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BoardUp LongboardThe BroadUp is basically a longboard brand, but the model is an inventive craft. You do not have to fold it by hands! This travel longboard could be folded in the middle to set up the V letter or a small tent. It allows you to stand it up automatically wherever you want to.

Do you know how I find out the BoardUp? My friend and I are going to figure out the longboard because we are tired of running from the parking to our office on a daily basis. The distance between them is our nightmare.

When we can touch the door of the office, we feel that we have to pass over a decade! Thanks to a “lovely situation” like this, we would like to find out a device. A bike is not available enough as it is a bit bulky. Then, we think of the longboard!

The Best BoardUp: The Longboard for Travel V3.3

We start to search the brand and look around some shops. Luckily, we meet the BroadUp longboard. You cannot feel how great we are! This is the reason we make up our mind to share our review with you.

History and CEO

The first time we read the history of this brand, we probably find another tremendous story. The founder, as well as the author, told his story like this…

History and CEO

In 2015

This is the first time of producing the idea for the commuter longboard in the UK. His family traveled to Hawaii for their vacations.

When they were at the airport, his son paid attention to a passenger was struggling to a big massive longboard (36 inches) to the aircraft.

Then, his son and he made a solution – created a commuter longboard. Alan showed that the passenger should have a folded longboard.

In 2016

This is the process of producing the longboard and building the brand. He and his son celebrated the Kickstarter campaign which was successful. They gained lots of tremendous fans in December.

Later, they made big attention to a YouTube influences – Casey Neistat. This person has 10 million followers. He provided a good side with a sponsored review on the BoardUp longboard.

In 2017 and More

This period is the time for producing further products. Thanks to the first foundation, he now has a smooth business at all.

Generally speaking, the idea comes from a young boy also plays a significant role. After that, this CEO continues developing his son’s idea with the first commuter longboard. Over time, they have already updated the features with some products, including the electric items. Nowadays, they still

Some Specific Features of the BoardUp

Foldable Design

Foldable designAll products are foldable and portable. The sizes are also compact so that you do not have to wonder about this point. Each longboard is ideal for any locker and backpack.

It is also safe for your hands when you want to fold or unfold. A handle in the middle of the deck is crafted to make sure your fingers will not be fraught.

The dimensions absolutely depend on each product line. This is the greatest aspects of the BoardUP brand that it is difficult to find out in similar longboard brands.

Solid Construction

Solid ConstructionMostly, the longboards of the BoardUp brand have a sturdy frame with a carbon fiber coating outside. Along with it, the unit also has a glass fiber layer to make it brighter.

When it comes to the wheels, these are also great as its construction. The elastic is the core material in the wheels which makes the bearings is smoother.

Besides, the longboard has the hinge and latch in the aluminum alloy mechanism to help you control the board without much hassle. It can stand alone when you are not in use.


Deck BoardUpIn the deck, it probably has about 8 layers of the Canadian Maple with about 2 or 3 layers of the fiberglass. Other trucks may not have more layers outside.

This is the reason the coating is more luxurious. The bottom often has a wooden covering to build a fancy style for the longboards.


Cost BroadUpIn general, most of the longboards often are more expensive than their counterparts. However, I think this is a worthy investment with solid construction and high-quality coating.

Who Should Buy It?

In general, everyone can buy the Boardup foldable longboards. No matter how old or young the player is.

Nonetheless, young players prefer purchasing it more. The design has a modern style that Youngers love it. You totally can buy a product, but do not forget to wear the protective gear to avoid potential accidents!

Best selling BroadUpBest selling longboards of this brand

  • BoardUp Longboard V3.3 (33 x 9 x 4 inches; 8.6 pounds) – Best for: both novices and professional players
  • BoardUp Longboard V3.2 (19.5 x 9.75 x 5.5 inches; 8 pounds) – Best for: daily moving and traveling
  • Dual BoardUp Longboard V3.3 (19.5 x 9.75 x 5.5 inches; 8 pounds) – Best for all sizes of the competition

Frequently Asked Questions About the Products of the BroadUp Longboard

FAQ BroadUp longboard

1. Is the longboard strong enough to evade unexpected accidents?

All products of the BroadUp have the locking hinge to keep the deck open when using. It can fold up when your foot catches at the right angle. Thanks to this specific angle from the kick pad probably support the deck cannot fold up or collapse once the board is cruising.

2. What should you do when the deck is broken down from frequent use?

Do not worry! The BroadUp provides a 3-month guaranty which begins after your buying. In this guaranty, buyers have the right to bring the product to the seller or the manufacturer. You enable to contact the Customer Service and fill in the Support Form. They will contact you back pretty soon.

On the other hand, please notice that the warranty does not include some points like the cosmetic damage from using, intentional destruction, lost or stolen item, other issues from customized changes and stemming as well.

3. How could I solve the problem of the cables?

When you find out the cables do not work, you should contact the company rapidly. Although this is not a regular issue in most of the BroadUp longboards, the locking hinge or other problems in this part will be solved easily in their 1-year guaranty.

Just fill in the Support Form and let the other parts for the firm. Do not forget to read the terms and conditions carefully because some situations are not allowed completely.

4. Should buyers use the customized wheels or trucks on their longboards?

The question is sure! No matter you buy the latest version or the older one. The company possibly approves the basic size for the standard wheels (70x50mm) and bearings as well. When it comes to the trucks, the version V1 and V2 need the proprietary trucks. If you own the third version, it will not matter for this issue! All standard trucks will be approved.

5. Can the weight handle impact on the longboard?

Most of the people will miss out this part. The first version (V2) is 400 pounds while the latest boards (V3) can withstand 250 pounds. The handle weight of the newest version is lighter because it is longer although the layer of the deck is thicker.

6. How about the waterproof elements in the longboard?

Of course, all versions of the BoardUp longboard are waterproof. However, I want you to draw attention to this point. Water could come to the metal of the board over time. If your board is wet, you should dry it out immediately. This simple task can keep the lifespan of the board and increase its durability.

7. Is the V3 version better than the counterparts?

There are lots of components which would be better in this version. For instance, the bearings are new, and they do not make noise. The material of the wheels is enhanced by the re-bounce resilience. The riser pad is also thicker than the older versions. The truck looks sturdier with taller.

8. Should you replace the wheels, trucks or bearings with other brands in the third version?

The good news is everyone can do it! For example, you can change the wheels with the Shark brand the Red Bones in the bearings, and the Harry Bushings Barrel & Cones in the Bushings. With the trucks, you should spend more time to find out.

9. How long the guaranty of all longboards of the BroadUp?

Generally speaking, they give 1 year of the warranty on the locking parts of the board with a 30-day refund or even the return policy. You should read further information in this link: https://goboardup.com/warranty-return-refund/.

To ensure that you understand all of the conditions, you should contact them by email (binlu@goboardup.com) or telephone number (800-317-6182). This also helps you the coupon information when it is available.

10. How could I pay the longboard?

Typically, the company allows some online payment methods like the credit card (VISA, MasterCard, and JCB) and Paypal. It is also available for paying by American Express and Discover Network.

Final Words

The longboard is a good idea to move when you want to save time and effort to catch your target points at the same time. Some parking lots are far away from a school or an office building that you do not want to…climb it! Back to our story! We can walk this distance to do the exercise. However, when we have more time and we have an instant topic to discuss. We will use this time for doing that! And the BoardUp longboard can adapt our needs.

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