Most Comfortable Roller Skates For Newbies – An A-To-Z Guide

Skating as an outdoor exercise, why not? We are so glad that you choose this sport to improve your health and build your body. To help you to have the greatest skating experience, we will bring you the most comfortable roller skates.

Wearing these, you surely will not have to worry about getting injuries or hurting yourself while skating.

Sounds great, isn’t it? Then what are you waiting for? Scroll down now!

Our Pick of The Most Comfortable Roller Skates 2020

Here are the top 5 worth-buying options for you to consider. Check out right away to find the most comfortable roller skates!

Skates – R3 by Riedell

Riedell Skate – R3 – Quad Roller SkateWe will start with the skates made by Riedel. Having a high quality at a reasonable cost, this R3 should be put on your top buying list.

As these skating shoes have ABEC-5 ball bearings, they only provide the smoothest roll for you. Have a look under the skates, and you will see that these steel bearings are all polished. Is this thing enough for you to use these skates as a fashion accessory?

Besides, this roller equipment also has a great lace system to prevent you from slipping, good chances are that you can keep balanced well using them.

If you worry that your feet can not fit these shoes, then just don’t. These skaters have a Velcro cinch strap, witch whichyou can modify to fit your own comfort.

On the flip side, there may be a little drawback to this item. The toe stops of these shoes are quite short that can not make a good feel for you to brake. Of course, it is not a big deal with advanced skaters. But if you are a fresher, you may first have to struggle with some small accidents.


  • The product is man-made
  • It is really durable
  • It has a simple design
  • It fits mostly all foot size


  • The toe stop is not big enough
  • It does not support heavy skaters

Final Verdict: If you often have problems with balancing, then you should give a chance for these skates to support you.

Stardust Glitter by Sure-Grip

Sure-Grip Roller SkateMoving on to the second item, let’s have a look at the Stardust Glitter by the brand Sure-Grip. Just by seeing the shoes’ style, you may already be impressed, aren’t you? But just stay calm, because here come many more great things about them.

The first thing we need to tell about this product is its versatility. No matter which terrain you skate on. From the wood, street on any surface, the shoes will always bring you the most comfortable feel.

On another side, these skates are well made and durable. Thus, they bring to your feet the softest feeling every time you wear them. In fact, you can have fun as long as you want, without concerning your feet to be hurt and blistered.

Coming back to the very first point, it is fair to say that these skates are really beautiful. Just like their name, this item is added with stardust glitter to shine and sparkle lovely. In addition, it comes in 4 bright colors for you to choose from.

As this product looks similar to the high heels, it may not attract the boy skaters. That can be a disadvantage for the male roller skating lovers because this product is really worth the money you pay for it.


  • It can support mostly all terrains
  • It has a pretty style
  • It comes in 4 colors for multiple choices


  • It does not attract the male skaters
  • The price is a little bit expensive

Final Verdict: We don’t need to tell much about this product because it is such a lovely item that every girl wants to have.

Beach Bunny by Moxi

Beach Bunny by MoxiComing up next is another product for female skaters. This time, there is no stardust glitter, but to be honest, these skates will still be a great wish of many girls. Let’s see what it has!

Because the girl’s feet are often small and weak, they should stay away from shocking. To support the feet, Beach Bunny are designed with ABEC-5 ball bearings to decrease the amount of friction, providing a smooth traveling for their owners. Not only that, but they also have special wheels to bring a soft feel to the foot sole.

In spite of the fact that there is no stardust glitter, but in contrast, these shoes are made with fresh and fun color, becoming a lovely accessory for your legs. If you want to compare these skates to the second item, we will say that it is a draw. Both are cute and worth purchasing.

Of course, the male skaters have missed another chance to try these beautiful wheel shoes. We have to say that they are really comfortable to use.


  • It has a great design
  • It comes in 3 different colors
  • It is simple to lace


  • It is not suitable for boys
  • It does not fit if your feet are big

Final Verdict: Based on the pretty style, this product takes a big love from the ladies and young girls.

Tuxedo Jam Skate by VNLA

Tuxedo Jam Skate by VNLAAs a male skater, you may be sad because you have missed two great products, right? But don’t worry because here comes a great item just for you. Say hello to the Tuxedo Jam Skate by VNLA!

With these wheel shoes, you can skate like a professional. Just trust us, you will have all you need for a roll. Speed, smoothness, coolness, skills, everything is included in the four sturdy wheels. All just to bring out the greatest experience for you!

As you ride these shoes at high speed, you may worry about breaking them down. But be assured because they are very durable. More specifically, the trucks are made of premium aluminum. The plate is made of high-quality nylon. And the surface of the skates is crafted of thick leather.

