Best Cheap Paddle Boards for Tight Budgets

Everybody wants a good-quality product. And we understand you may wonder if you should buy an inexpensive paddle board or not. Because cheap things come with risk, right?

But do you know that prices of inflatable paddle boards can range from affordable to high-end investment?

And there are a lot of budget stand-up paddleboard (SUPs) with high quality out there.

A low-cost inflatable SUP can totally be the right choice if you do not want to spend much on a quality SUP package but still enjoy this hobby as an invoice.

Although most of the budget-friendly models are all-purpose, they are still different in length, width, thickness, capacity, and design.

But calm down! Why so overwhelmed when we are here to help you? We will suggest the best cheap paddle boards on the market so that you can choose the right one for yourself.

Top 5 Best Cheap Paddle Boards

Best Paddle Board for Beginer

Our Choice of Best Products

If you are ready, let’s have a look at some high-quality and low-cost SUPs below:

Pathfinder Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Pathfinder Inflatable Stand Up Paddle BoardThe first position belongs to the Pathfinder inflatable all-around paddle board.

With the length of 9 feet and 9 inches, the board will be suitable for every paddler with all skills, from beginners to professionals. But I feel that it perfectly fits youngsters and young adults.

Also, you will enjoy the benefits from a thickness of 5 inches. It does not only ensure that you will be high above the water level but also helps the board to oppose central pressure, which often makes thinner boards to bend at the center.

What about durability? The sturdy PVC material and robust multi-layer drop stitch construction will improve the board’s strength and withstand harsh situations. And to make you more stable for paddling and perform a better movement, the product also comes with an anti-skid area.

However, if you are a bigger rider, you may find it difficult to keep stable.

Especially, you can transport anything with ease because it has bungee for your cargo and a D-ring to attach your leash.

So, inflate the board up and enjoy your ride. This rigid PathFinder is inflatable; therefore, it is super easy to transport and store.

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Vilano Journey Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board

Vilano Journey Paddle BoardLike the Pathfinder, the Vilano Journey is ideal for everybody regardless of skill levels. When not inflated, it rolls to 1 foot in diameter so that you can carry it with ease. And when inflated, it will be stable and robust like a hard SUP.

It is designed for all weather and water conditions like the lake, ocean, lake, or river runs. So, go out there and surf anywhere you want to have fun!

Thanks to the diamond groove traction, you can have a comfortable grip. And it also features seven heavy-duty D rings and a bungee enabling you to carry more cargo or attach kayak seat backrest.

But the D rings on the side may annoyingly get in the way.

And we think this choice will help you save a lot of money because it comes with a full set of these following items: a three-piece aluminum paddle, a pump with integrated pressure gauge for inflating the board, a removable fin, and a backpack.

If you are on a budget and finding a paddle board kit of a backpack, a pump, and a paddle, the Vilano Journey is what you are looking for.

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Goplus 10’ Inflatable Paddle Board

Goplus Paddle BoardAnother multi-function paddle board for you to choose. The deck pad has been extended to the tail of the board so that you can do more activities like yoga or fishing.

When buying the SUP, you can also get all necessary items like a hand pump, backpack for easy transportation, repair kit, lightweight paddle, and one removable fin providing more stability so that you can perform well even in the surf and flat water.

But according to our experience, the paddle is not very good.

Besides other features like a bungee and D-rings, it comes with a nose-mounted carry handle, which is convenient for transport along the coast.

You may worry about getting unsteady when standing on the board.

But this problem will not happen because the Goplus SUP is extra durable. Made with the Drop-stitch construction and suitable for riders up to 265 lbs, it promises to serve you for a long time.

In general, there are no problems with this SUP. It is stable even for beginners and can make bigger riders feel comfortable.

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FunWater Inflatable 10’6×33″×6″ Ultra-Light SUP

FunWater Inflatable Stand Up Paddle BoardLook at this gorgeous and fashionable paddle board. The highlight of this product is the brand new ultra-light construction with dual-layer PVC, which is 35% lighter than similar products. This additional PVC layer of the board’s rails has also strengthened the board’s durability.

Besides, the board also features a soft non-slip scrapping-resistant EVA deck pad makes it both people and pet-friendly.

So, we can say that it is suitable for all skill levels and water conditions. The maximum capacity is impressive, up to 300 lbs.

With the length of 10 feet 6 inches and a width of 33 inches, the board can provide excellent glides for cruising, fitness, yoga, fishing, and exploring lakes and oceans.

And of course, you can also have a surfing kit with necessary items while buying this product. It includes a high-pressure pump, backpack, adjustable aluminum paddle, leash, repair tool, waterproof bag, and three removable fins for high balance ability.

However, the board does not seem to track well chiefly in waves or wind.

With only 17.6 lbs, the FunWater SUP is super lightweight but still gives you high quality of durable materials.

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Goplus 11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Goplus 11 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle BoardIf you do not like the Goplus 10’ model, you can try this longer board with a size of 11’. The 11’ one will be more stable on flat water in all conditions. This paddle board has a maximum capacity of 265 pounds so that you can bring another person on the board with you at the same time, or take your pet for the ride.

Basically, except the size, there is nothing different from the Goplus 10’ above. It is made of military-grade drop stitch material with an extra soft EVA foam deck pad, has a removable fin and a four-pointed mounted bungee to store the gear.

