Go Skateboarding Day Tournament: Let’s Check Out The Best Skate Shoes

Do you remember that we have witnessed many memorable drops of the super skateboarding shoes like Nike SB’s pizza-themed Janoski or Skate Mental? Along with these changes, we also see the new releases of cheap skate shoes of many brands.

If you are a skate player, it is important that you choose pairs of quality sports accessories to overcome all challenges. Attending the tournament always requires you to choose high quality and durable skate shoes to enjoy the play.

In today’s article, let’s check out how the race of new release brands of cheap skate shoes against giants like Nike is going on. These giants constantly surprise you by their collections because of their huge expenses on R&D and advertisement as well.

So, keep on reading now.

Types of Skate Shoes

Types of Skate ShoesThe answer is 4 types.

There are four different types of skateboarding shoes to match with your style:

  • Low-top
  • Mid-top
  • High-top
  • Slip-ons

Even if when you do not have your skate shoes in your mind, you probably have an idea of what shoe-types you desire to look for.

Low tops are the skate shoes which have typical low-profile. They have a medium height of crew-socks. Some brands best-known for this type are Vans Authentic and Keds.

This type of shoes has a simple and lightweight design. Owing to the shape, they can’t provide tons of ankle support. The users generally wear premium insoles to feel cushioning and dampening comfort.

Mid-tops are a little bit higher than the low-tops. Your weight mainly gather at just-below position of your ankle bone. Some typical model at mid-top range are Nike Sb and Ethnies models.

This type of shoes provide the perfect support among other types which are low and high-tops. It means that they provide a bit more stability and greater support but not as much as the high type. Let’s practice to check for yourself.

High-top are the ones which fully cover your ankle or the cinch area which is the joint between calf and ankle. Chuck All-stars is the well-known brand for this type of skate shoes.

The stability and padding this type of shoes provide for the ankle make them awesome. People shall feel warmer and a little bit harder for feet breathability in the summer though.

And, what’s about the final type?

That is Slip-ons. They are laceless shoes that you literally feel sliding at your foot when you move.they are considered as one type of the low-top shoes. Van classics is very famous as this type of shoes.

So, what are the differences among these profiles? They are the length and inclusion of laces. The final type stated above is the only one without laces. The 3 others similarly come up the ankle or leg.

In addition to the style, there are some important factors that users should consider when looking for the best-suited shoes. One of these factors is the sole. Let’s check out different types of soles come out now.

Main Types of Skate Shoes’ Soles

Main Types of Skate Shoes’ SolesDo you note that life with outdoor activity like skateboarding is so exciting? Thus, the lifetime of our skate shoes is very brutal as shoes play an essential role in skateboarding. They should be designed for protecting us from rapid degradation or experiencing the fear of losing your tournament.

Soles of skate shoes come with us in two main styles. They are changed toward heavier defense capacity against the impact and better control of technical tricks.

VULCANIZED: These skate shoes are slimmer and more comparable to casual shoes. Being characterized by less weight, thinner soles, greater flexibility, skate men are offered with ideal feeling while performing many technical flip tricks using this kind of shoes.

CUPSOLES: These shoes are designed to protect users from severe impacts on the heels. Thus, these are characterized with thick soles and heavily padded tongue to increase the control capacity.

Why do We Have to Choose the Proper Sport Shoes with High Quality?

Choose the Proper Sport Shoes with High QualityIn any rides, skate players must be in a flexible position to change their whole body movement to manage the balance of the skateboard. The more flexibility of the skate shoes, the more motions and speed we can perform.

Besides, the skate men can only enjoy the play when they feel comfortable at their joints and ankles. To ensure these important factors, the sports men must choose the proper skateboards, especially longboards.

Almost every skateboarders choose premium skate shoes with high quality material and alluring look.

Reading to this section, you are certainly wondering that are there any brands of skate shoes can satisfy those above requirements with low price, right?

2018-2020 is a good period for skate shoes, in which they are enhanced with many different styles and structures from a wide array of brands throughout the year.

Now, keep on following the review of some cheap skate shoes that we carefully select from customers’ recommendations. The below cheap skate shoes are manufactured to secure players against traction and falling.

Title Best for Sole
DC Men’s Pure Action Sport Sneaker Personalization Rubber
DC Men’s Trase TX Unisex Skate Shoe Simplicity Fabric
C1RCA AL50 Adrian Lopez Lightweight Insole Skate Shoe Fashionista Rubber
Adidas Performance Men’s Adi-Ease Skate Shoe Durability Rubber
Globe Men’s Mahalo Skate Shoe Active and fashionable skate men Synthetic
The North Face Allure Classic ones Rubber
DC Women’s Nyjah High Skate Shoe New technology Rubber
Globe Men’s Tilt Skateboard Shoe,Black/Grey/White TPR,9.5 M US Unique design Synthetic
Nike Men’s Stefan Janoski Canvas Skate Shoe Ankle support capacity Synthetic
Heelys Launch Skate Shoe New experience Rubber

DC Men’s Pure Action Sports Shoe – Best for personalization

DC Men’s Pure Action Sports ShoeDC Men’s Pure Action Sports shoe is characterized by a manly appearance coming in shape and color. They provide skate players enough factors for performance and winning.

It’s durable leather that help the users can see feet during the skate time. Their padded foam tongue, collar, and wrap structure support all actions.

Thus, the player can feel not only comfortable but also satisfied for its eye-catching appearance and durability when playing skate.


  • Different sizes and colors available
  • Eye-catching appearance
  • Compacted design


  • Some traditional features in the design

DC Men’s Trace TX Unisex Skate Shoe – Best for those who like simplicity

DC Men's Trace TX Unisex Skate ShoeThis skate shoe is classic premium textile footwear for both men and women. Fairly speaking, this type gives a new look to skate men.

