Best Surfboard Brands To Revolutionize Your Surfing Games

There is no fixed answer to the question about which the world’s best surfboard brands are. The mission of a good manufacturer is to meet the requirements of surfers at all levels, though. It means that you can find an ideal surfboard for your surfing skill and style.

It is daunting to choose just one or two good manufacturers among so many names available.

Below are some of the most famous brands in the surfing market which have released superior models for years. Take your time to check them out with carefulness!

Top 5 Best Surfboard Brands 2019

Which Are The Best Surfboard Brands In 2019?

Approximately half a million surfboards are sold worldwide every year. The leading competitors in the surfboard industry are from the USA, Europe, and Australia.

With their global reputation, you don’t need to worry about paying good money for a low-quality paddle. Below are some recommendations of our own. Hope that we can point you towards the right direction of a decent board or two!

Brand Best For Rating
Thurso Surf Surfers of all levels 4.7/5
Firewire Young surfers 4.8/5
Channel Islands Everyone 4.6/5
Wavestorm Those looking for legendary boards 4.6/5
California Board Company Both beginners and experienced surfers 4.5/5
Liquid Shredder Entry-level surfers, intermediate surfers, and even professional surfers 4.4/5
Lost Surfboards Those in search of performance-oriented surfboards 4.4/5
Chilli Surfboards All surfing enthusiasts 4.5/5
Bing Surfboards All riders 4.7/5
BIC Sport Surfers of all levels 4.7/5
Allan Byrne Surfboards Those wanting to improve their surfing skills 4.6/5
South Bay Board Company All surfing enthusiasts 4.6/5
G&S Surfboards & Skateboards Surfers of all levels 4.6/5
Hawaiian Island Creations All riders 4.5/5
Hot Buttered Everyone 4.5/5
BZ Company Surfers of all levels 4.4/5

Thurso Surf

Thurso SurfWhile Level Up Paddle Boards still reign, Thurso Surf has been more popular with their Stand Up line.

These eco-friendly boards are unique to Thurso Surf. And whichever model you choose, you will have the stability and buoyancy of a starter surfboard at its fullest.

The typical Thurso Surf’s design is classic and elegant graphics integrally printed on the deck. They render an outstanding look among all other models.

Thurso Surf desires to encourage people to enjoy the outside world and raise their awareness about environmental issues. Also, they pride themselves on using more environment-friendly materials in their boards.

These strong recycled plastic materials produce much less harmful VOCs than standard polyurethane does. Also, they result in long-lasting products.

Before finalizing the materials, designs, and shapes, they have to conduct various tests and analyses. All these efforts serve one goal: to provide surfers with the ultimate fun the moment they purchase from Thurso Surf.

Firewire Surfboards

Firewire SurfboardsIt’s good to see more manufacturers react to Thurso Surf’s actions. That’s our first thought when we see Firewire name.

Firewire is the top manufacturer offering an extensive collection of sustainable surfboard products. With 45 years’ experience in the surfing industry and partner network all over the world, it almost needs no introduction.

We particularly like how environment-friendly their materials are. There has already been way too much plastic in the ocean so kudos to Firewire for making a switch to Entropy Resins.

These renewable bio-based materials produce fewer volatile organic compounds than usual. At the same time, they are famous for high mechanical performance.

Eco-friendly Timber Tek line is unique to this Australia-based company. Eco-friendly surfing coaches are aware of the Firewire products’ excellent performance and have been suggesting them to young surfers for years.

Firewire staff works hard not only to define our epoxies’ environmental benefits but also create products with stylish design. Their wood models are among the most popular ones on the market.

Channel Islands

Channel IslandsOn a beach in Santa Barbara in 1969, a new surfboard brand has been founded and last 50 years until now. Channel Islands’ founders are Al and Terry Merrick.

Channel Islands has long been one of the best surfboard brands for a good reason. The secret to the Channel Islands’ all-around appeal and global success is the combo of unique design and fast, powerful performance.

