Does Skating Make Your Legs Bigger? – Answers And Guides For Lean Legs

Roller skating is acknowledged to be one of the most multi-beneficial sports that will help you enjoy the exhilaration and gain many valuable skills. However, “Does skating make your legs bigger?” is among the top questions by many girls and women because they are afraid of bulky legs, rendering them unconfident and shy.

Don’t be so nervous since after reading this article, you will have a brand new look towards this problem.

Health Benefits Of Skating

We know that you are extremely curious about whether skating would make your legs bulky or not. But before discovering that, we want you to grasp some of the best health advantages of roller skating.

An Excellent Workout

An Excellent Workout

  • It’s going to burn up to 250 calories if you get on a deliberately 30-minute roller skating session. Thus, regular exercise will aid your weight-losing process to be comfortable and safe.
  • Not only will skating help you burn calories effectively, but they also build your muscles. Roller skatings will affect and firm up some of the typical parts of your body like your thighs, calves, and abs.
  • This sport is also a good preventer of some diseases such as diabetes or elevated blood pressure. Customary sporting will strengthen your heart and internal organs, and repel any unexpected symptoms of the disorder.

Gaining Exceptional Skills

  • Roller skating requires you to take control and balance yourself. Proper exercising will improve your balancing, and this will make an impact on everyday activities because you can save an amount of energy when getting rid of disbalance.
  • If you usually feel tired just after a short time exercising, skating can be your ideal sport. It boosts both your endurance and flexibility when you get used to complex movements of roller skating.

Promoting Relaxation

Promoting Relaxation

  • Roller skating is an absolute stress-relief when it comes to sports and workouts. It may get tiring at first when you’ve just finished the round. But believe us, you will find refreshment and amusement afterward, which is notably good for your mental health.
  • Short-term merit of skating would be welcomed by people who usually get infrequent sleep. After a tiring practice session, you are able to get to bed easily and comfortably.

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Does Skating Make Your Legs Bigger

How Does Skating Affect Your Body

To get started, you will definitely need to find out about how skating will affect your body.

When you start exercising, stressed muscles begin to tear at the cellular level. Micro-tearing sites in muscle cells then use proteins from the food you eat and rebuild during breaks to make your muscles not only stronger but also bigger.

When you keep skating at a stable pace, your buttocks, hamstrings, and calves are moved continuously, and this means your calf muscles are working and exuding a great amount of calories.

Does Skating Make Your Legs Bigger

Does Skating Make Your Legs BiggerKnowing how the body works while skating, you must have apprehended a little more about whether your legs will get bigger.

No puzzles can plague you anymore as we are going to discover the central part.

Whether skating makes your leg bulky or not depends on many different factors, and each person will have different situations when skating. Which cases are you in will be mentioned in this section.

  1. For athletes and professionals, who skate with great intensity and practice continuously, you may have bigger thighs and calves.
    This is mainly because the great workout has transferred the fat inside into firm muscles, which may look bigger and bulkier.
    Any time when your muscles undergo intense exercise, they grow in size and strength through an injury and healing process.
  2. However, with others who exercise daily to a medium extent, with the view to improving our health and learning a new sport, skating not only doesn’t make our legs bigger but also helps your body stronger and slimmer.

A high-intensity skating session with constant frequency can make your calves bigger, yet usually in men, and the threshold for developing bigger calves is difficult. Because in men, they have several times more growth hormone and testosterone than women.

We will reveal the truth that when a woman skates, if she wants to build muscle, she will have to inject more similar hormones and a rigorous training regime to develop the calf area.

So it’s difficult for women to have big calves if you just focus on single skating. High exercise intensity is usually at the point of wasting excess fat, and will make lean muscle become toned, but hardly break the texture and allow the muscles to grow bigger.

Why Do Your Legs Get Bigger?

Why Do Your Legs Get BiggerSometimes, your legs may get bigger in the period you do roller skating. But we just want to mention that other factors also make an impact on your body. Let’s check it out now.

  1. Your body type: The ectomorph type is difficult to gain muscle and will probably never get swollen feet even if they do a lot of weight lifting while mesomorphs easily build muscle but can also lose muscle and fat quickly.
  2. Your muscle type: There are 2 basic types of fiber. Slow-twitch fibers are used for longer strength training, and fast-twitch are the fibers used for short yet energy-consuming activities such as sprinting
  3. Genetic factors: If you are the type of person who gains muscle faster than others, you will have bigger legs when running after only a month. Or the other will run for life, and their legs will be even slender and toned.
  4. High-carbs diet: One of the causes of “exercising will make your calves big” is that your body is loaded with carbs – they increase appetite and create an appetite. The more you eat them, the more you crave them when your insulin levels rise.

If you eat more calories than you consume, you will exceed your total daily calorie energy expenditure and gain weight instead of reducing it. And this makes your feet accumulate more fat, especially women.

How To Get Lean Legs Without Giving Up Skating

How To Get Lean Legs Without Giving Up SkatingAs we have mentioned, skating will merely make your legs bigger except for the intervention of other elements. Thus, we are here to share some techniques to do with skating that will make your legs leaner.

  1. A healthy and balanced diet:
    • Limit carbohydrate foods and add more protein (like nuts, chicken breast) or fiber instead. More importantly, you must not ignore mineral vitamins such as shrimp, crabs, fish, or vegetables with bold colors.
    • You also need to limit fast or prepackaged food, which contains a lot of salt and sugar.
    • Never starve yourself.
    • Women should also divide into small meals, drink plenty of water, and limit late meals.
  2. Practice with exact skating techniques: These include: Stand up and sit down, Fall safely when roller skating, Balancing, Walk and slide, Stop (heel brake, brake letter A, brake letter T), Redirect and Slip away Techniques.
  3. Regular training: Hard work never betrays us. Sometimes it might be daunting to continue, but little by little, you will feel the excitement and happiness that skating brings about.

Final Word

All girls and women who had been so worried about the question “Does skating make your legs bigger?” will have no more hesitation for roller skating anymore. You must have been enlightened a lot after walking through all this useful article, right? So, if there isn’t anything that stands in your way, why don’t you get out of there, skate and express yourself?

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