The Best Women’s Snowboard Makes Your Winter More Wonderful

What will you do this winter? Don’t stay at home just because it’s cold outside. This is a perfect season for taking part in snowboarding activity.

Snowboarding activity is best for both men and women. We know that there are a lot of articles helping boys choose the best snowboard but not many posts for helping you pick up the best women’s snowboard.

Why? Doesn’t this kind of sport suit girls?


Girls, you are so cool when riding on a suitable snowboard.

Please take a look at our article which recommends you 3 best lightweight and easy-to-ride snowboard products on the market for women. We also provide answers for some common problems.

Top 3 Best Women’s Snowboard

The In-depth Review of the Best Women’s Snowboard

Based on our own experiences, we listed the top 3 snowboards for women. Please consider in details and pick up the most appropriate one:

Burton Stylus

Burton Stylus Snowboard WomensIf you are looking for a cheap snowboard to practice in the early stage, this is an ideal choice. It is good enough to help you ride in snow well.

Here are some fantastic features of Burton Stylus:

When riding on snow, this snowboard gives you the feeling of playfulness and comfort. It suits to use in softer conditions than harder conditions because the tip or tail of the snowboard is lifted off the snow.

Any rider can make quick turns with this snowboard . This advantage helps you build your confidence while riding.

When it comes to speed, you shouldn’t expect too much. This product doesn’t work as fast as other professional ones, but it is enough to provide you with a lot of fun.

Finally, the Burton Stylus is excellent support for beginners and intermediate snowboard players who want to progress to the next level.


  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to control


  • Doesn’t suit to play in the park
  • A little narrow in the middle-toes

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Burton Hideaway

Burton HideawayThis is a new model of 2019 – 2020. The board is better for relaxation and having fun more than taking part in a competition.

Let’s look at its outstanding features:

The footpads are shock absorbers, making your snowboard softer, lighter and easier to manipulate.

The slightly stiffer core outside the feet keeps the whole model stable and responsive when you increase speed.

Though it is not one of the fastest boards in the world, it provides you more of a mellow feel.

This is an excellent choice for girls who are new to this exciting sport. This is not a professional product so if you want to use it for a competition, reconsider your using demands carefully before buying.


  • Soft
  • Stable


  • Expensive

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Burton Yeasayer Flying V

Burton Yeasayer Flying VBurton Yeasayer Flying V is also a new product in 2019 – 2020. It is an all-terrain design, giving you an wonderful ride under any condition. Although it is not the best, for floating in snow, or edge control, its overall performance stands out among others.

Let’s discover in details:

The signature Flying V technology of Burton provides the whole model with excellent handling and control, but it doesn’t hold up speed. Neverthless, you can still enjoy your fun rides.

Burton Yeasayer Flying V has rocker between the feet and at the tip and tail, making a fantastic all-around snowboard for women. But the hybrid rocker camber design helps it work best in packed powder, fresh groomers, and wind buff.

Moreover, the Yeasayer features the best versatility, making the rides more enjoyable . Whether you love freestyle, freeride, or park board, the board can maintain impressive stability. Notably, the twin flex and twin shape of this snowboard are good at riding switch or forward.

All the features above contribute to help you to turn better. Its sidecut radius suits to turn well and hold an edge, especially, turning rail to rail is not a big problem anymore. In case you ride at the highest speed, it’s hard to have the best edge control.

a warranty repair applied within 2 days means you can send your product back to the company for defects of workmanship.

In my opinion, this product is perfect for lightweight girls compared to the taller and more advanced riders due to its small sizes.


  • Good package
  • Great service
  • Beautiful look
  • Great performance


  • Pretty hard to handle the speed
  • Not available in big sizes
  • Limited to intermediate terrain

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How to Choose the Best Women’s Snowboard

Apart from the lightweight and easy-to-use features, to pick up the best women’s snowboard, you have to consider the following features:

Recommended Features for Different Snowboarders

Recommended FeaturesThere are 5 kinds of snowboarders as follows:

Beginner to Intermediate

  • Length: for the first-timers, you had better use a snowboard with regular length or shorter which helps you learn and turn easier.
  • Flex: it ought to be medium soft to medium
  • Profile: we strongly recommend a traditional camber since it has excellent stability.
  • Shape: it’s good to use a directional twin.

Freestyle Rider (Boxes Lover, Rails, Jibbings, and Ground Tricks)

  • Length: you should choose a relatively shorter snowboard which is more flexible and easy to control.
  • Flex: the softer the flex is, the more flexible your board is.
  • Profile: the traditional rocker profile is an ideal choice.
  • Shape: the Twin True allows you to balance and switch riding conveniently.

Freestyle Riders (U-pipe or jumps riders)

  • Length: relatively shorter and medium models help you maneuver quickly because it is lightweight. It’s also not difficult to flip and spin. A snowboard with regular length gives you an edge to maintain stability when picking up the speed before jumping.
  • Flex: A medium-stiff or stiff provides you with a strong grip which is useful to land and take off.
  • Profile: a traditional camber offers you with a better edge grip.
  • Shape: there are 2 choices: directional true and twin true.

