Find The Best Snowboard Wax For Yourself (Buying Guide Included)

Why does your snowboard need wax?

It helps to protect your snowboard and improve your riding experience. Without wax, your board will dry out, thus wearing out quickly and slowing down your speed.

Just imagine that the bottom of the snowboard is like a sponge and you are filling all the porous areas with wax. You will enjoy a smoother gliding because of less friction.

Wax is especially useful when you slide on flat or gritty terrains.

Do not let flat areas in the slop stop you and lose your speed. Take a look at our below suggestion to choose the best snowboard wax for you.

Top 5 Best Snowboard Wax For Yourself

Top 5 Highly Rated Snowboard Waxes

Super HotSauce All Temperature Wax – An Affordable for Novice Skiers

Super HotSauce All Temperature WaxYou can guess the most outstanding feature of this wax through its name – you can use it in any temperature condition. Of course, you have to wait until it is snowy. But, if you are switching slopes or ski all year round, you do not need to change your wax.

If you are a skiing beginner, you should choose this one. Smaller bars of wax seems suitable for them rather than bigger ones.

And luckily, there are five mini bars on one big bar so that you can break up the wax into smaller pieces. This also helps to prevent over application of the wax and conserve the wax for a long time.

You only need about 1/3 of an ounce to wax the whole snowboard.

However, the wax seems slow to apply and harder to get on than other waxes.


  • All temperature
  • Useful for beginners
  • Easy to scrape
  • Affordable


  • Slow application
  • Get a little sticky in super cold temperature

Want to snowboard in any temperature condition? Get the Super Hot Sauce All Temperature Snowboard Wax – a relatively affordable wax with excellent value.

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ZUMWax RUB ON Wax – Convenience and Quick application

ZUMWax RUB ON WaxIt is an easy-to-handle and convenient rub on wax you are looking for.

Look at the design! The container is compact so that you can put it in a pocket, carry and apply it quickly to the board on the go. In fact, the wax application is even faster than many other leading brands.

Also, it features an attached cork, which you can use to buff into the base of your board.

The wax performance is quite amazing in all temperature conditions going as cold as -22°F before freezing. It helps to reduce the friction well and improve the control for the skiers.

Although the performance of the wax was tremendous and the application is quick, it still has a short duration – only lasting a few runs.

The wax has already run its course after just half of a day, but you will enjoy an exciting and fun time.

But, the plus point is that it is friendly to the environment and will not damage the snow or track in any way.


  • Quick application
  • Great performance
  • Compact and convenient
  • Affordable


  • Short duration with only a few runs
  • Not for super cold weather

This wax will give you excellent quality and a quick boost for two or three runs. But can it replace the higher end waxes? No, because of its short duration.

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Demon Hyper X Wax – Large Block of Wax for All Year Round

Demon Hyper X WaxDemon Hyper X Wax is in the form of 1.06lbs block, making it suitable for those who want to use their snowboard for all the season. And it is worth using!

What will you get? First, premium scent. A pleasant smell is a big plus to us, do not underestimate this factor. You will not want to tolerate a horrid waxy fetor of the snowboard wax at the end of the day!

Go skiing in any snow temperatures you want without reapplying different waxes when the weather changes. Besides, the premium proprietary blend guarantees you to have the fastest speed on the mountain.

One thing we are not satisfied with this product is that it melts very quickly. Inexperienced users may feel that the coat of wax is not even yet for the first waxing time due to the fast melting temperature.


  • A large block of wax
  • Nice scent
  • Great for all temperature conditions
  • Modest price


  • Melts very fast

If you are finding a wax at an inexpensive price for snowboarding all year round, this wax may be a suitable choice.

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Don’t Eat Yellow Snow Snowboard Wax – Simple but High-quality

Dont Eat Yellow Snow Snowboard WaxThe next spot belongs to the wax with a unique name.

It is in the form of a 4-oz bar, and you can use it to wax to your board up to 10 times. But, we will consider it as a negative point.

Like the above products, it can work well at any temperature conditions. Here are the temperature ranges so that you can choose the suitable one for yourself:

  • All-temp: from 14°F to 32°F
  • Cold: from 14°F and below
  • Warm: from 32°F to 41°F
  • Graphite: from 14°F to 32°F

Moreover, the premium blend will ensure steady control and speedy performance.

One feature that fancies us is that it is hydrophobic – which means it is resistant to water. Therefore, it can maintain its integrity for longer.

Not yet, it has a gift pack with a 6-inch scraper!


  • Broad operating range
  • Free gift kit
  • Affordable but high-quality
  • Suitable for both dry and wet snow


  • One block can only work for ten applications

With the whole deal equal to the price of two McDonalds burgers, there is no reason for not buying this excellent wax!

