Top 5 Best Toddler Tricycles for Your Kids

Cycling is a good way to increase our health and have fun as well. So if your kids have a tricycle at a very early age, they will get used to a healthy lifestyle which can be beneficial to them in the future as they grow up.

If you are wondering the best toddler tricycles for your kids, check out the list below.

Top 5 Best Toddler Tricycles for Your Kids

What is a Tricycle for Toddlers?

What is a tricycle for toddlersTricycles are vehicles which have two wheels at the back and one in front. There is also a chair, like a normal bike, for a rider whose feet can reach and push the pedals around in circles which make the wheels turn.

So as might be expected, activities with tricycles will help your child develop to practice and enhance leg muscles.

And not less impressively, besides the entertaining aspect, the child tricycle is an outstanding way to support them to produce gross engine attitudes.

How to Select the Best Toddler Tricycle for Your Child

If you are planning to buy one best tricycle for kids, you might have come up with the most appropriate one which can be both reasonable and fit your child.

However, there are so many products of toddler tricycles for kids in the market. So that’s why you need to consider 4 categories that might make your decision.


FitOf course, anything needed to be fit to your demand. Demand here is not only for the size but also for the ages, hobbies.

If you are spending time to search online for thousands of tricycles alone, you can ask your kids for their words instead. They understand themselves simply.

If possible, let them choose the product with you is also a good way to buy the best toddler tricycles.


MaterialsWhich is more children-friendly? You need to consider the material of the tricycle. It also affects your children’s experience with the tricycle if it is too heavy or too slight.

In general, the 2 main materials that usually being used for a tricycle for kids are plastic and metal. With these two, you also can be able to assess the quality and longevity of the product as well.


FlexibilityYour kids are growing up every day, so it will be a must to think about how flexible the 3-tire bike is. It is not like elastic so you can cringe it out. It is usually made of hard plastic, metal.

So the flexibility will be on the seat, the seatbelt and so on. However, you need to keep in mind that some tricycles will aim at a certain age. So, be wise to choose those types of toddler tricycles.


DesignLastly but not less importantly, how the tricycle is designed plays an important factor in your kids’ interests in what you have purchased for them.

Whether it is sporty or girly style, parents need to make sure before paying for the product. The best way to answer the question is that ask your child and base on how deep you understand your child.

It will be quite challenging because kids like many things at once and you don’t have any final decision.

That’s why we are here to provide you the 5 toddler tricycles best for your kids with the most reviews on Amazon. Let’s check it out!

Top 5 Best Toddler Tricycle Review

Name Age range
Fisher-Price Barbie Tough Trike 2-4 years old
Schwinn Roadster Tricycle 3-5 years old
Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike 1-5 years old
Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle 2-4 years old
MEDOG Fly Bike Foldable 3-5 years old

Fisher-Price Barbie Tough Trike – Best for Girls

Fisher-Price Barbie Tough TrikeFisher-Price Barbie Tough Trike is one of the best tricycles for your kids whose ages ranging from 2-4 years old.

This product is for children who love cruising along on this Barbie styled trike with strong and rough tires that help take them any place they need to go.

Not only that, unique highlights like a mystery stockpiling compartment under the solace ride seat will give your kids more good times!

It is about appearance, especially suitable for your baby girls. Moreover, it is more than the appearance with pink color. In contrast to the overall outlook, how it works will surprise you.

It will not require too much energy to ride the pedal. This is thanks to the wide and stable wheelbase.

This kind of wheelbase combined with simple grasp handlebars and enormous foot pedals make it simple peasy for even the most diminutive riders to get up to speed.


However, it seems to have a bigger size for the kids. So the advice is if parents want to buy this tricycle and the children can use toddler tricycles right away, they have to make sure their child will likely need around at any rate 20″ inseam to reach the pedals.


  • Strong and rough tires that help take them any place
  • Mystery stockpiling compartment located under the solace ride seat
  • Wide and stable wheelbase makes it easier to ride


  • Bigger size to the kids

Final Verdict

Although it is bigger than some parent’s anticipation for their kids’ sizes, it remains a good product through various outstanding features, which specifically suitable for baby girls.

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Schwinn Roadster Tricycle: Option for 3 – 5 Years Old Kids

Schwinn Roadster TricycleIn this review, the Schwinn Roadster Kids Tricycle is in the list of best toddler tricycles because it has a powerful outlook which can be suitable for your baby boys.

The tricycle is structured with a retro look and a steel trike casing, and its low focal point of gravity makes it simple to ride and ideal for youthful riders.

Moreover, its movable etched seat moves advances and in reverse with five lock-in positions, making it perfect for your kids at any age.

It includes a full-steel, rock-solid edge, scalloped chrome bumpers for flare, and a genuine wood back deck for an extra passenger.

On the other hand, this tricycle for kids has a wide structure for an extra-low focus gravity, counteracting tip-overs.

The front wheel estimates 12 creeps in breadth, and the back wheels measure 8 crawls in width.


However, there are some problems with the distance between pedals and seat. Some might wrote that his/her child could not reach the pedals, although the children are at the age that can use the vehicle.