It is also worth your investment because it comes as a complete kit, including an aluminum paddle.

However, it does not seem to float very well if you drop it down.

The Goplus 11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is just like a longer version of the Goplus 10’, and all the features are just the same.

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Uenjoy Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Uenjoy Inflatable Stand Up Paddle BoardThis Uenjoy model has a standard size (10’ long, 30” wide and 6’ thick) to improve balance and stability when you are standing on it. And it takes you only 10 minutes to inflate the board to 15 PSI, and you will have a super rigid board. The high-pressure cylinder and comfy handle will save your energy while you are inflating the board.

It will be easier for you to restore the SUP because the bag zippers unzip on the side.

To make water flow more powerful and the board run more smoothly, the SUP features a fin design at the bottom.

With this board, your safety is a priority. The non-slip deck will reduce any potential accidents; meanwhile, the anti-slip handles ensure steady running. And remember to adjust stroke to the correct height to make your surfing experience more pleasant.

Besides, the board comes with four stainless-steel D-rings with pull rope to prevent potential falling.

So, you can use this lightweight and resilient paddle board for any activities during your excursion: yoga, cruising, fishing, or surfing.

But if you are a professional rider, you may not be satisfied with only the basics.

The Uenjoy Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is so safe to ride, and the handle will help to reduce any accident or mishap. If you are a beginner, it is a worthy choice.

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UBOWAY Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

UBOWAY Inflatable Stand Up Paddle BoardTo remain the world-class quality of inflatable SUPs, the manufacturer chooses the number one material to make paddle boards – military-grade PVC material. Also, the drop stitch technology is a technique that connects all layers of the board tightly to ensure there will be no error happening.

About the performance, the board is very stable, and riders up to 275 lbs can ride it comfortably.

But if you prefer an amazingly high speed to race it, this is not a wise choice.

That is simply because this product is designed for recreational purposes, like yoga or fishing.

Like other products above, this SUP is also equipped with full accessories, like an aluminum paddle, pump with gauge, rope, fin, repair tool, and backpack to help you handle all situations.

Especially, the pad can cover half the board’s back so that you can paddle through water in the most comfortable way without slipping it or getting tired.

Another feature is the central carry handle, enabling you to carry the board with ease by only one hand, no matter how large it is. We always love portable products!

And thanks to four D-rings and a bungee, you can attach items like a kayak seat if you want to sit while paddling or do some workouts.

In general, it is hard to find severe cons with this product. Everyone can be satisfied with it.

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ANCHEER Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 10′

ANCHEER Inflatable Stand Up Paddle BoardAnother SUP with a standard size! This product can take up to 240 pounds. The time to inflate it is much shorter, just less than 5 minutes and the time for deflation is 3 minutes.

It is portable, lightweight to carry, easy to store and transport. You do not have to take much energy to transport it.

The manufacturer has also prepared for you a package of all necessary items: a dual action pump, three-piece paddle, removable fin, repair tools, and wrench valve.

Other SUP with similar prices usually have a single fin. But this model is equipped with a tri fin design to keep you right on track. And we will consider it a big plus point.

It is built with an inner core, then a PVC layer construction, with dual-layered sides, making it more durable. But bigger riders may feel a little flex. Other features are just like the above products.

However, the paddle seems heavy, which may make you feel tired while paddling for a long time. And the bag included is made of pretty thin materials. But that is really not a considerable con.

The good-quality pump and tri-fin design are the highlights of the product. The performance is just fine, worth your budget.

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Goplus Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Latest Inkjet Process Anti-Fading

Goplus Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Latest InkjetThis model has full features like other Goplus products: double-layer PVC construction, good friction EVA, ease of inflation and deflation, and so on.

What will you get when buying this? It is easy to use and pump, and also portable so that you can bring with you anywhere. You will not have to take too much time and energy to inflate or deflate it.

It is kind of stable on the water, too.

Also, there are lots of patterns for you to choose, like bikini girl, stars and stripes, or waves, depending on your own styles.

But, the locking system could have been better.

If you like a more fashionable model, it is for you.

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Things to Look For When Buying A Cheap Paddle Board

Buying A Cheap Paddle BoardHowever, there are still points you need to look for carefully before buying a low-cost SUP.


Firstly, you have to accept that it is normal if a low-budget SUP may not come with a warranty.

The reason is simple. It will be more likely to show signs of low quality over time so that manufacturers may hesitate to put a warranty on products like that. So, it depends a lot on how you take care of it.

Luckily, every product on this list has a warranty. So, do not worry about that much.


If you know more about the product, you can have a better choice. But normally, only basic specifications, like size and capacity, are pointed out.

That is because they hesitate to mention the wrong sides of their products so that a beginner will not confuse buying. Or simply, it is not tested carefully.

Seller and Brand

Besides the famous brands on the market, there are also many untraceable companies producing cheap SUPs. So make sure you buy them from a reliable distributor and brand.

To Sum Up

Anyway, a cheap inflatable stand-up paddle board still serve your needs if you want to save your budget and only use your board only a couple of times. Seriously, if you intend to use it often, buying a cheap product is not a wise choice.

And especially, if you are a beginner and not sure what to look for, you can try these products first.

Do not forget to check a few things like the seller and brand, warranty, and necessary documents before buying it.

We wish you can choose your desired cheap paddle boards! Thank you for reading and please share it with your friend if you like our article.

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