Best Ten Toes Longboard Review: Are They Worth Buying?

No matter who you are, a pro skateboarding expert or just a beginner, you will enjoy riding perfectly in all the ten toes Longboard Skateboard. The ideal shape, weight, and size of Ten Toes longboards make a perfect ride on sunny days.

Coming with a vintage design that is extremely eye-catching and attractive. Want others to praise you, don’t wait for purchase for a longer time. You may be a flexible rider who may ride in several styles depending on the changes of mood.

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The truth is, most common longboards support just one task or a single style of skateboarding. However, those longboards aid gentle cruise and glide and ease the tricks perfectly.

Here are the perfect longboards that not only function as a multi-functional skateboard but also allows the users to explore plentiful styles. No need to read the Ten toes longboard review on any social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.
Let’s check it now!

Ten Toes Brand &The Interesting Things You Need to Know

Ten Toes Brand & The Interesting Things You Need to KnowTen toes longboards is a reliable sporting goods company that focuses on producing boards for both amateur and professional skaters and surfers all around the world. They target at making interesting stuff for surfing and parkour community.

Drawing the strong inspiration, Ten toes longboards provide their several products with uncountable styles reflecting the special culture and urban lifestyle while maintaining the vintage speak.

Based in stunning Los Angeles, California, their simple constructions still give the users the stylish, retro, and timeless style when using. What especially stands out about the brand is that they never stop developing new stuff fitting our needs.

Particularly, Ten Toes longboards appeal to a perfect sense of wanderlust with joy. Ten Toes with their influential inspiration believes in making use of free time, maximizing the sunlight. You will never quit all your daydream with Ten toes stuff.

Who Do Ten Toes Mainly Target at?

Who Do Ten Toes Mainly Target at?Are Ten toes longboards perfect for all of us? Ten toes are certainly a stylish brand which mainly produces numerous ethical-focused and environmentally-conscious longboards.

Since Ten Toes is not a high-end brand for all skaters, their products are aimed at making longboards for the beginners. They are even more adequate for people who are searching for the simple wallet-friendly skateboards.

Those users can purchase a reasonable-cost product that satisfies their needs well. The users can upgrade the parts of the boards in the future after mastering the skateboarding skills.

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What Makes The Differences Between Ten Toes and Other Brands?

Based on the various styles of longboarding focused, the Ten Toes longboards will be your initial search with basic features. What will the Ten Toes Longboard products offer you?


Flawless Construction

Flawless ConstructionAccording to a closer examination of the basic need for a longboard, the Ten toes longboard skateboards are seen to offer the perfect combination of features suiting your needs. What exactly can these products provide the consumers?

Flexible design is exceptionally great for various skateboarding stunts, skills, and tricks. In particular, with the clever construction, the miraculous products of Ten toes longboard assist all styles of longboarding effectively.

Specially made with sustainable environment-friendly materials, the well-built products will give successful support for every rider of all levels of skateboarding. They would look enormously amazing to ride on a sunny day under your feet.


Picture-Perfect Appearance

Picture-Perfect AppearanceMoreover, all skaters will be extremely inspired and motivated by the stunning appearance of Ten Toes products. My very first impression when seeing the ten toes longboards the first time is unforgettable.

It is quite eye-catching with the unique appearance and vintage colors paint. The longboard brings an old-school vibe but still fun, wide and young. It is highly sure to aid you more than just that.


Handy Longboards With An Unlimited Color Selection

Handy Longboards With An Unlimited Color Selection

The handy longboards can be easy to carry in your hands during any random season and time. Differ from most common skateboards in the current market; these longboards are flat that makes you easier to ride.

They are in abundant colors with various choices to match your personality perfectly. Colour options are always available to purchase. Once you see it, you will want to start your ride instantly.

It is completely suitable for both active teenagers and older individuals. It is perfect to start riding in a ten toes longboard green flora. Moreover, it is equipped with durable parts because of the quality materials used in construction.