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Purl All Temp Snowboard Wax – Buffing Pad Included!

Purl All Temp Snowboard WaxThe Purl wax is a huge block of 1 lb (it looks like a hand soap!), which is both beneficial and unfavorable.

The wax can last up to multiple seasons, longer than other brands – that is a very plus point for skiers! You do not need to re-apply another wax for a few seasons.

However, those who have smaller hands may feel it hard to handle the wax with large size like that. There is another problem after you use it. Scraping it off your snowboard before applying a new Purl coat will require much effort.

Putting aside the above drawback, we also recommend this product because it includes a buffing pad.

What is a buffing pad for? It is useful for texturing, buffing and smoothing the snowboard bases in a much easy way. This will be a good point for rookies.

What’s more, the recommended temp range is from 10° F to 32° F. The wax cannot optimize its function outside this range.


  • Bulky and long-lasting
  • Buffing pad includes
  • Budget-friendly


  • Hard to handle and scrape off the board

Want to remove the old wax with ease? Go and get it!

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How to Choose the Best Snowboard Wax

Speed and Performance Increase

Speed and performance increaseThese are two goals when you buy a snowboard wax. It is designed to increase the speed and performance by decreasing the friction between the snow and your board. So, it is essential to check how well it manages this.

Besides, how long the effect of the wax lasts is essential. The longer your wax lasts, the fewer times you scrape off and reapply the wax again.


ApplicationIs it easy to apply the wax? Because wax can be useless if you do not know how to get this wax on your board in the first place!

You can rub the wax on the board right before using it to get the full time of usage or apply a dedicated waxing iron to heat the wax on the top of the board first and then coat the wax until it covers the entire downside. The product you choose should be easy to apply either or both ways.


RemovalGetting the scrape off the board is a real challenge, especially when the wax becomes harder after drying, and getting it off need a lot of scrapping.

Therefore, many wax kits feature specialized scrapers to make this task easier.

Or, you can wait until the wax has already run its course before removing it.

Temperature Condition

Temperature conditionBuying an all-temperature or temperature-specific wax depends on your needs.

The all-temperature wax is suitable for most people, who are not serious with racing or live in the location where the climate varies a lot.

Meanwhile, the temperature-specific one relates to the temperature of the snow. You can see the temperature snow ranges in the wax package.

Types of Snowboard Waxes

Here are different types of waxes:

Iron-On Wax

Iron-On WaxThe convenience is that you can iron the wax on the bottom of your board with a special waxing iron or a regular iron.

Iron-on waxing will hydrate the base and stops the tiny holes in the base from drying. If you wax your board habitually, your snowboard will remain fast and fresh.

Rub-On Wax

Rub-On WaxSome people do not want to spend the whole time on hot waxing their snowboards, so they choose rub-on wax. It is also suitable for touch-ups between sessions when a complete wax is unnecessary.

Rub-on wax also has sub-types, like:

  • Wax for temperature – All temperature and temperature specific
  • Fluorocarbon Wax – Hydrocarbon wax, perfect for wet snow condition
  • Graphite (Molybdenum) wax – Holding off dirt and electrostatic friction, ideal for low moisture and dry snow condition

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: When Should I Wax?

You’d better apply a new wax layer after several days of riding.

However, many people only wax when their boards show the sign of slow speed. So, pay attention when you ski on flat terrains. If you are getting stuck, it means you should wax it.

Q2: How to Use Iron-On Wax?

Make sure to clean it before waxing to remove any dirt or debris and ensure the flat surface.

Press the wax on the heated iron above the board. The wax will liquify and pour down on your board. Draw the line with the droplets on the board near the edge nearest to you and run the wax along the entire length of the board.

Do similar with the edge furthest to you, and finally the middle of the board.

The bottom of a snowboard has a layer called P-tex. When you heat it, the little holes open up, and the wax will go in these holes.

Q3: How to Use Rub-On Wax?

  • Use a cloth to clean the board
  • Apply the wax evenly on the board and rub it in aggressively
  • Rub off the excessive wax by using a scraper
  • Brush the board to buff in the wax

However, different types of rub-on wax may have different instructions, so read the instruction on the package carefully to know how to apply them.

Now, Make a Choice!

So, we have shared the most highly-rated snowboard waxes on the market as well as useful tips on how to choose and use them.

If you consider skiing as recreation and want to protect the bottom of your snowboard and extend its life span, you can go with the most affordable wax available.

But, if you are a professional skier and notice a difference between one wax and another, some leaders in the market are what you are looking for!

We hope you can find the best snowboard wax for yourself.

Thank you for reading and share if you find it useful!

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