Drop through Longboard Vs Top Mount

Drop through Longboard Vs Top Mount , which one is better? Finding the right skateboard is tough if you are new to it but there is nothing to worry because we have all the right options reviewed for you and after this you will definitely find what you most desire. Here we will discuss drop through longboards and top mount longboards. You will get to know about the positives and negatives of both kinds of boards. Moreover, it will also tell you about the kinds of skateboards that would be best suited to your skateboarding style.

Drop Through Longboard

Drop Through LongboardWith such a huge amount of longboards available in the market a very few could actually be compared with drop through longboards. It has become one of the most famous longboards of the modern century because of its exceptional ability of providing a board with a low centre of gravity. These skateboards stand out from all other longboards available in the market mainly because of their unique construction, lightweight and flexible design. Another amazing feature that makes it a top choice for all the skateboarders around is its placement of tricks that enable you to bring close to the ground.

A few facts about Drop through longboard

  • This type of Longboard is very stable at high speed.
  • Drop through Longboard is a lightweight Longboard that is easy to push. It’s one reason due to which professional skaters prefer using drop through Longboard.
  • It is an extremely comfortable Longboard that’s a feature that people look for in such a Longboard.
  • Such Longboard offers minimal responsiveness from drop through trucks makes it an exceptional option for professionals.

The only drawback that you might have to face with drop through longboards is that they don’t carve well.

Top Mount Longboard

Top Mount LongboardAnother exceptional Longboard available in the market is known as top mount Longboard. These kinds of Longboards have trucks mounted directly under the board. This feature enables the board to be manoeuvrable and responsive. You can feel these features when you ride the board. It enables you to put most of your weight directly onto the truck. This will enable the trucks to turn sharply while riding. Moreover, this Longboard will enable you to have firmer grip as compared to other Longboards in the market. These features make it the best option if you are looking for a longboard that is best for racing.

A Few Interesting Facts Regarding TOP Mount Longboard

  • With a top mount Longboard, you will have a safe and sound ride whether you are riding casually or for a race.
  • It has the most responsive tricks that make it an exceptional option for a professional Longboarder.
  •  Nimble cruisers will like it because it is unstable at speed at times. Moreover, it is also less stable while sliding and in a top mount Longboard it’s easier to get a wheel bite.

After reading all the positives and negatives of both kinds of skateboards you will get a better idea about what you will get while buying any one of the Longboards. If you want to get the best Longboard then you need to list down your requirements and match them with the features of both of the Longboards. The skateboard that matches almost all the conditions will win the race!

Best Deck For Cruising & Dancing?


Best Deck For Cruising vs DancingThere are several longboards available in the market, but if you want a longboard for dancing and cruising, then top mount could be the best choice. The primary reason for opting for the top mount is that it’s nimble, responsive and carved nicely according to your needs. But if you find it pushing a lot, then it becomes a situation where you are comparing a drop through with a drop down scenario which is not the case here.

If you are not impressed with top mount then drop through could be the alternative to this requirement.

Whereas, if we talk about a longboard that’s best for dancing then once again top mount would be the best option because requirements for a dancing longboard are quite similar to a cruiser longboard. If you go for top mount or a drop mount with very shallow drops would make an exceptional option because you will need a bit of responsiveness, so that you could turn quickly. So opt for a top mount skateboard in such situations as it covers all the necessary requirements that you look for in a longboard for dancing.

Best For Downhill & Free Ride?

Best For Downhill vs Free Ride
For this category you should once again prefer top mount because going down the road requires more skill and grip. Top mount longboard provides you the right grip to use the longboard for sharp turns. However, if you are a beginner then prefer going for a drop down longboard as it helps to improve stability and easy sliding. So grab your top mount longboard right away so that you could get going with this amazing longboard.

Which One Is The Best For Beginners?

As a beginner, it is hard to decide what is best for you because you never know what you would need until you have enough experience and skill to know about skateboards. For beginners it is best to opt for a top mount skateboard because it is an all-rounder and provides you an easy time for cruising, pushing and increased stability while having relatively responsive trucks.

Differences In Trucks


Differences In TrucksThe main difference between a drop through and regular longboard is the way drop through longboard trucks are mounted. With a drop through longboard you are supposed to take them apart and mount the base pale. This mounting is first done through the cut out and then it is attached to the hanger beneath it.

The construction of such longboards makes them act differently in order to serve different purposes. This is the reason due to which it is preferred to set them up accordingly. It is important to have harder bushes for top mount and drop deck to make sure that there is improved stability.


Selecting the right longboard is not easy because it has a huge impact on the ride. Thus, it is recommended to choose intelligently to experience an awesome ride. The way your board is mounted is thoroughly a personal choice. The recommendations are that if you are a beginner then stick to this guide and pick top mount longboard first. If you feel you are not comfortable with it then you might go for the change and opt for a drop through longboard.

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