Its construction has a durable canvas upper, foam padded collar, and clean vamp. With the Eva insole and the outsole made of abrasion-resistance sticky rubber, this shoe is ideal for skateboarders.

With high-quality material, this shoe helps offer soft, stable and durable feeling when using.


  • Cheap and affordable price
  • Unique color


  • Traditional and rigid design

C1RCA Men’s AL50-PC Skate Shoe – Best for fashionable ones

C1RCA Men's AL50-PC Skate ShoeThe features of C1RCA categorize itself as low-rise skate shoes. This model is provided with the triple-stitched toe reinforcement and a wraparound sole with toe bumper. They are equipped to provide stability and secure safety for skatemen.

Besides, padded tongue and collar help users deliver their performance with comfortability. The breathable mesh tongue is designed to get air in and out sufficiently to restrict irritations like itchy or wet.

On the outside, Adrian Lopez signature is also printed as the own brand remark for this skate shoes model.


  • Cheap and durable


  • Bad design and appearance

Adidas Performance Men’s Adi-Ease Skate Shoe – Best for durability

Adidas Performance Men's Adi-Ease Skate ShoeThis Adidas Performance Men’s Adi-Ease skate shoe is made from suede with the rubber outsole. The manufacturer is confident with its durability.

Another deserved feature of this shoe is the premium quality of suede. Many skate men chooses this footwear for their important performance day because they feel confident and comfortable.


  • Sporty looking
  • Durable


  • Few colors for choosing

Globe Men’s Mahalo Skate Shoe – Best for active and fashionable skate men

Globe Men's Mahalo Skate ShoeThis shoe has a sleek and laid back to help users to be inspired and stay fresh. It is recommended for both skateboarding and street-wearing.

With the upper canvas and closure lace design, this shoe is perfectly fit. The rubber outsole allows skate men to maintain balance when moving on their skates.


  • Cheap price
  • Different and gentle colors available


  • Rigid design

The North Face Allure – The best for the classic ones

The North Face AllureThis canvas lining skate shoe, North Face Allure, is designed with a cushioned insole for reinforced ability and shock absorption. They are also designed with an indulgent yet laid back style to maximize comfortable feelings of users.

They provide padded collars for good support, flexibility, and pose. The light collar and tongue also secure all the foot length for skate men. This shoe is one of the most popular sports shoes at this time.


  • Stylish and unique design
  • Reputable brand with high durability


  • Medium-level price

DC Women’s Nyjah High Skate Shoe – Best for those who like new technology

DC Women's Nyjah High Skate ShoeWe are once again going to talk about one more model from DC which is considered as the brand of super cheap skate shoes. But, is there any other advantages of this model?

DC brand did a pretty a good job in serving the “seasonal hobby” of women. They increase durability and personality features with contrast collars as well as tonal laces for women. Everyone must be impressed with you when taking on this model.

Besides this, the impact G absorption technology can contribute a considerable part in providing improved board feel for users.

Reading up this section, are there any shoes you decide to choose for your collection?
If yet, going on.

Globe Men’s Tilt Skateboard Shoe – Best for those who like the unique design

Globe Men's Tilt Skateboard ShoeThis model has molded thermoplastic rubber with a unique design. According to some sayings, this Globe Men’s model is iconic for those who like the sporty style.

Integrated with synthetic sole and heel measures approximately 2, this shoe maintains their capacity of ankle support.

Globe S-Trac for ultimate grip and flexibility is a special feature to provide users the high fit capacity. The padded tongue and collar help protect the users’ joints and ankles.


  • Compacted and unique design
  • High durability


  • Somehow heavy when taking on

Nike Men’s Stefan Janoski Canvas Skate Shoe – Best for ankle support capacity

Nike Men's Stefan Janoski Canvas Skate ShoeWhile we are on the topic of ankle support, let’s check out the high-top item in the list. That is Nike Men’s Stefan Janoski Canvas.

It might not be the best looking skate shoe on the market since its design is mainly catered to skating. But above all, that is balance and function ability reminds everyone about this model.

Nike Men’s Stefan is made from synthetic and leather. It is also equipped with rubber sole. This structure saves the herringbone from fraction pattern when boarding. With high breathability, the players never feel the sweats exceeding in their feet.


  • Eye-catching design
  • High durability


  • So simple
  • “Poor” in color variety

Heelys Launch Skate Shoe – Best for those who like the new experience

Heelys Launch Skate ShoeWe couldn’t finish this top 10 without a newly born brand from Heelys Launch. Even considering the market now, some individuals are still daring in selecting this new brand for the experience.

With a basic design, neat and simple details, this shoe is deserved to join the list.

This low-top sneaker is also featured with lace-up vamp and striped midsole to effectively fasten players’ feet.

The outsole keep players balanced on the skateboard. You should feel fresh and comfortable when using this powerful and lightweight shoe.


  • Simple but unique design
  • High durability


  • Less durability than others

Final lines

We are all acknowledged that we have to select the quality shoes for supporting our performance and health. Among the “forestry” variations from Adidas, Nike, Converse, Jordan and so on, should we try other less reputable brands?

It bases on our hobbies and desire. Some people prefer quality material and get acquainted with the classic design of “giant” brands. However, as explained in the article, newcomers and arrivals of other cheap brands are more and more popular with high quality and affordable price.

Consider again, why not? We hope that after reading through all ten product reviews, you are running to the store and choosing the best but cheap skate shoes included in the recommended list as above. That’s sound great, let’s enjoy!

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