Electric Skateboard – Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Board

In the realm of electric skateboards, where electric motors have surged in power and compactness, and batteries have been compressed to sizes even smaller, yet denser than ever, the once fanciful notion of integrating them into everyday applications has evolved into reality. This convergence of advancements has not only breathed life into personal transportation but has also sparked a renaissance in the concept of individualized commuting.

Interestingly, these trends have significantly influenced the realm of skateboard automation, reshaping the landscape of the long-standing recreational activity beloved by the youth.

It boomed the birth of electric skateboards in this modern age and yet created a vogue in the community.

The technology on electric skateboards has an insane growing rate each passing month.

We believe it’s not going to lose the heat in the forthcoming future.

The excitement about this type of skateboards has urged us to write a full guideline for people who are having trouble navigating the market.

If you are new or have a vague idea about electric skateboard, browse this writing today to boost your knowledge and get your wallet ready for a brand new electric skateboard.

Electric Skateboard Break Down

What is an Electric Skateboard?

What is an Electric Skateboard?

An Electric Skateboard combines skateboarding with electric power. It’s like a regular skateboard, but with an electric motor and battery. Popular for short commutes.

You step on the deck, control speed with a handheld remote connected to the motor. A rechargeable battery hidden under the deck powers the motor. The remote lets you speed up or slow down.
Some models have regenerative braking, converting brake energy into battery power. Great for the environment and extends the ride. Electric skateboards are a cool way to move around, blending tech with skating fun.

Does it Make Electric Skateboards Easier to Ride?

Electric Skateboards Easier to RideThe concept can make a beginner sigh with relief, but in fact, we all have the first-time clumsiness.

It is fair to say that we’d better not rely on the convenience of the artificial power source.

At the end of the day, a skateboard means to get you to exercise on the road.

Therefore, riding an electric skateboard should not eliminate your ability to maneuver a normal skateboard. But that will be a different story.

Here is the rundown of your basics on an electric board.


BatterySay thanks to smart devices; we have the lithium-ion batteries cheaper than ever.

They are yet light and compact to attach on the bottom of a skateboard.

Longboards offer more generous space for more cells to last a longer range.

DIY battery pack allows you to stack more cells together to give more voltage and current which decide the board’s ability to speed up and climb hills.


MotorThe core engine is typically positioned next to the axle linked to the wheels.

It has significant durability and longevity to handle the toughness on the street.

The actual mechanical power needs to have the correct size, accuracy, efficiency and the right material to make the best use of the power source.

Remote Control

Remote ControlWireless control is the best compromise with the electric skateboard using Bluetooth or radio wave to transfer the signals.

It basically functions like a toy car controller. You will have thumb wheel, joystick, slider, or RC control.

Your remote controller should not have any protruding element to avoid unexpected braking.

It can be waterproof or shock-resistant if needed.


ElectronicsIt is the artificial brainpower in the processor board runs your motorized skateboard.

It consists of a battery management system and a speed controller.

A smarter main board can break the physic law to go against gravity; that means your board can go faster on low battery.

How do Electric Skateboards Work?

How do Electric Skateboards Work?The technology behind the electric board can blow your mind when going to the insights.Besides the primary components above, there exists a maze of wire connecting the motor and battery.

It is the battery supplies electricity for the motor to produce motions in wheels.

Up to now, you should get a fair view over the electric skateboard. You’re probably ready for the shopping section.

We are proud to say that the tested boards we are going to walk you through here are among the best.

They are reliable, powerful yet stylish skateboards and longboards that serve with the best efficiency.

Top-ranked Electric Skateboards 2019

Products Power (watt) Deck Material Max Speed (mile) Max Range (mile) Our Rate out of 10
Inboard M1 1800 Wood Composite core and fiberglass 22 MPH 7 8
Boosted Mini X 1000 Poplar core and fiberglass 20 MPH 14 8
Yuneec E-Go 2 Cruiser 400 Eight-layered composite wood 20 MPH 18 7
Evolve Skateboards 3000 2-ply bamboo material and 7-ply Canadian maple hardwood 26 MPH 31 9
Marbel board 2.0 e-board 2000 N/A 20 MPH 18+ 8.5
Acton Blink S2 600 Canadian maple 18 MPH 14 8
Mellow Drive 1000 N/A 24.8 MPH 7-10 8.5

Inboard M1 Premium Electric Skateboard

Inboard M1 Premium Electric SkateboardOverview

The board has a sleek appearance of a city board.

