Best Trick Scooters for the Best Trick Scooting Journey

“Drop a hop”, “Stay in manual”, “Make a 360”, “Do tail whip”. If any of these terms sound familiar and attractive to you, you are ready to get the best trick scooter ever. A scooting enthusiast will enjoy their fun time in the vehicle as much as possible.

Trick scooters are well-known among people of all ages. It is such a fun way to show off your great performance and share your adrenaline rush. Nowadays, it is not hard to see youngsters and adults performing their stunts everywhere they can.

Trick scooting is a great quest for people to socialize and practice their physical activities. Why don’t you grab your best scooter and get the benefits yourself? Here, we offer you with the perfect guide for the best trick scooters for fun moments:

What is a Trick Scooter?

What is a trick scooter?A trick scooter is specifically designed to withstand your tricks, jumps, and stunts on it. These tools are often utilized atᅠa skate park. They look a little bit like a common BMX bike, but good trick scooters will get you things more comfortably and quickly.

A stunt scooter is created with skate parks and tricks in mind as the main inspiration. What sets them apart is their unique structure:

  • Their and folding mechanism and handlebar is not adjustable; they are essential when landing a jump. Instead, we can find a one-piece handlebar on them.
  • Their steel deck is more robust, smaller and heavier than wood, glass or aluminum. Therefore, these scooters can withstand extra pressure from outside.
  • The wheels are much smaller to deal with short bursts or high speed. They are often made of metalcore rather than plastic to help withstand sudden impact.
  • A stunt scooter comes with well-reinforced components. And, most of them are tougher with lighter-weight materials like Chromyl.
  • Brakes are usually flexed fenders instead of sprung to help provide dialed rides and reduce rattle

Trick scooters, as suggested by the name, are uniquely made to be tough and strong enough to withstand all the tortures. The special structure seems to prove what we want to say. Believe us!

How Much are the Best Trick Scooters Worth?

How much are the best trick scooters worth?This is such a good question since the price is such a matter of concern before you make your choice. The price of trick scooters will vary profoundly. It is determined by the brand exposure, quality, etc. The secrets of the price will be uncovered below:

Trick scooters are more expensive than recreational ones. You will need from £65 – £250 to pay for your robust and high-quality stunt scooter. This is the price for an excellent way of commuting. If you invest in a high-end one, the price may be higher than that.

How to Choose the Best Trick Scooters

Finding the best trick scooters may be a difficult task since we have to consider a lot of elements before buying them. You may run into a dissatisfying one and regret later if you don’t consider enough before making a purchase.

However, don’t worry, we’re here with our best buying guide to top most excellent products. You will make your purchase more effective and straightforward with our useful tips. We’re right here to help! Let’s come into details for your best pick-up:

Define Your Riding Style

Define your riding styleTrick scooting falls into some main categories including street, park, flatland, technical, snow & dirt. So, defining your style is the first thing to go with. Trick scooters, therefore, vary among these styles.

If you would like to show off some street tricks, a scooter with a deck with 20 inches in length is the best. This tool will help users lock into rails and ledges for long periods of time. Lighter decks are perfect for doing tricks or high ramps.

Which style do you like more? The answer will decide the short or long scooter deck you will need.

The Shape and Size of the Deck

The shape and size of the deckIt is also important to determine your favorite shape of the deck. Your choice will depend on which age you are, the deck’s comfort level, and its use time. Generally, trick scooters are intended for young riders. That’s why compact decks will be the best to give users more control while showing off tricks.

Meanwhile, wider decks will offer better comfort and long-term time in use. Though the decks usually come with default length and width, you can freely decide the dimension you want to buy. Some common decks with its benefits are:

Angled decks are ideal for technical riders to rock some pegs. For square decks, you can easily change their ends. They are built with more foot space, so people with big feet will love it. Your big-size shoe will fit perfect the deck while riding on the scooter.

The Bar Angle and Size

The bar angle and sizeIf you are quite tall, scooters with tall bars will be what you need. Or else, just jump right into a short one and you will look like a 70-year-old on a tiny scooter. Strong light bars are also preferable.

Titanium bars with the convenient head tube angle is also a big deal to tall riders. Remember to test how the bars will feel in correlation with your shoulder width and arms height.


For beginners, getting some complete scooters will ensure that all the parts will match together. And, these products will last with you for a longer time. For more experienced riders, you can build a signature one for your own. That’s also a good idea.

Good Balance

Good balanceThe scooters with the good combination between nice length and light weight will help riders handle well both street and park scooting. At some point, the excellent connection between width, length, and weight will define the balance while riding.

