Best Carver Longboards 2023 – Live Your Carving Dream

Summer is coming, do you have any plans? Reading, watching movies at home? Too boring! Why not try planning a cool and fun beach trip with a carver longboard? It should make your day. Let us help you prepare for this summer vacation!

So now, we will find out 5 greatest carver longboard options and how to buy them to ensure their quality. What are you waiting for? Let’s scroll down to check it!

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Best Carver Longboard

From here, we will start our journey to discover the top 5 best carver longboard of 2023!

Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through

Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through
Our journey begins with a carving longboard of Sector 9. Digging deeply into the main details of it, you probably will be impressed. Then, scroll down to see its good sides.

First of all, this board looks really nice. It was carved quite meticulously to have the best shape. As you bring it outside, it will work as one of your coolest fashion accessories.

Besides, you may be interested in its turning ability. We will say that this board can turn like a real strong beast. Thus, you can drive it to get through the crowd, traffic jam or on sidewalks with ease. While you are turning the board, it still maintains good speed that can bring you to your destination on time.

Another good side of this longboard is, it lasts really long. When you purchase the product, you will receive a board with great trucks and sturdy grip tape. Having these solid shapes, no wonder why it allows you to ride in any weather condition.

If you are a beginner in riding a carving longboard, you should consider choosing this item. In fact, this board is made to support cruising down slopes. Thanks to the board’s excellent balance e, learning how to ride is only a matter of time.

In spite of the fact that this board has great turning, it is not ideal to ride at high speed. If you ride it too fast, it may drift and put you in danger.


  • The board looks good
  • It provides a great turning
  • You can keep balance easily


  • It is not suitable for a high-speed ride
  • The deck of this board is a little bit weak

Verdict: A fresher always needs to learn to control balance. As this product is built to keep you stable, you should buy and put it in your starter pack.

Hana Magneto Longboard

Hana Magneto Longboard
Has the first product impressed you? Just stay calm because there are still plenty of good carver longboards. The next product we want to share with you is the Magneto of the brand Hana. Let’s see what it has.

Looking at its design, you can feel yourself to be closer to the beach. In fact, the manufacturer has taken inspiration from the deep blue sea and dark sands to create this great style.

On the other hand, if you are a starter who needs to learn to cruise, this board will be a great supporter. Moreover, when you want to do some freestyle technique, no doubt that this item can help.

Hating grip tape? Then this product is built to please people just like you! As you can see, there is only a wonderful shiny wood on this lovely carving longboard’s surface. No grip tape is attached, creating the smoothest feel while riding.

If you want to climb on a hill, we don’t recommend you ride this board. The wheels aren’t solid enough to struggle on high angle road. In case you still attempt to do that, the front wheels may start bulging out and give you a serious accident.


  • Its style is great
  • The board supports beginner quite well
  • Suitable for freestyle


  • The product is not recommended to climb on the hill
  • The quality of the wheels are not good

Verdict: If you love doing freestyle while riding a carving longboard, you should put this product in your buying list.

Atom Drop Deck Longboard

Atom Drop Deck Longboard
Half of our journey has been completed! We will now continue to check out another great product by the brand Atom. After knowing its advantages, you surely will love it!

After purchasing the product, it will come to you in a wonderful condition. All parts are already assembled carefully so all you have to do is just unbox it, take it out and start riding.

Besides, the surface of the board is quite grippy, helping you to keep stable while standing on it. In addition, it is installed with strong wheels. They allow you to skate on any difficult terrain. As an example, you can ride it on a road full of dirt without losing balance and control.

Moreover, if you love skating at a fast speed, you should buy this longboard right away. Its strong wheels can speed up after each push and give you the smoothest ride. Even when you are on a flat road or going down from a slight slope, just be assured of your safety.

Despite the durable and strong shape, the manufacturer seems not to focus much on the board’s appearance. The paint on the back is not so beautiful. But as a skateboarder, how the board looks is not so necessary, right? Or in case you want to fix the bad paint, you can sand the back with sandpaper and repaint it as you like.


  • The board gains speed really well
  • It is suitable for beginner
  • The price is reasonable


  • The appearance is not well designed

Verdict: As a fan of fast speed ride, you can not miss this great carver longboard. Its strong wheels will definitely meet your needs.

Atom Drop Through

Atom Drop – Through
The previous Atom’s product is cool, isn’t it? This brand always gains trust from its customers. As a sequence, we want to introduce to you another great item of this brand. It is called Atom Drop Through.

The first good side that you will notice about this board is its setup. It is assembled really carefully and has a solid shape. No wonder why it is more expensive in comparison to other longboards.

On the other hand, every time you push, the board will go faster and further. Due to this speed supportability, it is perfect for you to have sightseeing around the town. Especially, it creates no difficulty for you while cruising through narrow places. Why so? The answer is, it provides the greatest turning for you to change the direction.