Al and Terry Merrick collaborated with the top surfers like Dane Reynolds and Tom Curren to bring these elegant curves to life.

Appealing visual aside, Channel Islands’ performance is also second to none. There are millions of reviews about Channel Islands, most of which praise how pleasant the surfing experience with this American manufacturer is.

Channel Islands built all of their products with high-quality in mind. And after five decades of working in the surfing industry, this guideline still helps the company maintain its high position.


WavestormDespite undergoing some ups and downs in their popularity, Wavestorm is now among the best surfboard brands on the market. According to the research of Bloomberg, it sells five hundred thousand items each year.

And it is easy to see why. From the sleek design to the unmatched features, it possesses everything to win the hearts of surfers at all levels.

Visually, Wavestorm gives us the impression of a premium model. And it is what it has to offer. The Wavestorm design team works hard to enrich its lineup to serve as many surfers as possible.

Classic surfboards ranging from 7ft to 10ft are suitable for beginners. Meanwhile, swallowtail shortboards ranging from 5 ft 6 to 6 ft 6 are the best choices for experienced ones.

Regardless of the models, all products from Wavestorm have one thing in common. It is the latest foam molding technique and top-grade crafting process.

California Board Company

California Board CompanyCalifornia Board Company is the daughter company of Keeper Sports which specializes in surfboards and paddle boards.

Only founded in 2008, California Board Company is relatively new in the surfing business. But, look where this American manufacturer is on our list of the best surfboard brands in 2019.

There is at least a good reason why California Board Company is among the best manufacturers on the market. It produces the high-quality soft deck surfboards at a reasonable price.

All staff, riders, and designers in California Board Company try their best to keep up with this fast-growing industry. Every single product shows the desire to offer first-class quality.

What all surfers love about this company’s products is their excellent support in all wave conditions.

What we don’t like, though, is that California Board Company’s products are not for everyone. Those weighing more than 220 pounds should look for a more expensive model.

Liquid Shredder

Liquid ShredderWhether you are a regular surfer or finding a gift for a surfing enthusiast, Liquid Shredder is an excellent choice.

Scott McClain – a Lifelong Waterman, founded this iconic brand in 2000. And for 19 years until now, it has been among the best surfboard brands.

Liquid Shredder lineup gives riders the most effective way to get the most out of their wave riding experiences. They come in different sizes, designs, and shapes to cater to numerous types of wave conditions and surfing abilities.

Made in Peru and tested in a lot of competitions around the world, they are, without doubt, reliable.

Why do they design and develop their models on the Coast of Peru? Because it is the hometown of the world’s biggest surfing community and best surfers.

And the best part is that they are all extremely affordable! Liquid Shredder’s cost-saving line including SUP Standup Paddle and Foamie surfboards are their best sellers.

Other Liquid Shredder’s built-to-last products do not break the bank. Expect to pay from $199 to $879 for a surfboard with the standard of a four-digit priced model!

Lost Surfboards

Lost SurfboardsLost Surfboards and shaper/designer Matt Biolos are famous for their dedication to innovative designs in their hybrid surfboards.

While other manufacturers focus on paper-thin performance-oriented surfboards, Lost Surfboards pay more attention to hybrid designs.

These wider, fatter, and shorter surfboards are more for those who consider surfing as a hobby. If you are looking for equipment to win a surfing competition, we will not recommend Lost Surfboards’ products.

Lost Surfboards’ shape and design might not be appealing to you. But their performance will draw your attention.

45-degree ‘X-Glass’ ™ enhances longitudinal strength while keeping the weight at the lowest number. CARBON WRAP™ grants a top-notch re-flex effect.

The results of innovation and creativity are the most respected first-class surfboards currently available on the market.

As a bonus, Cory Lopez, Coco Ho, Taj Burrow, Carissa Moore, and Chris Ward are religious customers of Lost Surfboards.