The board is built to run forever with hot, swappable battery.

The wheels are asserted that they can be replaced within ten seconds without any tool.

Design and features

The product features a space-age looking remote.

At the back of the Inboard, there is a kicktail, a part which you may want in an electric skateboard for wildlife.

The next stuff you get is a set of headlights and taillights on the rear cutouts comes for free.

The grip tape on this board gives a confident feel that can hold your feet securely on board.

In the middle of the board is the battery compartment.

You can open the enclosure up by pulling the lid and remove the battery by pressing the eject button.

Moving to the battery detail, it has a sticker telling us it’s 97 more hours and safe for air travel. This implies that you can go on a vacation with this board.

At the underside of the board, it comes with high-quality trucks and bushings.

Attached to those are the two 80 mm polyurethane wheels.

The nice feel on the bottom comes from the wood composite material.

In the center of it is the control section accommodates the motor.

Also at the back, you will see a touch button used for pairing the board with the remote.

The best part is in the back with another set of quality looking trucks and bushings attached to the two powerful 1800-watt hub motors.


The shape of the remote probably got inspired from a sci-fi movie. The rubber section grips your fingers assists a sturdy hold in your hand.

In the middle of it is the trigger system with a switch in the front as well as the power button.

It is said to have controlled by proprietary algorithms functions in a number of presses.

Owing to all the listed highlights, you will pay $1000 to own this board.

But you will get a beyond exceptional board that works like a charm


  • Elegant design
  • Powerful engine and battery
  • High-end board quality
  • Comes with a complimentary travel bag
  • Safe to carry on an airplane
  • Huge battery capacity
  • The motor in compact size


  • Pricey
  • Heavyweight
  • Only 1-year warranty

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

Boosted Mini X Electric SkateboardOverview

For those that may not know, the Boosted Mini X is the high-end model of the shortboard.

The board costs $250 more than the Mini S but owns way more beneficial features.

Technically, you’ll get an extender age battery to double the range, greater wheels, better grip tape, and it goes 2 MPH faster.

It has a deep-dish deck made of composite material. The lightweight poplar core is centered in fiberglass to refine the ride.

The deck’s width is 29.5 inches which quite small compare to a longboard, but that doesn’t sacrifice any flexibility in turning and carving.

The board itself has a sharp and futuristic utilitarian sense. It is classically beautiful

It features the wheel’s flex profile from Lunar 80 mm provides extreme smooth rides over the road imperfections.

With this short, amazing board, climbing uphill is a breeze.

The tested ride has shown that we went up a 20-degree incline with no hassle.

If you are a city commuter with a need to get from your home nearby or public transport to the office door on quality street bike paths and sidewalks, this board promises the fun on the road.

The board can handle light rain, occasional splash, or puddles.

The dials on the remote and the board help tremendously.

It tells you how much battery you have left and how much mileage the board has had.

The wheelbase literally gives you a 1.5-inch space to the ground. So, there are no jumping gutters or riding over short speed bumps with this board. With that being said, your center of gravity needs some getting used to.

The Boosted Mini X electric skateboard is among the premium toys that cost $999 to own.

But it’s a trade-off for people who want crave the fun mode from a motorized mini vehicle.


  • Larger battery gives larger range
  • Excellent customer service with international free shipping custom
  • Quick charge mode in 1 hour and 45 minutes
  • Compact size easy to carry around
  • Secure acceleration and braking


  • Noisy
  • Lack of consistency
  • Quite heavy at 16.8 lbs

Yuneec E-Go 2 Cruiser Electric Skateboard

Yuneec E-Go 2 Cruiser Electric SkateboardOverview

If skateboarding is your second nature, there is no reason why you should skip the Yuneec E-Go electric skateboard.

