What are The Fastest Electric Scooters of 2022? Review and Buying Guide

Fastest Electric ScootersMotorbike, bicycle, electric bicycle, and skateboard. Can you imagine those for separate guys can unite as one in a single vehicle? That said, technology has put the automobile motor on four wheels (or two wheels under a board) and made people pivot the wheels with the bicycle handlebar. An electric scooter is a hybrid invention that brings more than fun on the wheels.

However, the old SLA batteries make these scooters notorious for the speed of a bike. It was said not to deserve the scooter DNA by the community. Thus the manufacturer had taken the challenge. The fastest electric scooters were born with significant upgrades with the most prominent feature of the battery. Lithium-ion battery came to the improvement for more capacity, better electronics, and speed.

Now, it is the era of high accelerating e-scooters. We are proud to be the experts in the field and ready to share our testimonial opinion. So, which fast electric scooter you should buy in 2020? Read and Pick today.

Electric Scooters: A Brief Introductory

Electric scooters or motorized scooters have a general design with a large deck setup on two to four wheels where the riders stand. In modern days, they are proving to be a viable and last-mile solution other than public transportation.

This type of vehicle is gaining its popularity especially among children and young adults. People have taken them into the daily commuting method and encourage kids to use as a recreational utility. E-scooters have their variations in types and applications all of which boast their safety and eco friendliness.

Electric Scooters: A Brief Introductory

Do You Know How Many Types Of E-Scooter are There?

Conventional scooter is a variation of a motorcycle. Electric scooters adopted the shape of a motorbike but not using the gas engine; instead, they utilize batteries for power.

They have become more popular in recent years because of the relatively low price and eco-friendly characteristics.
On top of that, they don’t require much maintenance and are easy to maneuver.

Currently, there are six types of electric scooters ranging from the basic ones with a simple look to high-end vehicles that can attain speeds.

Before jumping to the market pool, let’s count the types out.

Types Of E-Scooter

Electric Kick Scooters

These scooters are popular among young folks. But young adults find them fun to use too. It is also aka the two-wheeled vehicles that have a compact design which is quite safe and easy for toddlers to maneuver. It includes a light motor for low speed built in a sturdy construction to give kids the enjoyment.

The control is ergonomic with the handlebar for the balance plus aiding accelerating with a brake and a throttle.
The fastest scooters in this category can speed up to 20 mph with a more powerful motor and are certainly not recommend for the juniors.

Electric Bikes

The vehicles can gain speed up to 25 mph depending on the model. Cyclists prefer this type more than anyone, especially mountain bikers.

E-bikes are ideal for commuting and recreation rides since they are versatile, safe and can be converted to a regular bike with a few simple modifying steps. These bikes are built for comfort since they have the ability to absorb shocks pretty well.

Electric Motorcycles

These powerful wheeled vehicles can join the races and hone your riding skills. Its maximum speed can reach 100 mph with excellent performance on some models.

With this e-motorbikes, speed avid can feed their interest while protecting the environment concurrently.

Electric Tricycle

The tricycle comes with 3 wheels instead of two. They are safe and friendly with kids.

The disabled benefits from this type of e-scooters the most. Some models can peak to 20 mph if needed.

Electric Mobility Scooters

These scooters are designed specifically for individuals with a disability. This type of scooters doesn’t focus on speed but safety and stability. The vehicles equip flat free tires, anti-tippers, large basket, and removable batteries.

They are convenient to use on the streets and public facilities.

Electric Go Karts

The karts are meant to deliver the fun to kids. Its battery can last up to one hour. The low speed makes them safe for children. This e-scooter type is rigged with durable steel frames, hand brakes, high torque, molded aluminum wheels and chain driven motor.

We can see that electric scooters have a big family to discuss, but the most popular type is the folded and kicks ones. That is why in this article we will focus on these outstanding categories.

Take a Look at How Your Scooter Built up

An electric scooter is made up of vital parts and its components. Models and features vary in brands and price. Six essential body parts operate the e-scooter.

Motor: the heart of the vehicle which gives power to the wheels to accelerate. The engine can be mounted outside of the wheels or rigged inside of a rim called hub motor. The hub ones are more superior in term of power, torque, and response time. It is moreover protected from splashes and dirt which is a lot safer and more durable.

Motherboard: the brain system of your scooter. It is the center of all action that transfers your maneuvering to the other functional parts and tells them what to do.

Battery: the muscle. Your electric vehicle takes energy from here to operate. Modern batteries use lithium cells to be more compact and powerful.

Frame: the skeleton. The sturdier it is, the longer it can bear your weight. This part is usually foldable so that you can take them on train, metro or bus. It makes the scooters easy to store.

Throttle: to give a speeding signal to the motherboard. When you want to pick up the speed, open the throttle and pull it towards you gradually.

