Carbon Fiber Longboard Review – Explore The Rockets’ Material

This article points out the top 5 with great value Carbon Fiber Longboard Review for a new fresh ride in 2021, plus some useful information to choose a perfect board that matches your needs.

If you’re a beginner to pro boards, this is definitely the review you long for as it can answer every question about the price range, materials, buying guidance, and so on.

Featured with the latest products from various famous brands, any board in this article stands out for both their quality and price. Still concerned about these bests? Then jump into this Carbon Fiber Longboard Review for your wanted details!

Carbon Fiber Longboard Review – Our recommendations

Ready to start a heavy ride in 2021 with your boards yet? Pick an option from our top 5 listed below as they can deliver the best value for you at incredible pricing!

Magneto Bamboo Longboards

Magneto Bamboo Longboards
If you’re looking for the latest longboards that offer both competitive price and astounding value, this Magneto Bamboo Longboard is literally the best choice!

Magneto is a new rising star in the skateboard industry. They build this composite carbon fiber longboard deck with a 3K carbon fiber weave, bamboo, and fiberglass. This results in extreme stability at high speeds as it strengthens the weight ratio to be more efficient.

Besides, this carbon fiber and fiberglass also made the board much lighter (just 3.5 kilograms) and helped to reduce vibrations and road noise. These features made the board perfect for cruising, carving, freestyle, downhill, and dancing.

All experts and pros recommend this Magneto longboard carbon fiber as a board to conquer high speed. This board is top-mounted with flat recesses designed to lower your gravity when riding at high speed. It also reduces the sensitivity when carving and many skaters still have their control up to 45mph.

The fact that you can use this Magneto Bamboo Longboard to go downhill real fast can worry some beginners about safety. Magneto smartly makes this board 37″ long and 10″ wide for extra wideness and comfort. Also, the carbon fiber longboard deck includes a foot positioning across its length. This stiffens the deck and locks your foot into the deck for security while bombing hills!

What we love
  • Made with a sturdy and light blend of carbon fiber, bamboo, and fiberglass
  • W concavity along the deck length for excellent foot security
  • Top-mount and flat recesses design for more stability for high-speed riding
  • The OS780 grip tape with cut out to reveal the 3K carbon fiber weave
  • Affordable price
What to improve
  • Some parts other than the deck is low-quality
  • Some customers find the board is easily torn out

Sector 9 Carbon Flight Complete Skateboard

Sector 9 Carbon Flight Complete Skateboard
The Sector 9 name ensures enough quality for any pro skaters. And how can you deny an endurable and swag Sector 9 Carbon Flight Complete Skateboard like this?

Sector 9 has a high reputation for quality products and this Carbon Fight board won’t disappoint anyone. A magic combination of 5 plies hybrid maple hardwood, 2 layers of fiberglass, and carbon fiber material made up a large carbon fiber longboard deck with 36″ long by 9.25″ wide. This construction creates a sandwich-like design for an extra-stiff and light-weight longboard that can withstand the test of durability.

This is the best carbon fiber longboard alongside Magneto one if you’re planning to fast free ride, downhill, or any high-speed skate. The Carbon Flight’s long wheelbase (27″) and top-mount deck enhance the stability of the board when fast riding. Sector 9 delivers the package to include 10″ Gullwing Chargers trucks and 70mm soft Shred thane Skiddles wheels, both designed for speed.

Also, the Carbon Flight carbon fiber longboard deck from Sector 9 features a brand reworked concave with radial style and mild depth. Along with longboard-specific grip tape, this adds a lot more effective foot lock-in when riding fast.

This deck is the hottest top mount for young riders and beginners!

What we love
  • Construct with materials that are all stiffness-oriented
  • Advanced stability with top-mount deck and long-wheelbase
  • Perfect for high-speed skating
  • Features 10″ Gullwing Chargers trucks and 70mm soft Shred thane Skiddles wheels
What to improve
  • The board is not too wide
  • The board is too high off the ground requiring more work to push

121C Boards Orbiter Carbon Fiber Cruiser Skateboard

121C Boards Orbiter Carbon Fiber
A longboard made from the same material as the rockets, crazy right? That’s what 121C has been making to gain a unique selling point for their brand. And the Orbiter is a highlighted product in that line.

The Orbiter Carbon Fiber Cruiser Skateboard revolutionized the industry since it’s one of the first 100% pure carbon fiber skateboards ever. The Orbiter seems to be eco-friendly as the 121C uses upcycling material from rockets to produce this longboard.

It’s crazy when you can get a carbon fiber longboard deck that is both lightweight and stiff as the rockets are. The materials themselves prove that the board is perfectly designed for pumping, carving, and cruising.

With a smooth, matte finish providing waterproof ability, the Orbiter is the best carbon fiber longboard to use under bad weather conditions. The truck is also proof.

Featured with dimensions of 26’’ in length, 7.5’’ in wide, and 15’’ wheelbase Cruiser Skateboard, this one is a mid-size board that is smaller and yet more portable. Though, it’s still big and wide enough to provide certain stability when carving hard.

Also, it has other parts’ quality certified. The 60mm Shark Wheel California Rolls, Shiver 180mm reverse kingpin trucks, Shiver Abec 9 bearings – all this stuff is made in the USA, not imported. 121C brand makes them shine when having all reliable materials combined in their Orbiter!

What we love
  • Made of pure carbon fiber materials upcycling from rockets
  • Has a matte and smooth finish inspired by rockets design
  • Waterproof, truck proof
  • All parts are made in the USA
  • Lightweight than most of carbon fiber longboard
What to improve
  • Expensive purchasing for a mid-size board


Skateboard Longboard Speed Cobra Carbon Fiberglass Maple

Skateboard Longboard Speed Cobra Carbon Fiberglass
This Cobra could be the best carbon fiber longboard for heavy riders. Experts and professionals highly recommend this carbon fiber longboard deck for performing hard tricks if you have an extensive budget.

