How to Choose the Perfect Longboard for You

How to Choose the Perfect Longboard for YouBuying a new Longboard might be a scary as well as unfamiliar process. It is very important, especially for a newbie. You should choose the one which can bear your body weight and keep balanced.

Sometimes people purchase boards only for its outlook or take suggestions from an inexperienced rider. But, it is not a wise decision at all. You should take some time to carry out some research as well as talk with the people who is experienced. Your local store also can help you to find out the best Longboard for you and possibly can make your riding experience five times better. Choose the one that fits your body type and it will obviously ensure better performance.

Here are some tips for you in which you will find all the important information to select the right Longboard for you.


If you are a newbie, you need to look for wider shaped boards available in the market because they offer better stability, control, balance and momentum. Commonly, the decks of a Longboard are about 39 inches or above.

Pintail shape is also good for beginners. Flat nose competitors feel secure with these boards even at a very high speed. Longboards with rounded kick-tail are much better to cruise around. Thus, when choosing a Longboard you should consider its shape.


Different sizes of Longboards are good for different types of places. These are as follows-

  • 1-89 cm: Good for riding in urban areas, tricks and slalom
  • 90-110 cm: Good for all places (depending on the size)
  • Over 110 cm: Good for cruising and side walking.


Along with the sizes and shapes its consistency is also a matter. Wooden decks offer better grip than those made from fiberglass, aluminium or plastic. No matter what is your longboarding style, a suitable grip is really important for secure riding. So, it will be a great choice if you consider buying wooden boards for riding.


dloadSmaller types of Longboards are good for professional skateboarding stunts and tricks.  However, it is possible to perform tricks with a concave shape board, when constructed with smaller wheels. A fully assembled Longboard available in the market will be more cost-effective compared to buying specific components like wheels, decks, bearings, etc.


Types of bearing is also a matter to consider a lot. There are different types of bearings available for sale in the market. Steel ball bearings are most commonly used in Longboards because they are cheaper than ceramic bearings. But, if you want lightweight, good quality and long lasting bearing then you should choose the ceramic bearings.

There are a great number of options available in the market or some other online stores, from that you will definitely find the right board for you and enjoy the skateboarding. Before choosing a Longboard, ensure that you are purchasing the right shape and size. Also review all the different kinds of boards and their specifications before spending on them. Enjoy your skateboarding on the best possible Longboard! Read more about finding a cheap Longboard in the next article.

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