Top 5 Black Longboards of 2023 for Enthusiasts of Simplicity

A longboard represents one of life’s most splendid treasures awaiting exploration. And when paired with the finest black longboard ever crafted, each twist and turn you make will elicit an overwhelming sense of contentment.

It’s likely that you frequently find yourself gazing in admiration at riders executing seamless maneuvers on the asphalt, isn’t it? However, a shift is on the horizon – you’ll now be the focal point of attention, captivating others with your adept performance. Envision the sheer magnificence of gliding and sliding!

These exceptional longboards are available in an array of shapes, types, and colors. Rest assured, though, as this compilation of Black Longboards is designed to streamline the selection process for all of you. Keep scrolling to unveil the details!

Top 5 Black Longboards

Atom Drop – Through – Best for beginners

Atom Drop – Through

The Atom Drop Through Longboard. Let’s delve into its distinctive attributes. What truly distinguishes the Atom Drop Through Longboard is its unique deck design. Unlike most longboards, this one keeps it simple on the top, reserving intricate designs for the bottom side.

The deck prioritizes flexibility over structural strength, making it less suitable for high-speed rides. However, this flexibility brings you closer to the ground and allows for smoother pushes. Crafted from durable materials, it withstands bumps and shocks with ease.

With its spacious deck, quality craftsmanship, and a range of impressive features, this longboard becomes your dependable companion with every twist and turn.


  • Fantastic bearings and stability
  • Flexible board with a smooth ride
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for long-distance travel
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Attractive craftsmanship


  • No kick tails
  • Not ideal for high- speeding riding

Verdict: Atom Drop Through Longboard is, without a doubt, highly advisable for beginners and mid-level riders, as learning to ride on it is not a throbbing headache. For all the benefits we mention above, this board will meet your demand for stability, attractive design yet at an affordable price, despite some minor drawbacks, so it is worth a try!

B BAIJIAWEI Drop Through – Best for cruising and carving

B BAIJIAWEI Drop Through
Nourish a passion for cruising, carving, downhill, and freestyle? Then B Baijiawei Drop Through Longboard is a perfect choice for you!

High- quality wheels with good elasticity, a certain hardness, and high- speed bearings together with a staple maple deck allow you superior control over every ride, turn or trick you make and ensure a high level of stability. You are free to ride at high speed without worrying about the quality of the longboard and do some tricks to surprise others!

Additionally, its fashionable design is hard to ignore. B Baijiawei Drop Through Longboard comes in various color attractive graphics, among which is the dark blue shining sky, which simply looks stunning! Don’t be afraid that the color may be easily damaged because there is a sturdy aluminum truck coat with a polished finish. Relax with your longboard!

If you are looking for an environmentally- friendly product, this is also a suitable one for you. All longboards of this type are made from maple wood, which does not harm yourself and the surrounding people. Good choice, right?


  • Good bearings and resilience
  • Attractive board design
  • Superior control
  • Smooth ride and easy turn
  • Sturdy structure


  • Too flexible board
  • Needs pushing to travel far

Verdict: As mentioned above, if you are in favor of speed and fashionable design, this Baijiawei Drop Through Longboard is sure to satisfy your needs and becomes your best friend. Although there still exist some drawbacks and you need to spend some spare money on repair and maintenance, it will be an excellent cruiser!

Longboard Skateboard Complete – Best Value For Money

Longboard Skateboard Complete
This longboard has drawn buyers’ attention right at first sight due to its beautifully crafted board, design, and color. The board is specially made from a unique material, rare dark Rosewood, which you will hardly ever find in other types of longboards, and has impressive pinstriping on the bottom, with cool black longboard graphic on the top.

What makes Longboard Skateboard Complete stand out, apart from its material, is its unique design cut grip tape by laser. This feature is uncommon among longboards. You will find yourself cool and pro with this unique longboard.

Still hesitate to buy ones because you are a little bit overweight? Don’t worry as Longboard Skateboard Complete is designed to handle a lot of weight! Even if you are a large rider, this board is still able to support you with great stability and control thanks to its hard deck and custom wheels.


  • Beautiful design
  • High- quality material
  • Good size
  • Smooth ride and turns
  • Great bearings


  • Grip tape comes off quickly

Verdict: After reading this review, could you find any other longboard better than Longboard Skateboard Complete? From the material, design, color to riding quality, it is without a doubt that this one is worth your budget, so why not have a go?

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Quest Skateboard Zero Dark 40 – Best for stability and speed

Quest Skateboard Zero Dark 40
This little guy is especially suitable for all kinds of riding activities ranging from cruising around town to bombing hills. Its cutout design means that it ensures no wheel- bite, saving you from accidents and unwanted injuries.

Moreover, this design allows the board to slide closer to the ground, and thus ensuring optimal safety and stability even when you are at high speed.

