Top 5 Best Snowboard Mittens for Men in 2023

In 2023, finding the best snowboard mittens for men is paramount for any dedicated snowboarder. Despite debates about their direct impact on performance, snowboard mittens are undeniably essential. They prove their worth when cold temperatures hit, ensuring your comfort and responsiveness during snowboarding.

With a saturated market offering numerous options, selecting the ideal pair of mittens becomes crucial. In this guide, we focus on the top 5 best snowboard mittens for men in 2023, helping you make an informed choice and enhancing your snowboarding experience.

Don’t worry! We helped you list the dependable mittens below. Let’s go and check it out!

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Top 5 Best Snowboard Mittens for Men in 2020

Best Snowboard Mitten Reviews

Button Men’s Gore-Tex Mitten

Button Mens Gore-Tex MittenThe first snowboard mitten that we want to introduce for you is the product from Button – the Button Men’s Gore-Tex Mitten. With the masculine colors and the durable material, this is a favorite option of most snowboarders.

In particular, what do consumers like most about the mittens from Button?

There is a compatible touchscreen that allows you to get total control with any finger and any device. Importantly, it keeps your fingers warm without exposed to the cold.

Made of 100% polyester, these mittens provide insulation thermacore for superior warmth. This thermacore helps adjust the heat without affecting your mobility.

It is noticeable that the Button Mittens bring comfort when wearing. Breathable microfiber will pull heat-robbing moisture away from your hands. What a comfortable invention it is!
The last one is Sticky Icky palm, which lets you get a firm handle on the chosen tool to deploy.

Keep in mind, when deciding to buy the Button Mittens, you should carefully consider the size. They seem smaller than the real size. It would be best to pick the large ones.


  • Waterproof
  • Maximum comfort
  • wrist adjustability
  • Great for less extreme temperatures
  • Durable


  • The material seems to be thinned out a bit
  • Your hands will sweat even on a not very cold day

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Black Diamond Mercury Mittens

Black Diamond Mercury MittensThe Winter Cold Weather Mitten from Black Diamond is the next product that we recommend to you. What is it outstanding benefit?

Initially, the materials used are suitable for cold days in winter: 100% polyester for lining, 100% goat for skin palm, and 92% Nylon/8% Spandex for the shell. As a result, keeping your hands warm is a piece of cake with these mittens.

For the insulation, the Black Diamond Mercury Mittens do not make consumers disappointed. They offer insulation liners combined with 340g Prim aloft Gold and high-loft fleece. You can even remove these liners if needed.

There is a small drawback on breathability. Your hands tend to sweat inside these mittens even on not very cold days.

But, this is the worth-to-invest mittens because of their lightweight, 100% waterproof, and 4-way stretch. These features are ideal for outdoor activities like snowboarding.


  • Comfortable
  • Extremely warm
  • Well-built
  • Reasonable price
  • Easily operate wrist pulls


  • The clips to hold the two gloves together seem to be pretty small
  • Slightly bulky

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Hestra Army Leather Winter Mitten

Hestra Army Leather Winter MittenBy using the Hestra Size Guide, the Hestra manufactured the mittens with the perfect fit. The leading product worth mentioning is the Hestra Army Leather Winter Mitten.

As the name implies, the manufacturer uses the army leather to construct the Hestra Mittens. With the palm made of goat leather, it is more durable.

But, the whole they are not leather.

Hestra uses Bemberg/Polyester to construct the lining while the insulation is Polyester/Fiberfill. These materials are breathable, waterproof, and windproof.

The smart design helps you prevent snow from falling into your mittens. You only need to close Velcro. Then everything is good to go!.

These are not all that you will likely get if choosing the Hestra mittens. They feature Velcro closure, Handcuffs, carabiner, snow lock, and Eagle Grip.

Furthermore, there are many different colors to select. Are you a fan of red mittens or gray ones?


  • Stay your hands warm effectively
  • Soft inside
  • Durable outside
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect for hiking, skiing, and snowboarding


  • The price is expensive a bit
  • Being unisex mittens, they seem larger for women use

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Outdoor Research Meteor Mittens

Outdoor Research Meteor MittensIf outdoors in winter days are your favorite activities, you can’t miss Outdoor Research – an older brand inspiring the journey ahead with prominent accessories and technical apparel.

When you ski, hike, or snowboard, you will need a pair of gloves or mittens to keep your hands warm. And the Outdoor Research Meteor Mittens are born to do this.

With the shell made of 100% nylon and the liner constructed by polyester, the mittens from Outdoor Research have persuaded consumers with the durable material.

So, are they warm enough to use during winter days?

Yes, the 300-weight fleece built-in the liner is very warm. You can remove this liner to wash or wear in warmer days.

To support the grip when snowboarding, the Outdoor Research designs magnetic flip-top retention points. In addition to that, there is a thumb cover on the liner. The purpose is to support the grip.

But, we also have to mention the drawback that the liners bring. They easily shift around and tend to bunch up in the area where your fingers go.


