Exclusive Penny Longboard Review In Detail

Penny LongboardPenny’s latest Longboards are the new entry in the longboarding industry. The latest addition in the industry has gained a huge popularity in a short period of time. It might break all the sale records in the future.

The new boards are available in six attractive-colours and are considered as the perfect mode of transport for short trips. You can cover up the city streets; enjoy a fun beach ride with the new penny Longboards series.  Let’s have a look at the features of this new longboard series, which has helped it to gain massive popularity.

Top 5 Penny Longboard Review

New Plastic Formula

New plastic formula

The latest board series have a new plastic formula in the ingredients, which adds more strength and flex control to it. The new plastic formula has enhanced the ride ability, as a rider can use the same board for riding in the streets or on the beach.

Classic Waffle Top Non-Slip Deck

If we talk about the penny longboard review, then it’s only has positive feedback from the customers. As the classic waffle top non-slip deck which offers better grip and control.  A rider can easily deal with any situation, which is the major reason behind the penny Longboards positive review.

High Quality Components

penny longboard review

A longboard performance which is directly dependent on its components. High quality components such as Reverse Kingpin 7 inch (180mm) trucks, 69mm wheels are used in the new series which ensures better performance. Since, high quality components are being used a rider can easily expect a smooth, fast ride, which will double the enjoyment level.

Pros of Penny Longboards

Smooth Ride

Smooth ride

In fact, Penny Longboards are specially designed for a smooth ride. In other longboard models, you will feel the effects of bumps, but penny Longboards will not allow the user to feel any vibrations or effects of a bump. So that, for a smooth ride you should definitely go for this new addition in the longboarding as it is far better than the existing models.

Perfect for Freestyle Riding

Perfect for freestyle riding

Indeed, freestyle is one of the popular longboarding riding styles as it allows the riders to show off their skills. Besides, for freestyle riding, it’s important to purchase the best longboard for against any risk. Penny longboard is best in grip, handling and performance, which makes it a perfect option for the freestyle riding.

High Customer Rating

High customer rating

Especially, the latest penny longboard series have gained 4.9 customers rating out of 5.0, which clearly describe its popularity among the riders. The main reason behind the high customer rating is its superb performance, better tricking, high quality and one year warranty.

In conclusion, these are some of the major benefits of using this new longboard series. If you still want to read penny longboard review for your satisfaction, and then open any skateboard site as this new series has got only positive feedback from the customers. Moreover, the new longboard series does not cost too much money, which makes it the best series currently available in the market.

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