Best Square Skateboard Wheels You Should Grab

If you decide to give your son a skateboard as a gift on his next birthday, it’s high time to figure out what kind of wheels suits him most.

I know that it could make you down-hearted because I used to be just like you. However, no need to worry! I’m here to help!

Now, you need to know…

How Can You Choose The Best Square Skateboard Wheels?

Choose The Best Square Skateboard WheelsWhenever talking about the word “wheel”, something round in shape will automatically come to my mind.

But things now are different thanks to the creativity of skateboard wheel manufacturer. They’ve changed the circular-only tip of the iceberg into the more efficient square design.

It goes without saying that there are several ways that the skateboard’s wheels have a great impact on your ride. The better your set of wheels is, the better performance you will experience.

There is a wide range of skateboard wheel brands out there, and each has a huge collection of models. Therefore, choosing the one fitting you best is such a challenging task. These important things below should be taken into consideration.

The Reasons You Need The Square Skateboard Wheels

The Reasons You Need The Square Skateboard WheelsFor over 5,000 years, the design of typical parts in a lot of applications in my everyday lives has been almost the same. Generally, you can find two main types of skateboard wheels available on the market.

The first one is the harder street wheels at a smaller size, and the second one are the softer cruising wheels with a bigger size. The former is more round shaped, and the latter are square in profile.

The wheels with the square shape promise better gripping ability, and faster speed as well as a smoother ride.


MaterialPolyurethane (PU) – which is cheap to manufacture, durable and resistant is used in most skateboard wheels.


ColorThere is no shortage of colors offered by this skateboard wheel brand. And of course, skateboarders can opt for almost any color they want. However, white is the most frequently used.

It is simply because off-white is the natural color of the material used to make wheels.

Once the color pigment is added, it may influence how others see the skateboard wheels when you ride it on a very narrow road. White might fade to yellow but white wheels on your board glows.

Even though the wheel’s durometer and diameter can make the difference, they are a matter of your preferences as well as your own skating style.


DiametersThe range of Shark skateboard wheels is from 60 to 70 mm in diameter. The bigger the wheels are, the faster they go.

Wheels with the 70-mm diameter roll over debris with fewer difficulties. Also, they are made for higher speed.

Meanwhile, the wheels with the 60-mm diameter allow less top speed, but they can accelerate quicker. And it is not good at rolling over debris.


DurometersDurometer could range from 78 to 98A, which measures the hardness of the wheels. The higher the number is, the harder the wheels are. And the harder, the faster.

However, softer skateboard wheels will offer a much better grip on rough terrain.


SizeThose who have been aware of the importance of diameter should pay attention to picking the wheels with perfect size for their truck. There are three sizes for wheels of skateboards.

For players on the hunt for the suitable wheels to perform a heelflip, a kickflip, a backside heelflip, a 360 Flip, or an inward heelflip, there is no better choice than low trucks.

If you love skateboarding on streets or concrete parks, the mid/standard trucks are what you are looking for.

But what if you are interested in cruising or carving? The high trucks are made for you.

Why Are Shark Wheels The Brand With The Best Square Wheels?

Shark Wheels Has Changed The Way People Often Think About The Skateboard Wheels

About The Skateboard WheelsShark Wheels know exactly what their customers need. That way, they may have actually made a revolution in the wheel technology.

And their creative team are trying their best to find out new ideas, look for new formulas, and create new shapes, just to design much more competitive wheels.

And the very first steps they do to lead the square wheel market are patenting the classic design and revolving around a central axis.

What Make Shark Wheels Outstanding?

What Make Shark Wheels OutstandingShark Wheels has gone to great lengths to make the best skateboard wheels ever. That’s why their product boasts an endless list of excellent features.

  • Much Quicker Ride: Shark wheels have only 3 ridges of them on the ground. Thus, the faster speed is, not surprisingly, the result of the rolling resistance.
  • Better Grip And Slide Control: The sine wave in shape, the increased width, and the decreased friction are for the superior lateral grip and much better slide control.
  • Enhanced Durability: Unlike the usual skateboard wheels which come with only one point of contact, the square-shaped wheels have three separate points. As a result, they are more durable.

Should You Buy Shark Wheels?

Should You Buy Shark WheelsDo you prefer a model that can roll a little bit faster than normal skateboard wheels do? Are you looking for wheels which offer an impressive performance in the rain; or the ones roll over more debris than regular?

Luckily, the Shark Wheels’ models tick all the boxes. If you want to test out the differences between the Shark Wheels and the normal ones in terms of performance improvements, get yourself a set of them!

Top 4 Best Square Skateboard Wheels 2020

Shark Wheel California Roll 60mm 78a All Terrain Skateboard Wheels

Shark Wheel California Roll 60mm 78a All TerrainGetting the support after the appearance on Shark Tank, the smartly engineered skateboard wheels have a one-of-a-kind look to them. And it is exactly what makes it stand out among a long list of the best wheels for skateboarding.

