Choosing The Right Skimboard: What is the best for you?

Choosing the right skimboard will give you the knowledge you need to buy a good skimboard. Surfing today is becoming more and more popular, and standing on the waves and playing with them is always one of the most wonderful feelings. This article will guide you to the best skimboard for any level you are standing.

How Many Types Of Skimboard?

The first thing that we want to introduce to you is four kinds of skimboards:


ShortboardShortboard is also known as a thruster. This is one of the most popular surfboard designs with high performance. This skimboard is suitable for immediate and advanced players because it can perform quick movements on the waves. The size of these thrusters is usually from about 5’8” to 6’10” long.


LongboardLongboard or Malibu is a skimboard made for everyone, especially for beginners. You can perform with a longboard on any kind of waves, this is really useful when you can take it to any beach.

The clearly difference from shortboard is that the nose of longboard is rounded, not as sharp as a shortboard. This board has a length of 7’2” to 9’0” and Malibu has 9’0” long or more.

Fish Board

Fish BoardFish board is the third kind of skimboard that we want to show you. The shape of a fish board is very similar to a shortboard with a fish-like tail, but it has a smaller length. And manufacturers have increased the width of fish board, making its shape look more rounded. Fish board has a length between 4’8’’ and 6’0’’.

This skimboard looks pretty cute and works very well on small waves, but it is not as easy to surf as a longboard. Because of its shorter length, fish board’s stability is also a bit less than that of other skimboards. So, fish board is suitable for immediate level.

Gun Board

Gun BoardGun board is the bigger version of shortboard. Gun board is built for surfing in large waves areas. Due to the great length of the board, you will be able to paddle on larger waves.

Gun Board can be from 7’2’’ to over 12’’ in length. It has the dominant length and narrow width with two heads all pointed. In addition, to decrease wobble, designers have added an extra thickness to gun boards.

Size Of Skimboard

Size Of SkimboardThe next thing that may interest you is how to choose a skimboard that fits your body measurements. We offer you a table that will help you to choose the best size for your weight.

Otherwise, if you want to know more about skimboard dimensions, you will want to take a look at the table below.

Price Of Skimboard

This is a difficult question to answer as the quality of the skimboard will determine the price.

In fact, more expensive skimboards are usually made of better materials, more durability, and give you a better experience. If you want to own one of this, expect to pay about $100 or more.

However, if your budget is limited, you can own a skimboard with the price range between $40 and $90.


BrandsWe’re gonna show you some famous brands of skimboard in the world.

  • Exile
    Exile is a company in the USA. They have been producing skimboard since 2002 and now become one of the most popular brands in the world. They make boards that have outstanding durability and high aesthetics. The average price to buy an Exile skimboard is $300.
  • Victoria
    Victoria is another brand from the USA, existed since 1976. You will find artistic skimboards in Victoria with an average price of about $350.
  • Zap
    Zap has been selling skimboard worldwide since 1983. These skimboard are uniquely handcrafted in Florida, making skimboard really special.
  • Grape
    Grape is a brand that was introduced just almost 20 years ago. This is a short period of time but Grape has been proven to be a brand that produces quality skimboard. The price to own a Grape skimboard is around $400.

Choosing The Right Skimboard For Each Level

In this part, we would introduce to you some tips to choose the right skimboard for your level because some skimboards are suitable for beginners, and others are suitable for experienced people.


BeginnerIf you’re a beginner, the most important aspect you may find in a skimboard is the ease of control. A longboard is one of an ideal choices and you should choose a medium sized skimboard.

Choose a skimboard with pin shaped tail as it will help you stand upright while surfing and reduce your risk of falling into the water.

A cheaper skimboard might be a smart decision for your first time playing this sport because you don’t know whether you will stick with it in the long term or not.

Experience Level

Experience levelFor people who already have experience in surfing, choosing the right skimboard becomes a little more complicated. Since you will consider all the elements of a skimboard, sometimes this process takes a lot of time. But it totally depends on your purpose when playing this sport

You may consider skimboard dimensions with your weight. Because a skimboard that fits your body gives you more fluid and beautiful surfing moves.

Durability should also be another priority. A sturdy skimboard will follow you for a long time and withstand continuous frequencies.

You should also choose products with famous brands, it may be more expensive but give you a unique skimboard and a long-term warranty.


So that we have shown you how to choose an ideal skimboard for you. Choosing the right skimboard for your passion has never been easy, but we are sure that after reading this article, you will have a more detailed overview and make the right choice.

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