Diversities Found in Longboards

Due to the rapidly increasing popularity and demand of the longboards, there is a sense of pressure on the manufacturers to please the customers and satisfy their requirements. This is why a huge variety or diversification has been experienced in the manufacturing of longboards. Generally these longboards are broadly classified into two types- drop through longboard and top mount longboard. Both of which are best fitted for downhill Longboarding. This classification is based on the deck type used to manufacture the board.

Just the Thing for Beginners

  • Drop through type of longboards are highly recommended for people who are beginners in the field of downhill Longboarding. These boards come with a good amount of stability. They are provided with holes on both the sides of the board and with proper symmetry of the deck which gives you an option of using the board from the front or even the other side, as it does not make much of a difference.
  • It has always been preferable to buy a stiffer longboard for downhill sliding and a drop though longboard is just the right thing. Being a beginner it is very important to choose a suitable deck size, and generally a longer one is suggested. The blank drop down longboard decks should always be comfortable for a newbie to ride on a longer deck as the shorter deck can make one feel unstable.
  • The standard size of a downhill board ranges from 37”-43”. In case of uncertainty a person can take the measurement of the shoe size and buy boards accordingly. These boards lower the amount of leverage in the trucks that a longboard carry, lower leverage means more stable ride.

blank drop down longboard decks

From Amateur to Professional

  • After being a long time in the beginners’ category when a person make a jump to the advanced category there is a change in the type of longboard used. The then and now situations differ in the beginner level and advance level. A top mount long board is suitable for the people in this level.
  • These boards when compared to the drop through boards are just the opposite. They come without holes on either side of the board. This advances more grip to the rider when the rider performs loops or bends. In difficult cases of riding down some hills it is always easier to ride down with a top mount longboard than a drop through board. The most essential thing that a top mount board helps you is to know that how and in what cases to slow down the speed especially in turns and corners. They also have enough of capacity to provide the rider with adequate foot space.

Choosing any board is always a personal preference, but keeping important stated points in mind will help a person make wise decisions. One should always know where he/she stands and accordingly place order for suitable equipments. If proper equipments are not considered then the riders are more prone to hurt them. Making sensible decisions and careful analysis of different longboards in the markets is always a sensible means.

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