Best Waveboard Brands

Searching for best Waveboard brands? Well, Brand and brand name do count whenever you are spending a considerable amount of money on anything. Waveboards are no exceptions and people who are surfing enthusiasts are undoubtedly interested in getting top brands. That is why, in this article, we are providing you with top brands selling Waveboards.

Our choice for top slots is based on the performance of their different components considering their durability, skill, and efficiency.

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These are some of the best Waveboard brands that you must take a look:

Best Waveboard Brands

Best Waveboard Brands

1st Place: Razor

A Ripsurf Waveboard showcase 360° rotating urethane wheels, can bear up to 100 kg weight. It provides you with perfect control on your ride and makes it easy for the newbies to perfect their riding skills. The polymer material used in its making render it more durable. Its concave shaped deck is slip-resistant making it easier to control and maintain balance. It offers incredible features in the affordable price range.


2nd Place: Ancheer

With a lightweight, compact size, Ancheer Waveboards comes with concave deck platforms rolled by high-grade rugged polyurethane wheels. It needs no assembly and comes with waterproof zipper carry bag for ease of carrying it anywhere you go. It features inclined 360-degree caster trucks and pivoting deck that enable it to perform simple tricks smoothly and offers you snowboard-like carving agility.


3rd Place: Elama Zoom

Elama Zoom brand offers Waveboards that are durable and long lasting in affordable prices. It provides additional accessories as well including helmet, shin guards, knee and joint pads and gloves. It offers agility to perform sway and bends at top speeds. It is best for small kids and amateurs to learn to ride.

Elama Zoom

4th Place: Enkeeo

Enkeeo offers perfect sizes for customers of various ages and heights. The sturdy material used in its manufacturing render them to be durable and long-lasting. This makes it a favorite brand among surfing enthusiasts. It offers portable designs that come with pouches provide you ease of transportation. Carry them along wherever you go.


5th Place: Streetsurfing

Streetsurfing introduced caster boarding or Waveboards in the streets of California for the first time in 2006. It offers various kinds of wave boards that feature durability and agility to perform tricks. It prides itself with the manufacturing of first ever-wooden deck Waveboard that is lightweight, faster and one of a kind.


6th Place: MAXOfit

MAXOfit Waveboards are visually beautiful and produced by using the high-quality material. MAXOfit manufactures sturdy and robust wave boards that earned it a broad base of satisfied customers. They are making versatile wave boards that are equally good for beginners and amateurs. Also, these waveboards are quite durable as well.


How We Rate Brands

Reviews (5 points)

Quality is the most significant aspect of any product or any brand. People usually judge a company’s performance on the basis of its Reviews category score. To rate the waveboard by its reviews, we take a rating of a product for one year and then take an average of the scores. The standard is converted into a rating of 5 point scale.

Riding style (5 points)

Once the product is evaluated on reviews its now time to assess the skateboard on its riding style. We shortlist waveboards depending upon the riding styles that have been preferred by the skateboarders and waveboard enthusiasts and then we evaluate them out of 5.

Design/Colour (5 points)

Waveboard design and color is another significant element that people consider. Evaluating waveboard on design and color is difficult because everyone has a different choice when it comes to design and color. The highest rating goes to the waveboard which has topped the sales graph, which in a sense shows some reference to design and color preference.

Deck (5 points)

Waveboard deck has a significant place in the structure of waveboard. The deck is selected by your height, weight and shoe size. This is the reason due to which only those decks get higher points which can offer its services to waveboarders with a different range of height, weight and shoe size. All these evaluations are converted into numbers and rated out of 5.

Wheels (5 points)

Waveboard is nothing without its wheels. Thus, it is essential to evaluate waveboard wheels. Eaveboard wheels are reviewed by its sizes, colors, and durability levels. These estimations are given the shape of numbers and rated on a scale of 5 points.

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Waveboarding is fun but finding the best waveboard is not fun at all if you don’t know how to find the best one. That’s why we’ve listed and reviewed above the best waveboard brands to help you grab the best waveboard without any hassles.
If you pick the best brand, the half of the difficult work is done already. The brand promotes quality and credibility. So we recommend whenever you go for waveboard shopping, firstly pick best waveboard brand and then from there you can easily pick your favorite deck to have fun!

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