  • The low focal point of gravity makes it simple to ride
  • The movable etched seat moves advances and in reverse with five lock-in positions
  • Cool “mustache-style” chrome handlebar highlights cushioned holds
  • Able to have an extra passenger


  • Unsatisfying service of the manufacturer
  • Difficult for some children to reach the pedals

Final Verdict

This toddler tricycle will suit your needs not only for once but also for many times in the future if you plan to have more kids.

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Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike- Better for Younger Kids

Radio Flyer 4-in-1 StrollThe Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike is the best tricycle for young kids at all ages because this 4-in-1 Trike can offer 4 ways to ride which is suitable for ages 9 months to 5 years.

Most impressively is the removable safety tray which has fold over wellbeing bars with cup holder and food tray. For young riders, a 3-point tackle is also necessary so you can find this item plugged into the tricycle.

This tricycle for kids has a removable canopy for UV protection. It is an “umbrella” that can be a shield to help your children have good skin while playing hours outside.

It can be removed depending on the kid’s desire. If it is a good day, lovely morning with healthy sunshine, then canopy is no longer in need.

How about older kids? They are growing up every day; they get taller, bigger, especially their legs require more space to comfortable ride the pedals. Understand this; this tricycle has a specialty that rarely others have, is called the adjustable seat.

It is thanks to the tallness customizable push-handle, and special kid buggy style shade expels for more mature riders.


However, the handles made of plastic seem not to be worthy. In other words, it is slippery when there is no knot at the edge.

Kids will find it hard to control the bike when their hands keep falling out the handles due to sweats.


  • Adjustable seat for older kids
  • Removable canopy for UV protection
  • Calm ride tires for better rides
  • High-qualified safety features
  • Changeable to 4 different ways to ride


  • Not comfortable plastic handles

Final Verdict

This tricycle for kids will be the best suit for children who younger than 5. Also, parents can take advantage of the tray behind which can carry along some snacks and food.

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Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle – Children’s Adventurous Choice

Schwinn Easy Steer TricycleHaving Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle for your kids will make special memories with fun riding moments!

It has great features such as the trikes high back seat and 3-Point harness seat belt, which can ensure the child’s safety.

If you are looking for a good product that can both be so beautiful from the outside and be sure about rider’s safety, then typical back seat along with seatbelt will not let you down.

These two provide the perfect combination of comfort and child safety, especially to the young children who cannot take actions to the emergent cases soon.

Moreover, the Schwinn easy steer trike makes learning to ride fun and easy, while the wide, long lasting EVA tires offer a stylish look your child is sure to love.

With a removable push/steering handle, parents can walk comfortably as they control the steering and speed of the tricycle.

Also, this will be helpful so much if your kids get tired of the rides and they want you to carry them home.


However, you might not fully satisfy with the product in terms of the children cannot reach the pedal, although they have the qualified age to use the tricycle.


  • Having trikes high back seat and 3-Point harness seat belt
  • Bringing a stylish look when it has wide, long lasting EVA tires
  • Featuring with removable steering handle


  • Having pedals far from the seat

Final Verdict

All in all, this product is a good choice thanks to the quality and age-flexibility. Parents also can control the tricycle as well.

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MEDOG Fly Bike Foldable- Best Toddler Tricycle Indoors

MEDOG Fly Bike FoldableMEDOG Fly Bike Foldable is a good idea for a tight budget but still have the most beneficial quality to consumers.

Why saying that? Because your kids will have one of the most unforgettable memories while riding this tricycle.

Thanks to the rubber wheels, kids are no longer afraid to run over somebody feet, which can cause significant pain. Kids will have better times with the entertaining vehicle because of that.

Moreover, it’s time for parents do not need to be worried about the floor. Unlike another tricycle, it seems friendly to everyone and everything. The rubber wheels will not cause scratches on the hardwood floors ultimately.

Regarding the appearance, it might be strange a little bit because it has no pedals. So, how can your children have perfect rides?

They will use their little cutie feet to touch the ground and then moving by their own. This will help the children have the most reliable feeling when they can touch the ground and fully control the speed they want.


Of course, perfect is not real. The seat seems not comfortable for the kids. They have to lay down partly, and their feet need to peddle over.


  • Rubber wheels mean no more scratches on floors
  • The price is reasonable


  • The seat is not comfortable
  • The kids have difficulties in peddling the tricycle

Final Verdict

This tricycle for kids will be the best for entertaining indoors. If you are looking for some funs for the kids, this is what you should get through.

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All in all, each product has its strengths and weaknesses. However, the decision is right on your hand.

But, our advice is that the product you have on your mind needs to suit the hobbies and ages of your kids.

Comparing the 5 best toddler tricycles above, Schwinn Roadster Tricycle is the ideal one for you to choose.

It offers your little kids with the most convenient when they can both entertain and cycle for real. Also, the removable seat can help you to save a lot of money while not need to replace any new products.

Moreover, if you have more than one kid, you will prefer this tricycle thanks to the extra seat for an added passenger. Then siblings will be able to have fun together.

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