Brake: it comes with the throttle in reach of your fingers giving you an option to slow down. It is wired to the wheels to generate friction to decelerate.

These parts are linked together to occupy the whole object. The brain-management system receives orders from you then signalize the battery to give up power for the wheels to roll incorporate with the power from the motor to attain the speed the riders want from the act of pulling the throttle.

Scooter Built

How to Ride an Electric Scooter

It is a fantastic feeling to own an electric scooter; it will sure give you a whole experience commuting around your neighborhood.

People call scooters under many names, but the wide-spread ones are scooters, folded scooters, or kick scooter.
It is important to adopt the necessary practices to ride in safety. The first thing to do is to ensure a clear environment for your scooters and those they share the rules with.

With any type of on wheels, you always need to put on your safety gears including helmets and cushioned limp pads. Make sure everything fits you well before heading out.

Also, have a check with your e-scooter and its equipment. Particularly, inspect the brake, throttle, front light (if any), battery and the most important part, the engine.

Alright! When all is set, you are ready for the ride.

Ride an Electric Scooter

Step 1

Set one foot on the deck. It should be your dominant foot while your arms are on the handlebar.

You should only ride on a flat surface with your scooter since it’s not designed for the rougher road. You may risk its life riding on a rocky path with lots of gravels and cobblestones.

Step 2

Slightly kick with your other foot on the ground. At this point, kicking too hard won’t help you gain the speed you want at the beginning. It doesn’t work that way like on a non-electric kick scooter.

If the engine accommodates outside, it’s likely that pushing too much will cause it to scratch the ground and tear the outer coat.

Step 3

  • Gain your balance and ride with both hands.
  • Accelerate by pulling the throttle but don’t pull it all the way down.
  • Once you get familiar with the speed, you can pick up later.

Reviews of the Fastest Electric Scooters

The best scooters are not the fastest scooters. So how you can tell if you are picking the right vehicle for your desire of speed?

We have compiled of the fastest scooters with the most powerful engines available on the market. So, if you take speed is the name of the game, you’d better not to skip this list.

NANROBOT LS7 Super Powerful Electric Scooter


The LS7 is no longer unfamiliar the scooter riders yet still have surprising elements to many first-timers in the community. It should be a right thing to say this monstrous scooter takes the title of one of the fastest electric scooter available.

Our tester got his hair bristled the first time he pulled the throttle. The Nanrobot LS7 has such a powerful motor that stunned us with the double engines one 1800W rigged in the hub and another in the front and rear wheels of 3600W.

Owing to that and the 60V lithium battery, LS7 achieves the maximum speed at 52 MPH. Impressive enough?

We have spotted the dual front, and rear hydraulic disc braking system can function simultaneously with the Electronic Braking System (EBS) to stop the vehicle in both gradual motion and in an emergency. What we admire the most is the distance the LS7 can reach in a single battery cycle. It is beyond a typical commute.

In fact, we rode a distance of 13-mile round trip in two days without recharging the machine. That said, the scooter is a real monster. The 11-inch pneumatic tires equipped a rubber shock dampening system to adopt roads of any terrain.

The bright side

  • The fastest scooter on the market
  • Dual motor
  • Efficient damping system
  • Secure brakes
  • Portable design

The “less” bright side

  • Very heavy (weigh 84 pounds in total)
  • High-end price tag
  • Shipped from China

QIEWA Q1Hummer Electric Scooter

QIEWA Q1Hummer Electric Scooter

In our perspective, the Q1 Hummer is a slouch in the speed game. We reckoned the motor is no way to compare to the LS7, though, the battery has made up to the distance. It allows you to travel farther while being supported by a myriad of safety features.

Whenever you are on smooth pavement or rough streets, the Q1 Hummer has got your back. The scooter scored us with its superfast folding mechanism and the weight of a teenage making it more versatile than its counterparts. Other features that sell are the anti-theft alarm system and a USB charging slot for a cell phone.

With that being said, Q1 Hummer is not the fastest scooter, but it deserves to be the fast electric scooter for adults to meet the commuting basic at a fair price.

The bright side

  • Lightweight
  • Fast folding
  • Long battery cycle
  • Long travel range
  • Reasonable price
  • Bonus features

The “less” bright side

  • Not very fast (but fast enough to travel to workplace or neighbor)

Buy it on Amazon.com



We understand if you don’t want to spend a thousand for a minor transportation mean. That is why we take this Massimo into our account. It didn’t fail us in the first place.

Massimo is a low-cost e-scooter. Its 350W engine pales in comparison to other rivals, but its portability would beat any challenger. Being a light commuting-oriented scooter, Massimo has the weight of 30 lbs allows you to carry onto the bus or train.

