Best Surfboard For All Riders (2022 Edition)

To surfers, surfing is more than just an outdoor activity as it gives them a chance to find inspiration. To do so, they must have the best surfboard for themselves.

Top 5 Best Surfboard For All Riders

What To Consider To Choose The Best Surfing Boards?

To find the right board, you should consider a lot of factors.

Types of Surfboards

Choose The Best Surfing BoardsIn recent years, there has been an explosion of surfboard types. Generally, there are five common types of surfboards:

  • Shortboard
  • Longboard
  • Funboard
  • Hybrid surfboard
  • Gun surfboard

Stability and Performance

Stability and performance are essential. And each model has a different amount of these two characteristics. The lower the performance characteristic is, the more stable they will be.

If you do not have any specific requirements, ride your first waves with a shortboard. It is the most popular choice among surfing enthusiasts all over the world.

Your Surfing Skill Level

How good are your surfing skills? It is the first thing you need to know before picking a model. Only the right surfboard can teach you how to flow with the white waves.

Those having no surfing experience should start with the best surfboard for beginners. But, once having passed the first surfing lessons, they weigh up all options to opt for the one that suits their abilities.

Best Surfboard Brands

There are so many surfboard brands out there, making it not fair to say that one brand is better than the others.

To find out the best manufacturer for you, reading reviews is not a bad idea. Should all reviews are positive, then you seem to get a reliable board.

Gold Coast Surfboards, BIC, StormBlade, Surftech, and Catch Surf are our favorite companies, and any surfboard from them will satisfy you.

Which Is The Best Surfboard For All Riders?

We’ve spent time compiling a short list of the best surfboards for each of you. Hope that it can give you an idea of which one to purchase. Take time to check it out with carefulness!

Top 3 Best Surfboards for Riders of All Levels

California Board Company Foam Surf Board, 9-Feet

California Board Company Foam Surf BoardThe 9-feet California Board Company Foam surfboard is the best for riders of all levels.

Its lightweight and customized molded shape make it easy to take to the water. With the 100% Waterproof EPS Core and tri-fin system, it is the most stable board out there.

Thanks to all features above, riders, regardless of their levels, will find it easy to handle.

The thing that I love most, though, is the high-density polyethylene slick bottom. No matter how often you go surfing, falling off is hard to avoid. Fortunately, it decreases the risk of any severe damages.

StormBlade 10′ Storm Blade Longboard Surfboard

StormBlade 10 Storm Blade Longboard SurfboardStormBlade almost needs no introduction. This classic longboard is among their best selling models. The 10′ Storm Blade Longboard expresses their desire to give us exceptional surfing experiences.

It is the best surfboard for all surfers practicing their pop up in the water regularly. The squared tail and foam top deck allow for maneuverability and speed without compromising stability.

The superior EPS core allows them to ride much higher up in the turbulent whitewater. Also, it has less friction and drags even when the waves are less than perfect.

Catch Surf Wave Bandit Performer 4’10 Twin Surfboard

Catch Surf Wave Bandit Performer Twin SurfboardCatch Surf is among the leading brands in the industry. Since 2007, they have been producing excellent soft surfboards that you can use in any water conditions.

Out of their collection, the Wave Bandit Performer 4’10 Twin Surfboard is the best all-purpose one. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals who want to enjoy the excitement on the waves.

Riders can surf it with or without the 4.5-inch removable fins. Catch Surf designs it for easy storage. Also, you can use your board with many fins. Skimboarding or bodyboarding on it is not a problem.

Top 4 Best Surfboards For Beginners

Rock-It 8′ Big Softy Surfboard

Rock-It 8 Big Softy SurfboardAs an environment-friendly model on our list, the Rock-It 8′ BIG SOFTY is the best surfboard for you. They used recycled EPS foam to make the core, offering enough buoyancy to keep beginners balanced and in control.​

The 2x stringers give them enough momentum to power through small waves. Under the soft top is the 6oz fiberglass cloth enhancing durability to the next level.