The Yuneec E-Go 2 weighs around 14 lbs total. It’s definitely a board on the heavy side.

It is because it loads a giant motor and battery on the back to make it electric.

With this board, you can go up to 17 miles on a single charge.

Also with the battery life, it takes around 3 to 4 hours to complete a full charge.

It should be enough energy to get you to the destination and back without worrying about dying midway.

If you’re curious about how fast the E-Go 2 board can go, it can reach 14 miles per hour.

Initially, you might think that it doesn’t seem fast; once you get on it, it’s a lot quicker than you expect.

The speed and the battery life vary. If you are constantly riding uphill, you probably low it down to 10 miles in the max range.

The controller comes with it can hang on your wrist.

On the front is a slide to adjust the speed and braking.

There’s a little lip in the back to grab your finger. On the side are the speed mode button and power switch.

You can charge the remote via the USB port on the side with the board at the same time.

The best part of the functionality on the speed slider is you can change speed gradually to reach the peak or to brake with safety.

On top of all, you can download the controlling app to use on your iOS device.

The only thing with the controller is the hard-to-reach little pin section to switch from slow to fast.

Speaking about the design; the board has the shape of a longboard with kicktails.

It starts out wide and gets narrower when you go down towards the back of the board.

You probably feel weird in the first place, but ergonomically, it’s a kind of reverse version to get used to.

There’s a pain in the butt is that you can’t ride this board in the rain or wet streets since there is no traction of the wheel. It is definitely meant to ride in normal condition on the pavements.

Spending around $350 to own this electric board is a worthy investment.


  • Very reasonable price
  • Long range
  • Cordless controller
  • Smartphone app
  • Lightweight


  • Longtime charging
  • Noisy
  • Low power watt

Evolve Skateboards GTX Series Electric Skateboard

Evolve Skateboards GTX Series Electric SkateboardOverview

This board makes a mighty monster on the street regarding its size, shape, and functions.

The GTX series brings more power, performance, and versatility than the ever before.

Starting from the top down, this board is built on a new maple and bamboo deck with the drive drain of Evolve carbon GTX board, giving you crazy performance while maintaining the right characteristics of a traditional wooden skateboard.

The motor pumps out 3000 watts of power gives this board an approximate top speed of 26 miles per hour.

The huge custom design of 36 volts, 10-amp battery gives the board a 31-mile range depending on the rider and terrain.

This board can climb a hill gradient of 25% which much steeper than we expected.

When riding downhill, the board has regenerative braking to give back some of the power that you used to go up.

The wheels of 97mm 78a are mounted on Evolve GT super carved trucks featuring a double kingpin design making up for the lack of the kicktail.

On top of it all, there is a hardware and laser cut grip tape leaving a cool pattern on the top board.

The new released R2 remote is a hit features a digital LCD showing speed indicator, gear settings, speed modes, diagnosis screen, signal and battery life of the board and the controller itself.

It has a straightforward controlling function. There are not too many buttons to master.

You should be able to go through all the modes thoroughly.

There are four different modes including Slow, Eco, GT and Fast.

The goofy thing when the board dies on the battery is it pretty cumbersome to push.

At the price point, it comes about $1700.

It’s fair to say that you will get the Ferrari of the electric skateboard with this e-board

Therefore, it’s completely understandable if it’s not your price range but remember that the Evolve board is on top of the line.


  • Top quality electric skateboard
  • One of the highest speed boards
  • A powerful, monstrous engine of 3000 watts
  • LCD remote control


  • Expensive for budget riders
  • Hard to maneuver when out of battery
  • Bulky shape
  • Long charge

Marbel board 2.0 E-board

Marbel board 2.0 E-boardOverview

The second generation of Marbel electric skateboard is one of the fastest, lightest and most drain extended board in the market.

Among its advantages, we should highlight the LED lighting that allows the board to be visible at night.

The regeneration of braking, it captures the energy and recharges the battery.

The Marbel 2.0 can be pushed by foot when it runs out of battery due to the use of hub motors.

It comes in 2 modifications which are single and twin drive that have different price tags.

It costs $1,499 and $1,599 respectively.

