Caster Board Vs. Skateboard: Which One Is Better For You?

Boarding is like an addiction for the one who is crazy about it. The person who is intended to have all the crazy going with his skateboard on the streets and have fun. For every boarding lover, the board type is different. Skateboards are further divided into many other categories like longboards, skateboards, penny boards and caster boards. Two of them are the most common and come against each other many times, skateboard and caster board.

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SkateboardSkateboard is the most common and widespread type that is followed by many other types. It is the conventional and the basic of all boards that give you more adventure and excitement too. It is distinctive and comes with a rectangular shape 7.5 inches board with rounded both ends. The wheels are hard, smaller and highly durable to be relied on.

You can ideally use it in skate parks, U-ramps and everywhere else as per your preference. It is suitable for all short urban or park rides that let you explore more of fun and excitement. You can try out some clever tricks and move with the skateboards.

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Caster Board

Caster boardMoving towards the caster board, it is next in line to skateboard with a different design and shape. But, the ultimate goal to offer you adventure is the same. Caster board seems to be a little more professional and upgraded version of a skateboard. It is also known as Wave board that is formed with two joint boards. Torsion bar made of steel joins the two decks. The decks have waved shapes with cuts on the edges to give it a different look and also to make its movement a little faster.

It requires a little skill to ride the board as you need to keep the legs leaning from side to side to avoid touching the ground and propel the board with enough energy. It takes a little time to get the right skill of riding the wave board, but once a person gets it, then it’s as normal as a skateboard.

How are Both Different?

How are both different?Skateboard and caster board although they serve different purposes but they still have some vital similarities in both design and uses which make them versatile and useful. Both of them belong to the same family, and for the skating lovers, these are a significant attraction. It is all about being basic and advanced regarding boarding. Skateboard is considered to be a primary board for boarding, but the important fact is it has further types in it. Like, in the skateboard category you can get from learner to advanced boards and much more.

While on the other hand, the caster board offers an advanced form of boarding and comes with many variations in design and tricks. But still, it does have some beginner, intermediate and professional models. All the models and stages lead the rider towards some specific limitations. It does require some skills and tricks to board a caster board and have the fun.

Deck and Design

Deck and designWhen we compare the deck and design, its current round edges are a long single deck. It facilitates you to have enough of the riding space and comfortable foot placement. You can get many other shapes or types, but most of them are of the same kind. On the other hand, the caster board comes with edge cutting and two ducts joined together. This is its variation and utility as well. It lets you have specific space on board and helps to make smooth and swift moves.

Wheel Support

Wheel supportBeing a boarding expert this is something much known to you that wheels matter for the ultimate boarding experience. You have to make sure that whether its skateboard or caster board wheels should be right. Skateboard carries wheels of small size, hard in grip and durable for a long time. Moreover, it comes with four wheels joined together to give you more support.

It is like a proper board you can stand on and have the ultimate balance on your side. The caster board comes with two wheels screwed in the middle of both edges with even placement for balancing. This requires more of your balancing skills to be stable on the board and make a move. The two-wheel strategy of the caster board makes it sharp, fast and easy to turn around. You will be able to have more of the tricks to try on this two-wheeler.

Foot Placement

Foot placementWhile you are on board, the foot placement is the key to have more practical boarding experience. It requires a bit of skill and balance to place your feet professionally on board. In the case of a skateboard, things are quite easy going and smooth. You should have to put the feet on board at both edges. Moreover, you have the ground support to give its push and move forward with speed.

While in the case of caster board things are quite tricky and different. You need to place your feet right on the edges to count the best balance and acceleration. Due to only two wheels, you need to make sure that weight is equally divided on both sides so you can manage the board.

Acceleration and Power

Acceleration and powerIt is a known fact that skateboards are not the electronic boards; these are physical power diver boards that need to be accelerated. You do have to make sure that you will pass on enough energy to the board that will keep it running on the track. It is not the case at all times, you have to give it a little push, and then things will be taken along with the help of momentum. For the skateboard, you have the margin to go forward with the ground support. In case if you are slowing down, you can get the ground pushed back and accelerate the board.

The mechanic of a caster board is a little different, you have to make sure you are off the ground and use the force created to move and balance yourself .Here you need to accelerate the board with the mechanical force by standing onto it. Here you need to learn the trick and strategy. It is recommended to keep the firm foot forward and back foot leaned on the board a little. Now you have to push yourself forward by stressing on your legs and feet. The fast and rapid wheels of the caster board will recognize the force and get you moving. All you need to care about if the force you are inducing on the platform. Keep it in control to avoid any crashes or damages.

Turning and Tricks

Turning and tricksSkateboard seems to be an essential boarding gadget, but it does support many of your boarding tricks and skills. This is home to teach all of the skills that will flourish the future and get you moving toward many other options. No doubt you can have more speed and learn a lot from the skateboard but to make a turn, you have to take a long turn or jump it off. Second options need you to practice a little bit to easily get the hang up.

Moving forward to the caster board, it offers you some smart and swift turnings due to its design. The two-wheel manufacture lets you have the best of on the spot turning without going a long way. You can have sharp turns, cuts, and moves quickly, as you do not have to deal with the four wheels. There are just two of them that will follow your steps swiftly. On the other hand, the board is divided into two decks that also help you to have easy going.

Caster Board Demands Something Extra

Caster board demands something extraIt is a known fact that the caster board demands something extra and advanced form you. You have to make sure enough of skills and balance while going forward with the caster board. You need to have the right balance, Strength at feet and most importantly the particle to move forward with the caster board. It is not all the beginner stuff; you need to get hands-on a skateboard or other boards at first and then proceed to it. This will help you overall.

Skateboard Should be the First Step

Skateboard should be the first stepSkateboard is the beginning, although it seems to be a little conventional in comparison to the other board at the market right now. But, this gives you roughly the room to learn and play. You can try out some tricks and move forward with the advanced options only if you are good at this. You can have the skateboard to learn more about boarding and more to the next opportunity. But, right now it is the safest option and something that will be with you for long.

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