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Nowadays, most children prefer spending time sticking their eyes on smartphones rather than participating in outdoor activities, especially engaging in physical activities. For a long time, this bad habit strongly impacts kids’ physical and mental health as well as living habits.

Thus, numerous parents start purchasing skateboards, bikes, or scooters to make their children more active. Scooter is quite safe, easy to learn, and entertained also. Currently, there is a wide range of scooters in the market that easily drive parents crazy to pick up.

Today, we’ll introduce you to our all-time-favorite scooter brand: Blunt Scooters, and give you a detailed review on it. Check it out now!

About Blunt Scooters

About Blunt ScootersBlunt Scooters is a famous scooter brand that was founded in 2009 in Australia. In 2011, this brand got some problems with the brand name in his homeland and changed into Envy Scooters brand in this region.

Up to now, Blunt Scooters remain its name in the UK and European market. Envy Scooters targets the remaining markets, including Asia, Africa, Middle Eastern, Canada, USA, The Asia Pacific, and South America. Its complicated brand name confuses newbies sometimes. However, no matter it is Blunt or Envy, its quality remains the same around the world.

Previously, this brand focused on supplying aftermarket parts including decks, bars, forks, clamps, wheels, hand grips, pegs, headsets, grip tape, apparel, packs, and accessories. After discovering the high potential of the scooter industry, Blunt Scooters decided to enter this growing market.

After a decade in the industry, Blunt Scooters has continuously innovated and developed to provide young riders with a wide range of products.

This Australian brand wins its customers’ hearts thanks to innovative products, affordable prices, and brilliant customer service. Blunt/Envy scooters are made of high-quality materials to maximize their lifelong as well as rider’s flawless experience.

Blunt scooters Review

After a long time using several Blunt Scooters, we jot down detailed reviews as below. Hopefully, you will find this review useful and informative.


DesignDesign is a highlight of Blunt scooters. The latest Blunt products wear an energetic and trendy style that fits youngsters around the world. Blunt uses a unique nylon brake system and steel to deliver the highest firmness.

Besides, it applies a lightweight fork and compression to make the scooter speedy and lightweight.

Modern Blunt scooters feature ABEC 9 bearings and 122mm wheels to make the scooter speedy and smooth than ever. The manufacturer adds a stock front plate to protect the deck’s underneath from outer impacts.

Additionally, the materials are well-built and solid, which makes it perfect for young riders. It is noticeable that blunt offers youngsters a bunch of eye-catching colors to pick up.


DeckBlunt decks come in numerous attractive designs and materials with an average price of under $100. Most decks feature 3D forged premium-quality Aluminium head tubes. They include rear deck inserts, nylon front plate, and a nylon brake system.

Apart from middle-range products, Blunt also produces premium-range decks. High-end products come with custom specifications, colorways, and graphics for each rider. The way drivers choose the deck’s design also reflects their own personalities and styles.

All Blunt luxury decks are priced under $300, which is quite affordable in this product range. Their line-up includes Jonathan Perroni & Charles Padel, Jon Reyes, Will Scott, Didine Terchague, Raymond Warner, and Flavio Pesenti.

Overall, Blunt Envy deck is super fingerwhip-friendly, lightweight, and nicely rounded. The Blunt flex brake works well and keeps the scooter solid.

Hand Grips

Hand GripsThere are 2 types of hand grips: rubber grips and foam grips. Generally speaking, rubber grips are more durable as they don’t soil as foam grips do. They wrap up the handlebars to minimize the need of end plugs and maximize safety.

Unlike rubber grips, foam grips don’t wrap up the handlebars’ ends. These grips are plugged with metal or plastic materials.

As a professional brand, Blunt uses ThermoPlastic Rubber (TPR) grips with high durability and safety. Their length offers an ideal amount of coverage. We impressed with Blunt hand grips that are well-designed with perfect softness.


WheelsIn terms of wheels, scooters are divided into 3 types: two, three, and four wheels.

While two-wheel scooters are suitable for children and adults who already had good stability and riding skill, three and four-wheel scooters are designed for small children developing their sense of balance.

These products facilitate kids to build resilience and confidence in the first days of learning how to scoot.

The majority of Blunt scooters feature 2 wheels only. Some Blunt Envy wheels feature aluminum for the core and PU for covering. Thanks to that, they help to minimize weight as well as ensure durability and stability.

PU comes in several types and there are differences between each type of PU. Cheap PU can easily gouge and crack after continuously used on pavement. Luckily, Blunt scooters use high-quality PU to ensure the highest performance.

If you are choosing a scooter for kids practicing indoors, you should seek a white or clear non-marking PU wheel. Scooters featuring rubber filled wheels will require constant maintenance.

Blunt offers sufficient sizes of wheels, including 100mm, 110mm, and 125mm. Wheel’s size directly impacts on speed and ground clearance. The small wheels are suitable for new riders practicing tricks and jumps. Meanwhile, the bigger size offers more speed and ground clearance to support advanced players to play tricks.


PortabilityPortability is a key consideration that riders usually bear in mind. The weight of the scooter delivers an impact on portability. The large-size scooters are quite challenging for players to turn as they require more leaning.

Luckily, Blunt always tries its best to minimize the overall weight to increase portability. Blunt scooters’ weight ranges from 3.4 to 3.8kgs. Riders can easily fold, store, or carry their scooters easily while traveling.


All things considered, Blunt Scooters is a good-quality brand that is worth your attention. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can grab some ideas about Blunt Scooters and purchase your desired product. Thanks for reading.

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