The pricier version runs the top speed of 26 mph with the range of up to 18 miles.

At the same time, it quite portable and weighs at 12.5 lbs.

This Marbel electric skateboard is powered by a beast 2000-watt motor supporting 20% hill inclines.

It takes an hour and a half to charge the board fully.

Besides the ergonomic controller, you get the phone app to keep track of the speed and how far you go.

You will soon find the board packs of 4 riding modes. Start, Eco, Sport, and Custom.

Everything is phenomenal on this board.


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful motor
  • Versatile mobile app
  • Quick charge
  • Long range Bluetooth chip
  • A variety of wheel options


  • Have some quality issue with the customer service
  • The board can malfunction

Acton Blink S skateboardOverview

This guy introduces a dual hub motor which means that the engines are inside of the two wheels.

These wheels are 83 mm in diameter and 78a durometer. This implies that they are big and soft to give a comfortable ride.

It is super good for cruising around. And if for any reason the battery dies on you, you can easily push the board like any cruiser board.

The deck is 32.2 inches long and 8.5 inches wide that makes it closer to a standard skateboard rather than a longboard.

A slight kicktail allows natural pivot and manual.

With the Blink S2, you get regenerative braking, a top speed of 18 miles, the ability to climb up 20% incline hills and a max range of 14 miles.

The range would depend on the way you ride this board.

There are three modes namely Beginner, Normal and Pro.

The Pro mode wouldn’t give any aggressive drive unless you are completely new to skating.

In our test, we got a full-charged skateboard in an hour and a half which is really quick.

Compare to other boards in the test; we appreciate the silence from the hub motor.

The braking is not at all jerky. You will see it gradually slows down and eventually stops.

There is an app to go along with it in which you can switch between riding modes, check out other riders’ community and activate the coolest thing in the board.

We’re talking about the front and back lights and two side lights which will make you and your board visible at night.

All in all, the board has its own advantage and has been around preferred by the community.


  • Inexpensive
  • Great for urban commute
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Quick charge


  • Can’t switch the riding mode on the controller. You have to use the app.
  • The remote runs on battery, not USB charge

Mellow Drive

Mellow DriveOverview

The Mellow Drive is an exceptional skateboard project.

It is not necessarily a complete electric skateboard.

It gives you the freedom to convert your favorite longboard or skateboard into a motorized vehicle.

This product is probably the best well-engineered electric skateboard on the market.

On the speed aspect, the Mellow can boost from 7 to 10-mile range on a single charge.

Its two powerful motors can bring you up to the speed of 24.8 miles per hour in Pro mode.

The swappable battery set can be clipped out with one button and replaced a new set.

This idea will save you from dying battery in the middle of the road.

With that being said, you can double or triple the mile range with how many sets of batteries in your hand.

The Mellow Drive provides with four riding mode ranging from Rookie, Eco, Pro to Endless.

You can travel on air with the board as it is approved for airplane safety.

This e-kit is a real deal for you to breathe the life to your lumpish board.

The pack comes dissembled including a 180 mm truck, battery, charger, wheel’s components, and the German engineered drive to attach to the board.

Paying a thousand buck for this baby plus a separate deck may itch your account.

Nevertheless, you’ll get all the best (on earth) if you know how to customize an e-board for good.


  • Top-notch technology on the drive
  • Made in Germany with excellent German standard
  • Lithium-ion cells from Tesla
  • Include a power bank
  • Certified for air travel
  • 2-year warranty


  • Requires to assemble
  • Pricey
  • Not free shipping to the US

At the end of the day, we know that you’re pretty much concern about the financial pain but still yearn for trying an e-board.

If you are an avid skater with a small wallet, we have classified the electric skateboard in price tags.

Here is a brief list of the best budget electric skateboards.

Electric Skateboard Under $500

There is no joke in this price range you can actually get an acceptable e-skateboard to get down the road.

The quality is not going to be something high-end, but these boards are made to deliver the mean of electric boards.


Maverix USA Monster

Maverix USA MonsterThe noticeable part of this board is the light up wheels to promote your night ride.The little fella motor of 100-watt will serve your flow around the neighborhood just fine.