Good balance will ensure that you will show off your freestyle scooting tricks effectively. Overall, choosing your ideal scooter isn’t that hard. Just make sure that you will try some before making your ultimate choice. That’s the best way to own yours.

Which Brand is the Best

Which brand is the bestThere are a lot of well-known brands on today’s market providing high-quality scooters for riders of all ages and scooting styles. The best idea for you is to go for a reliable brand with loads of available spare parts.

Some options will deliver excellent after-market support which is extremely smooth and super strong. Also, some brands will give you the chance to choose your favorite models in your favorite colors. That’s cool!

The buying guide to the best trick scooters’ parts

If you are planning to buy one among good trick scooters, you should go into details too. Details here, we mean the scooter’s parts. The best parts will make an excellent combination when grouped together.

Therefore, before you shop your stunt scooter, take these elements into account too. Your ultimate scooter may not come with all the best parts, but you can fix it and replace them later.

Let us tell you about the features of the best scooter’s parts:


WheelsFor a trick scooter, the wheels are significantly subjected to most torments. Thus, you need to ensure that these parts are sturdy and durable enough. Commonly, the normal wheels of scooters are made of polyurethane, strong plastic, etc.

The wheels’ toughness is mainly measured by a durometer. Trick scooters should come with the durometer ranging from 80A-88A. Stunt scooters often feature smaller wheels. Depending on your scooting style, you will select your right wheels.

Grip Tape

Grip tapeIf your stunt scooter’s deck is slippery, it may accidentally increase the higher risk of falling when you perform tricks. Therefore, you should ensure that the scooter’s deck comes with grip tape to enhance the traction on the deck.

Searching a wide array of trick scooters, you will find out tons of options with attractive deck and nice grip tape. Invest your money in the right stuff! Or else, you will suddenly meet up with something that you don’t expect while performing tricks along the way.


BrakesTwo main kinds of brakes are usually used in trick scooters including flex fender and spring brakes. Spring brakes are far more appropriate for children and beginners. However, these brakes can be rattled after being utilized for a long time in use.

Since children don’t put much pressure on these brakes, they are suitable for young riders to use. If you are one of the serious and professional tricksters, flex fender should be put in your priority. These brakes will be more durable for adults to perform serious tricks for a longer time.


The weight of your trick scooter is the most significant factor in deciding the scooter’s sturdiness. Normal kick scooters are generally lighter than all trick scooters. It means that trick scooters will experience a little more rough use. That’s why they need to be sturdy.

Naturally, extra weight will lead to unexpected bulkiness. Regular scooters may be lighter as scooter producers made them for commuting and riding only. The ideal trick scooters should come in 4-5.9kg in weight.

Well, having a lightweight but more sturdy trick scooter is much better. But, it doesn’t mean that they will come with a slightly cheaper price tag.

Compression System

Compression systemThe scooter’s compression system can be adjustable based on the users’ needs and comfort. Today’s market is offering 3 main categories of the compression system, and each of them comes with different plus and minus points.

Some are low-cost and easy to assemble so that you will save your time effectively. Some are built for common threadless headset frames. Just choose the one you need! There are tons of options for you to select from.

The Ability of Customization

Usually, all beginners will go with the default settings of their stunt scooters since they don’t have a thorough understanding and researches about the issue. Then, their experience and personal preferences start growing. So, they will pay more attention to the customization of the models they buy.

The good news is, hordes of manufacturers are delivering their best products with upgraded facilities and full customization. You now can replace, upgrade facilities, and upgrade distinctive parts of the models easily.

You can change, customize your fascinating trick scooter with the high-quality wheels, clamps, brakes, headsets, grip tape, bearings, etc. Also, you will have the freedom to add thousands of your favorite accessories to the trick scooter.

Decorate and make the scooter more convenient with locks, lights, stands, and horns. Alternatively, you can build up your attractive deck with amazingly colorful stickers.


Mastering tricks on your good trick scooters is one of the funniest and healthiest activities for people to free their mind after busy moments. This will offer riders with enough essential physical activities, a high sense of enjoyment and fulfillment, and respect of the spectators.

However, you will not keep the tricks in mind forever. Just go instantly for good trick scooters that are particularly made for tricks and stunts. After reading all of our specific reviews, we hope that you can have something as your ultimate choice.

For us, the best option should be an amazingly strong one with non-folding design and fixed handlebars. The secure grip will help increase your better control over the pro scooter. The robust metal core wheels can withstand the roughest and toughest jumps.

Keeping all of the plus points in mind, we have compiled it as the best trick scooters for you to start with. Let’s enjoy your engaging trick scooting journey now!

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