Can You Bring a Skateboard on an Airplane? The Answer Will Surprise You

Your life is full of many hobbies, including skateboarding and traveling. If you take a road or a waterway, you can move with your favorite skateboard thanks to easy baggage regulations.

And what about airplanes?

We believe there was a time when you once thought about this question “Can you bring a skateboard on an airplane?”

Ah! the answer is here!

Let’s discover exciting information about bringing your travel baggage with your skateboard on the plane.

We will walk you through the whole process. We make sure the answer is easier than you think.

YES, You Can Bring A Skateboard On An Airplane

However, how to bring a skateboard is a long story.

It can be said that most of the major airlines help skateboard lovers get comfortable with their interests.

So, the airlines offer you a lot of different options on how to pack and move with your skateboard.

Here is how to do it:

Remember Three Tips Of Carrying A Skateboard


Each Airline has Its own Policy, Let’s Study Carefully

Each airline has its own policyEven though we provide you some examples of airline regulations, you also need to thoroughly search the rules for skateboard before checking in at the airport with your skateboard.

A word of caution:

Different airlines have different rules and regulations also change from time to time.

The confusion between whether you can bring your skateboard to a plane or have to put it in your checked baggage can increase your costs when you do not buy tickets with checked baggage of low-cost airlines.

What’s more?

When your board must enter checked baggage, you may have to worry that they will be damaged or lost when it has to be transported through many stages up and down the plane cabin.
And that’s quite a challenge for skateboard lovers.

Within the limits of this article, we send you information about popular airline policies, including the list below:

For Some U.S. Airlines

For some U.S. airlinesWhen you use US domestic airlines, you can bring your skateboard through the security door, because it is not on the list of prohibited or restricted sports goods by the Transportation Security Administration.

As a rule of these domestic airlines, you can usually get a skateboard to travel by plane in the form of checked baggage. However, when you use the services of some airlines, you are allowed to bring your skateboard to the cabin.

For example, Southwest Airlines and United-Continental Airlines allow passengers to bring skateboard in the form of carry-on items with hand luggage, but they limit the standard baggage size (22″ x 14″ x 9″) and weight.

In contrast, Delta Airlines only allows your board in checked baggage, not carry-on items.

The best way is to call the airline you plan to fly with or review the baggage policy on the official online airline website to learn more about the procedures related to skateboard.

So, you can bring a skateboard to travel by plane without facing any problems.

For Some European Airlines

For some European airlinesIf you travel to some European countries, you will have to follow different baggage standards compared to the United States.

At this time, your skateboard will not be allowed to pass through any security checkpoint in the UK or France, although many carriers from European countries can enable your board to be in checked baggage.

We have the same advice for you here, and you need to check with your flight provider if you want to know whether your board is on board or not.

A word of caution:

With easy travel policies across borders, one thing is for sure that you won’t be able to bring it to go through any security checkpoint in your hand luggage.

Keep this in your mind when traveling in European countries.

For Some Asian Airlines

For some Asian airlinesWhen traveling from Asia, you’ll be a bit confused because security policies are inconsistent between Asian airports. The general restrictions are only for liquids, explosives, and sharp objects.

In countries with high airport use densities such as Japan, Singapore, and China, you will not see a particular policy for skateboard, and they just have the general rule of sports equipment which is not carried through security checkpoints.

If you use Korean Air, you will not be allowed to bring a skateboard on airplanes because they are considered blunt tools.

Once again, you need to check with your airline to find out their policy of carrying a skateboard on the airplane. When you see the rules are not clear, it is better to pack your board in checked baggage when traveling from Asian countries.

For Australian Airlines

For Australian airlinesIn Australia, you cannot carry the sporting goods or sharp objects such as skateboard through a security checkpoint for hand luggage.

Therefore, the only way is to pack your board in checked baggage if you perform flight procedures in Australia. To be sure of the rules for skateboard, you should ask your carrier customer care about the conditions of specific goods.

For Some African Airlines

For some African airlinesSouth Africa is the country with the highest traffic flow to and from the United States, although airports have different transport restrictions.

In Africa, you don’t see the limits of skateboard travel in your hand luggage. You are only restricted to liquids, aerosols, gels, and explosives.

However, you should also carefully learn your airline’s rules on luggage policies for sports equipment.

General rules for carrying a skateboard on a plane cabin

As mentioned above, some airlines allow you to bring your skateboard to the passenger cabin. However, you must make sure your board is entirely under the seat or fit into an overhead bin.

The rules of most airlines are that hand luggage cannot be longer than 22 inches, and so cannot your skateboard. Thus, only board with less than 22 inches are suitable for plane boarding.

