Does Roller Skating Affect Height – These Benefits Might Surprise You

Does roller skating affect height? It may be the most common question you wonder when taking up this sport. This article not only shows you several reasons why you must play this sport but also gives the critical tip for better strength.

Are you ready to join us? Let’s start.

Does Roller Skating Affect Height

I guess you think that sliding on a roller won’t be as effective as lifting weights or swimming. This is totally wrong thinking.

Typically, roller-skating uses the movements of your feet to create a sliding force. Besides, it required the patient and ingenuity to be the master in this field. So, are roller-skating good exercises for height?

Of course, the answer is yes. Actually, every single sport will help you increase your height. Roller-skating is not an exception. Thanks to the stretch of the body while skating, reaching the perfect height is possible.

Affect Height By The Growth Hormone

Affect Height By The Growth HormoneThe height is determined by many factors, including gene, nutrition, and lifestyle. No one can thrive if spending the whole day in their bed. Living without any exercises not only hinders your height but also can kill you.

Many scientist’s research shows that doing exercise regularly can help increase by 20% in height. In particular, when you do any physical activity, pituitary and thyroid will create more HGH hormone for growth. Therefore, skating also is a great sport to achieve desirable height.

Affect Height By Bone Growth

Like swimming or other sports, rollerblading required the muscular strength to create forward thrust. Every time you join this game, the whole muscle is used and dilated. Once you let the muscle in this state, the bone can grow faster.

Skating also affects the process of bone regeneration. By the movements at the knee joint, all cartilage is lubricated then promotes modeling and mineralization.

We recommend you should exercise at a moderate intensity in constant periods. One more thing, warm-up before starting any exercise is really necessary. Your joint is similar to the machine that needs to be lubricated before running. Keep it in mind, it will help you prevent cramp or twisting your ankle.

The perfect time to warm-up in about 5-10 minutes and 30 minutes each training skating seems to be a suitable period. Besides, don’t forget equid full protective gear. Be safe!

Help You Sleep Deeper

Besides the diet, sleep plays an important role in your height because the GH growth hormone is most released when you sleep deeply. However, having a deep sleep isn’t easy in modern life. It depends on the feeling and your hormones.

In the brain, the bad hormone and the good hormone always fight each other. If the bad hormone is higher, you will feel sad and nervous. That is the common reason for lack of sleep. In the contract, you will feel happy and sleep deeper if the good hormone overwhelms.

By skating, your nerves increase the good endorphins that make you feel better. The adrenaline also is produced then pumps blood, absorbs oxygen and creates a fresh feeling when you reach the danger.

Actually, your sleep will improve when you play any sport. However, roller skating brings special happiness when sliding in roller boots. Keep the balance and reach the harder skill. Sounds great, right?

Make You Look Taller

Make You Look TallerThe person who has a perfect weight will look taller than obese people who have the same height. So, what affects your weight? The calories is the answer.

With the body, the calories you eat per day will determine your physique. Typically, men need about 2,200 – 2,500 calories daily and it runs from 1,800 to 2,000 calories with women. If you eat too many calories per day, you may be at risk for obesity and many other health problems.

If you are bored with the dumbbell or tired of jogging, Roller skating may be the fresh selection.

Like other sports, skating is an effective workout that can help maintain body weight. Don’t you know that a 160-pound person can burn 913 calories in an hour of rollerblading? On the other hand, a person with that weight would only burn 584 calories when jogging at the same time.

Honestly, you can not expect this exercise to help you have a perfect weight immediately. Weight loss is a long process that requires a reasonable diet and good living habits. However, roller skating will be your best friend in the battle with weight loss.

Extra Benefit

Besides, this sport brings so many benefits that will take you by surprise. Let’s dig deeper into these benefits below. Trust me! Roller-skating will win your heart soon.

#1 Defeat Diabetes

Defeat DiabetesIt’s no secret that diabetes is on the rise globally. Inactive lifestyles, unhealthy diets, and a lack of exercise are common reasons for diabetes.

Typically, diabetes occurs when your blood glucose is too high. In other words, this disease reduces insulin in your body and blocks Glucose from reaching the cells. Once you have diabetes, you may at risk for heart disease, kidney disease, and other serious problems.

And you know what? These are numerous people in the United States who have diabetes ( about 34 million people) and 25% don’t know they have it. Besides, this disease also is the 7th reason cause of death there.

Relax! Don’t be scared too much, you can prevent them by some physical activities such as roller skating. It will stimulate the muscles to use more glucose and increase insulin sensitivity. In this way, your body can create more insulin, reduce blood glucose simultaneously.

In short, we recommend you should skate more than 5 times a week. Besides, reasonable diets should be considered to avoid any health problems.

#2 Increased Flexibility

Increased FlexibilityIt will be a mistake if we ignore this benefit of roller skating. Sliding on a single blade of wheels will significantly increase your flexibility. You may be surprised by the changes after a few week’s training.

As you know, body flexibility depends on muscle movement. If you just move around your chair or your table, you will face many health problems. We never stress enough about the importance of exercises, just hope you respect your health.

So, hand out and skate on your shoes. You may be surprised by the changes after a few week’s training.

#3 Improve Body Balance

Improve Body BalanceHave you ever felt nauseous when sailing? Someone yes and others feel nothing. Why?

It mostly depends on your balance. Typically, the brain receives complicated information from the body then controls all limbs to work together to keep balance.

Keeping a balance can help you save energy and reduce fatigue. Once you have a well-balanced ability, you can get nothing hard in any sports. Cool, right? So what can I do to improve body balance?

Roller skating is your answer. Thanks to this sport’s characters, the brain receives a lot of information during skating and improves balance ability.

Moreover, rollerblading requires the ingenuity to steadily stand on skating shoes. Also, you must use the abdominal and lower-back muscles while C. So, it’s fair to say that roller skating is one of the best sports to help you develop your balance ability.

#4 Better Heart Health

Like diabetes, heart disease causes several serious health issues. If you think only old people have heart disease, you are totally wrong. These are 19% of young adults who have hypertension. It isn’t a joke! You are at high risk for heart disease if you have inactive lifestyles, unhealthy diets.

However, disease prevention isn’t impossible. You absolutely can protect your heart now by exercise daily. Many healthy organizations in the US recommend that roller skating is an effective sport for heart health.

In particular, this sport increases your heartbeat. The average heart rate when skating runs from 150-160 beats a minute. If you need aerobic exercise to increase endurance, your heart also needs to practice to be stronger. Besides, roller skating also helps you maintain perfect weight and reduces stress.

Tips Help You Have Better Strength With Roller Skating

The Protective Gear

The Protective GearDon’t forget to wear protective gear before starting any game. Your health can not be better if you get injured. The full set from head to toe includes the helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.

You can buy them in any sports store, and ensure it perfectly fits your body. If your gear is too wide or too tight, it makes you uncomfortable when performing your skills.

The Method

Be relaxed! Find a peaceful place when skating, it may help you reduce the stress well. You can only practice hard if you really love it.

For beginners, keeping the balance on the skating shoes is not an easy task. You should practice with your partner in some basic skills.


Does roller skating affect height? You can answer this question now. This sport not only helps you reach dream height but also gives many benefits to your health. However, rollerblading isn’t a safe sport. So, make sure you wear protective gear and warm-up carefully before starting the game.

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