Blind Skateboards Review- The Legend For Hardcore Skateboarder

If you are wavering over the best skateboards for your skill, this Blind skateboards review will be your answer.

Enhancing skateboarding skills has never been an easy task and it depends mostly on your skateboards. Choosing the right skateboards not only helps you elevate your level but also saves a lot of money.

Don’t waste your time, let’s check it in the Blind skateboards review now.

About Blind Skateboards Brand

About Blind Skateboards BrandI bet you’ve heard a lot about Blind skateboards even if you are new in the skateboarding game. Indeed, they are known as pioneers in this industry , established in 1989 by a pro skater-Mark Gonzales.

Let’s move back to the 80s when skateboarding became one of the trending sports in the world. Vision Skateboards and Powell Peralta were the leading companies of this time.

Mark Gonzales, who is a pro skater of Vision Skateboard then, left his company and started his business with Blind brand. The name ‘’blind’’ also is mocked toward old company names.

It wasn’t until 1989 that Jason Lee ( as co-founder) and other pro riders soon joined the Blind Company and started to take the company global.

As a result of Gonzales’s effort, Blind Skateboards took over Powell Peralta and then became an influential company in this industry.

Nowadays, with the swift development of new competitors, Blind Skateboards is no longer the largest company in the field. However, they always maintain a signature style and high quality which is why they are still popular so far.

Are Blind Skateboards Good?

Are Blind Skateboards GoodAs the skateboard industry pioneer, Blind Skateboards is always the norm for board quality. Besides, Blind is well-known as a reputable brand that receives a lot of trust from skateboarders in the world.

Many professional skaters said that they had experienced a better deck than ever in this unit. Using multiple pockets and bigger side concaves allows for better turning control and a more comfortable feeling.

If you are still wavering about your decision, let’s take a look on Blind skateboard cost.

How Much Does A Blind Skateboard Cost?

Deck Details

Deck DetailsThese desks are an outstanding product in this industry, made by eight plies of maple which are joined by epoxy resin. This design brings about more strength and durability than others in the market.

However, some skaters said that the thick deck makes their flip tricks harder than a thin skateboard does. But, don’t worry too much, it’s just a bit of a problem when you get used to a thinner deck.

In return, the extra thickness gives you more landing padding and improves impact resistance (without being chipped easily).

So, how much for the Blind deck?

Typically, Blind deck is inexpensive, you can find them from $49.99 and up.

Blind Skateboards Components

Blind Skateboards ComponentsOf course, you can select a Blind board with full components, but it may not be good enough for some harder tricks.

If you want to be a pro skateboarder , you may want to spend more money than that.

The truck

First, let’s take a closer look at the trucks which support the board’s wheels. Typically, the pro skate will pick the deck first, and then choose special trucks that come with various sizes.

Blind trucks are really durable and not easily broken because they are made out of a cool waxy type of metal that can’t be found in any cheaper skateboards.

Simply, it can easily run from $50 – $110 for a high-quality product.

The wheel

About the wheel, they are quite different from other brands as they generally tend to be larger, and have a really great grip.

That can be a double-edged sword! The good news is that you will stay balanced without worrying about slippery surfaces when you land or turn.

But the bad news is it’s not easy to turn unless you’re a master at them. If you plan to get one, you buy them from 20$.

The bearings

It would be a big mistake if we forgot to mention the bearing. The quality of this part decides how smooth the slip feeling is and allows your wheels to roll.

Frankly speaking, Blind bearing is excellent with silent rolling. However, it also has a small minus point when you can’t take the cap off them. These wheels also are available from 60$ onwards.

The grip

Finally, the grip installed on the top surface of a skateboard increases friction and helps you maintain the desk.

Most skaters said that they really like the Blind grip. It doesn’t scrape like other products and provides excellent grip. Don’t worry about the cost because it is included with a Blink deck.

In case you wanna change, pick one from another brand such as Jessup or Mob Skateboard from 10$.

Blind Skateboards Review

I hope you get all the things you need about blind skateboards. If you plan to buy one, let’s consider the top 4 blind skateboards review list below.

Blind Skateboards Heart Black Complete Skateboard

Blind Skateboards Heart BlackIf you are a beginner or younger skater, you must consider the Blind Skateboards Heart Black Complete Skateboard.

With 8″ width and 31.6″ in length, this unit can easily control and prevent accidents and injuries for a beginner.

Simply, Blind skateboards are made from eight plies of maple, but in this model, it only uses seven ply of Hardrock Maple as the main material. Is it too thin to show off its durability?

Well, the answer is no! Reducing the thickness does not mean reducing durability. This unit also has a good bearing capacity thanks to high-quality material construction.

Blind Skateboards Pro Rider Yuto Horigome

Blind Skateboards Pro Rider Yuto HorigomeAs its name suggests, this unit is produced specially for hardcore skaters by Yuto Horigome- one of the talented skaters on the Blind team.

Belonging to the special series, Blind Skateboards Pro Rider Yuto Horigome has an 8.0″ x 31.6″ size that is particularly designed by Yuto.

It is also equipped with all of the high-end components such as Venture trucks, Bighead wheels, Jessup grip tape, and Bones Reds bearings.
What do you expect in this unit? Professional feeling like Yuto? It’s definitely worth a try.

Blind Skateboard Deck Reaper Chain Maxham

Blind Skateboard Deck Reaper Chain MaxhamNext, we will introduce to you Blind Skateboard Reaper Chain Maxham deck. If you are on the hunt for a skateboard that can fit with every skill level, this model is ideal for you.

Made from the same materials with other Blind products, this unit also has relatively good durability. Besides, the size is 8.25″x 31.8″ that can fit with most skaters.

Be careful when you plan to get one, it comes with only one deck in the package. It means you must custom your components, resulting in a higher price.

In case you are still into this board, you should consult some pro or perform some tests before getting one.

Blind Heritage Gonz Skull & Banana R7 Deck Mark Gonzales

Blind Heritage Gonz SkullThe Mark Gonzales Reissue pro model series celebrates the good old days when Mark Gonzales started Blind Skateboards

With 9.875″ width and 32,1″ in length, this is a larger and wider product that gives you a bigger foot platform.

From our observation, this probably is not a skateboard for beginners. The larger size allows you to work on harder tricks, but that means you will have less control over your skateboard. So, be careful when selecting this model if you are not a pro skater.

Blind OG Logo Peach 8.5 Deck

Blind OG Logo Peach 8.5 deckLast but not least, we introduce the Blind OG Logo Peach 8.5 deck.

With 8.5″ at width, 32″ length and 14.25″ wheelbase, this model is an idea for creating an ‘’old-school’’ vibe.

Overall, Blind OG Logo Peach 8.5 skateboard is the deck that is used for the pro skater. Same with other decks above, you will need to custom your skateboards.


Getting new skateboards has never been an easy selection because it depends most on your level and your preference. With the Blind skateboards review, I expect you can get the right model for your needs.

In my experience, you should get the Blind Flowers 7.625 Blue First Push Complete Skateboard if you are a beginner and pick the bigger model if you are a master in skateboarding sports.

At last, if you have any questions regarding the Blind skateboards, please leave them in the comment section below and we will reply as soon as we can.

Thanks for reading!

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