Super Reasonable-Cost Equipment

Super Reasonable-Cost Equipment

The last bonus of the Ten toes longboards is that their mind-blowing works can be owned at a super reasonable price that is less expensive than other similar products. This is especially perfect for beginners who would love to practice with a professional board.

Just spend little money on a high-quality and multi-functional longboard! Check the ten toes longboard products on Amazon! Nothing is even better than that! Enjoying the smoother movements has never been this easy!

New Released of Ten Toes Brand in 2018

Let’s see! Ten Toes seems to be working on perfecting their latest product so there is something worth waiting.However, a marvelous product is still the number 1 selection on the list of the unsurpassed longboards.

It is the Emporium Zed Bamboo Ten Toes Board Longboard Skateboard Cruiser. It’s worth mentioning. Although it first presented in 2016, this is currently one of the best-selling Ten Toes products in 2018.

It is such a hybrid board equipped with excellent durability. The most outstanding feature of the longboard is that this is one of the greatest longboards on the current market with its lower price than others similar products.

New Released of Ten Toes Brand in 2018

Emporium Zed Bamboo Ten Toes Board Longboard Skateboard Cruiser is too charming for your ultimate joyride. The 44-inch ZED longboard will give all the skateboarders of all levels their blissful and classic cruising.

A board of this size is apt for cruising and can even be used for longboard dancing and other longboard tricks. You will never get exceptionally bored with this fantastic product.

ZED Bamboo Ten toes longboard is not only lightweight but also sturdy trucks made from high-quality aluminum. This feature will complete every rides perfectly. It helps reduce the vibrations for a more stable surf-like ride.

The Current Best Sellers Of Ten Toes Longboard Brand

The Los Angeles-based company has been providing limitless perfect longboards for all skaters over several current years. Read our following Ten toes longboard review about their best sellers at the moment!

And then, let’s explore together what is most worth-purchasing of this brand. If you’re a person who is low on time, here are our recommendations of their finest longboards. Check it now!


Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

All the beginners need is a Zed ten toes longboard. This product brings several remarkable bonuses compared with all previous longboards. Sleek and smooth wheels coming at 70mm by 51mm will carry your enhanced performance.

Reactive reverse kingpin trucks make the product highly recommendable for every skater to use instead of that of other similar brands. This comes accumulated entirely, so the customers will ride it easily once they open the package.

The hardware looks surely stunning thanks to the top notch. The aluminum trucks make it more sturdy and robust. Never worry about reading the Ten toes Zed review! The Ten Toes longboard Emporium boards are perfect.

The 80AB Grip Tape of this longboard helps deliver the maximum adhesive control for the skaters with unchallenged steadiness. Therefore, even the beginners can practice skateboarding as much as they need.

In fact, it is an attractive and long-lasting longboard but does the same functions as a first-class skateboard. Designed and well manufactured with the anti-bite technology, this modern ten toes longboard is worth a purchase.

One of the most remarkable product features is that it supports perfectly tricks as well as stunts with normal cruising. This surprising product is perfectly equipped with the fantastic premium bamboo along with its flexible maple structure.

The advanced planning along with the perfect regulation in the process of construction is an ideal condition to avoid unexpected dangers. The shock-resistant wheel help reduce the bad effect of all skateboards wheel biting.

You can also enjoy the double functions in just a longboard like this one. Why don’t you give this perfect longboard a try? Before making your decision, read this table below to see the product’s strong and weak points. They help excellently!


  • It allows the skaters to perform incredible tricks and stunts.
  • Works perfectly with its dual function, doubles the efficiency of a skateboard.
  • Heavy-duty and shock-absorbent wheels for a smoother ride.
  • Equipped with a spacious deck → double the strength and stability.
  • Perfect downhill cruiser with more stability.
  • Offers excellent maneuverability
  • Give a vintage and energetic look for the riders
  • Enduring parts made of quality materials utilized in the construction


  • Board can make some noises while riding.
  • For some users, especially the beginners, this longboard may be a little wobbly. It may somehow affect its immense flexibility when riding.