It can reach a maximum of 6 miles per hour and the max range of 5 miles.

This board will make a great companion for you to escape the traffic to your nearby office.

It is also an ideal present for your kids if he has a friend living a few blocks away.


Alouette Catwalk

Alouette CatwalkThe Catwalk as it calls is a useful yet straightforward e-board for the daily commute.Alouette brand brings two options for its boards. One with 2200 mAh and the other with a larger battery of 4400 mAh. They are both under two hundred buck.

You can travel 6.2 miles per one charge at the top speed of 12.4 mph with this Catwalk. A full charge takes up to 2 hours.

This board is more for junior skaters since its capacity is as low as 110 lbs.


Dynacraft Surge

Dynacraft SurgeAn old-school finish may fancy you at first glance at this Surge from Dynacraft.The board provides three riding modes and sports a 110-watt motorized engine that can boost to 6 miles per hour.

Keep in mind that the lighter you are, the speedier the board can run. The board is an ideal choice to gift your little ones an introduction to electric skateboard.



SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1This SwagBoard is powered with a single motor produces the max speed at 11 mph.It allows you to travel as far as 10 miles once it’s charged.

Since the board is friendly to the wallet, it can play versatile transportation mean to wipe off your effort being stuck in a car or trying to find a safe spot to lock your bike.

A drawback of this board that the wheelbase is somewhat closer to the ground. Be prepared that you will get some feedback from the road.


Veeko Electric Skateboard

Veeko Electric SkateboardNot being a game changer but Veeko e-board has more generous dimensions.The difference is marked in the length which is more suitable for riders with bigger feet.

Everything else is quite similar to other budget skateboards such as a single 200-watt motor, max speed at 9.3 mph and 2-hour charge time.

It is a good idea to get this board for your big kid while retaining the compact size.

An Electric Skateboard Shopping Checklist

Unlike an ordinary skateboard, an e-board has something to throw into consideration.

No one can deny the versatility of an electric skateboard, but since these are not cheap toys, there are certain factors to pay attention before hitting the buying button.


RangeAsk yourself where you are going to travel with the board.

Is it your campus? Office? Grandpa living four blocks away? Or you want to ride across LA?

It is vital to know the distance you’re skating to in order to pick the right board.

The lowest range in this list is 7 miles which should be enough for the daily commute or impromptu skating section.

Unless you want to push the board on the way back, you don’t have to worry about the mileage.


WeightYou may not believe it, but there will be a time you run out of juice and probably end up carrying the board home, the weight of an e-board will bug you.

Due to the mass of the engine, battery, deck and everything in between, heavyweight boards are not loadable babies on your arms.

So, make sure you look at this specs or at least lift the lad once to see if you can bear it.

Longboard or Skateboard

These two guys are in different worlds for those who may not know.

If you have a background riding one of them, lucky you, you know where to go.

But if you’re on the way figuring out your preference, we recommend borrowing any type of board and learn the basic.

Then, you should care about developing those stability muscles and basic skills a whole lot more confidence in a skateboard in general.

Motor Type

Motor TypeOn the technical aspect, there are two types of motors which are the hub motor and belt-driven system.

Most non-technical riders prefer the hub motors for it requires less maintenance yet allows foot-kicking and are quieter.

On the other hand, the belt-driven demands some assembling tasks needing you to know how to use tools and read the manual.

Be clear with this, but since the market is filled with single hub motors, you should find no problem concern to this issue.


It determines the power of the motor.

In short, lower wattage means less power. It thus manifests in lower speed and hill climbing ability.

Consider an engine of at least 1500W if you live in an inclined area. The Inboard M1 and Marbel 2.0 on this list are the greatest choices as far as we concern.

Max Speed

Max SpeedWe all hear about this specs when it comes to an e-board? Is it important?

It tells you the maximum speed you can travel in the limited weight range of your bother.

Admittedly, heavy people aren’t able to reach that peak due to the stress they put on the board.

Lightweight individuals can speed up faster thanks to their average mass.

But you can only expect the board to flow at its fastest on flat roads.

It will physically lose some numbers when riding uphill and utilize more battery source.

