Choosing a Good Downhill Longboard

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A Downhill Longboard is mainly used to ride down the hill at a very high-speed. Longboarders use Reverse Kingpin Trucks (RKP) and that makes it easily controllable.

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Body of the Article
The popularity of longboarding is increasing day by day. This is a very enjoyable ride for racers. This is also considerably an act which can help you to be famous by performing some of the greatest stunts. Downhill racing is filled with fun, but you have to be conscious about things like movement, sliding, speed control and some other obstacles during riding. These obstacles can be minimized my using a good Downhill Longboard.

The modern technology has discovered that broad trucks, lengthy decks, and some other advanced components are very important for longboarding. Also, different Companies have different types of components. You have to choose the one which is best fit for you to achieve maximum pleasure in longboarding. Here I am discussing some very important things you need to consider when choosing a Downhill Longboard.

Deck Selection

The deck is a great factor for a pleasant or enjoyable longboard riding. So the decks should be chosen very carefully.

Deck Style

A good downhill longboard is consist of two styles of decks, first one is drop-through, and the other one is top-mount, both are suitable for all types of riders. Each of these has stiffer boards, considering that their decks are tougher and harder than the common types of longboard’s decks available for sale.

Drop-Through Style

In the drop-through style, the curve of the deck is much deeper. Since the center of gravity is low, the board can take a great load and provide great balance to the rider during longboarding. The longboard is near to the ground and that also gives more stability rather than slip from the board. This board is specially fit for the beginners. You can start your first riding by the style!

There are some disadvantages of this style. While cornering or turning back, they are not well controllable. Gripping is also hard to do with these type of longboard. For that reason freeriding is very important with this drop-through style.

Top-Mount Style

Advanced riders will be benefited with this style of downhill boards. It offer better speed control and grip than the other style. But, these types are only preferable for the experienced and skilled rider because only experienced riders will be able to distinguish between the power of the deck and its counterpart. If you ask me then I will say that the top-mount decks are much better than drop-through style.

Top-Mount StyleTop-Mount Style

Deck Dimension

For a downhill longboard, the suitable range of the length is from 37 to 43″. A shorter deck is usually unstable at a very high-speed and a longer deck is will need great controlling ability. For the beginners, the longer decks are suitable because they have less control on the speed of a longboard. If you are confused about the matter then you can choose length between 40 to 41”. The ranges of width from 9” to 10.5″ is most common for a downhill longboard and it is acceptable.

It is not easy task to choose a good downhill longboard. But, if you read the above information then you will be able to choose the best one for you! Read more about the ways of surfing in the next article.

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