Exception with United-Continental allows you to bring an average adult board with a length not exceeding 45 inches.

Therefore, with long skateboards, it will be difficult for you to bring travel, but don’t worry, we have the solution for you in the next section of this article.

A Note for You

You should place the wheels, trucks and the deck in a bag. Then, you put the bag neatly in the luggage compartment or underneath the seat. Separating your skateboard parts also makes it smaller and less noticeable when crossing checkpoints.

For the electric skateboard, you should detach the battery. The battery must be less than 99wh. Some airlines allow batteries below 160wh, but you must declare them because batteries are flammable.


If Your Skateboard is too Big, Let’s Disassemble It

If your skateboard is too bigYou do this by using a tool to remove the board trucks and wheels and placing them in your backpack. You can leave the deck outside because it can be stored neatly in an overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

You can also pack the deck with your hand baggage and put it all in the overhead bin. As such, you’ll be free to enjoy your flight.

The tip for you is to put the tool and the parts of the board together to avoid forgetting where the device is when you need to reassemble the skateboard.


Follow the Rules for Your Safety, Let’s Bring a Mini Skateboard

let’s bring a mini skateboardIn our opinion, airline regulations are for our safety, and we will follow and satisfy the skateboarding hobby by mini boards.

Think about this for a moment:

Removing the board with the tools will be more complicated and take more time than carrying a small skateboard for your trip, right?

The lightweight, small board also helps you to carry easily during your tour and you can you’re your excellent balance and mastery of skating skills on small size board.
Now you can manage to get the best of both worlds.

At this point, you can be sure you get the basic rules for carrying your skateboard when traveling.

To make sure your skateboard follows you on an airplane, we will suggest you three simple and useful ways. You can use any way you want, depending on your needs and the size of the skateboard.

Three Simplest Ways To Pack Your Skateboard

If You have a Big Suitcase, You can Put the Skateboard into It

put the skateboard into suitcaseThere is nothing more convenient than having your skis on your luggage.

Why do we say that?

You will ensure your beloved skateboard is not scratched or broken or stolen. That’s all what you need.

You should wrap your skateboard in a garbage bag to avoid dirtying your travel things and clothing. You should pack your soft clothes or big towel around to protect the board.

Although you may miss the moment of skateboarding around major airports, you will feel safer when the skateboard is inside your checked baggage.

Another Option, You can Strap the Skateboard to Your Backpack

strap the skateboard to your backpackWith some sports backpacks, you can easily strap your skateboard with bags and take it everywhere you want. These skateboard backpack products are specially made for this purpose.

You will be stylish with a fashionable backpack, encapsulating the enclosed board while walking around the airports.

Or you can do as we have instructed in the previous section with a regular backpack. You remove the parts of the skateboard, making it easier to put on your bag.

Whichever way you choose, you need convenience and fast to not interfere with your trip.

Lastly, You can Pack and Ship Your Skateboard

pack and ship your skateboardIt is easy to do when you travel with a few destinations.

Although this will be your money-consuming option because your skateboard is heavy and the cost of packing and sending to the destination will be high.

In this case, you won’t have to worry about having to take it from one flight to another. And it can be a safer option than checking vague baggage requirements.

Moreover, this packing also ensures that your skateboard is not damaged on the way.

You can save the costs when you don’t choose to send an express package, but you cannot have your skateboard to use on the first day or two at the travel point.

Don’t forget these things:

You need to bring some types of equipment such as extra wheels, bearings, skateboard tools, and some big garbage bags. Since you are away from home, you need the most preparation.

You also need to board the plane as soon as possible so you can find an empty overhead bin and put your board bag in there before other passengers fill the luggage compartment. You can also pay extra for boarding first if you want to bring your board up.

So what does all this mean?

Now you have a lot of options to fly in the sky with your skateboard, let the destinations around the world welcome you and your beloved skateboard.

It’s Time to Wish You Have A Happy Trip With Your Favorite Skateboard

You can choose a variety of ways to travel with your skateboard on the plane. You just love and want to do, nothing is impossible.

Aviation regulations are complicated and challenging, but they are for protecting your flight safety. So whether you like it or not, you need to learn and follow.

Our most valuable advice for you is to thoroughly check with the airline or airline ticket service, to ensure that your skateboard can be carried on the passenger cabin or inside your checked luggage.

If not, you still have enough time to find other transport ways for your skateboard.

Have you ever traveled by plane with your skateboard? And do you have any difficulties? Or are there any other rules that we have not mentioned?

If there is any experience you want to share, please comment here to let us know. We believe your good experience will help other readers during their vacation.

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