Cal 7 Skateboard Brand

Searching for best cal 7 skateboards? Stop looking around because now you have a fantastic option known as the Cal Complete all-rounder skateboard for the park, street, and ramp riding. The Cal Complete Skateboard has exceptionally smooth wheels, innocuous trucks enabling you to get the opportunity to have a fantastic ride. This particular skateboard encapsulates some excellent specs. Decks, Truck, Wheels combine to form a robust system providing you a chance to enjoy a journey that you cherish. It’s a safe, powerful skateboard that you will always be up for buying.

Top Best Cal 7 Skateboard Brand

Cal 7 Skateboard Brand


Reviews (14/20)

The Cal 7 skateboard is one exceptional piece that is a remarkable choice when it comes to skateboards. It is a versatile board that comes with a classical shape offering you stability as a beginner and even as a professional. Beginners will love the additional control that this particular skateboard provides you. Along with all ts, this is also the most astounding element of this skateboard including the weight of the concave deck and medium bearings. Professional count on the sturdy trucks but the flexible maple construction and solid wheels keep the skateboard grinding and sliding. Street and park veterans prefer buying this particular board because it’s an all-around board for transportation and showing a little flash along the way. It’s a multipurpose pick that won’t break the bank.

Riding (15/20)

Cal 7 skateboard comes with a portable and compact 22″ x 5.75″ deck with a board this size the mobility is what we after making it easy to carry everywhere for the owner. It is created from high-quality plastic which enables you to carry and store. It will comfortably fit in your backpack and provide you easy travel. These outstanding features make it an extremely comfortable board for riding. These cruisers are especially recommended for most of the users who mostly include beginners, kids, and adults.

Regular riders will love riding and escalate the symmetrical, double kicktail, medium concave deck design which provides you the chance to switch your stance on the fly quickly. With 7-ply maple construction, your board becomes a lot more durable yet allowing you flexibility. This particular skateboard comes with Edge to edge 80AB black grip tape which will enable you to crave and jump the moment you take it out of the box. The skateboard also incorporates high contrast underside artwork which also features a coinciding signal wave in an arrangement of blue, pink and green on a black background.


Design (11/15)

A skateboard with an exceptional design makes you love it. This particular skateboard brings along an edge to edge grip tape which is pre-applied which enables you to get you rolling immediately. A vast variety of styles make it difficult for you to choose the perfect skateboard for yourself. The most popular ones include The Snack Attack and Color Blast series which bring something for all age groups. Whereas the Grafix series has a bold twist on a classic design. Its vibrant colors and striking patterns help to give the board an exceptional look so that it could match your traditional style.

The bright colors and patterns bring out the young and playful personality out of you. You can show your spunk with our Snack Attack series or keep it fresh with one of our retro-style solid colors. Even if you do not get a board with these vibrant colors you are sure to find a board that reflects your attitude. Its cool graphics and exceptional pattern series features a high contrast artwork in bold colors with designs that range from retro to mod.


Deck (11/15)

Cal 7 skateboards is a reliable brand that provides a durable deck made up of 7 plays of robust Maple. With such a strong deck you can even go sturdy and enjoy the exceptional power of the board. Its Symmetrical, double kicktail design enables you to quickly change your stance on the fly while having a ride. A full-length grip tape across the top of the deck around makes it high density and much more stable than plastic boards. This particular feature enables the board to bear a maximum supporting weight of 220 lbs

Wheels (6/10)

Wheels are one of the essential parts of the skateboard. Thus it’s significant to ensure that you have got the right wheels intact. The wheels that come with cal 7 skateboard are wide and a little softer than most street wheels. This feature allows you to roll over more pebbles and cracks and skate with buoyancy. It’s a superb choice for beginners and even for the professionals because it provides a soft ride because with this skateboard it just looks like you are floating.

Trucks (7/10)

Cal 7 skateboard brand especially focuses on the trucks thus it incorporates string aluminum trucks that won’t wrap and will keep you steady year after year. It also includes HR95A bushings which enhance flexibility so that you can carve and pop to your tricks. The 3mm riser pads come pre-installed which means that it can preclude wheel bite more efficiently so the wheel will stick to the road firmly.

Bushing (4/5)

The bushings of this particular skateboard provide an additional advantage as they offer you flexibility to your carve and enable you to pop your tricks. These kinds of the bushing are perfect for skating streets, skate parks, ramps, pools and other smooth surfaces or even rough ground.

Bearing (5/5)

  • The bearings are created with quality materials so that the skateboard performance is not compromised if it’s used roughly. C7 bearings come with Abec 7 bearings which provide enhanced speed while maintaining a smooth ride.
  • Bearings are usually measured by ABEC rating which means the higher the ABEC rating, the more accurate the bearing will be. But the critical thing to note here is that the ABEC rating doesn’t specify essential factors that may include elements such as load handling capabilities, ball precision, materials, material Rockwell hardness, the degree of ball and raceway polishing, noise, vibration, and lubricant so it will evaluate our bearing inaccurately because we take a lot of factor into consideration to provide the consumer the best experience.
  • It is one reason due to which ABEC 3 classified bearing performs better than an ABEC 7 bearing. These ABEC 7 bearings are pre-lubricated providing you a chance to have a smooth and fast ride.


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get yourself rolling on this exceptional piece of a skateboard. Grab your bright colored skateboard to ensure that you can enjoy riding on this fantastic board. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional cal 7 skateboards are for everyone. Its vibrant colors will make you feel confident while riding and you will thoroughly enjoy your ride.

Other exceptional features make it a superb choice for you to have it for yourself or any loved one. The extraordinary grip tape will help you prevent your feet from slipping off the board allowing you to have a firm grip while riding.

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