Cast Trucks Katana – A worth-trying product from Ronin Trucks

Technically, trucks are a component deliberately put under the skateboard in order to fix the position of the wheels and bearings. Trucks are typically made of metal and shaped into a figure similar to the letter T.

As a skateboard rider, you all should be aware of the importance of the board trucks. They play an irreplaceable role in the overall performance of your skateboard as well as how well you control your moving process.

What’s more?

The Cast Trucks Katana

The appropriate trucks can even help protect the wheels which are usually at risk of being out of order. This deterioration is generally caused by the rub of the wheels with the board.

Thus, it’s not exaggerating to say that every great skateboard starts with choosing the right trucks.

Today, I am going to suggest one of my favorite trucks these days: The cast trucks Katana from Ronin trucks. This product will be examined carefully from many facets.

However, to make the review clearer and easier to follow, I will show you some essential knowledge on skateboard trucks and how to evaluate them.

Main Elements of Skateboard Trucks

Main Elements of Skateboard TrucksIn general, every set of skateboard trucks consists of five main components. All of them determine how well a skateboard assists its riders.

What are they?

#1: Hanger

This metal component is the biggest part of a truck. It is typically made from metal to ensure its endurance. This part plays the role of a spine where the axle runs along.

#2: Axle

This is what lies along the hanger and where the wheels are put. The axle is usually put near each side of the board.

#3: Kingpin

The Kingpin, like its name, is supposed to pin all the parts of a truck fixed together. Lately, a new type of kingpins named hollow kingpins is getting more popular because of its lightweight.

But is it always better?

Not really, to be honest. Trucks need to be hard enough to withstand all the pressure put on. A lighter truck will cost you the durability and increase the risk of being broken.

#4: Bushings

They are the rings covering the kingpins in order to facilitate the performance of riders.

#5: Baseplate

This is a plate put in the lowest position of the truck. Its main role is keeping the truck attached to the deck. The manufacturers offer different sizes to meet our diverse needs.

#6: Pivot Cup

This is where the hanger moves around in a circle pattern. It also has an impact on the feeling of the riders while performing their tricks.

#7: Mounting Holes

They are holes made by cutting into the baseplate. Thanks to them, the baseplates are placed in the deck firmly.

5 Criteria for Assessing Trucks

To examine a truck to see if it’s a suitable one, we need to clarify some criteria to judge. Let’s take a quick look one by one

Kingpin Placement

Kingpin PlacementThe placement of kingpin depends on the truck designs, which now are divided into the Reverse Kingpin and the Traditional Kingpin.

How are they different?

The former one is intended mainly for the longboards because it supports turning well and ensures the steady speeds. Meanwhile, the latter is designed for grinds because it creates a longer gap.

Hanger Width

Hanger WidthThe width of a hanger can determine how nimble and flexible a truck is. In general, a wider truck can bring a more stable moving process to riders.

Meanwhile, a narrow one can offer more grip which sometimes is also really worth-considering such as in downhill races.

Baseplate Angle

Baseplate AngleThe angle of around 40 degrees is suitable for downhill races as it supports the leaning better. Meanwhile, that of around 50 degrees can be more handy in the turning process.

Bushing Seat

Bushing SeatThis is where the bushing is fixed to a truck. It can be classified into 3 types based on the designs. Each type has a particular impact on how the truck performs and support the riders.


ConstructionThere are three most common forms namely cast, precision, and forged. These three are different in prices and offer different qualities to riders. Choosing which one depends on your need.

Besides, there are more features such as pivot point and mounting pattern which altogether have an impact on the trucks. However, those are what I consider the most important.

Cast Katana from Ronin Trucks: In-depth Review

Now, after having some basic ideas of how we can judge a truck, I am going to discuss my favorite trucks from Ronin – the Cast Katana.

Let’s get started!

This is the latest product from Ronin trucks launched about one year ago. In addition to existing features in the previous model, the Ronin’s trucks are equipped with some brand-new things.

Noticeable Features

Noticeable FeaturesFor your information, this set of Ronin trucks possess the specifications which are quite similar to its brother, the precision Katana.

  • Baseplate angle: 42.5 degrees
  • Axles: 8 mm
  • Bolt pattern: 6-hole. This gives you great flexibility as you can use with both traditional and new deck types. Besides, its pin can release you better from the instability.
  • Hanger width: 160 mm. This feature in the Ronin trucks is shortened in comparison to the previous model. This increases the flexibility allows riders to switch easily between the downhill races and free-riding games.
  • Pivot tubes: made from urethane

There are also various colors for the baseplates and hangers that you can choose to meet your preferences.

The Real Experiences

The Real ExperiencesInheriting from the presidencies, the upgrade Ronin trucks are quite impressive in many ways.

The instability is decreased effectively with both the pin and the hangers. Thus, the riders of can find the trucks well-balanced no matter regardless of their ground conditions.
What’s more?

The bushings height of these Ronin trucks is appropriately set so that the riders will find the moving process much more responsive and stable.

Imagine that,

You are about to fall back due to a too hard surface. You are most likely to get an accident right at that moment. However, the trucks save you by assisting you to keep balance better and stick to the board.

Cool, isn’t it?


Pros and Cons#1: Economical option.

This is an economical option for those who wish to experience the same quality as the high-end one but have a tight budget.


You don’t have to invest a large money in premium precision trucks. Instead, you can purchase the cast Katana and enjoy almost the same quality

#2: The versatility of the hangers

The hangers of the Ronin trucks are 160 mm and this is a nice measurement.

You may wonder why?

This is an ideal design that can support both downhill races and free-ride games. Regardless of what type of riders you are, these hangers can assist you very well.

#3: The bushings in a good size

These rings can assist the rider to have more stability on the way thanks to its proper height and good material.

Also, they have the pin which increases the responsiveness and decreases the inconvenience while passing the wet surfaces.


#1: Not perfectly finished

There are some small particular things that could even refine more to perfect this product.

For instance?

The kingpin hole and the baseplate are not well-made, especially in comparison to its counterparts such as Caliber.

You may think:

“You are too demanding because those things have nothing to do with the performance”

Well, it’s totally reasonable to expect more from a product of Ronin trucks, right?

#2: Still high priced

I know you are confused, right?

I said this is an economical option. But I mean that is when we compared to the amount of money spent on a full-precision set.

Nevertheless, this is still high priced in comparison with many products in the same category.

In The Long Run, And…

Okay, that’s what I want to share with you all today. I hope my guide and my review can help you more or less with your consideration process and purchase decisions.

Regarding the Cast Katana from Ronin trucks, I want to say that this is one of my favorite trucks these days. Despite some drawbacks, I find the impressive upgrades very worth-trying.

If you like what I shared or have anything to talk about the skateboards and the trucks and so on, please leave your words on the comment below. I will respond to you as soon as possible!

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