Why is DB longboard a best friend of every skateboarder?

Are you looking for an exciting outdoor activity after spending days on your smartphone? If the answer is “Yes” (desperately!), longboarding will be the best choice for you to release all the tensions and enjoy a great time of your life.

Longboarding is an effective form of physical exercise. Besides, users can save a considerable amount of money from traveling to nearby places for recreational purposes. But (there’s always a “but”) longboarding will lose the fun if you do not have a perfect longboard.

Selecting a suitable longboard has become a real challenge with numerous different types of brands on the market. That’s when DB Longboards come to the rescue and chase all those “headaches” of finding the best longboard brand away.

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What is DB Longboard?

Start From the Scratch: A History

A history DB LongboardBased in Washington State, DB Longboard is a private-owned and operated longboarding company. The company was founded in 2003 with three co-owners including Richard Docter, Bryce Hermansen and Tim Mackey.

Started from producing foam top longboards and flatland skimboards, DB Longboard underwent a decisive and significant development from a garage to a 2000-meter square barn. Working endlessly days and nights, the guys decided to pursue their passion and since then they never had to regret their decision.

In 2010, the 2000-meter barn became the past and a 6000-meter square shop located at South Seattle, WA is their glorious present and future. The ambition of “conquering” the world of longboard equipment of DB Longboard is just only a matter of time.

Their inspiration comes from the winding paved roads that surround the rugged and mountainous landscape of the Pacific Northwest. The whole DB crew is proud of their from-start-to-finish manufacture of skateboards, providing riders with the most outstanding and unique longboards.

Moreover, making use of sustainable material for skateboard is another big plus of DB Longboard. Thus, their longboard decks are designed to last! They try to reduce the effect on Mother Nature by integrating bamboo trees into many of their longboard products, as well as using non-toxic glue in the manufacturing process.

In addition, DB Longboard produces their decks by using the traditional 7 ply maple. If you are a big fan of longboarding, there is no reason that prevents you from “falling deeply in love” with DB longboards.

Their boards allow skateboarders to cruise down streets and hills effortlessly while staying stable and in control. Besides, colorful and unique patterns of DB decks will please even the most demanding riders.

If you don’t want to spend ages customizing and constructing your own longboard, DB has your back. Already assembled and ready for a ride, a complete DB Longboard is fully equipped with a deck, trucks, wheels, etc. Everything you need to do is take it out from the box and start your journey.

Meet the “Fathers” of DB Longboard

Meet the Fathers of DB LongboardAs mentioned earlier, DB Longboard was founded in 2003 Richard Docter, Bryce Hermansen and Tim Mackey. They devoted all their youth to longboarding and the hard work paid off with the birth of DB Longboard.

Started from the scratch, the guys have built up their own longboard “empire” and continued to achieve their lifetime goal, which is to manufacture the best and highest quality longboards for riders.

Moreover, they also succeeded in gathering a diverse and talented team working together as a family. This team includes all the people who are behind every ideas, designs, shapes, colors, etc and make all the dreams of owning a one-of-a-kind longboard come true.

Rest Assured With the Warranty of DB Longboard

Rest Assured With the Warranty of DB LongboardThe ultimate goal of every team member working for DB Longboard is developing the best skateboards. The satisfaction of customers is the company’s number one priority. All skateboard products sold to the market must undergo a rigorous and thorough inspection process to ensure there are no errors, even the smallest.

However, nothing is perfect! But there is no need to stress out over an unsatisfactory longboard. The reasonable, effective and timely warranty regime of DB Longboard will soon get you back on track.

DB Longboards ensure that within 90 days of purchasing date, they will provide free repairs and replacements to any items marked as “Defective”. After 90 days, they also commit to repair and replace “Defective” approved items in the maximum duration of 12 months as long as the customers agree to pay for the replacement freight.

For more information on the detailed criteria for longboard, truck, and wheel product replacement and the simple instructions for submitting a warranty claim, please visit their main website to receive immediate support.

Reassure With the Return and Exchange Policy

Reassure With the Return and Exchange PolicyDB Longboards will return all goods in new condition with price tags attached. They only require you to be responsible for return shipping. The shipping charges will be subtracted from the refund.

The refund will be processed once goods are received under the new condition with appropriately issued RMA, standing for Returned Merchandise Authorization.

These following orders are not eligible for return and exchange policy of DB Longboard:

  • Customized goods
  • Used items
  • Items without proof of purchase
  • Clearance items
  • Orders over 30 days
  • 2nd item
  • Purchases processed with Gift cards

Who Should Use this Brand?

The targeted customers of DB Longboard vary, from beginner and amateur players to professional ones. Considering which group you belong to depends mostly on three basic criteria – purpose, longboarding style, and skill.

Even though having worked out your purpose, style and skill of longboarding, you still find yourself dealing with difficulties of finding the right longboards, especially with beginners. But there is no need to worry!

DB Longboard has done a thorough research and comes up with a detailed guide for every type of customers. This guide will be of great assistance in providing necessary information about different types of longboards and releasing you from the stress of choosing the right one.

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First-time Buyer’s Guide

First-time buyers guide“What am I going to do?” or “How to select the right longboard?” are probably the two most common questions of first time users. If you are not familiar with this exciting sport, you will probably seek for a useful guide to “How to buy the first longboard”. Lucky you! DB Longboard has created a simple yet in-depth guide to assist beginners in speeding up the process and getting you right on board in no time.

