Braille Skateboarding Review: Is it Trustworthy Or Not? Discover 7 Facts about This Brand

Warehouse skateboarding brands always offer us a numerous selection of skateboarding goods. First, know what you need. And, stop being a traditionalist riding the similar setup forever!

Braille skateboarding came with the influential revolution for the field. How is this revolutionary to the skateboarding world? Check out our informative aspects of this skateboarding brand to see if you will select it or not.

Miraculous Truth to Know About Braille Skateboarding

If you are curious skaters who are keen on learning to skateboard yourself, seeing some Braille skateboarding videos on Youtube is not so strange. What about the historical brand? Keep reading to understand!

About the Braille Skateboarding Brand

Braille Skateboarding are completely best-known for the “Skateboarding Made Simple” as well as “Skate Everything” videos on their Youtube channel. It is popular thanks to a group of all best skateboarders in Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

Braille Skateboarding brand was officially founded in early 2007 by a professional skateboarder named Aaron Kyro. Originally, Braille Skateboarding website was started to give all skaters a platform to distribute their skate videos doing awesome tricks with their board or just to show their customized Braille skateboard.

About the Braille skateboarding brand

Start the Way

At that time, YouTube was still very new, and most skaters rarely post their content there. The distribution of skating parts and clips, therefore, was very challenging.

In 2005, Aaron started putting his video clips onto YouTube. His first upload about 12 years ago quickly went viral among the skate world and appeared in the front page of a top skate website.

Braille skateboarding’s YouTube channel has rapidly grown to approximately 3 million subscribers. It is the most popular skateboarding channel on YouTube.

Across the social networks, they reach millions of people monthly with the honest messages that they had a great time on the board thanks to Braille videos. On Braille website, all free tutorials are available to help everyone learn new tricks.

Also, find the full lesson plans called Skateboarding Made Simple. Its 6 part series will surely take a skater from a beginner to an advanced rider. Braille teaches the basic skateboarding skills for thousands of people better than any brand else.

In the fall, 2017, Braille Skate University was launched. This online school takes their members through the full courses with tons of skating tricks. Braille social media especially helps people overcome their fear of skateboarding.

Moreover, varied skateboards, dope merch, skate equipment like trucks are also found on the website. This delivers more choices for the customers.

Braille Skateboarding’s Mission

The internet changed while social media was actually on top, the need for skateboarding tutorials is essential for the skateboarding land. Braille wanna show all skateboarders the term called “I’m having fun skateboarding.”.

Braille’s real mission is showing people worldwide the interesting joy of skateboarding. Skaters will see how joyful skateboarding is and then, start skating. The tutorials give us a skating lover community keeping going and progressing.

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About the Braille’s Founder

About the Braille’s founderAaron Kyro started skateboarding at 10 in his small Montana town where very few skaters gathered there. As a teenager, he worked for the stunning city of Red Lodge for receiving a grant. And, he built the first skatepark in that town.

Then, he received sponsors by some best skating brand names in the industry, and, eventually became a pro for 2014 Revive Skateboards. He started Braille Skateboarding to support skaters find their better skating through the internet use.

Aaron turned Brailleskateboaring.com into one of the first reliable websites offering digital videos downloaded for computers, iPods, and other devices which they can access thousands of videos about skateboard just by connecting to the internet.

First Hit Videos and the Achievement

The first Braille skateboarding tutorial video was released on Youtube exactly on October 17, 2010. It taught the viewers to push on their skateboards and all the stuff they can do with their board from stroving around to doing cool tricks. Ever since that, Braille has created several different youtube series to ease skateboarding for all.

Stupid Skate & Skate Everything Videos

On February 23, 2015, Stupid Skate was launched with a 6-and-a-half-minute video showing Aaron Kyro along with Gabe Cruz skateboarding on Walmart skateboards. These videos surprisingly became popular over time with continuous expectation.

