What Is The Best Surf Skateboard And How Can You Choose The Right One?

Everybody knows skateboards are traditionally used for skateboarding. Now, the changes in the design and technology structure of the skateboard even make it suitable for surfing too.

And here, we discuss surf skateboards, or surf skates, which are used for skating on the dry land. They function similarly to surfing in the water, where a rider can move freely with the help of surfing board.

These skateboards are effortless to roll on the street or around the corners. And you can raise your speed without pushing your foot.

Overall, you will enjoy the amazing and free feeling that traditional longboards cannot give you.

So, are you ready for your next surf trip and want to improve your surfing skills? Or do you simply fancy a fun cruiser? You should choose a surf skateboard right away!

We have compiled some of the most highly-rated surf skates. And selecting the best surf skateboard will become easier.

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Roller Derby Slide Street Surf Skateboard – Editor Choice

Roller Derby Slide Street Surf SkateboardThe Slide Street Surf Skateboard is an ideal all-around skateboard – you can use it as a cross-training board for snowboarding, surfing, or skateboarding. Or, if you want to enjoy the excitement of putting a board on the rail and carving through a turn.

When it comes to the first look, the sunset beach graphics and stickers really attracts us.

When you buy this board, you will get a complete package including super rebound wheels (which are perfect for coarse and rough roads), truck adjustment tools, and a sticker pack. Just remember to adjust the tightness of the truck and wheel before using.

The high-quality components, especially the patented Slide Performance front truck, will give you the best experience when riding on the road. Thanks to the rotating axis of the truck, you will have freedom of thrust or propulsion as well as the carving feeling as you get on the water.

Also, the spring-loaded trucks will help you to speed up and gain momentum without pushing your foot. Meanwhile, traditional skateboards require tilting movements of both your body and toe.

This skateboard is designed for high performance riding with Bevo gold ABEC 7 high-speed precision bearings. So, if you are an advanced learner and want to enhance your riding skills with surfing street skateboards, you should stick with this option.

That is also why this board is not suitable for beginners and kids.


  • High-quality aluminum trucks
  • Spring-loaded trucks
  • Outstanding experience


  • Not suitable for kids and beginners

You are into surfing, but you cannot make it to the water? Jump on the Roller Derby Slide Street Surf Skateboard to take your next ride. This ultimate carving street-surf style skateboard will raise your riding experience to the next level.

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Hamboards Logger Handcrafted Longboard Surf – Runner-Up Choice

Hamboards Logger Handcrafted Longboard Surf SkateboardAnother skateboard for cruising, carving, cross-stepping, nose riding you can consider. It is also an ideal choice for learning street SUP staking, because of its broad foot platform along with hyper-responsive turns.

With the capacity up to 200lbs, the board is suitable for riders of all sizes and all ages.

When it comes to its durability, it can last for a lifetime. The decks are made of nine plies of premium maple with birch wood – and it has the most flex of all Hamboard decks.

The UV resistant grip coating will protect the board from heavy slides while you are barefooted, thus improving your riding experience.

The deck size (59¼ inches x 11¼ inches), the deck height (6.25 inches), and the flex altogether give you the best surf carving and flowing feeling you will get on this Logger. And there will be no wheel lift, wheel bite, or rail drag.

An essential component in the carve the board brings you is the HST surf skateboard truck. It is distinctively designed to be compatible with Hamboard large skateboards.

Therefore, some parts are re-designed. The baseplate and lock tab are more robust; the pivot cup is thicker; the springs do not wear out anymore; the hanger is beefed up, and the kingpin is not over-tightening so that you do not need to tune it.

This 200mm, 50-degree reverse kingpin truck will allow for greatest deck lean and intense carving. Also, thanks to a super sturdy spring torsion system, it is so lightweight but durable at the same time.

The board features large 83mm soft Hamboards Milk Chocolate wheels so that you will have a good speed and sufficient grip when carving on this board.

Unlike other surf skate trucks, it is totally okay to apply the same HST truck for both rear and front, and your four wheels will carve hard.

And if you love the retro style? You will love the design of this board, too.


  • Suitable for riders of all skills
  • Durability
  • HST trucks


  • None that we can find

Whether you are a beginner or advanced board rider, you can choose the Hamboards Logger Handcrafted Longboard Surf Skateboard. The harmonious blend of length, height, and flex will bring you the outstanding surf carve and flow.

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Street Surfing SHARK ATTACK Skateboard Casterboard Surf

Street Surfing SHARK ATTACK SkateboardThe Street Surfing SHARK ATTACK Skateboard is the combination between the feature of a surfboard and longboard to improve its ability to surf on the ground with high speed.

Like the above surf skateboards, the Shark Attack Skateboard is a high-speed board with self-propelling and pumping capability, which means you can surf on the road and speed up without pushing your foot.

