Top 19 Best Snowboard Pants for Men and Women

Pants are one of the essential ski gear that any snowboarder must equip. The minimum requirement of snowboard pants is comfortable, dry, and warm material.

With snowboarders, they often spend plenty of time on your butt. So, waterproof pants, which protect your behind from wet, are ideal.

The best snowboard pants will not restrict your movement because you need to move your legs to perform well. It would be best to add pockets in the right position so that you can carry anything as need.

Also, the material to make these pants must be durable enough for you to bend over and do various actions. If chosen a cheap pair of pants, you can meet problems, ripping, for example.

In this article, we want to introduce to you the top selections that skiers and snowboards chose to wear.

Top 5 Best Snowboard Pants

Our Top Picks

Burton Men’s Cargo Pant

Burton Mens Cargo PantThis Burton Men’s Cargo Pant, which has Dryride two-layer fabric that is breathable and waterproof, is the regular fit style. With the fully taped seam, it allows you to wear in any weather condition.

Most important though, taffeta and mesh mapped Living Lining regulate your body temperature adapting to your activity. You can even expand and adjust the waist through standard features. It makes sure the comfort when wearing.

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Burton Men’s Covert Pants

Burton Mens Covert PantsMade from 100 percent of other fibers, the Burton Convert Pant, is imported cloth with high-quality.

The two-layer fabric with fully taped seams seal resists water well, but it does not make you uncomfortable when wearing. With Mesh-lined Test-I-Cool venting, you will feel breathable.

Burton provides a lifetime warranty to their product. You can have peace of mind to use.

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Columbia Bugaboo II Pant

Columbia Mens Bugaboo II PantYou will feel comfortable with 100% nylon Legacy Twill shell and 100% polyester tricot lining. Not only that, the Columbia Bugaboo II Pant features water-proof and breathability, thanks to Omni-Tech applied by the maker.

While wearing, you can operate your knee as desired because of articulated knees. Even, the waist is adjustable to the most comfort.

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Free Soldier Men’s Pants

Free Soldier Mens PantsThe pants from Free Soldier create a relaxed feeling when designing the inner layer with soft polar fleece. In bad weather like the rain, wind, or snow, the Free Soldier pants will keep you warm and dry.

The unique design including 5 YKK Zipper SECURED Pockets allows you to keep a key, phone, wallet, and other small accessories. In addition to YKK Zipper Fly with Metal Closure, you do not have to embarrass.

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Nonwe Men’s Outdoor Pants

Nonwe Mens Outdoor PantsAt first glance, you look like a gentlemen hiking or skiing when wearing the Nonwe Outdoor Pants because of the well-bred color and style.

The shell is soft, breathable, lightweight, and machine washable. It combines with Fleece Lining that helps keep warm during winter.

It is noticeable that the water repellent fabric surface. The whole water will be repelled from the surface. You always dry in your outdoor activities.

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Clothin Men’s Softshell Pants

Clothin Mens Softshell PantsThese Clothin pants designed a high waist make the wearer look very chic. Not only color, but Clothin also uses an array of different colors, especially, cold ones, are appropriate to men.

The exterior uses softshell while lining super-soft fleece inside. The ability to repel rain, cut wind, and keep warm is surprised. Also, four ways can stretch, so you entirely comfort when moving and acting.

There are four pockets so that you can place your necessary accessories, including two having a zip fly and two with covers. The product allows you to machine wash after wearing.

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Unitop Men’s Snowsports Pants

Unitop Mens Snowsports PantsWe choose the Unitop pants to introduce to you because of multifunction. You can wear them when fishing, skiing, hiking, hunting, traveling, ice sports, and more.

The product brings a light feeling when wearing whether fleece lined to keep warm inside. For the surface, Unitop utilizes the fabric, which likely resists water, wind, worn-out, and ultraviolet ray, and preserve heat well. You can wear in any weather.

The most outstanding are elasticated waist and multi-function zipper pockets. It is flexible in every action.

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MAGCOMSEN Men’s Outdoor Pants

MAGCOMSEN Mens Outdoor PantsMagcomsen is a new release brand, but it makes consumers impressive, thanks to the unique design. The red zippers and inseam fixed in the knee parts create Magcomsen’s style, not mistaken.

This brand can even satisfy discerning consumers because of its quality.

The waterproof fabric is very comfortable when wearing. The thick fleece liner keeps warm great. To enhance the durability, these softshell pants feature ripstop fabrics, which both protect your leg from gravel and resist scratch and tear.