Chilli Surfboards

Chilli SurfboardsSurfing is all about propelling our games into a higher level of performance. It’s what Chilli Surfboards’ products have to offer.

James Cheal – an avid surfer in New South Wales founded it on the Northern Beaches in 1995. His zest started from his curiosity and desire to have his shape to experience more than enjoyment in the water-world.

He started his business with high-quality surf craft in mind. And this guideline has brought Chilli Surfboards through 24 years in the surfing industry.

Resin and foam are not the definitions of Chilli Surfboards. They make their products unique by their signature Line and QR identification codes.

Also, quintessential to Chilli Surfboards is their carbon weave delivering an excellent combination of durability and performance.

By running the carbon fiber stripes horizontally to the rail line tail, they help surfers feel their boards to its fullest.

Bing Surfboards

Bing SurfboardsIn 1959, Bing Copeland partnered with his friend Rick Stoner to open a surf shop. Their business grew at a rapid rate.

Since then, they have become one of the best surfboard brands providing the best surf products on the planet.

The diversity of Bing Surfboards’ products reflects the creation and hard work of their star team of shaping talents. Bing Surfboards’ products are the paddle that all riders should pick.

Each surfer can own one of these boards ranging from 5ft2 up 10ft6.

Beginners should choose longboards like the 10ft California Square or 10ft6 Original Noserider. Opt for shortboards like 5ft10 Concave Keel or 5ft8 Twin Fin Fish if you want more performance.

Besides surfboards, Bing Surfboards also produces apparel specialized for different outdoor activities. Browse from hats to beanies and T-shirts to hoodies to add to your cart.

BIC Sport

BIC SportThe Bich family founded BIC Sport as their family-owned company in 1979. It was rooted in this family’s water-sports passion and rich knowledge about sustainable manufacturing.

Just ten years after its foundation, BIC Sport became the world’s leading windsurf firm. And at the age of 40, it now tops the list of the best surfboard brands in Europe.

A lot of sizes available make it fit everyone. BIC Sport’s specialized technology makes their products suitable for various kinds of surfing requirements.

Dura-Tec and Ace-Tec are two lines of BIC boards. The former provides a light and easy-to-control board at a pocket-friendly price. The latter is 30% more sturdy thanks to an Epoxy Composite material.

Whichever model you choose, their outer polyethylene shells can endure almost every deck beating. Even when you jump up and down to generate high speed, there is no need to worry about stability.

Allan Byrne Surfboards

Allan Byrne SurfboardsByrning Spears is the current head designer and shaper of Allan Byrne Surfboards. In 1969, Allan Byrne Surfboards – its ex-head designer started his small business on Oahu on the west side of Hawaii.

After gaining significant success, he eventually moved his shop to the Gold Coast in Australia. Forty-four years after the foundation of his company, Allan Byrne tragically passed away in a motorcycle accident.

Fortunately, Byrning Spears keeps his collective legacy alive through his brand. Allan Byrne Surfboards has great products that can meet the most demanding conditions.

Allan Byrne and Byrning Spears are not the only great artists of this company. Ray Finlay, Dale Wilson, Jamie Byrne, and Kiyotaka Kurokoshi have devoted part of their lives to create the highest-quality surfboards.

At the age of 50, Allan Byrne Surfboards still win the hearts of the best surfing talents like Darrick Doerner and Kelly Slater.

South Bay Board Company

South Bay Board CompanySouth Bay Board Company comes from the South Bay of Los Angeles where people of all ages have a strong passion for surfing.

They build superior Soft Top Surfboards and inflatable SUPs that can perform stunningly in even the least advantageous conditions.

South Bay Board Company provides:

  • Entry level soft top surfboards
  • Hybrid soft top surfboards
  • Paddleboards

Hybrid soft top surfboards should be the go-to boards for more skilled riders in smaller waves. Meanwhile, paddle boards are perfect for those who are getting accustomed to the waves.

The latest technological advancements help them keep up with the mainstream surfing culture.