Additionally, this product is equipped with ABEC-9 steel bearings in order to support you to skate flexibly. To put in an example, when you turn your direction while riding, you will not have to lower your speed too much. Of course, if you take part in a roller-skating competition, this feature will definitely be an advantage!

Because the surface is from leather, you should not use it on rainy days. The mud and stain can easily touch on it, possibly making a stubborn flaw on the shoes’ style.


  • You can perform many skills with these shoes
  • It is durable
  • It provides a smooth ride
  • You can make a curve without decreasing too much speed


  • It can be dirty easily
  • The surface can be scratched if you don’t treat it with good care

Final Verdict: If you are going to take part in a skating competition, bring this item with you. It will be your best sidekick!

Rebel Roller Skates by Sure-Grip

Rebel Roller Skates by Sure-GripOur review can not be successfully completed without listing these comfortable skates. They are also made by the brand Sure-Grip. Reading their advantages, you may “fall in love” with them.

Have you ever gone skating with other roller skates for a while and then realize that the wheels are full of dirt? It is so disgusting, isn’t it? But these skates are not like so. Just try to put these on your feet and then try going skating. Believe us. There will be no gunk, no dirt, or no stains that can stick onto your wheels.

If you have wide feet, it is no big deal. Typically, if you wear new leather shoes, you will feel narrow and stiff. But these shoes are not like so. Right from the moment you unbox and put them on, you can already see how much soft your feet take. To be honest, it is hard to find other skates that can beat this product at that point.

Furthermore, if you are a beginner, you can learn skating with these skates easily. Due to the fact that they support balancing, turning, riding at high speed after you have done learning on how to skate, you can even continue to do skills!

Despite the softness at the feet, these skates may not be friendly to the ankles. The shoe rim around the ankles is quite hard that can hurt them if you ride for a long time.


  • It can prevent dirt from sticking on
  • It supports balancing, turning, speeding
  • It provides softness at feet


  • The shoe rim is hard

Final Verdict: If you need a pair of roller skates to learn skating, we recommend you to buy this one.

How To Choose The Most Comfortable Roller Skate?

To bring home the most comfortable roller skates, you should scrutinize these criteria before making your buying decision.

Style of the Skates

Style of the SkatesThere are two common styles of roller skates. One is a quad skates, the other one is inline skates. We will explain the differences between them right below.

Type of the Wheels

Type of the WheelsEach kind of roller skates has a different type of wheels. Remember to buy the right type, or else you may get unexpected accidents.

  • Quad Skates: The wheels are designed similarly to car wheels. The skates will have two wheels at the front and 2 of them at the back. That helps the children or beginners to keep the balance better.
  • Inline Skates: 4 wheels are in a line. They are made like so in order to support turning direction and increasing speed. If you need a product for professional purposes, you should put this one in your buying basket.

The Brake

The BrakeSimilar to choosing the type of wheels. Every pair of skates has a different kind of brake.

  • Quad Skates: You can see that there is a stop toe right under the front of your shoes. Every time you want to brake, just press your toes down, and the skates will stop right away.
  • Inline Skates: The brake is placed at the back of the skates. On the riding way, slope your feet toward your heels, and you will be able to stop.

Foot Size

Foot SizeIt is important to choose the right foot size. If the size is too big, you cannot control balancing. That leads to painful accidents, and surely you won’t want to get them. On the opposite side, a too-small pair of skates will not bring comfort to your feet.


BudgetOf course, the skates must suit your budget. If you don’t have much money, don’t attempt to get the expensive one. In fact, there are plenty of good roller skates that don’t cost an arm and a leg without compromising the skating quality.


Which Kind Of Roller Skates Are For Beginners?

As we have known, there are two types of roller skates. One is quad skates, and the other is inline skates. For beginners, we would like to recommend the quad skates because it supports users to keep balance better.

Which Outdoor Skates Are Good?

For outside use, you should take the R3 by brand Riedel. The skates can go well on many kinds of terrain. As a sequence, you will have a wonderful time along the streets, towns, and so on.

Am I Able To Do Roller Skating On Dirt Ground Or Grass?

Unfortunately no. The grass and dirt ground are not hard enough to support the wheels. As you skate on this terrain, you will be stuck and may fall down.

Is Roller-skating Difficult?

The answer is yes. But it is just a matter at the very beginning. After a time of practicing, what can we say, it is easy like taking candy from a baby.


This is the end of our review.

We hope that we have given you all information about the best roller skates. From now on, you will know which wheel shoes are the good fits for you.

For any question, please contact us at the comment below. We are always ready to solve your problems.

And now, we wish you to get the most comfortable roller skates for an amazing skating experience!

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