The optical illusion of a set of square-looking wheels and the reputation of the multi-Emmy® Award-winning reality show aside, what really makes the Shark Wheel California Roll is what it has to offer.

For all traditional skateboard wheel users out there, I know that most of you are having difficulties achieving a smooth ride over the slippery terrain.

Controlling the grip is not that easy. And instead of an adventurous yet fun ride, it can turn out to be a bumpy and sometimes, even scary one.

But a set of 60mm, 78a Shark Wheel California Roll sets its owners free from worrying about terrible skateboarding experience.

Some might think that the sine shape reduces the speed. In fact, it does not. In addition to giving users a much greater slide control, it also rolls smoothly over the toughest terrains.


  • Its wheel model can satisfy even the most grumpy skateboarders
  • Offer a three time faster speed and stability
  • A great model for all conditions especially on the rough surface and in wet weather


  • It does not come cheap.

Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels 70mm, 78a

Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels 70mm, 78aFor those who have a big budget for a set of high-quality skateboard wheels, the Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels are highly recommended.

These above $50 wheels have so much to offer. From the impressive appearance to the groove as well as the safe and fun riding experience, everything presents it as a pro-friendly model.

70mm in diameter and 78a durometer make it incredibly handy over a lot of pavement qualities. And the reinvented shape enables it to conquer almost every single terrain.

The price is increased, which is understandable considering the quality of slide control, its groove, and its durability.

In terms of performance improvements, there are a handful of major differences between this square model of the Shark Wheel and a set of regular solid longboard wheels.

The longboard wheels by the Shark Wheel promises a much safer and smoother ride. Also, you can expect the exceptional control and holds provided by a wheel’s edge.


  • Such a perfect wheel model for any pro skateboarders
  • Provide much more traction over different terrains
  • A great model with better grip on-road and a much more smooth ride than normal wheels


  • High price
  • Bad-pour indicators in a single packaged wheel set.

Shark Wheels with FREE Abec 9 Shiver Bearings

Shark Wheels with FREE Abec 9 Shiver BearingsThe next level of the Shark Wheel’s reinvention in the field of skateboard wheels is the Shark Wheels with FREE Abec 9 Shiver Bearings.

There is no side-to-side competition between the Shark Wheels with FREE ABEC 9 Shiver Bearings and a set of traditional solid wheels.

The best wheels ever made for rough terrain relies almost solely on the incredible slide control.

One more feature that encourages you to buy these wheels by the Shark Wheels is their durability. Experts say that their lifetime can last 15% longer than those of other models by the industry-leading brands.

Like other models by the Shark Wheels, this model with FREE Abec 9 Shiver Bearings comes with a pretty high price tag.

But, fortunately, the amount of friction produced over even the most challenging terrains is decreased. Skateboarders can longboard as fast as possible with ease.


  • 9 shiver ABEC bearings with perfect built-in spacers for any pro skateboarders
  • Provide much more traction, better grip on-road, and slide control over rough terrains
  • More durable than most of the skateboard wheels on the market


  • Expensive price tag.

Shark Wheel 78a Clear with ABEC 9 Bearings

Shark Wheel 70mm 78a Ghost FormulaYou might think that reinventing the circular wheels is not feasible, the square wheels by the Shark Wheel will persuade you otherwise!

The Shark Wheels 78a Clear with ABEC 9 Bearings are the skateboard wheels to lay your trust in. In particular, these multi-terrain skateboard wheels can always be much faster, lighter, greater, and more durable.

The unique square shape of this model makes them not much bulky and not too heavy.

Also, they improved significantly by creating the skateboard wheels with faster speed and smoother riding experience over all kinds of terrains.

Additionally, the maximum grip will help you realize the difference right after riding out of your garage.

Even though the Shark Wheel 78a Clear with ABEC 9 Bearings is not the cheapest one available, it is much cheaper than other models by the Shark Wheels mentioned above.


  • Such a perfect wheel model for any pro skateboarders
  • Provide much more traction better grip on-road, and slide control over rough terrains
  • Longer lifeline


  • It does not come cheap.


Q1: How Much Do Skateboard Wheels Cost?

Expect to pay from $25 up to $60 for a set of skateboard wheels. High-end models are clearly more expensive than the low-end ones.

Q2: When Should You Change Your Skateboard Wheels?

For those who perform few wheel slides, there is no need to think about replacing the bearings. In my opinion, it is not a good idea.

No matter how often you use your wheels, through time, they could become irregularly shaped, more rugged, or even show signs of flat spots, which are the result of the general use.

Believe or not, the negative change will affect what your skateboard wheels can perform. Right after you realize that it is getting worse or you experience a bit bumpy, don’t hesitate to get new ones!

My Advice

Shark Wheels is a famous brand which reinvented the high-quality wheels for skateboarding. That’s why they offer some of the best square wheels on the market.

But which are the ones fitting you best? Check out my recommendations above! Hope that you can find the most suitable wheels for skateboarding as soon as possible!

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