South Bay Board Company mostly relies on high-density IXPE foam construction. Additionally, the stabilizing tri-fin system and spherical rockers help their boards rip through the waves with ease.

The best part is that all top-class products by South Bay Board Company come at a pocket-friendly price. Thousands of families on the marvelous pacific coast love the paddles made right in their local community.

These boards not only bring them fun but also identify who they are. Do you want to experience Los Angeles’ surfing culture? Go with South Bay Board Company!

G&S Surfboards & Skateboards

G S Surfboards SkateboardsAnother family-owned company on our list is G&S. Floyd Smith and Larry Gordon started their business in San Diego, California in 1959.

And now, Debbie and Eric Gordon – the 2nd generation leaders are protecting and developing their parents’ collective legacy. Each G&S product tells us how the owners immerse themselves in the exciting surf culture.

G&S’s core value is to provide durable and high-quality boards at an affordable price. That’s what forms the foundation of this American brand’s reputation.

What makes G&S outstanding is their dedication to keeping manufacturing the hand-shaped custom boards. Their three professional shapers open a new world of water-sports to millions of surfing enthusiasts.

Besides surfboards, G&S also produces skateboards, hats, and T-shirts. Enjoy the waters whichever beach you find yourself at with G&S clothing and accessories!

Hawaiian Island Creations

Hawaiian Island CreationsHawaiian Island Creations is an iconic Hawaiian surfboard brand tested and recognized by surfing enthusiasts all around the world. That’s why their products often turn up at any surfing sessions.

Jimmy and Stephen Tsukayama founded Hawaiian Island Creations in Kailua in 1971. For almost 50 past years, it has had fourteen official stores over three Hawaiian Islands.

Their models are for not only residents in Kailua’s eastside community but also surfers on their trip to these islands.

In addition to surfboards, they also manufacture T-shirts, windbreaker, and backpacks. Let’s put on their T-shirts and bring their surfboards with you to spend time exploring nature!

Hot Buttered

Hot ButteredWith almost 50 years crafting surfboards for all wave conditions, Hot Buttered has never disappointed any customers.

Their shaper team only uses the highest-quality imported raw materials to build its products. Also, to ensure the highest accuracy, they continually work with the most advanced computer software.

What makes HB different from others is that it allows you to customize your surfboards. Just contact their local or international shapers to create your next boards.

Even when the wave conditions are not that good, Hot Buttered will still give you a fantastic surfing experience.

BZ Company

BZ CompanyWhile BZ bodyboards still rule the surfing market, their beginner surfboard line has been gaining in popularity. They pride themselves on creating unique features for their products.

All of these excellent features help beginners master the first lessons and improve their skills in the shortest time possible.

The superior PH core and dual maple wood stringers help us effortlessly surf and give us peace of mind even in harsh conditions. The full buoyant body makes it incredibly easy to catch waves.

PAY ATTENTION! Out of top tens of surfing board brands on the market, there is no best. There is only the one that fits your skills and style most.

Believe it or not, being hung up on chasing the best surfing board can ruin your game. Instead of being busy finding the perfect equipment, why don’t you take time to develop your balance, endurance, and strength?

If I Were A Surfing Enthusiast, Which Board Would I Choose?

If you want to ride the waves, paying good money for a branded surfboard is the top priority. But, which are the best surfboard brands on the market?

I would recommend a high-quality surfboard from just any well-known companies (Thurso Surf, Channel Islands, Wavestorm, Firewire, BZ, etc.)

However, if I were you, I would pick essential equipment by Liquid Shredder. This Peru-originated manufacturer has a wide range of models subjected to the world’s largest surf.

They all offer the ultimate blend of sturdiness and affordability. Stay with beginner surfboards from them and worry more about revolutionizing your game.

Their Foam Special Edition (FSE) line is cost-saving and made with entry-level surfers in mind. Once my skills have improved, I can play with any paddle models.

It is my personal choice. How about you? Let me know in the comment box below!

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