All the comments section was for ideas of things to skate next. Thus, Skate Everything was completed with its name implying everything and the Youtube Gold Play Button was awarded to them after that for hitting a milestone of reaching 1 million subscribers for the year 2015 a million subscriber youtube channel are consider famous among the platform.

Like Stupid Skate series, these videos continue these days and a new video is expected to be uploaded weekly with million people waiting to watch everyday which is really incredible for them.

Other Works

Girl Learns Her First Skateboard TricksBraille Skateboarding encourages all skaters to create their new skateboarding levels that have never existed before. Braille aims to give a specific guide for beginners. Especially, Braille university is always available for those who love the basic tutorials.

In this predominantly male sport, Braille successfully promotes skateboarding to everyone to try whatever they love. Skate freely whoever they are, whatever they wear, or however they look.

Who Mostly does Braille Skateboarding Target at?

Who mostly does Braille skateboarding target at?Braille Skateboarding encourage all skaters to create their new skateboarding levels that have never existed before. Braille aims to give a specific guide for beginners. Especially, Braille university is always available for those love the basic tutorials.

Its online school will train each member to cover tons of skate shenanigans. Step by step, the users will gradually get better with skating. Beginners will be more advanced, and intermediate ones can become more professional.

What Mainly Makes Braille Skateboarding Different?

Braille skateboarding boards are great for any random skateboarder regardless of their skill levels. We do believe that high-quality equipment is easier for you to learn on.

Better Selection with Perfect Designs

Better selection with perfect designsMost Braille skateboards are much more affordable for riding. The special collection is ready for being selected in line with the interest of anyone or everyone. Braille has a Blank complete board for skaters loving basics.

Handboards are also well-designed with good quality. Why don’t use utilize a deeply discounted board with high quality like that? Others skating gear are sold in dope appearance. If you want to find clothes or accessories, they are also nice.

Most Braille boards come with their signature logo on it. This brings out the first-rate presence of the reliable brand on the current skateboard market. Get you their beautiful decks if you have stable financial status!

More than Suitable for Any Weather Conditions

Braille boards are particularly perfect for rainy days if you need to go out for skating. The strong trucks keep the boards with great balance to practice anyway. For warm sunny days, it will provide you with fun. They are certainly magical all year round!

The Incredible Package for Beginners

The incredible package for beginnersLast but not least, Braille offers an ultimate beginner’s package which is perfect for all just starting their skateboarding process. It contains everything skating you’ll need to learn to master skateboarding even on a narrow lance.

Each part of the package is constructed of high-quality materials and marvelous for any skateboarder not concerning their skill levels. The board is easier to practice. This should be the especially initial combo you need.

A fully-assembled board, Skater Trainers, helmet & Skateboarding Made Simple Volumes 1-6 are included in this package.

New Released of Braille Skateboarding

New released of Braille skateboarding2018 seems to be the year of Braille releasing new products. The latest skate good incredibly became trendy and known by all. We want to mention Beard Complete respectfully.

Each portion of this complete board is made of qualified material. Intended for the skating with ease, any skateboarder of all levels can experience it with a smooth ride. This package also includes a completely assembled board!

Ready to ride this with its revived lifeline hardware, durable grip tape, 8 bearings, and powerful trucks. This equipment is in only one size to choose.

The Real Hit of Braille Skateboarding

The real hit of Braille skateboardingThe outstanding success of Braille skateboarding is definitely thanks to Skateboarding made simple series. The Skateboarding Made Simple tutorial videos share the secrets of how to perform tricks and how the pro master skating.

Each trick is broken down into separate parts so that you can follow naturally before going on the whole trick. Follow the correct steps of the tricks builds up to doing the whole trick fully!

These videos are welcome and loved by the whole industry with the proper steps for skating the right way. Some tricks covered in “Riding Basics” are Pushing, Turning, Stopping, Ollies, Frontside 180s, and so on.

These series give you the important knowledge to follow in order. The learning technique in the videos can be easily applied to all tricks, even the hardest one. Really into skateboarding and want to progress? You need this one without a doubt.

