Is CCS Skateboard Good for Beginners? Here is The Answer!

Where do you usually shop for skateboards? Amazon? Or eBay?

These pages are worldwide, but the products are so many that we can barely find the one we want. To shop skateboards and things related, we must seek a specialized page, for example, CCS skateboard website.

Of course, we see a lot of pages with the same function but why CCS- a small business based in Portland can reach customers further than the border of Portland?

It might have an excellent online shopping page. But is it perfect for shopping?

In this article, we analysis shopping online on CCS. Let’s see the pros and cons in details and see if you choose this business after knowing in-depths about it.

Skateboards for Beginners

What is CCS Skateboard?


FoundationCCS has a store in Portland, the US only so we can see it is a local business. The store focuses on distributing skateboards and related accessories such as shoes, clothes, wheels, bearings. CCS sells its own products and from other brands.

Skateboard products here are available for both snow and ordinary skateboards.

At first sight, there seems to be quite a variety in terms of choices. They do not have all sizes or models, but with the lists that they offer online, it takes a whole day to check item by item.

CCS, with this number of products, expanded its business to online and became a trusted site for online shopping in Portland and other states in the US.

No matter online or offline, CCS provides customer service only from nine to five. It’s accessible if you can speak English because they are not available in other languages.

In Portland, there are stores, warehouses, and offices in the same building. From how they organized, it is easier to handle orders, issues among CS team and delivery schedules as there are only several staircases among departments.


ProductsThere are many products shown on the website, not only CCS skateboard. In short, it’s a reputational page with so many choices ranging from decks to accessories.

Most of the products are about skateboarding or snowboarding which are the target market.

But there are more to search.

They have sport T-Shirts, shoes and socks. Each of these options includes a variety of choices.

For example, with shoes, they have all types of sneakers you could think of, including slip-on.

Clothes appears to be another significant branch of CCS since they offer goods with quality rivalling other sport clothes shop. They have all sorts of clothing such as Sweaters, Hoodies, socks, swimwear and so on. There is a separate spot for women’s accessories and clothes.

Looking at the list of product range, I think I could find everything for my sports life here.

Target Customer

Target customerAccording to what they offer on the site and available options, I can see their target consumers are the young folks, specifically women who also play sports.

CCS also has fashionable goods like sunglasses or shoes, but 99% of the products on this page is about sports.

But, with skateboarding and snowboarding, the brand reaches a large group of customers. Everyone, from kids to adults, can learn to skate and therefore, customer segmented here in CCS will be more diverse toward teenagers, kids, and even middle-aged people.

This brand proves that it can fit in a broader market. Who says only youngsters like skateboarding?

Reviews in Details

A review of CCS, in my opinion, must include general services and product quality.

Whoever doing business does not think about servicing?

Service and product are mutually effective to a brand. In this section, let’s see how CCS gain a footing within the market.

Price Range

Price rangeThe product range is wide and so is the price.

It’s tough to tell the price range of products sold in CCS, but we can check out the main groups such as skateboards, snowboards, and accessories. These groups must be the main focus of skateboarders, am I right?

CCS provides its own branded skateboards and it also offers sport items other brands on the shelf. Because it is their primary service even in the store in Portland, skateboards and accessories are what we see the most.

After making price comparison with some other pages (both local and international), I see that you can have the same good deck at a more reasonable price. Is it a good sign? People nowadays pay their first attention to the money they need to pay. Therefore, competitive selling price in this page will attract many consumers.

As I mentioned, they have decks in all sorts of length and models. As a result, everyone needing a deck can take a look.

Accessories for snow sport varies from coats to gloves. But most of them are from other brands even though the page offers quite a reasonable price and some automatic discount.

The money they ask for this type of product is quite the same as other pages excluding the discounted price.

CCS skateboard is a bit more expensive than the others. They have signature design and models with services at the offline store. So, I think the price’s worth it.


QualityCCS starts the business from a local store first then to the online site. Therefore, it will be nothing like he cries up wine and sells vinegar.

CCS guaranteed items manufactured by itself and also other brands at the same time. Some international names like Adidas, Nike are needless to review.

There is a small chance that items from local providers will not be as good as expected. But, it’s pervasive even you shop decks at stores.An experienced skateboarder knows that the best deck is the self-built one.

Besides, the price reflects quality too.

CCS offers a wide range of prices so people can have lots of options. It’s impossible to ask for a premium deck while paying a little.