The battery, however, is not built for long distance. A full charge takes 4.5 hours lets you travel 5 miles. But the scooter didn’t scarify any safety and stability. The front 8-inch wheel can handle the roughest roads.

Its most outstanding feature that we love is the smart display that tells you the power left, mileage and your current speed.

The bright side

  • Very light in weight
  • Super portable
  • Smart screen
  • Foldable design
  • Reasonably cheap

The “less” bright side

  • Charging takes too long
  • Not built for long distance

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UBERSCOOT 1600W 48volt Electric Scooter

UBERSCOOT 1600W 48volt Electric Scooter

This beast took us on a craze when testing for the speed itself. As you can see its title, the 1600W motor powered by the SLA battery of 46V is a real tough guy definitely not a toy for juniors. We rode the inclines of 30%, and it rolled up just fine in our amazement. Then, we drew a conclusion that this monster scooter is meant for heavy-duty users.

Though we didn’t experience the fastest speed at 30 MPH, it did give us a thrill on how fast it accelerated.
We suspect the use of primitive SLA package battery is to reduce the cost. But no worries, the manufacturer has left an upgrade option to get your scooter a slot for lithium batteries if your account agrees. The change will surely double the range and add more agility to the vehicle.

We would skip everything to just talk about this adjustable padded seat if we could because there are not many scooters being sold can give comfort and speed concurrently. The side features are the economy mode button to converse battery life and a compact lock-down/up folding system that lets you store and transport the machine. More ideally, the scooter equips front and rear lights to use at night safely.

The bright side

  • Powerful motor engine
  • Can upgrade to lithium battery
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable and adjustable padded seat
  • Can climb steep hills with ease

The “less” bright side

  • Utilize SLA battery
  • Bulky
  • The model is discontinued in the official store but still available on Amazon

Buy it on Amazon.com

What to Look for When Buying a Fast Electric Scooter?

With a quality electric scooter, you will never have to stop for traffic. They are small enough to weave between the cars, fast enough to take the bike lanes and you can switch to the sidewalk whenever you need.

But not all electric scooters are the same. Some have the build of a tank for durability but absolutely not something to lift with hands. Since speed is your priority in this case, there are some factors you should take into account.

Buying a Fast Electric Scooter

Performance: Engine, Battery, Range

Battery capacity is one story, but the range is calculated on many factors. It is practically useless to predict the mileage a scooter can achieve. Your weight, head-wind, hills, how many starts and stops will determine the distance the scooter can last that single charge.

The specification of battery often misleads the size as to the hours. If you find the information only state in Ah, you can multiply it with the Volts to estimate the Watts consumed per hour. It would be more transparent to analyze the approximate range from this result.

Fast electric scooters can peak to 16 mph, but the speed will go to different rates at times. It is the motor that determines this rate, so, you want to look for more watts in the engine, and you may want a scooter with the motor up front.

Safety: Wheel, Brake, Lights

Brakes on e-scooters built into the front wheel can slow you down far more effectively than a rear disc brake. It keeps you from skidding into pedestrians or objects. But the best motorized scooters will also have a second foot brake over the rear wheel allows you to use both brakes together in emergencies.

More about the brake, you can find thumb levers on the handlebar that gives much better grip than bike style brake levers. Wheels used in electric scooters are either polyurethane or rubber tires. If you go for the flat-free rubber wheels, check for the hardness based on the rubber percentage on both wheels.

If you tend to ride at night time or low light condition, it’s nice to have built-in headlights and taillights.


Foldable electric scooters are more portable on the go. But some scooters take several time-consuming steps to shrink while others are lightning fast.

If you plan to take your scooter onto the bus or train, look for ones you can fold down quickly, so you don’t get trampled by a crowd.

Check out the Glion Dolly model; it offers a carry handle like a rolling suitcase.

Frequent Ask Questions

1. Is it utilitarian to buy an electric scooter?

Considered a novel solution to the traffic dilemma, an electric scooter supports the ability to move around the city quickly. They beat other advanced vehicles over the lightweight, portability, and versatility at the point of commuting from point A to B.

2. Can I take the e-scooter for a long ride?

Typical electric scooters have a battery capacity to withstand a radius within 40 square miles. Beyond that distance, you will need a different mean of transport.

3. How long does a full charge last?

It depends on the battery capacity on your motorized scooter. Usually, a full charge can last 30 to 40 miles. Some models offer a few more ten miles but definitely not going to last a hundred miles.

What is your Choice for the Fastest Electric Scooter?

In the end, we don’t mean for you to pick the most powerful engine and most extended range in this list, but the fastest electric scooter of your need.

Speed is one factor, and it is essential for those to seek the races. For daily commuters and people who want some effortless times roaming the crowded road, is speed the most important?

We believe you have made your own choice and will soon tell us your selection. Don’t mind leaving us any question regarding this topic. We are here to help. Always!

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