trip can be troublesome. That’s why we come up with this list, take away a bit of your burden, so you don’t feel like a chore when going shopping (God forbids!). And to sum it all up, if you want the best, you can never go wrong with Anon, Smith, Giro (including MIPS technology).

Anyhow, to be sure, we also throw in some choices for anyone looking for budget kinds of helmets and don’t care much about the features.

Did you find this useful? Feel free to bookmark or post to your timeline for reference later!

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