  • You are a beginner in longboarding and there still a lot of skills, tricks and techniques to learn. Or simply you want to play safe first. A Cruiser and Carver is the type of longboards that you should go after because it’s a perfect design for carving down gentle hills or getting from A to B.
  • After getting a little bit familiar with the board, you may want to become more adventurous and performance oriented. A Freeride or Downhill board will become your new best friend in learning how to slide or freeride.
  • A drop-through with a special hole cut at the truck mounting location creates a small distance between the board and the ground, allowing riders to push the board much easier.
    It also concentrates on lowering your center of gravity and reducing the leverages put on the trucks, making these boards become more stable and easier to control for beginners

Cruiser and Carver Buyer’s Guide

Cruiser and Carver Buyers GuideChoosing a suitable longboard can pose some real challenges, in terms of a variety of shapes, flexes, designs and size.

A good and high-quality longboard should be customized to match your boarding style, weight and expected characteristics.

DB Longboard offers a wide range of different longboard shapes such as Double Kick Popsicle, Cambered Pintail, Double Kick Cutaway, etc.

Each shape has its own characteristics as well as pros and cons, enabling customers to select longboards based on their interest, style and purpose.

Downhill and Freeride buyer’s guide

Downhill and Freeride buyers guideThese longboarding styles are favored by adventurous and challenging users because they require higher speed, more complex techniques but allow creativity and freedom.

Similar to the Cruiser and Carver buyer’s guide, DB Longboard provides a detailed description of each shape to help you find the right longboard at ease.

Top Best Selling Products of DB Longboard

Are you looking for great fun with an amazing ride? A longboard product from DB Longboard will fulfill even your wildest dream.

Whether you are a beginner or professional, getting your best longboard enables riders to start longboarding in an easier, faster and budget-friendlier way.

DB Longboard is well-known among longboarding lovers for nothing but their best longboards.

These followings are the top 3 best selling products of DB Longboard which have succeeded in gaining customer satisfaction and trust.

Atom Drop Through Longboards

Atom Drop Through LongboardsIf you ever dream of fast downhill riding, this board will suit your purpose perfectly. Besides, the board provides maximum stability, delivering a smooth carving when riding fast downhill. The long deck and premium bearings will give riders easy and effortless pushing.

Moreover, the board’s unique shape has a perimeter offering 9.5 inches of leverages each turn. Is it wonderful? It is also a “secret weapon” of removing the wheel bite.

The star of the show is the covered maple deck which attracts all the eyes and envy of the onlookers. Elegance and splendor are what always accompany you when riding this type of board.

Best Beginner Longboards

Best Beginner LongboardsWhether you have an endless passion for the downhill rides or you are the beginner in longboarding, this type of board is able to meet your demands and needs. It’s a versatile board specifically designed for cruising and downhill riding.

In addition, the appropriate size of the wheel is another plus, which is large enough to provide you a smooth ride but not too big to have problems of wheel bite. It’s also equipped with some flex that helps reduce the stress on the legs and knees.

This bamboo-made board and an elegant hardwood maple deck have gained their popularity among riders because of the capabilities and durability.

Pintail Longboards

Pintail LongboardsFirst-time riders seeking for an excellent board with a reasonable price should take Pintail longboards, one of the best selling longboards for girls of DB Longboard, into serious consideration. The aluminum material of the board provides extra stability and longevity.

Furthermore, the attractive color and vivid design make this board a wonderful “best friend” for girls. Also, the smoothness of the longboard is extremely surprising and the zero-percent wheel bite is incredible.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune but still long for attention, a pintail longboard from DB Longboard is the best option on the market. Even more surprising, you will hardly find any crack on the board after one or two years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is a B-Grade Product?

The longboards marked “B-Grade” of DB Longboard have one or more cosmetic blemishes without affecting the overall structure of the boards.

Thus, these B-Grade products often go with big and attractive promotion and sales. The board operates in a perfect way and buyers can hardly spot any difference unless they look up close enough.

Purchasing a B-Grade longboard is an ideal alternative to save a significant amount of money while still receiving an amazing product.

Mistakes are unavoidable and DB Longboard is no exception since they handcraft all of their products.

Q2: How to Solve the Problem of Order’s Failure to Process?

  • The credit card information is incorrect, please verify and check carefully these followings: card number, expiration date, name, address ,etc.
  • The credit card is out of its credit limit, so please check whether there is available money in the card.
  • Internet connection is unstable, please consider using other browsers for stronger connection.

Q3: Where are the Orders?

  • If your order is placed on days during the business week (from Monday to Friday) before 11 am, DB Longboard guarantees to ship on the same day. If your order is placed after 11 am, the product will find its way to you the next day.
  • You will also receive a confirmation email if your orders are being processed. Besides, registering for an account on DB Longboard website will be of great help in tracking and checking your order status.

Q4: What are Your Return and Warranty Policy?

Please refer to the parts “Feel even more reassured with the return and exchange policy” and “Rest assured with the warranty of DB Longboard” for more information.

Q5: What About Freight Forward Shipping?

Please note that your shipping address must be the one of the true user of the product. DB Longboard is not responsible for processing any order which relates to a freight forwarder, distribution center, hotel, airport, etc.

If you insist ordering shipping to these places, your money will be refunded and DB Longboard will email or reach you via calls to state the denial of delivery.

The Bottom Line

Looking for your dream longboard has never been so easy with the help of DB Longboard. We provide you nothing but the best products of longboards with a wide range of styles, shapes, designs and so on as well as a list of comprehensive buying guides.

Our number-one purpose is to offer customers the best and unforgettable skateboarding experience.

If you still have doubts and concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at DB Longboard as there is always a helpful team available 24/7 to support you on your quest to find the perfect longboard.

For more useful information on longboard related field, please visit our website to receive the latest updates.

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