Does Roller Skating Tone Your Legs? – Surprising Facts!

“Does Roller Skating Tone Your Legs?” Of course, this sport not only helps you to keep fit, but it also slims your legs.

Many people who have not joined in this sport will think it is quite challenging to practice. But with the sharing below, you will be able to make natural movements while roller skating. You will find that Inline Sliding is not as difficult as you think anymore. Please remember to follow the instructions carefully and be confident!

Does Roller Skating Tone Your Legs?

your leg musclesThanks to roller skating, your leg muscles, especially your thighs, will become firmer and thinner. Inline skating is mainly controlled by foot muscles, so it promotes the thigh fat burning effectively.

Besides, keeping balance on roller skates requires you to stay focused and use more energy, so that the efficiency of burning fat is higher than other activities like walking or jogging. The thigh muscles are responsible for adjusting the direction when sliding.

That’s why after the first roller skating training, you will feel the pain right away. It shows that the process of toning your legs has begun to work.

What Are Other Appealing Benefits?

What Are Other Appealing Benefits

  • Entertain
    One of the most significant advantages of roller skating is the fun it creates because players don’t feel like it’s only a training session. You can practice rollerblading with your friends and family. The more, the merrier, remember?
  • Make Your Hips Toned
    If you have loose or unkempt breasts, rollerblading can do wonders to these problems. Once mastered, the gluteal region and hip area will benefit the most.
    Roller skating will improve your buttocks much more effectively than running or cycling, but not as dull or tired as squat exercises or indoor gymnastics.
  • Increase Toughness
    If your stout body is unable to perform complicated yoga movements, then after a period of rollerblading, you will see this problem disappears as it has never existed.
    Because all the muscles coordinate together to keep balance when moving, the tendons are also stimulated to be more active, especially when you have to push your heels back to slide.

How To Practice Roller Skating Moves For Toning Legs?

You want to have slim legs, so don’t hesitate to follow these instructions below.

How to Stand Up and Sit Down

How to stand up and sit down

  1. Get Up
    • Step 1: From the kneeling position, place your hands on the ground close to your knees
    • Step 2: After performing step 1 correctly, you should stand up so that the four wheels touch the land, and the skates are perpendicular to the ground.
    • Step 3: Push the other leg up to form a V-shape and create a balance on the two skates.
    • Step 4: Put your hands on your knees and stand up slowly, combining with the body slightly forward. At this stage, you should not remove your hands from your knees.
  2. Sit Down
    • Step 1: From the standing position with your hands on your knees, lower the center of gravity as much as possible. At this step, try to navigate to keep the skates steady, so they don’t drift or move.
    • Step 2: Put your hands on the ground and keep lowering the focus.
    • Step 3: Bring your left leg back to your knees.
    • Step 4: Continue to bring the right leg to kneel and stabilize the posture.

How to Keep Balance

How to keep balance

  • Step 1: You should choose a place where you can take small steps. It is called the “baby walk.” Newcomers to roller skating are just like toddlers, and they must learn to walk step by step. The most important thing is to keep the balance.
  • Step 2: The legs are shoulder-width apart. If your feet are bunched together, it is much difficult to keep your balance. If your legs are too broad, your feet will slip out easily. The focus of your body is on your feet; knees are slightly bent. If you put the emphasis forward, you will slide back and vice versa.
  • Step 3: Two hands are outstretched to keep balance. In case you fall forward, your hips will fall to the ground to hold your body. Always remember to protect your hands, elbows, and knees.

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How to Walk and Slide

How to walk and slideBefore moving forward, you need to learn to stomp on the spot: raise one foot about 10 cm away from the ground, then gently put them down; next, change your foot. Repeat the action for a specified period. When you have the feeling of controlling your body, don’t hesitate to move slightly forward.

How to Stop

How to stopYou can choose one of these postures:

Heel Brake:

Please perform precisely in the following orders:

  • Slide-in 2 parallel legs.
  • Apply focus to the left foot, keeping the posture on the left.
  • Bring the right foot forward.
  • Put pressure on the right heel to slow down.

A-shape Brake:

You can do in the following orders:

  • Put 2 V-shaped legs
  • Slide 2 feet forward
  • Close your knees, toes together to form an A-pose

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How To Stay Away From Danger While Training?

Stay Away From Danger While TrainingInevitably, when you are new to Roller Skating, you must have been anxious about the problem of injuries and how to deal with them. That’s the reason why you need to equip yourself with these necessary equipment:

  • Helmet: You should use helmets specifically designed for rollerblading or skating. They have a flower shape on the back for better protection in case of a fallback. Make sure your helmet fits properly. Besides, you had better fasten the chin strap under your chin so that the helmet does not move around.
  • Shoes for Roller Skating: You should choose a pair of comfortable skates, with excellent ankle support. To check if skates provide the help you need, pay attention to the plasticity of the shoes. If you can squeeze it, the material is not strong enough. Please remember to lock your skates.
  • Knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist protectors: This helps prevent scratches and also cushion bones in the accident of falling.
  • Gloves: These can keep your fingers safe.
  • Mouthguard: Mouthguards will help protect your teeth and mouth during accidents



  • Just practice Inline skating during the day.
  • Try to use recreational trails. Avoid roads as much as possible. If you must use the road, never rollerblade in the middle of traffic.
  • Always stay on the right when skating on sidewalks. If you intend to overtake others, do so on the left.
  • Use sunscreen with an SPF when rollerblading outdoors.
  • Never do Roller Skating when it rains because this will make the surface slippery and increase the risk of injury.
  • Never get behind any kind of vehicle. This can lead to serious accidents.


“Does Roller Skating tone your legs?”- I guess that now you have got your answer. Roller Skating can be considered an endurance exercise, and you should spend at least 1 hour or so for each session. Regular skating will help you to keep fit in a healthy way and contribute to an active lifestyle. So, let’s go outside and have fun with Roller Skating.

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