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White Sierra 29” Inseam Pants

White Sierra 29 Inseam PantsBeing one of the oldest brands of the clothing industry, White Sierra operated since 1979 and specially produced family clothing items. That’s why the White Sierra 29″ Inseam Pants are preferred.

Through a test of protection time and warmth in winter, the product gets standards on the comfort and water repellent. It is even more optimal than the pants above when featuring a reinforced scuff guard.

It is a well-known fact these pants are appropriate for outdoor sports such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowmobiling, and so on.

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TSLA Women’s Rip-Stop Snow Pants

TSLA Womens Rip-Stop Snow PantsMost consumers have positive feedback after using the clothing products from TSLA, a good brand for outdoors lovers. The design fits, but it is comfortable enough. The gentle style suits women.

On the flip side, The TSLA pants have a dominant quality. The maker designs 3-layer construction, including, Duratex Ripstop, Anti-Static Fabric, and Insulation Padding. This feature is more than other pants in our list.

Another advantage is TSLA’s warranty. If their product does not make you satisfied (no risk within 30 days), the TSLA will refund 100%.

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Benboy Women’s Outdoor Snow Pants

Benboy Womens Outdoor Snow PantsStarting your winter outdoor activities with the BenBoy Women’s Pants is the right choice. Their price always comes with quality.

Benboy designs adjustable waistband belt to ensure that the waist part fits any wearer. The knee parts designed with the patchwork and steric knee darts help move comfortably.

Although the BenBoy pants do provide many pockets, every pocket has sure inseam and zipper. You can place any small accessories, phones, keys, or credit cards without worrying about falling.

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Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pants

Arctix Womens Insulated Snow PantsSkier, snowboarder, or hikers are familiar to Arctix, one of the bestseller clothing brands on the market. Clothes from Arctix is a bit expensive, but consumers prioritize to choose.

Arctix uses only material – Polyester to make their snow pants. This material is a synthetic fiber has anti-wrinkle, anti-dirt, and mold.

Not like other pants, the Arctix pants feature 85-gram ThermaTech Insulation that helps keep the warm and low bulk garment. The keeping-warm efficiency is from -20° to +35°.

The use time also lasts longer when having 600 Denier Ballistic. It effectively reinforces the ankle, hem guards, and scuff.

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Nonwe Women’s Snow Pants

Nonwe Womens Snow PantsOutstanding with men clothing, Nonwe, is also great for women clothing. It works well for outdoors in cold months, typically, the Nonwe Women’s Snow Pants.

There are many different colors to pick, but they are mainly dark colors. It brings a clean feeling when wearing. Fortunately, if the dirt sticks on your pants, it is invisible.

Looking at the reviews of users, they highly appreciate Nonwe’s Velcro Pockets. The zippers to lock them are durable enough to store your portable accessories.

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Columbia Women’s Bugaboo II Pants

Columbia Womens Bugaboo II PantsAlso being a product from Columbia, the Bugaboo II Pants are women’s. With light colors, teen girls will likely like them.

Different from Arctix, Columbia does not use the only material. By applying advanced technology, the shell and the lining are made of 100% nylon while used 60g Microtemp XF II 100% polyester to insulate.

Fitting is precise with an adjustable waist. Skiers, snowboarders, or hikers enjoy using this brand because it makes them comfortable, breathable, and dry while wearing.

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APTRO Women’s Snow Pants

APTRO Womens Snow PantsThe APTRO Pants are more expensive than any pants in our list. Many people wonder whether the price is associated with quality.

Yes, this is one of few snow pants with high water index – 10000MMH₂O. APTRO utilizes high-performance water-resistant fabric technology. It ensures you have a dry and warm winter.

Fine inseams seal all joints. Rain or snow cannot get you apart from winter sports. The color looks very nice, so youth or young women can be going to like.

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Unitop Women’s Snow Pants

Unitop Womens Snow PantsWomen can also look cool when wearing snow pants. The representation is a product from Unitop. A pair of pants make women manly and stronger. Do you like these?

According to reviews of consumers used the Unitop Women’s Snow Pants, it keeps the body temperature warm well, thanks to the water-proof fleece lining.

Similar to Nonwe, this maker prioritizes cold colors to design winter sport pants.

Four of six pockets have zippers to hold your accessories. These zippers have bright color that looks more prominent.