It will be a big mistake not to mention the three safety fins as they make it much easier to manage and control.

If it is your very first time entering the world of surfing, this surfboard by Rock-It is worth considering.

Best Choice Products Surfing Surf Beach

Best Choice Products Surfing Surf BeachThe Best Choice Products Ocean Body Foamie Surfboard is the best choice for both kid and adult beginners.

The classy and sleek design with impressive graphics will turn all riders’ heads. Also, it helps beginners safely learn how to surf with ease.

The soft yet durable foam top does not cause any severe damages like what a fiberglass board does. Every time you pop up in the waves, it gives you a stable ride as the slick HDPE high-speed bottom will help you slide smoothly.

Wavestorm 8′ Surfboard, Brushed Graphic

Wavestorm 8 Surfboard Brushed GraphicHow to have a good surfboard without spending big bucks? Go for the Brushed Graphic Wavestorm 8′ Surfboard since it is one of the most budget-friendly models on our list.

Despite its moderate price, it has a lot of stunning features to please the beginners.

The superior brushed multi-color graphics deck helps you catch the whitewash in style. The soft foam build makes it easy to stand up and paddle towards the ocean.

Beginners and surfing enthusiasts will love how much paddle power they can get from the extra buoyancy. Regardless of wave conditions, the hard plastic bottom shell delivers a stable surfing performance.

The tri-stringer system ensures stiffness in any wave conditions while the EPS core enhances strength and rigidity. Not to mention the ankle leash traction pad offers incredibly firm grips.

All of the features combine to give surfers a nice and one-of-a-kind ride.

California Board Company Surfboard (7-Feet)

California Board Company SurfboardAnother model by California Board Company on our list is the 7-feet California Board Company Surfboard. It is the best surfboard for any first-time riders.

The top and bottom fully covered with unique graphics make them an eye-catcher. Though it is not the longest one by California Board Company, it is easy to use.

The EPS foam desk makes the 7-feet California Board Company Surfboard extremely light and buoyant. The traction pad promises a better grip, and the three molded wood marine-ply stringers allow for rigidity and strength.

Moreover, the HD Polyethylene slick bottom helps you adjust the speed without difficulty.

Top 2 Best Surfboards For Kids

Rock-It 6′ Hope Surfboard

Rock-It 6 Hope SurfboardThe Rock-It 6′ Hope Surfboard is the best surfboard for kids. Your little ones will use it to ride the waves when it is hot outside. Why is it more suited to kids than adults?

Because it is lightweight, easy to ride and transport while can handle riders of up to 200 pounds. However, with the maximum capacity on it, you cannot ride as fast as expected. In the worst case, it might become less maneuverable.

The Retro-inspired diamond fins are removable. You can remove one or all of them for easy transportation. Also, they offer fantastic stability.

SBBC – Surfboard – 48” Huevo Soft Top Surfboard

SBBC Surfboard 48 Huevo Soft Top SurfboardThe high-quality specifically-sourced materials and the world-class surfboards – that’s what you can expect from South Bay Board Company. This model is one of their best-selling ones.

The little funboard-inspired shape can attract any little kids. Also, riders can take advantage of the smooth and fun turns right after being out in the water.

The widened chest area provides more stable surfing stances and pop-ups.

Top 11 Best Surfboards for Intermediate Surfers

7′ Greco Surf Performance Soft Top Foam Surfboard

7 Greco Surf Performance Soft Top Foam SurfboardIt comes with a 7’ high-end leash. It means that you have nothing to do but move it to the water. With the volume of about 54.9 liters, it allows riders to kick off the white waves safely.

The double-reinforced wood stringers ensure that the board will be stable as it slides across the water. Also, the high-density IXPE deck and internal epoxy core give you the optimal comfort.

They are sturdy enough to withstand any abrasions and scratches.