The carving cruiser is made of nine plies of maple and has 9×30-inch dimensions, thus making it a speedy skateboard.

The highlight of the product is the aluminum 7-inch reverse pin trucks with alloy two-piece 360-degree caster. Thanks to this feature, you can freeroll smoothly on the road.

The skateboard also offers extreme steering while you are riding on bumpy and rough roads.

Moreover, the products include anti-slip grip tape for more traction with the 18-inch wheelbase (so that you can have more control without fear of falling down on the road), aluminum trucks, and ABEC-9 bearings.

All the components of the board will help you to move forth and back without difficulty and make surfing and carving on the street just like on the wave board.

The board has the capacity of up to 220lbs.

And remember this board is not suitable for kids under 6.


  • Combined features of longboard and wave board
  • High friction
  • Reverse pin trucks


  • Hard wheels
  • Not suitable for kids

The amazing Street Surfing SHARK ATTACK Skateboard rides like a surfboard, carves with cutbacks and sharp turns. If you have not owned it yet, get it, and you will experience the same performance of a longboard with the ability to pump, surf, and self-propel.

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Krown City Surf 9″ x 46″ Longboard Skateboard

Krown City SurfCruising around the city with the Krown City Surf Longboard Skateboard, you will attract others by the vivid color combination and cool graphic design of your board.

The deck is made of 7 plies of Canadian hardwood maple, and the whole board is 46 inches in length and 9 inches in width.

You can find that this size is too large for a cruising board because the deck can be slower to turn.

But there is an advantage that you may not know – the length means that you do not need to push much.

Also, the board naturally has a little flex, and some riders may prefer that.

The aluminum alloy trucks are traditional kingpins with risers to prevent wheel-bite. But the trucks are often tight, so we recommend loosening the trucks first for easier turning. And you can have full control on plain surfaces.

Besides, the drop-through includes precision speed Abec 7 stainless steel bearings which are durable and cannot be damaged easily, even in contact with dust and moisture.

There are also 71mm 78A high-rebound urethane black wheels appropriate for riding over both rough and smooth surfaces, and 80-grit black grip tape. You can rest assured that every component has already met the industry standards and become a popular choice of skaters around the world.

Besides surfing, The Krown City Surf Longboard Skateboard has the good ability to carve hills and can accumulate a significant amount of speed in a short time thanks to its length. This is where the board is genuinely remarkable. So, pick it up if you want to carve hills and go fast down them.


  • Super responsive turning capability
  • Excellent carving and downhill riding capability
  • Appropriate with both beginners and professional riders
  • High-quality bearings for smooth and free riding


  • Need to adjust the trucks
  • Too large deck
  • Not good for speedboarding

The Krown City Surf Longboard Skateboard is a fantastic choice if you want wobble-free speed surfing around the city. And it does best at carving and downhill riding.

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FLOW Surf Skates Swell 33” Surf Skateboard with Carving Truck

FLOW Surf Skates SwellIf you are looking for snappy, fluid carving and effortless pumping. The Swell 33” Surf Skateboard from the FLOW Surf Skates company is for you.

Inspired by the sea but made for the city, the FLOW Surf Skates Swell 33” Surf Skateboard will bring you the experience of surfing to sidewalks and streets. It is ready to take you around in style.

The board is made of seven plies of hard rock maple and olive wood, so you do not need to worry about the durability of the product.

Thanks to the FLOW technology, the truck is innovated to imitate the feeling of riding a surfboard with sharp turns.

The unique design using an internal spring allows the board to wiggle around town while you are enjoying a hyper-responsive and enjoyable ride.

Especially, you can adjust the truck spring tension to suit your own size and preference, thus making the FLOW Surf Skate well-suited to all riders. So, loosen or tighten it to make you feel the most comfortable during the ride.

We are sure that you will feel comfortable on this big 10” wide deck. The comprehensive standing platform will allow for a comfortable stance. Despite the large width, the board still offers full control and leverage on the rails.

What’s more, the 19-inch wheelbase combined with the longer length this board will allow for stable speed and make the skateboard well-suited for wide and flowy carving.


  • Spring-loaded truck
  • Adjustable truck spring tension
  • Fluid turns and smooth pumping


  • None that we can find

The FLOW Surf Skates Swell 33” Surf Skateboard is a classic single kick cruiser inspired by the sea. The spring-loaded trucks can dive and lean like a surfboard for effortless pumping and fluid turns.

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What is the Surf Skateboard?

What is the surf skateboardSo, what is precisely a surf skateboard anyway? Simply, it is for “surfing” on the land.

It is like a special kind of long skateboard because it is commonly shorter with smaller wheels.

The difference between a surf skate and other types of skateboards is the special front trucks. Regular trucks turn along the traditional kingpin axis.