Additionally, this board has a special perimeter shape. That helps itself to both create small radius turning and get rid of wheel bite. At this point, it is really hard to find another product that can beat the Atom Drop Through.

On the opposite side, there is still a disadvantage of this longboard. After a long time of using, the board deck may be warped due to holding too much pressure. At this time, you should think about replacing it with another product.


  • It has great bearings
  • The wheels are solid
  • The trucks are sturdy


  • The quality of the deck is not good
  • It is more expensive than other boards

Verdict: If you are looking for a carving longboard that can help you avoid wheel bite, this item will suit your needs.

Magneto Bamboo Longboards

Magneto Bamboo Longboards
Congratulations! Our journey is almost completed. To finish this journey, we will show you a carving board of the brand Magneto. Say hello to the Magneto Bamboo Longboards!

Being designed for beginners, this longboard is simple to ride. More specifically, you can hold your position firmly on the board and learn to take control of it in a short time. As you get used to it, you can try riding at a faster speed. Don’t be afraid to fall because the sturdy wheels will provide you with the smoothest ride.

If you often have trouble with the longboard’s capacity, then this one is a solution for you. This Bamboo Longboard can hold up to 240 pounds of weight. So no matter how heavy you are, you will have no complaints riding it.

Do you know what else is even more interesting? The manufacturer has combined the board trucks with risers. So that the board is able to stay high off the ground. Of course, thanks for this feature, you can cut and carve around the obstacles quickly.

For the downside, we will say that the quality of the wheels is not great. After a long time of use, it may be scratched. In order to be safe while riding, we advise you to replace them.


  • It can support heavyweight
  • The item is great for beginners
  • You can do skills with this board


  • The wheels may be scratched after a time of use

Verdict: As this board helps you to cut and carve around the obstacles quickly, you can learn some skating skills with it.

How To Select The Best Carver Longboard?

You will not feel comfortable when choosing the wrong carver longboard. This not only makes you waste money but also makes your trip unsuccessful. Here are two factors you must remember before buying a suitable carver longboard.


There are 8 different shapes of carver longboard

  • Double Kick Popsicle: This shape is suitable for professional riders on traditional skateboards.
  • Cambered Pintail: The traditional design of this longboard is appropriate for extensive carves and relaxed cruising.
  • Pintail with Kicktail: It is an ideal longboard for city cruising, little ollies, and simple tricks.
  • Double Kick Cutaway: If you love freestyle tricks, this upturned nose and tail belongs to you, which is a good match for intermediate or advanced riders.
  • Drop-Through Double Kick Cutaway: If you are the first time riders, it should be for you. This longboard provides moderate speeds and reduces wheel bite.
  • Drop-Through Symmetrical Cutaway: Same as Drop-Through Double Kick Cutaway but it can eliminate wheel bite, which is good for beginners or commuters.
  • Drop-Through Directional Cutaway: The directional shape of this carver longboard allows you to adjust the width and customize the flex pattern of the board
  • “Double Drop” Drop-Through Symmetrical Cutaway: It is excellent for freeriding or pushing.


Size plays an important role when you shop around for the right longboard. The shorter board has a shorter radius, allowing faster rotation while the longer board will help you spin slower. The short board is suitable for experienced riders. On the contrary, new players should start with the shorter board first.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Ideal Carver Longboard’s Length?

In average length, a carver longboard is about 30 – 60 inches long, two times longer than a normal skateboard.

What Is The Ideal Carving Longboard’s Thickness?

Normally, the deck of a carver longboard is made of plywood layers. As usual, it is about 0.079 inches long.

Can I Ride A Longboard Easily?

At the very beginning, it may be hard for the freshers to keep balance. But in comparison to a normal skateboard, a carver longboard is easier to ride. Because it provides more room for your feet, you will feel much more comfortable.

Which Carving Longboard Is Best For Cruising?

There are various carver longboards that support cruising. But if you need the biggest help, we will recommend you choose the Magneto Longboard by Hana.

How Can I Keep Balance On A Longboard?

While you are at high speed, it will be much easier to stay balanced. More specifically, after you reach your comfortable speed, spin your foot for about 90 degrees and step your other foot on the board as well. Try to hold the speed and you are able to ride stably.

Would I Be Able To Regard Longboarding As A Workout?

In fact, yes. Do you know that for every minute you ride a longboard, you will burn about 6 calories? So the more you ride a longboard, the more you can keep fit. On the other hand, longboarding improves your body’s versatility as well.


In general, you already know about carver longboard and the 5 best seller products, right? Besides, we also offer more options to buy a longboard that is good for you and answer frequently asked questions.

Hopefully, with this article, you can find yourself a carver longboard that best suits you.

Have fun riding!

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