Charge Time

The fastest rate of charge time we have testified so far falls into a bit less than an hour for a mediocre wattage motor.

The longest took 4 hours as in the Yuneec E-Go 2, but it sure gives a significant battery life during the skate.

Lithium-ion cells are on the developing table; so, we can hope for the quick charge technology to be applied soon.

Remote Control

Remote ControlThe controller can be picked on your preference.

There are remote controls that stack with index trigger or slider with for the thumb.

Some controllers are the combination of these two.

And most high-end electric skateboards come with controlling apps.

Nonetheless, with any design, you will get used to the stuff any time soon.


This is one of the major factors that takes charge of your buying mode.

The performance rate radically varies on brands and models.

High-priced models make use of top quality material and mechanism while cheaper ones can come with poor-engineered technology causing glitches or lagging during the ride.

The engine is the mother of the whole unit. It gives the energy to operate. Therefore, it is critical to trust in the motor at first.

Other things like trucks, bearings, wheels, and deck are the second importance that contributes to the smoothness of the board.

Complimentary and Warranty

Complimentary and WarrantyA couple of models contain swappable battery allows you to carry an extra set of power to ensure endless rides.

So, if the board you buy comes with spare cells, that would be great.

Boards with air approval can be sold with a free travel bag will save some bucks.

You should ask if you are going to get a decent warranty with technical support.

The chances are you will need to replace the wheels and its parts, so make sure the customer support of the brand is beneficial.


Compare apples to apples. Products manufactured in the US or EU are more expensive, have a higher standard, and better quality than Chinese off-the-shelf boards.

Though not all boards in the bottom line are crafts, you need some luck to find the standing out ones.

Remember that you get what you pay for. Don’t be hyped with the salesman’s words or marketing brainwash.

Avoidable Mistakes When Buying an Electric Skateboard

Rookie skaters usually meet up with common mistakes when searching for an e-board.

Here we have nailed down the typical misleading decisions that may cause you to buy the false electric skateboard. Read and keep them on the blacklist.

Excessive Weight

Excessive WeightThis is quite understandable that big engine and battery cells add up to the weight of the whole board. But smaller motors don’t match your demand. Unfortunately, it remains math to solve.

Usually, a 22-inch skateboard with the weight of 10 pounds is comfortable to carry around.

So, if you’re not a skate with a lot of muscles, it’s better to keep your feet off the huge board with monstrous engine motor unless you’re willing to push the bulky unit on the way back or drag it onto the metro or classroom.

We are impressed with the lightness of the Marbel 2.0 and its powerful motor. This board will serve you well with its advantages in term of a versatile yet compact size.

Insufficient Weight Capacity

Imagine your deck giving way right in the midst of a race – not an ideal scenario.

Weight capacity refers to the maximum mass that the board can effectively bear.

It’s worth considering this specification in relation to your own weight, ensuring the board has what it takes to support you during your rides.

Certain electric skateboards shine in this aspect, boasting the ability to accommodate heavier individuals without compromising speed. Notable examples include the impressive Evolve electric board and the reliable Yuneec E-Go 2.

Insufficient Power

Insufficient PowerElectric skateboard is a story around the power of the engine.

You throw money in the trash buying an under-powered e-skateboard that can’t even accelerate uphill with its feeble motor.

Pay attention to the wattage then. A 2000-watt skateboard can fill your dream of speed.

You can go lower depending on your need such as campus or office commute, fun ride or aggressive race.

Anyhow, you can’t go wrong with a powerful core engine.

The beast from Evolve or Marbel 2.0 are the giants in the game that you can have a look.

Poor-quality Material

You don’t always ride your skateboard indoor, do you? Definitely, don’t be fancied with cheap material.

Outdoor riding commits with bumps, rocks, water ponds, sand, dust, and obstacles attempting to knock your board.

A cheap plastic junk will throw the e-board to trash in a blink of eyes.

It is best to go for qualified plastic if you can’t afford high-end bamboo or composite wood.

Quality materials have the ability to withstand feedbacks from the road.

They can also provide water-resistance and shock-absorption.