What about surf skateboard trucks? They have one more rotation axis by mounting the truck on a swiveling arm and enabling it to spin in an extra plane.

The turning dynamics of surf skateboard trucks allow for short and maneuverable turns like surfing as well as dramatic transitions from rail to rail.

If you have no idea about surfing, do not worry. These movements are intuitive and easy to follow.

Also, by shifting the weight from a tilting movement of the toe towards the heel, a surf skateboard will build up your speed. You do not need to lift your feet on the road to get faster. You cannot do the same thing with regular or long skateboards.

Who Can Use the Surf Skateboard?

Is a surf skate suitable for everyone? Well, let’s find an answer.


SurferIf you are an ocean surfer, everything is easy. A skateboard for surfing can be a piêc of great equipment for you.

Many surf courses use these skateboards to help learners master surfing maneuvers because they are much easier to break down and demonstrate on the land than on the water. Also, the motion of these boards is similar to surfing than riding a standard board.

Longboard Skateboarder

Longboard skateboarderYou are a longboard rider, and you must have known that there are so many riding styles, which have different characteristics: from cruising, downhill to freeride and freestyle.

Carving requires uninterrrupted flowing turns on a board and leveraging any little incline to keep the board going.

Pumping is the performance of short turns too. But because the shiff of bodyweight transfers speed and energy into the board, it still keeps moving without having to use your foot.

Both of these styles require special front and rear truck that can provide stability as well as pivoting capacity. Therefore, surf skates are so appropriate with these styles.

If you love carving and pumping, then a surf skateboard is definitely a choice that you should not miss.

Beginner/ Newbie

Beginner NewbieIf you are not an ocean surfer and totally new to this sport, both skateboarding and longboarding, you still can get a surf skateboard. But you need to consider some things.

Surf skating is full of fun, for sure. But generally, these boards are not as stable and easy to start riding on as a classic drop-down or drop-through longboard, which are large and stable. Especially when you have not ridden on any board before, starting with a surf skate will be difficult for you.

However, some surf skates are more stable than others.

If you want to only surf in small areas like a park, driveway, or play yard, you can start with this type of skateboard. It enables you to create tight turns in a limited surface.

How To Choose The Best Surf Skateboard

How To Choose The Best Surf SkateboardIf this is your first time to buy a surf skateboard, you may not know where to start. Let’s look at some features that you need to consider when looking for the right one.

  • Truck turning angle reflects how much the front truck can rotate on the swivel arm. It also ensures the surfing feel you will get on the board.
  • Truck wedging influences the angle between the baseplate of the truck and the deck. It has an impact on the pumping ability of the board too.
    They commonly use wedged pads between the deck and the front truck to modify the angle between the wheels and the ground.
  • Truck resistance – If the surf skateboard trucks use springs, the resistance of the spring is essential for bringing the carving feel.
  • Truck height – The height of trucks affect the versatility and stability of the board. Some surf skateboard trucks that are higher off the ground can turn faster but become harder to ride over longer distances and at higher speeds.
    Meanwhile, lower board trucks can cause wheel-bite in extreme turns.
  • Rear truck – You need to check the height, width, and shape of the rear truck because it can affect the board’s ability to rotate around its fins. We recommend using a higher, bigger, and stiffer truck – they will work well with most front trucks of the surf skate.
  • Axle width is also an essential factor in pumping ability and wheel-bite. Generally, you can choose an axle that greater or less than ¼ inches the width of the board. For example, if you have a 7.5 to 8-inch skateboard deck, go with a 7.75-inch truck axle.
  • Concave plays a critical role in keeping your feet locked in. But it is less necessary for longer skateboards since the rider usually do not perform extreme turns with these boards.
  • Wheel width – Thinner wheels offer faster transitions between and more sliding ability because of less traction. Meanwhile, wider wheels allow for better stability and grip.
  • Wheel hardness – Hard wheels can boost up the speed on plain surfaces and break into slides with ease. In contrast, with the ability to absorb bumps and cracks, softer wheels will have better traction when turning.

Final Words

Skateboarding has become a more and more popular sport. And surf skates, or surf skateboards, are a special type.

They are not like a normal skateboard or longboard. They raise the concept of pumping and carving to another level that is unprecedented in the normal longboarding area.

We understand that there are so many brands, structures, and designs of surf skateboards available on the market.

And we have shown you some of the top models on high demand. They allow for smooth flow on the land without using any extra force and give you the true feeling of surfing on water.

If you have not made up your mind yet, you can try with the Roller Derby Slide Street Surf Skateboard. It is an ultimate cross-training board for street surfing or anyone who fancies the feeling of putting a skateboard on the rail and carving through turns.

It is all up to you. Select the best surf skateboard and have fun out there.

Thank you for reading and do not hesitate to share with us about your choice.

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