Once anyone gets the learning techniques, using them for the rest of the life is possible. Master the basic rules of skateboarding! And, progress well in the smoothest way.

Go from a beginner to a master with the Skateboarding Made Simple Volumes from 1 – 6. These volumes will start you off knowing your board along with riding basics. And, gradually take us to a position of mastering the advanced tricks.

All volumes are in digital copies so that you can download them immediately after your purchase. The package including all Skateboarding Made Simple Volumes is ready for buying.

Bestsellers of Braille Skateboarding

Wanna know the best Braille skateboarding boards for purchasing? What are their most best-selling ones today? Our careful picks of their best sellers will aid you to seek the significant answer. Here you go!

Braille Handskates Aka Handboards

Braille Handskates Aka HandboardsThis is clearly the first Handboard produced by Braille skateboarding announced this year. It is the first time Handboards were sold in Braille history which mark the beginning of a new era of HandBoards that will promise to impress the whole skateboard world. Take a look instantly at this eye-catching skateboard!

Product information

  • 11-inch board
  • Fully setup provided
  • Nice grip tape & bearings

Exciting for Practice

This mini 11-inch skateboard creates a great time practicing for all even on rainy days. Just be at home and experience your performance instead of going out! This is also wonderful for performing on sunny summer days to avoid the extreme heat.

Welcome this awesome product in the Fall and Spring too. Pretty much, the gear is still year-round stuff for national and international skaters. Hardboard competitions may become extremely hot one day! Consider purchasing this to prepare now!

Come with the Complete Set-up

Beard Complete is such a beast having its good grip tape and sturdy bearings. These features help you do successful riding and hard tricks. Just need to be ready for a ride with their full set-up.

This mini skate tool also enables the customers to take the trucks and wheels off.

Phoenix Complete Plus Sms 1 Package

Phoenix Complete Plus Sms 1 PackageThis is the most expected thing for people just starting out in the skateboarding joy. No matter how skillful you are, you are absolutely able to have the greatest performing. The tool lets us carry out the ride with happiness.

Product Information

  • A well-assembled board consisted
  • Skateboarding Made Simple Volume 1 DVD
  • Size to decide on 7.75 and 8

Reasonable Price

The pack is so mind-blowing to begin the adventure with. These nominated Orion trucks are gathered for ease of the board riding. You don’t have to worry much.
Speedy shipping for this attractive combo at a very low price is the excellent characteristic. Buy it, or you’ll miss this in just a second!

Superior Power

No need to waste hours searching your skateboard in limitless shops. The added skate tool is made with exciting pop and remarkable power. Its force wheels are undoubtedly awesome.

It’s exceptionally brilliant for starters and experienced skaters. Inspire all to get back quickly into skating! Order the parts separately if you would like. They are usually put together in a sticker with a charming look.

Blank Completes

Blank CompletesThis Blank Completes present the freedom for all performing. This is appropriate for the interest of everyone on boards. This completely new blank complete is much more fantastic for simple men and women.

Product Information

  • Produced with a blank surface
  • Wood-like appearance
  • 1 grip tape & 8 bearings

Good Quality

This discounted board is invented with an elegant look and eligible substances with high quality. The singular difference between this one and another completes is the outer design. Powerful bearing and long-lasting trucks make it worth buying.

A skate gear like this will bring your extreme success in skateboarding. We ensure that with money you spend the quality will definitely live up to your expectation.

3 Sizes to Select

3 options for the sizes of the product consist of the 7.75, 8.0 and 8.25 ones. According to the customers’ reviews, this should receive 10/10 stars for applying selections like that.

People enjoy riding this board with gradual improvement every day.

Final Verdict

Now, after having a chance to take your closer look at our Braille skateboarding brand review, it’s time to give the conclusion with well-placed words. We would like to express thanks to those who take time to read through the info carefully.

Sincerely hope that you find some valuable data in picking out the right skateboard model to pay for. Shop with joy! Enjoy your skateboarding journey with happiness!

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