This longboard carbon fiber is an 8-ply top-mount maple design with patented Rail Gun construction. The combination of carbon, fiberglass in the signature inlay design makes the board much thinner, lighter, and stiffer than a standard 9-ply maple deck.

This inlay construction has the 2 biggest advantages. First, it offers a stunning strength and longer lasting concave – the board will be more sturdy and last longer than other poor-quality decks. Second, it helps to provide a “bumper” to protect the composite material from impacts and damage with the maple frame surrounding.

Featured 180mm reverse mounted trucks and 72mm 78a wheels, the board is stiff and sturdy for heavy tricks. You can perform anything from carving, cruising to high-speed skating with the Cobra as its width is 10.11″, the length is 34.5″, and the wheelbase is 28″ – enough stability and needed flex for you to try.

Since the board cost a huge amount of money, retailers guarantee 5 days of return request after receiving the package. However, we don’t think this inclusive longboard carbon fiber can’t serve your needs and match your taste.

If you’re planning to make your skateboard game big, consider this option for heavy tricks. Purchase and let the Cobra off the garage!

What we love
  • High reputation brand
  • High-quality components such as Road Rider trucks and wheels
  • Strong by default with carbon, fiberglass, maple wood in inlay construction
  • Can cast a return within 5 days after receiving the package
  • Fresh and swag design
What to improve
  • All components are imported, not manufactured in USA

Electric-Skateboard 30 MPH Top Speed 750W Dual Motor

Electric-Skateboard 30 MPH Top Speed 750W
All in all, this is the most luxurious option on today’s list. However, the price comes along with the quality. Electric-Skateboard 30 MPH Top Speed 750W Dual Motor is promised to be the best carbon fiber longboard equipped with motors to purchase when you’re a pro and want to upgrade your skateboard game to another level.

Made of carbon fiber plate and rubber materials, this Land Snail Electric-skateboard is designed to be as lightweight as possible with a weight only of 16.5 pounds. It’s light but yet stiff and sturdy. The 0.5-inch-thick deck can carry up to 500 pounds!

The Electric Skateboard 1500W dual motors are featured with high-quality copper wire and powerful magnets to ensure maximum energy efficiency. This helps the board automatically reach the 18.6 miles range with 30 MPH top speed and 30% grade hill climbing.

Besides, this Electric-skateboard is equipped with a professional damping system. It adds the real vibes of skating to your feeling for your feet not to be numbed. How? Its tension suspension plus 50A rubber tires will filter the vibration to do that.

With the price is sky-rocket at more than $1000, even if you can use this for both beginners and experienced skaters, we recommend this product for those who can spend a lot on their board to experience a 5-star value.

What we love
  • Sturdy and lightweight materials from carbon fiber plate and rubber
  • High-power brushless DC Motor
  • Wireless remote control feature OLED display for better vision
  • Real feeling of skateboarding from damping system
  • Suitable for both beginners and pros
What to improve
  • The price is too high for beginners
  • Top speed is still a bit slow


Why do we choose carbon fiber longboards?

Traditionally, longboards are usually made of wood. However, longboards made of carbon fiber are gaining more popularity nowadays as it delivers some outstanding advantages.

A carbon fiber longboard offers you the maximum durability from pure carbon and epoxy. The mixture of two strong materials results in a stunning strength and astounding sturdiness. That’s why this combination is usually used in rockets, helicopter propellers, or sports car making.

Besides, as epoxy is light-weight, carbon fiber boards can deliver their tremendous strength when being much lighter than other traditional wooden boards. You can perform hard tricks almost effortlessly.

Besides, this material can withstand every bad weather condition. You can skate even when it’s raining heavily outside.

A carbon fiber longboard will get better and better along with your practice. This type of board is gaining popularity recently and it rarely turns out to be disappointed for any expert and professional skater. Standing out on the market by their sturdiness, strength, and lightweight, carbon fiber boards are definitely made for speed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are carbon fiber longboards good?

In modern skating, carbon fiber longboards are fairly good in providing you durability and strength for high-speed stable riding. It’s also lighter than most wooden boards so you need less work for pushing. And you can skate in the rain with this type of material.

What is the best material for a longboard?

The best material for longboards will depend on your purpose. The most common materials for longboards are maple wood, birch wood and bamboo. Carbon fiber is an option for a light-weight and durable deck.

What should I look for when buying a longboard?

There’s a lot of things to consider to pick out your top choice for longboards, mostly about your need and the specificity of the boards. You can consider these points:

  • Riding Style
  • Deck Shapes, Style & Features
  • Length & Wheelbase
  • Flex
  • Construction
  • Trucks
  • Wheels
  • Bearings

How much should I spend on a longboard?

A good value longboard will cost around $90 to $150 for beginners. You can enjoy these affordable skating before upgrading your boards to expensive products for extra heavy riding later.

Is a longboard better for a beginner?

Short answer: yes. The longboard and wide decks will help you gain a bit more gravity and stability when riding. This brings more balance to skateboarding – perfect for beginners!

Final Verdict

With our recommendations in this carbon fiber longboard review, you can get yourself ready to hit the ground. From our view, we highly recommend these boards, especially the Magneto one for heavy and affordable riding.

No one can doubt the great value of a carbon fiber longboard. However, where to start purchasing a perfect board among thousands of products on the market? Quickly choose the best board from the list above and it’ll company with you every step of the way!

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