  • Very nice quality
  • Warm
  • Nice lanyards to secure around wrists
  • Versatile
  • Waterproof


  • Long elastic drawstrings for the cuffs
  • It is short of pouches for hand warmers

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Dakine Men’s Titan Mittens

Dakine Mens Titan MittensThe final mittens that we want to recommend to you are the product from Dakine – the Dakine Men’s Titan Mittens. They meet both the quality and color.

Being the combination of many various materials, the Dakine mittens, offer the common purpose – the comfort and warmth.

If the liners and insulation are 100% polyester, the shell combines Polyester, Pvc, and Polyurethane. In particular, the palm is made of rubbertec while the inside inserts Gore-Tex material.

As a result, you can comfortably use in wet conditions because they are waterproof. You might feel comfortable as they are breathable.

Looking at the feedback from customers after using, the Dakine mittens, are warm enough for winter days. They have removable liners with washable stretch fleece inside and an external waterproof Zippered stash pocket.

However, with many protection layers to keep your hands warm, you should choose a larger size to avoid not fitting. Some consumers met this problem, so we recommend it to you. Take care!!


  • Great for cold weather
  • Keep hands warm and dry
  • Breathable
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Comfortable and flexible


  • Stitching the liner inside is not too good
  • Pay attention to the size

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By What Means Can You Purchase the Best Snowboard Mittens?

To pick the best mittens for snowboarding, you should keep these in mind when shopping:

Waterproof & Breathability

Waterproof and BreathabilityIf you enjoy the outdoors in winter days, you should know the cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions that you meet. So, the waterproof and breathable mittens are vital.
The first is the waterproofing.

In the snowy condition or even the warmer area where snow is not dry, your hands will quickly get wet if you use general gloves or mittens. You will not be able to do anything with wet hands. To avoid these, you can choose mittens made of the materials such as Omni-Tech, Gore-Tex, and Entrant.

With that, a good pair of mittens has to be breathable. Mittens with breathability will allow moisture and sweat to escape and stay your hands warm and dry.


InsulationA large number of snowboarders tend to choose mittens with thicker insulation because they think that they will be warmer. But, it is not true entirely.

Today, there are many synthetic insulators, which are higher tech and thinner due to being woven tighter. They keep warmth effectively and allow moving comfortably.

Generally, these snowboard mittens are more expensive. You should consider the advantages and disadvantages of comfort, warmth, and insulation before buying.


LiningAdding the lining to the mittens is to enhance comfort, warmth, and insulation.

The manufacturers often use synthetic materials to construct the lining. These materials can wick moisture and keep your hands dry.

The liners can be built into mittens and can remove, depending on your need.


FitYou will not feel comfortable if you are wearing a non-fit pair of mittens.

When wearing bigger mittens, you will need more energy. At once, your body has to produce more heat to fill up space inside. Smaller mittens, by contrast, make your hands uncomfortable and hard to move, especially, your wrist.

So, fit mittens are more comfortable and convenient. Your fingers can outstretch and get the right range of movement. Furthermore, the proper space inside will stay your fingers warm.


OthersApart from these features above, you also need to consider warmth, comfort, and even price.

Are these mittens warm enough for cold days? Do you feel comfortable when wearing? And you can pay for these snowboard mittens, cannot you? You will find answers by reading reviews of customers, who used the products.

Snowboard Mitten FAQs

Q: How is the Fit with Snowboard Mittens?

As previously stated, fit mittens are great for your fingers. If you luckily find a fit pair at the first shopping, you can base on that size to buy again. But, in case you buy a smaller or bigger pair, you can increase or reduce the size in the next shopping.

We recommend you ought to purchase at local stores at the first shopping, instead of buying online.

Q: What is the Little Cord Loop on the Back of the Hand?

It seems to support for mitten pulling off your hands.

Q: Where is the Heating Pack Pocket?

You can find the heating pack pocket inside the glove on the palm side. It is both smooth and warm.

Q: Are the Mitt Shells Lined or Insulated at All?

The answer is a removable fleece lining. The liner has mitt and thumb flaps opened so that you can expose your fingers as needed. Many snowboarders only use the lines if the weather is not too cold. They are quite warm.

Q: Will the Mittens Accommodate Wrist Guards?

The wrist guards have a rigid part in them, so they are too thick to fit. We do not recommend you to go up in size to accommodate the wrist guards.

Instead, you can find warm wool liner gloves and then wear outer mittens unless you likely try mittens with the liner layer removed.

To Summarize

Now, can you choose the best snowboard mittens for your personal needs?

Remember to consider the demand, preference, and budget before deciding to buy a pair of mittens. To know which is better, you can consult reviews and see feedbacks from customers. They show the trust features of the products.

Typically, the Button Men’s Gore-Tex Mitten is the leading selection of those snowboarders need warmer in coldest days while others prioritize to pick the Outdoor Research Meteor Mittens because of durability.

How about you? Which do you choose?

The last one, we hope that you will find the proper mittens for snowboarding. Read carefully and then decide lucidly!

Luck to you!!!!

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