Channel Islands Surfboards Bethany Soft-Top

Channel Islands Surfboards Bethany Soft-TopThis model by Channel Islands Surfboards is the best surfboard for fashion-conscious youngsters. What attracts them most is the exclusive graphics designed by the American professional surfer Bethany Hamilton.

Take a glance at this soft-top surfboard and you will want to purchase it immediately. But the 9’ Channel Islands Surfboards Bethany is not all about appealing appearance.

The HDPE Slick bottom skin gives intermediate surfers a smooth and precise ride. The included fins make it an easy-to-surf board. Also, expect to have fun at its fullest!

StormBlade 9FT Storm Blade Longboard Surfboard

StormBlade 9FT Storm Blade Longboard SurfboardWhen is the best time to learn surfing? It’s when you are still young. With the volume of 98L, the StormBlade 9FT Storm Blade Longboard is perfect for the medium-sized surfers.

Compared to other surfboards on our list, this product from StormBlade sets intermediate riders back a little more. But the quality and performance are worth every single cent spent on it.

Thanks to an adequately calibrated thickness and generous outlines, you will have an unforgettable surfing experience.

Wavestorm 8′ Classic Surfboard

Wavestorm 8 Classic SurfboardWavestorm has had 15 years’ experience producing surfboards. And the Wavestorm 8’ Surfboard is among their best selling models.

Why do a lot of surf schools use this model? It’s because they know how durable and reliable the Wavestorm 8’ Surfboard is. The soft foam construction gives you peace of mind paddling out beyond the green water.

The ankle leash traction pad keeps intermediate riders attached to the top deck for the longest time possible while the bolt-thru fins are removable. Thanks to them, you can effortlessly bring it to the beach.

Additionally, the rasta burst graphics design on the deck make it outstanding.

8′ Performance Soft Top Foamboard Long Surfboard

8 Performance Soft Top Foamboard Long SurfboardThe 8-foot Performance Soft Top Longboard is a classic bestseller by Greco Surf.

The 8’ High-End leash and double reinforced stringers come as a standard. The internal epoxy deck, EPS foam, sticks with the bottom shell like glue.

This bump-resistant design helps immediate riders cruise or carve smoothly. At the same time, they can improve their rail games.

What makes this longboard by Greco Surf different from others? It is the 4th fin included, allowing for the single fin configuration or 2+1 setup.

BIC Sport DURA-TEC Surfboard

BIC Sport DURA-TEC SurfboardThe DURA-TEC board is one of the most versatile surfboards on our list as BIC designs it with both novices and intermediate riders in mind. Thus, you can use it for a long time on your surfing journey.

Three different sizes available make it suitable for everyone. Parents can use it when their kids don’t and vice versa. The scratch-resistant materials make the DURA-TEC board more durable than other products by BIC Sport.

Also, it ensures a robust yet smooth ride.

Scott Burke 7’6” Surfboard Package, White/Blue

Scott Burke 76 Surfboard PackageThe Scott Burke 7’6” Surfboard comes with all features you may expect from the best surfboard for everyday use. The slick polyethylene bottom ensures a smooth ride on any types of waves.

The thruster tri-fin setup with nylon screws will bring a solid drive. Also, it allows you to get out of the turns as fast as possible.

Agility and maneuverability aside, the neoprene padded ankle strap gives riders the ultimate grip and support.

IN SHORT: the Scott Burke 7’6” Surfboard is a performance-oriented model at a terrific price.

Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Pro EZ Rider Surfboard, White, 7’0

Wave Bandit Ben Gravy Pro EZ Rider SurfboardThis longboard by Wave Bandit is likely to be used by advanced surfers across the world. It gained that popularity for being stylish and reliable.

Appearance-wise, the fun egg shape is second to none. Riders can’t help being attracted by the graphics on the bottom skin.

The EPS core makes it light and easy to control in any wave conditions while the TPU 4.5-inch tri-fin system allows you to customize your fit.