Powder Lovers

  • Length: this depends on your board. Do you like a medium board, a short and wide board or a longboard? Each one gives you a different experience.
  • Width: the wider your board is, the better your performance is because you usually ride more open turns in place of close turns.
  • Profile, shape, and flex: no matter which is your choice, it must be a specialist board.

Carving Lovers

  • Length: the long snowboard features stability at high speed.
  • Flex: stiff or very stiff flex makes your board stronger and quicker.
  • Profile and shape: you can consider a specialist snowboard with traditional camber and good directional.


BindingsBindings of a snowboard include the straps, the highbacks, and the bottom mounting plate. Normally, there are closed cell foams on the highbacks and the bottom, absorbing micro-shocks from snow underfoot and bumps.

Sometimes, they are adjusted in a small range of size. Ensure that your product having the binding is available for your boots, or at least it is adjustable.

Snowboard Sidecut

Snowboard SidecutSidecut is the difference in your snowboard’s width among the tail, tip, and waist. The more sidecut is, the better your snowboard can perform when putting on edge to turn traction.

If your choice is right, it means you have a more agile on your groomed runs, a relative loss of float in powder, and deeper snow than others with less sidecut.

The majority of snowboards have sidecut which supports powder boarding and large mountain freestyle. It’s better for more narrow snowboards to be used on trail and park.

In the case where you ride your board is an area with hard, dense snow or ice, a decent amount of sidecut will help you “cut” a little snow and ice.

The Boots

The BootsA proper choice of boots helps you feel comfort-oriented better. Compared with flex boots, women’s boots are usually skewed toward softer.

You can wear them all day long without feeling uncomfortable. And they help you improve skills as well as push your limits. In case you choose stiffer boots, you will have more stability and control.

You should also know a little information about traditional laces and speed laces:

Traditional Laces

Traditional laces of women’s snowboard are long shoelaces. It takes longer to lace up compared to speed laces. However, a pair of relatively soft and comfortable boots don’t require unlacing in between runs regularly.

Speed Laces

This product allows you to tighten and loosen quickly thanks to tiny cables instead of laces and small ratchet mechanism.

The Size

The SizeWe strongly recommend long snowboards because of the following advantages such as:

  • Rides more stable at high speed
  • Provides you with a more comparative surface area
  • Gets better float in powder

However, it also has a disadvantage as follows:

Hard to maneuver long snowboards. So, if you are a beginner, you should use a model that is about your chin height from the floor.

Snowboard Profile

Snowboard ProfileThis means the shape of the snowboard. If you lay it on snow, look at it from the side, you will see the snowboard profile.

The majority of snowboards may slightly blend off the ground in the center, touch the snow, and turn back near the nose and tail.

Camber (upside down U shape): the snowboard will be curved down toward the ground. When having this choice, you have benefited from spreading the weight out across more of the snowboard’s length.

Rocker (a U shape): its center touches the snow while it still ends uplifted off the ground. Rocker is scooped near your snowboard’s nose and tail to easily glide over terrain changes.

Both rocker and camber are used together. Rarely, you see a purely rockered snowboard or a purely cambered board (it wouldn’t work). The most common products are fully rockered skis having some niche applications.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Best Women’s Snowboard for Beginners?

The best women’s snowboard for beginners should meet the following characteristics:

  • Rocker-camber-rocker
  • All-mountain design
  • Great sidecut
  • Pretty short

Most beginners spend their valuable time on groomers learning the basics, so it’s not essential to have a particularly longboard for float. And you also don’t focus on riding super fast. Instead, you should pay attention to turn control more.

How do Beginners Learn Snowboarding?

There are many ways to learn snowboarding such as learning from friends, experts, looking for a course on the Internet.

But, I think it’s better to take a lesson from a real, trained, and bonafide instructor, then practice on your own. In this case, you will be fully equipped, and you are kept in control and safety within your ability.

Should You Invest in Individual Bindings, Boots, and Board?

The short answer is no. Usually, a package is relatively reasonable and comes with a lot of performance which even advanced intermediate boarders love.

If you are looking for a specific graphic, design, logo or unique style, they rarely have in a package. Most packages of snowboard serve from beginners to intermediate all-mountain boarders.

In a Word

Now, we have come to the end of the article. Have you found out a suitable product for your own among our 3 recommendations?

Let us share my decision first! . Burton Yeasayer Flying V is definitely our choice.


It is stunning and meets our requirement perfectly. This best women’s snowboard has excellent handling and control but doesn’t hold speed, which is exactly what we are looking for. If you are a small-figure girl, I think that the board will suit you well.

It’s time for you to make up your mind. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to leave your comment in the section below. If you find our article helpful, please share with your friends and other like-minded snowboarders.

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