Vulnerable Wheels

Vulnerable WheelsIt would be nonsense if you got a sturdy, durable board but a wimpish set of wheels.

Don’t overlook everything but skip the wheels or you will end up with broken wheels after a few rides.

Solid wheels made of polyurethane offer the potential of longevity that saves you from replacing for a reasonable period.

Too small wheels are also the factor that holds your liberty to skate on different terrains.

Rubber is a versatile material allows the wheels to ride on any landform.

Confusing Control

A woolly design controller will drive you nut before you can get used to it.

Wireless remotes are preferred nowadays for fast signal transferring available in the handheld model.

Rechargeable or battery-sourced remotes are both helpful. Just make sure that the buttons, triggers or sliders are functioning well accordingly with the board.


NoiseSome electric skateboards have irritating noise comes from the engine.

The squeak usually emits from skateboards with engines in wheels.

The loudness is said to encourage the mood of skaters, but some people just don’t like it.

The choice is yours though.

No Warranty and Support Concerns

The unpredictability of what the future holds for your newly acquired board is undeniable. This is precisely where the significance of warranty and customer support comes into play.

Irregularities during the manufacturing process are an unavoidable reality, and it’s the manufacturer’s responsibility to offer a seamless replacement process.

The realm of electronics, by nature, can captivate users, making round-the-clock service an immensely valuable asset.

Among the notable brands renowned for their exceptional customer service are Inboard, Boosted, and Marbel.

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FAQs Section

There are side questions around the electric skateboard.

We have gathered all types of queries thanks to our audience to crack the course of e-skateboard furthermore.

1. Why Should I Buy an Electric Skateboard but not a Normal Board?

A: Electric skateboard will bring a whole new world to your skating experience.

Though the boards are created for the mean of convenient transportation, you can see experience riders also show enthusiasm with this type of board.

It gives you the freedom to focus more on the street and its event instead of paying all your attention to the balance, steering and pushing when it loses speed.

E-boards don’t offer many chances of expressing your skills, but you do get a perfect cruising board through the traffic jam.

We can’t ask you to buy an electric skateboard when you can’t afford it, but you can always request a trial in a local shop to make up your mind.

We believe once you try it, there will be no reason to deny the good of an e-board.

2. How to Control the Electric Board?

A: The motor receives the signal from the remote control and can only move forward, accelerate, and brake. In order to turn, your body needs to work on that.

The braking system may vary on each board, so, make sure you read the manual before hitting the road.

3. Is it Safe to Travel on Air with an E-board?

A: Only the certified boards for air travel you can bring on the airplane.

4. Are Electric Skateboards Waterproof?

A: For the most part, they are not waterproof. But they can resist water at some levels.

You can ride through puddles but should not get your board soaking wet. But it is not recommended to submerge electric skateboards in the water.

And it is hazardous to skate in the rain unless you really have to do so to rush home. Otherwise, avoid the wet as far as possible.

5. Is Electric Skateboard Legal as a Vehicle?

A: Up to now, there are no limitations for this type of vehicles under the Federal Law.

But many states have approved restrictions for low-powered transportations.

It is your job to research your state’s law before shopping for an e-board to stay away from fines.

However, you can treat your board like a regular one; and most importantly, you prior to yourself and other people’s safety. Be a well-behaved skater.

Closing Thoughts

Embarking on the realm of electric skateboards introduces riders to a realm of exhilaration with these automated marvels.

This article has been crafted with the intent of furnishing you with essential guidance before you venture into brick-and-mortar stores or embark on virtual shopping sprees.

Given your aspiration to procure an optimal board that aligns with your requirements, the term “best” implies affordability, optimal functionality, and a sense of fulfillment.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to emphasize the significance of mastering your equilibrium prior to mounting the board, alongside becoming adept at manipulating the remote control. Begin at a leisurely pace to acquaint yourself with all nuances, before progressively elevating your velocity with minimized risks.

Speaking from our personal preference, we endorse the Boost Mini X due to its robust motor, extended battery life, impressive maximum speed, and space-efficient design.

Should you have any queries pertaining to selecting your e-board, our team of experts remains at your disposal at any given moment.

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