Liquid Shredder FSE Soft Surfboard

Liquid Shredder FSE Soft SurfboardThe major selling point of the FSE Series Foamie by Liquid Shredder is its low price-point. The Liquid Shredder FSE Soft Surfboard is not all about its moderate price, though.

With the weight capacity of approximately 210 pounds, it is great for both kids and most intermediate riders.

It is 9 feet in length, 24.5 inches in width, and 3 inches in thickness, meaning you can get used to the feeling of riding a traditional longboard.

Buy it now, and there will be no need to replace it with a new one for many years to come.

North Gear 6ft Surfing Thruster Surfboard Ocean Beach Foamie

North Gear 6ft Surfing Thruster SurfboardFor first time riders, this 6-foot surfboard by North Gear is difficult to control. But for those who don’t go with a surf instructor, it is not a big deal.

The super slick PP bottom pushes them fast and lets them enjoy the fun at its fullest.

The EPS core and EPE deck ensure a stable and durable build. The soft-foam top offers a better grip. The free traction pad is for optimal support while removable fins allow for construction customization.

Wave Bandit Performer Tri Surfboard, Neon Green, 6’0″

Wave Bandit Performer Tri SurfboardAnother shortboard that more experienced players go crazy for is the Wave Bandit Performer Tri Surfboard. Usually, intermediate riders love this model for two reasons: color and build.

Color-wise, who can resist the neon green? It draws our attention. If you want others to value you, go for the Wave Bandit Performer Tri Surfboard!

In terms of build quality, it satisfies the pickiest riders with the dual-composite core for ultimate stiffness. The superior 4.5-in performance thruster fin system is worth praising as well.

Top 3 Best Surfboard for Small Waves

SBBC – 5’8 Mahi Hybrid Surfboard – Wax Free Surfboards

SBBC 58 Mahi Hybrid SurfboardAll technology buffs love South Bay Board Company. They have been creating some of the most fantastic surfboards for riders of all levels. Among them, the 5’8 Mahi Hybrid Surfboard is the best surfboard for small waves.

The tri-fin setup makes it much easier to paddle out. The soft IXPE foam top deck prevents riders from any potential pain. The hard-slick bottom skin helps them slide on the small waves without compromising stability.

Liquid Shredder 70 FSE EPS/PE Soft Surf Board

Liquid Shredder 70 FSEThe 70 FSE EPS/PE Soft Surf Board is the best surfboard for beginners as Liquid Shredder markets it towards those having passed their first surfing course.

Thus, it is, not surprisingly, among the best ones for small waves. Like many other excellent models, it also comes with the EPE soft-foam deck and PP hard slick bottom.

The only thing that I don’t like about this product is its small limited weight capacity. It only can handle 140 pounds – much less than the others at the same range.

Giantex 6′ Surfboard Surfing Surf Beach

Giantex 6 Surfboard Surfing Surf BeachThe Giantex 6′ Surfboard Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Foamie Board comes in various vibrant colors. That’s why it will easily catch our eyes. But it wins our hearts for what it has to offer.

The maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds makes it an excellent choice for both novices and more experienced beginners.

The removable fins help us generate speed with ease while the traction pad adds up to the easy-to-use and optimal comfort.

Another thing I love about this model is its pocket-friendly price. Even if your kids give up surfing after several lessons, it is still not a huge investment.

Which Is The Only Surfboard That I Will Choose?

Price- and construction quality-wise, Catch Surf has the superb soft top models. It is the best surfboard for both novice and professional wave riders.

This American company took the surfing industry by storm by releasing the Wave Bandit Performer 4’10 Twin Surfboard. It is an innovative performance-focused shortboard coming with a radical look.

With this all-purpose model, you do not have to worry about the tradeoffs when using the same board on different occasions.

So, it is my favorite pick among the 23 standouts. What about you? Please let us know your opinions in the comment box below!

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