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KAISIKE Women’s Outdoor Pants

KAISIKE Womens Outdoor PantsHaving the affordable price like the Free Soldier Men’s snow pants, the KAISIKE Women’s Outdoor Pants, are lower price available on select options.

To provide maximum comfort when wearing, KAISIKE specially designs the stretchy waist. When you move more, the cool fabric will quickly take the sweat away from your legs. It helps maintain dry relatively.

This pair of pants has the least numbers of pocket. Despite only having two pockets, the quality is good enough to keep your small items safe while moving.

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Outdoor Ventures Women’s Snow Insulated Pants

Outdoor Ventures Womens Snow Insulated PantsIf you do not have a hard requirement when purchasing a pair of pants, the Outdoor Ventures Women’s Snow Pants can be an appropriate pick. The name says it all:

These pants are suitable for outdoor wearing when skiing, snowboarding, camping, mountaineering, and more. With the exterior shell made of 96% polyester and 4% spandex, it is durable and waterproof, and windproof.

Adding the fleece lining to inside, it helps keep your legs warm. Four ways can stretch, so your activities are optimized. When putting on and taking off the boots, you only need to pull zippers on the bottom.

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Singbring Outdoor Pants for Men Women

Singbring Outdoor Pants for Men WomenLooking at the style, some often mistake the Singbring Outdoor Pants for KAISIKE Snow Pants because their look is quite the same. But, when seeing knee parts, both are different clearly. The Singbring pants’ knee parts are larger than, so the comfort is more.

Another comfort is the stretchy waist that fits most wearers.

In terms of material, we do not have any complaint. The maker uses 100% polyester to construct these pants. They also add two pockets with zippers that help hold your items safely during your outdoors.

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How to Purchase the Best Snowboard Pants

There are essential considerations when choosing to buy the snowboard pants:


DurabilityThe snowboarding pants made of nylon is pretty durable and affordable. The pants with synthetic fibers are often less common and more expensive.

The best plan would be to search for heavy denier nylon patches on scuffs and knees. Not only will these patches enhance ruggedness but also prevent tearing or abrasion.

Warmth and Waterproofness

Warmth and WaterproofnessA good pair of pants must insulate and keep you warm during outdoors.

In general, the insulation of snowboard pants is measured in gm or gram weight. A higher this number, a more the insulation will be.

How about the waterproofness? Well, it is measured in mm. For the mid-range snowboarding pants, the number of water resistance is 5,000 mm. The best material can reach up 10,000 – 20,000 mm. These pants keep you warm in extreme weather under degrees.

Zips and Vents

Zips and VentsThe pants having vents will both keep you warm and make you cool all day. According to our survey, consumers would rather zippered leg vents than general vents.

By building mesh zippered ventilation holes into the pants between the legs, you will not meet the risk of snow inside your pants. You can even adjust vents to changing the weather.
You do, however, remember to remove the heat out of the pants on hot days.

Type and Style

Type and StyleIf you wear a favorite pair of pants that suit your style, you will look better and feel more comfortable. What are your favorite snow pants?

Uninsulated pants: They have a windproof and waterproof shell and the layered design. With durable and thick nylon, snowboard shell pants are difficult to wear and tear.

There are two common varieties – 2-layer pants and 3-layer ones. More than 2-layer pants, 3-layer pants add a membrane between the shell and liner.

Insulated pants: These pants are the least versatile and hard to move. They do not effectively manage warmth, so it would be best to choose insulated pants with vents that can regulate temperature.

How is your activity level? If you are a slower snowboarder, you can need the heavier insulated pants. In case you are going the insulated route, you should choose lighter insulated pants (40-60 grams).

Softshell pants: Don’t have nylon exterior, instead of the lighter and more flexible material.

Softshell pants are comfortable and breathable if compared to the hard-line pants. But, they do not provide good water-repellent. You will be wet quickly.

Bibs: There is not an appropriate option for snowboarders. This design makes snow easy to get in. It is noticeable that these pants are uncomfortable when sitting.

Boot Gaiters: They are attached to some snow pants when purchasing. Boot gaiters will help keep your boot from the snow. These are a mandatory feature of any snow pants.

In a Nutshell

Which snow pants do you decide to buy? We hope that you find what you need and which characteristics you can ignore.

Look back on a bit:

You have to consider time, location, and snow condition for the area you are going to board. Then, keep in mind the considerations to select the best snowboard pants. These factors with your preference will help you get the right decision.

The last one, we wish you will get the best pants for your outdoors.

Mark our words!!!

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