Get Ready For Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales 2021

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We’ve got our big stock of top quality Longboards ON SALE! Massive savings and jaw-dropping low, low prices. We’re slashing MSRP to prices we shouldn’t even publish… but we ARE!

So NOW is the time to start saving your change, putting back a few bucks, and rubbing your hands in excitement at the major event we’re having on Black Friday.

Big Deals Are Coming

Set your alarm. Get up early or stay up late. You won’t want to miss an exciting minute of this historic sale at We’ve got:

  • Top 10 Boards that often give you the best experience in the industry. These boards are what the pros are using. Experienced boarders are salivating over these. And having one of the most popular and noteworthy boards under your feet will be the experience of the decade.
  • Longboards for Beginners. Hey everybody was once on a board for the first time. Nobody starts out as an expert. And for starting out you need an EASY board for beginners. With just a little practice you’re going to look like a PRO!
  • Longboards for Girls. The ladies deserve their own boards that have style, class, top quality, and are perfectly designed for the better gender. No wonder so many women come here to get their new longboard.
  • Best Longboards. Admitted, we like to keep the best for last. See this category on our site for our absolute favorites. These boards are your best bet for excellence, ease of use, control, speed, and sheer enjoyment… all at a price that can’t be beat. Go ahead, get one!
  • Lots of Accessories! You need wheels, bearings, lights, and so much more. Whether for replacement or a worthy upgrade, accessories keep your longboard experience primo.


We’ve got the biggest brand names in the industry. Enjoy great longboards and accessories from Sector 9, Quest, Atom, Yocaher, Santa Cruz, Rimble and many more. Thrill to the beauty of advanced, perfect design and stunning style. You will look uber cool on these boards, run faster, farther, with breathtaking control.

Don’t Miss This Moment

OH AND DO NOT miss our Best Board of 2018. These are the all-time stunners that for some reason or another we just can’t seem to forget. These are the boards that keep invading your imagination when you’re at home, at work, at school.

Cyber Monday is the most important retail day of the year for the Web. For 20 years it’s been the number one shopping day worldwide. It’s the date when Amazon melts down, eBay runs slow, and all the Longboard sites are too busy for words. It’s no different here. We’ve added extra staff to keep our top-notch service fast and accurate.


Check out our generous return policy. Pick your favorite boards. Then get ready for the biggest shopping day of the year – BLACK FRIDAY. It’s going to be HUGE SAVINGS.

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