If you want to make sharp turns to show your riding skills, this skateboard is your answer. The trucks are deemed to be phenomenal at handling curves, which enable you to slide easily and have an incredible turning radius. Free to show off yourself and tackle turns with confidence!

Furthermore, thanks to its larger size and harder material, don’t be afraid to ride on the rough surfaces at high speeds. It’s hard for such surfaces to harm or make the longboard broken!


  • Designed for all kinds of activities
  • Resist rough and hard surfaces
  • Worth your money
  • Great for both beginners and seasoned vets
  • Well- designed, amazing with stickers


  • Some parts need out- the- box adjustment

Verdict: The Quest Skateboard Zero Dark 40 offers a dominant performance and can be purchased at an affordable price. One advice is that if you live in hilly areas, don’t hesitate to own one, because it is designed to take on hills and maintain good speeds. Why not consider it as your next purchase?

Krown Complete Longboard Skateboard – Best for Tight- budget

Krown Complete Longboard Skateboard
This longboard is the last product in the top 5 black longboards list we want to introduce you to, and this one will suit your demand.

You have a desire to own one longboard just like your friends, but you don’t have much money? So Krown Complete Longboard Skateboard is your best choice! This little guy may be the cheapest among the five mentioned longboards. But its quality can’t be underrated just because of its price!

This longboard is designed to have a pintail shape, which helps reduce the chance of wheel bite. This feature, combined with its long shape, enables riders to make beautiful carving, cruising, and dancing!

Another brilliant thing about this product is that it is well built up and ready to ride right after you unbox! What is more satisfying than buying, seeing a clean and shiny board, and having a ride immediately?

Compared to other longboards, Krown Complete Longboard Skateboard is also highly recommended for its stability and ability to balance at high speeds as well.


  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Easy to maintain
  • Stylish
  • Suited to anyone’s budget


  • Cheap look
  • Cheap wheels and need to be replaced
  • Thin deck so easy to bend and break

Verdict: For all its advantages mentioned above, Krown Complete Longboard Skateboard is best suited to people having a tight budget and beginners. It is easy to learn and master with a smooth ride. However, you may need to do some repair and maintenance for this longboard and mind your weight as well!

How To Choose The Best Longboard?

This top 5 black longboards list above will be of great assistance, but choosing the most suitable one still needs more considerations.

Experience and Purpose

Experience and Purpose
We acknowledge your worry that you are often bombarded with a wide range of longboards on the market. So try to decide first what activities your longboard will be used for, and you will be able to narrow down your longboard list. Different longboards will suit different activities and different levels of skills.


Longboards come in various forms, but don’t be overwhelmed, just focus on the designs that are ideal for one of your interests. Some common shapes are pintail, drop down, bamboo, and cruiser. Find information about these shapes before making a decision.

Width and Length

Width and Length

First and foremost, make sure that the board’s width is well fit your shoes size so that you will have no trouble traveling later on. Then decide the length you want. Keep in mind that the stability of your ride depends significantly on the length of the board. The longer, the more stable.

Great Care for the Deck

The deck is literally where you put your feet on. Spare some thoughts for the profiles, flexibility rates, and kicktail. There is a list of criteria for these features that you need to take into account before buying a longboard. For profiles, we have three types: flat, camber, and rocker, each suited to different activities. Flexibility rates include soft, soft/ medium, medium/ stiff, and stiff, with soft being the most shock absorbent and stiff being the least.

Having a kicktail or not is equally fine for beginners. Just remember that kicktails enable you to ride fast and do tricks while a longboard without kicktail allows more stability and balance.

Wheels and Bearings

Wheels and Bearings
Base your wheels’ size on your deck’s dimension. The shorter your board is, the smaller the wheels should be. However, one piece of advice is that smaller wheels are more suitable for making professional stunts and tricks.

Bearings are worth your care as well. Typically, steel ball bearings are the most common; however, if your targets are lightweight, high quality, and long-lasting bearings, you should choose ceramic ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of longboard is best suited to beginners?

If you are a beginner and just start to learn how to ride a longboard, don’t quickly jump into expensive or luxurious ones, as you will risk wasting an enormous amount of money.

Try to purchase longboards at an affordable or reasonable price, which are made of durable materials and capable of withstanding falls and high speed first. One suggestion for you guys is Atom Drop Through.

Should a longboard have kicktails?

You feel perplexed when some riders have kicktails for their boards while others don’t? Don’t worry, as mentioned above, either is equally fine. In particular, kicktails are needed if you want to make sharp turns and do some riding tricks, but if you are a newbie and afraid that you can’t remain balanced, opt for no.

Which criteria are crucial when buying a longboard?

Before deciding which one you want to own, don’t forget to find information about the brand, type, size, and shape to make sure that you have the most suitable one!


Our long but informative review about the top five black longboards has come to an end. We bet that you have the most necessary information about longboarding, and have your own choice. We wish you guys will own the best longboards ever and have unforgettable experiences! We look forward to your sharing. For now, stay safe, and see you in the next exciting topics.

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