Speaking of CCS products only, we want to give applause to the high-quality decks. Models are designed in responding to personal style and unique. Besides, CCS has its signature product range with mono coloring and maple wood.

Other accessories like bearings, wheels, and shirts made by CCS are also favorited products. They made outfits to support doing sport, so the material is all high-quality cotton.

Delivery and Return Service

Delivery and return serviceCCS is one of the few local businesses with international shipping. It is such good news.

The express company tied with CCS is FedEx – which is globally trusted forwarder in the US with high-speed and careful service. USPS is the second forwarder that CCS use but only for national orders.

These couriers are no longer strange to consumers.

Shipping time varies. Average transit time nationally is about 4 to 8 days, but with express service, delivery takes about two days.

For orders from overseas, it will take a maximum of 13 days to deliver to the buyer. If you can afford the express, products will come in 3 days.

With orders from 50 dollars and more, they offer free shipping policy. It’s a plus that attracts hesitating customers.

CCS offers consumers many options for shipping to demonstrate their flexibility and diligence in customer service.


WebsiteThe site of this provider is very comprehensive.

As an online shopaholic, I have to say a well-organized website will be the first impression of the store. Would you shop in a site filled with messes? No, of course not.

And CCS site seems well-organized. It made the online page in minimalism, and all sorts are well-shown on top. There are no complicated patterns or graffiti-styled decoration that we usually see in skateboarding zones.

CCS separates options in group of products, plus, and they offer the new arrival and sale-off list so that customers can approach their demand more quickly.

Besides, I am quite pleased with how they made filters. There are only few options about the size, color, and price arrangements below each field. But it meets satisfactions because it is everything we need to classify items.


ChannelsThere are many ways for a business to communicate with consumers such as ads, surveys, workshops or forums. CCS chooses blogs.

CCS introduces their products by persuasive reviews and reports. And, they have a spotlight for CCS’s products separately. Such a brilliant idea!

If you articles at the blog before knowing the retailer, you will trust its recommendation. The site is telling you how to choose the right product, give you advice and show you other knowledge of the area.

It’s like a fan-page for everyone to come and share as passionate skateboarders.

By doing so, it doesn’t look like a selling page but also a trusted site to study and get references. In the skateboard community, it is the most effective advertisement, I think.


In terms of payment method, it is quite flexible.

Let’s see how we make a purchase and payment for a product from this site.

Payment can be done via PayPal. Many local stores in the US are performing the same so this method is popular.

However, not anyone in America and the world even Paypal. Therefore, paying by Visa card will be more convenient.

If you already register an account here, they can get you checkout the cart without paying by PayPal but Visa Debit Card.

Customer Service

Customer serviceCCS is a local business selling sports accessories with stores located in Portland.

So, do you think they can provide 24/7 support?

No, it cannot.

They do not even have a hotline. The home number is only available from 9 to 5 and same with orders processing.

Luckily, with the well-organized website. Moreover, the brand has internationally reputational forwarders transport its consignments. As a result, troubles are usually not frequent.

Return Policy

Return policyCCS accepts return in up to 30 days after purchase. It’s such an incredible number of days. It must be the most extended term for return policy I have ever seen in myl life of online shopping.

Common rules about returning items are widely known such as no refunds on sale-off items, self-paying carrier fees.

Overall Assessment


ConveniencesMany brands are included in the site. Therefore, you don’t need to search for many pages or suppliers to find different items, which is convenient. You can find decks, socks, clothes, shoes, accessories, and even services relating to skateboard maintenance.

With so many options of products, the price varies, too. There are price ranges from budget-saving to high-classed products. Well, again, you do not need to look for your products on another page. Whatever you need, CCS will show you.

it provides variety of sport items, and the price is competitive in comparison with other suppliers. It is a real advantage for customers.

It’s like shopping in a mall for sports only.


BackwardThe only backward that we see in CCS pages is customer service.

Honestly, It’s the prevailing situation of all local brands in the US. They spread their service out of the border, but they have not prepared a line for oversea supporting.

And with CCS, they originated from a local shop. What they offer in-store is so professional and caring, but coming to online service, they need some improvements.


CCS skateboard is worth a try, in sum up.

At first, they made their products with quality guaranteed. It is not a famous name but the manufacturer can offer so many models and designs as well as accessories. CCS even does better with ultimate service at its offline store. We should take advantage of it.

Besides, it promises to be an excellent place to shop for products relating to sports, especially skateboarding.

It is neither the cheapest distributor nor selling only high-end products, but it meets a wide range of requirements.

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