Top 7 Cheap Outdoor Roller Skates For Those Running On A Budget!

You are tired of searching for good quality roller skates? You are fed up with struggling to find those with lower cost among fancy ones? Then this list of cheap outdoor roller skates below is, needless to say, going to do you a big favor!

Choosing the quality one which has a good value for money is not easy as a piece of cake. And choosing one that gives outstanding performance for a steal is even much harder. How do we know whether the product is worth the money or not? And are prestigious brands way better than local brands?

Above all, they are so, so cheap, like dirt cheap, so cheap compared to good models of the same range – could this mean that they are scam? Are they some real wonders, or just massive blunders?

Well, forget those issues! Our article today will bring you the best and cheapest roller skates you can possibly find. Wanna find out more? Then hurry up and scroll down now!

The Best 7 Cheap Outdoor Roller Skates

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Pacer ZTX Quad Roller Skates

Pacer ZTX Quad Roller SkatesIt is suitable for little boys and girls who begin to skate. Taking the first look at the ZTX, you may be taken by surprise that this high-top tennis shoe with an ankle support strap is really fantastic. It gives the extra comfortable feeling with the SR Ultra fit mid-top boot.

The Pacer nylon plates are double-action lightweight. The wheels were designed for skating on concrete or rink floors with 52mm indoor and outdoor urethane. The precision of bearings are up to 608ZB and sealed low maintenance.

However, it still has some limitations so few customers who are willing to give it a high rating. Anyway, at that price, we cannot ask for anything more about this product.

Playlife Groove Blue, Black&Pink Skates

Playlife Groove BlueThe Playlife Groove boots made of mesh and PU leather have mid-cut ankle support, especially, the Black&Pink designs have a breathable liner. The plates are a plastic composite and a light-weight PU mounted with aluminum trucks.

The wheels are 80A hardness and which is great for skating outside. If you want something vintage or retro, then oh boy your eyes are gonna land on these roller skaters for sure. A good option for a stroll around the neighbors to display your cool moves (and perhaps fantastic style) and leave everyone in awe.

In fact, this exceptional look is one of reasons why we decided that these Playlife Groove boots are worth appearing in this Top 10 Cheap Outdoor Roller Skates. So, fashion fanatics and trendy sporters, come and get your roller skating buddy!

Pacer GTX 500 Quad Speed Skates

Pacer GTX 500 Quad Speed SkatesHaving lacing and Velcro power strap to ensure the fit, this product is suitable for both children and young adults. You will feel comfortable to skate at the roller rink thanks to its low-cut speed profile. It is a kind of synthetic leather boot, lightweight plates, and double-action trucks.

With Pacer GTX 500 you can enjoy racing with your friends thanks to its wheels grab any speed purpose. The bearings are carbon ABEC-3 high quality with fixed toe stops. Though it looks nice in general, the design of fix toe stop is a limited point.

RW Wave Quad Roller Skates

RW Wave Quad Roller SkatesThe RW Wave is designed for the occasional recreational skater, breathing a sense of fashion at a reasonable price. With the soft-padded lining built around the Riedell technology, it is made to last for years.

There is a good chance that you will find this fact intriguing. You see, these roller skaters are appreciated by skaters of expert level because of its high-rebound Urethane wheels.

The nylon-reserved kingpin plates are designed to stay durable for as long as it can get so you don’t have to change your roller skates over and over, which happens to be the case with regular skating equipment. Their wheels cannot stand again the constant friction applied on them with every passing days, thus ending up getting cranky even when the boots themselves still seem to be in good condition

But there is a limited option for colors because the RW Wave only comes in two simple tones black and white. We do not really mind this actually as they go well with all choices of outfits and styles. But this plain design may be real downer those after something a little bit unique.

Epic Super Nitro Purple Speed Skates

Epic Super Nitro Purple Speed SkatesEpic Super Nitro speed skates satisfy people who fancy both quality and reliability in an affordable product. This product utilizes the classic speed skate design with comfortable padded boots. If you are parents and grandparents who have little children, you can give Epic skate as birthday gifts to them. Surely they will jump for joy!.

ABEC 5 bearings give the precision speed, but only that. Now, there is a common misconception that good speed is equal to high speed, and you really should just pay it no mind. These roller skaters are not designed to dash with the velocity that can set the street on fire. So, if you are looking for that, sorry to disappoint!

But here is some decent stuff you would be into. Super Nitro wheels are polyurethane compounds so that you will find it easy to transition from the local rink to the sidewalk for an outdoor skate.

It is especially intended for kids just starting with skating. The prospect that you are afraid of your children falling when they are skating is now just the past. The non-adjustable toe stop will solve this problem. So, you can let your little angels go play all by themselves while you tend to your all needs.

Chaya Melrose Quad Roller Skates

Chaya Melrose Quad Roller SkatesThese Chaya Melrose roller skates will definitely bring you back to the past in the period of the glorious Californian movement of the 70s. It will be much more suitable for young ladies and kids rather than men.

With a wide variety of fashionable colors, it goes without saying that these roller skates are going to bring a nice touch to your outfits. And it’s obvious to say that the Chaya Melrose looks and feels like a sneaker because of its fitting and comfortable design.

The boots are high-quality interior padding and able to make you feel at ease. The Aja plate is fiberglass reinforced plastic standard mounting with PU cushion 88A that brings a sense of smoothness.

The soft wheels also contribute to a smooth ride and propel 61 x 78mm, 78A. Moreover, the wicked bearings have ABEC 7 chrome steel ball and classic round fixed toe stop.

Riedell Quad Speed Skates

Riedell Quad Speed SkatesRiedell skate is especially suitable for those who have strong personalities. The design has 4 ombre colors and is more outstanding than other skates. These quad roller skates using synthetic leather creates a breathable, durable skate boot.

It’s pretty solid owing to the aluminum base plate with a 10-degree kingpin angle. The dart speed wheels 62 x 40mm with 93A hardness provides the right amount of grip. As a result of the sealed ABEC 5 bearings, you can ride as smoothly as possible.

Riedell always designs its products with safety in mind. While skating, you will be secured by a low, snug-fit-around the-ankle Velcro cinch strap. For optimal support, the plate has a high-impact die-cast aluminum with strong metal trucks.

In conclusion

All the above roller skates are under $200, if you are on a tight budget, then no doubt about it, they are going to fit the bill. But for a more objective look, the best way is to go to the roller skates shops to see the products you want in reality. Of course, you will have to accept all features of these skates because this article emphasizes on affordable prices.

Don’t get us wrong, they do not exactly follow the “the cheapest is the dearest” and “price is equivalent to quality”, but yeah, they are not as decent as some of the more expensive ones. But hey, what can you expect more from unde $200 models?

Anyway, you are as busy as a bee that can not come to the store, this list completely helps you choose the suitable one for you. In any case, consider sharing this list with your friends who need it or direct them to search ‘Top 7 cheap outdoor roller skates’ on the internet. Nothing is going to please them more than this!

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