Ten Toes Drop 41-Inch Drop-Down Longboard

Ten Toes Drop 41-Inch Drop-Down Longboard

This longboard is particularly built for speed. Therefore, the Drop 41-inch drop longboard among Ten Toes longboard collections will create the stable agility and control for bomb hills and pivot well.

This unique board has a nicely symmetrical drop-through shape for the added balance along with improved push-power. You can perform the tricks without any risk of wheel bite when carving.

The Drop’s deck is a bit lower in its center that helps secure your feet well to the board. Simultaneously, it keeps the center of gravity quite low to accommodate the users with unsurpassed control and stability when reaching the greater speeds.

So, keep going ahead and feeding your speed demon inside. This longboard reinforces the smooth and reactive gliding. The slant-reverse 180mm trucks with the precision ABEC-9 bearing are effective for its less pushing as well as a long roll.

Perfect stability and ease of use are perfectly equipped with this longboard. The longboard makes the ride much easier and smoother for the first learning. The reason is that the riders will be closer to the flat ground.

The dominant wheels made of high-quality materials make a stable ride on the pavement or sidewalks. And, steering is sincerely trustworthy for such a longboard like this one!


  • A fine value for this cost
  • Nice look with several options to choose from
  • Creates the maximum stability and control
  • Helps the users reach greater speeds with their stable performance.
  • Equips you with the perfect agility and needed control


  • The tape on its top was just barely glued. It should be better detached from the longboard to avoid the easier removal.

Ten Toes Rift Drop-Through Longboard Skateboard

Ten Toes Rift Drop-Through Longboard Skateboard

This RIFT 41″ Drop-Through Longboard skateboard is the perfect classic surf-inspired skateboard from Ten Toes collection. It is completely a perfect choice for long-distance riding, campus cruising, and even down hilling.

The RIFT longboard features a deck with its low height for the easier pushing and the improved balance. Its 70mm PU-made wheels will guarantee a perfect ride with the ultra-low rolling resistance.

Made from the high-quality Canadian Maple, this RIFT’s 8-ply deck is completely an ideal blend of both flex and rigidity regardless of the kind of ride you will attend.

And, in this RIFT longboard, their pre-lubricated ABEC-7 bearings are supportive for all the performance with the greatest durability. Another plus is that the 78a cushion wheels assist all the street bumps and sidewalk cracks well.

You will enjoy a lot of fun when using this inspiring longboard. The most important feature is that this motivating board is well-balanced and quite tight for turning. With the hard wheels equipped, you are perfectly able to skate without any mistake.

The perfect weight and comfort are still pleasant for longer rides. The unique style of the invention will be superior for all your tricks. It gives a simple but gorgeous expression with the simple Ten toes logo.

Although the RIFT longboard is not too outstanding, the environment-friendly longboard will satisfy all the users’ needs. Check a Ten toes longboard video to see the nice ride made!


  • Creates sweet rides for a highly reasonable price
  • This handy longboard is easy for carrying
  • It can roll smooth and fast
  • Makes the users ride with the relaxation and maximum speed.
  • It is a quite good-looking board overall


  • The board should be covered in a medium-sized box instead of the plastic covering. This makes the products easier to unbox.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the specific ten toes skateboards review step by step, we assess that the ten toes longboard skateboards seem quite resistant and stable for riding. They ensure to give the flawless performance with its high-quality made materials.

Designed to double its functions as a skateboard, all the ten toes longboards will serve the manufacturer’s intention brilliantly. This products still have current flaws, but we do think that the advantages they bring will beat the drawbacks well.

In our opinion, those longboards are surely the valuable products for the most excellent prices. They should be highly recommended for the skateboarding lovers worldwide. Those perfect longboards allow every user to explore their favorite styles.

Our best Ten Toes Longboard Review will significantly help you reach a satisfactory decision. Purchase yours in the ten toes longboard website if you certainly need one.

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